Who’s actually running this game?

I’ve said on previous occasions that although Trump habitually likes to seize the initiative in surprising ways when confronted by problems, he’s actually more of a long-term planner. He understands that some problems have a quick fire tactical solution, but other problems have what can only be called inertia. They need patience and can’t be … Continue reading

Bad moves.

There is not a bad situation that can’t be made worse by reacting to it without thinking first. It’s a mistake that’s invariably made by people and organisations that are already under pressure. It’s usually geometric too. As a reaction to the first poor response making the situation worse, a second bad decision is made … Continue reading

The convergence of fake news and entertainment.

A long time ago when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, there was news and there was entertainment; and never the twain would meet. The print newspaper business was already suffering from the encroachment of radio and then television. It takes some time to write a news story, get it typeset, printed, distributed and finally into Joe … Continue reading

The end of the happy time.

In 1940 after the fall of France in WWII, German U-boats were very quickly redeployed from the northern and only coast of Germany, to the west coast of France. Suddenly, their range was increased so dramatically, they could strike out deep into the Atlantic. For the next six months, they sank nearly 300 merchant ships … Continue reading

The South American invasion of the USA is called off.

You may have heard of a march of 1500 people, mainly Honduran, making their way northward through Mexico with the intention of forcing an entrance into America illegally. It’s essentially a political move to force the issue of giving migrants the freedom to just waltz into the country, or at least that’s the hope of … Continue reading

The second great extinction of the liberal dream.

There was something which happened in the 1980s which was variously labeled the death of the liberal dream or the great extinction of the liberal dream. It was much discussed at the time, but you’ll rarely hear of it in any political discussion nowadays. In essence, it was a seismic and global shift away from … Continue reading

Facebook – hero or villain?

When it comes to social media, there are a number of totally unwarranted assumptions being made by the people using it, and some outright lies being told by the providers of such free services. If you’re not terribly knowledgeable about that scene, by social media I mean Facebook, Twitter and any “free” application that allows … Continue reading

Moving purposefully towards the head of the fish.

If you’re like me, and decided you have better things to do than keeping an obsessive track of what seems to be an endless stream of day after day detailed revelations about the corruption and lawlessness of the Obama years, the occasional summary of the events so far that fits the pieces of the puzzle … Continue reading

It’s the parts that make the whole, and it’s greater than the sum.

I was working below the Mason-Dixon line – in Houston, Texas, to be precise. At the time, the tradition along the gulf coast, which I think was a hangover from the no AC days, was to get into work very early, well before the temperature rose to its usual scorcher for the day accompanied on … Continue reading

The Decline and Fall of the Media.

I wrote a piece in December 2016, shortly after Trump’s victory, that was a discussion of the mainstream media’s coverage of the presidential campaign. At its heart, it was a discussion of what a lowly creature it had revealed itself to be. Throughout the whole campaign, the standard of journalism barely scrambled upwards to the … Continue reading

How to turn around a failing economy.

I watched a TV program a few years back, which had Barack Obama standing up before a live studio audience of thirty or so people and answering any questions they might care to throw at him. It was more than obvious the audience were hand-picked not to ask anything awkward, and judging by the slick … Continue reading


With the publication of the FISA memo, you’re going to be getting finely detailed analyses, retrospective construction of the pertinent timelines, what’s actually in it and so on. Instead of following that route, I’d like to make some general observations, drawn from my own experiences dealing with similar but more modest situations, about how the … Continue reading

The Schumer Shutdown.

I always had an interest in politics for a variety of reasons. It was an area of human endeavour that seemed to have levels of perception about it that were dependent on the level of interest the person you happened to be talking to had in politics. That spectrum of awareness ranged from complete and … Continue reading

Twitter is fundamentally corrupt.

In March of 2017, when the Westminster bridge terrorist attack occurred in London, I tweeted a reference to an article I’d written on terrorism. When I later checked my Twitter timeline, which is a chronological list of your tweets, it was missing. That wasn’t really a shock to me, as it’d happened occasionally before. Just … Continue reading

Oprah for president.

Barring any unforeseen accidents and a fair breeze behind him, Trump will be sailing into the 2020 election to win it most probably by a greater margin than he won in 2016. Trump has delivered more in one year than Obama did in eight, and you have to remember under the latter’s administration, everything was … Continue reading

The Planner.

People thought he did plans, but he didn’t really. It was because the end result looked like a plan but that was a static view of what he actually did. Two dimensional and already dead on a piece of paper. His plans had an exact date they were born, a carefully thought through lifespan and … Continue reading

New beginnings.

There’s a look women have when they’ve just given birth to a baby. In days gone by, you had to be a father and elect to be in the room to see it and it was your woman doing the business and it was the one single thing you couldn’t help or protect her from … Continue reading

Prat of 2017 – We have a winnah!

Okay, I’m calling it. Ignore all the early exit polls and the prognostications of the cream of punditry – the final results are in for Prat of the Year 2017! It was a quite subdued start with several people taking the lead in terms of votes, but in the final straight one big winner galloped … Continue reading

Pointman’s look back at the year 2017.

When evidence against a person in a criminal trial has been obtained illegally or improperly, it automatically becomes inadmissible in a court of law. It’s called the fruit of the poisoned tree and can’t be used. Indeed, even mentioning the existence of such excluded evidence by a prosecuting attorney to a jury is seen as … Continue reading

Putting things aright.

I wrote the last week of a person acting courageously and thanks to her foresight in recording her experience in an interrogation chamber from academic thugs, the story got out onto the Internet and provoked an immediate backlash, and perhaps a long overdue debate about what many think of as the imminent demise of freedom … Continue reading