How to turn around a failing economy.

I watched a TV program a few years back, which had Barack Obama standing up before a live studio audience of thirty or so people and answering any questions they might care to throw at him. It was more than obvious the audience were hand-picked not to ask anything awkward, and judging by the slick … Continue reading


With the publication of the FISA memo, you’re going to be getting finely detailed analyses, retrospective construction of the pertinent timelines, what’s actually in it and so on. Instead of following that route, I’d like to make some general observations, drawn from my own experiences dealing with similar but more modest situations, about how the … Continue reading

The Schumer Shutdown.

I always had an interest in politics for a variety of reasons. It was an area of human endeavour that seemed to have levels of perception about it that were dependent on the level of interest the person you happened to be talking to had in politics. That spectrum of awareness ranged from complete and … Continue reading

Twitter is fundamentally corrupt.

In March of 2017, when the Westminster bridge terrorist attack occurred in London, I tweeted a reference to an article I’d written on terrorism. When I later checked my Twitter timeline, which is a chronological list of your tweets, it was missing. That wasn’t really a shock to me, as it’d happened occasionally before. Just … Continue reading

Oprah for president.

Barring any unforeseen accidents and a fair breeze behind him, Trump will be sailing into the 2020 election to win it most probably by a greater margin than he won in 2016. Trump has delivered more in one year than Obama did in eight, and you have to remember under the latter’s administration, everything was … Continue reading

The Planner.

People thought he did plans, but he didn’t really. It was because the end result looked like a plan but that was a static view of what he actually did. Two dimensional and already dead on a piece of paper. His plans had an exact date they were born, a carefully thought through lifespan and … Continue reading

New beginnings.

There’s a look women have when they’ve just given birth to a baby. In days gone by, you had to be a father and elect to be in the room to see it and it was your woman doing the business and it was the one single thing you couldn’t help or protect her from … Continue reading

Prat of 2017 – We have a winnah!

Okay, I’m calling it. Ignore all the early exit polls and the prognostications of the cream of punditry – the final results are in for Prat of the Year 2017! It was a quite subdued start with several people taking the lead in terms of votes, but in the final straight one big winner galloped … Continue reading

Pointman’s look back at the year 2017.

When evidence against a person in a criminal trial has been obtained illegally or improperly, it automatically becomes inadmissible in a court of law. It’s called the fruit of the poisoned tree and can’t be used. Indeed, even mentioning the existence of such excluded evidence by a prosecuting attorney to a jury is seen as … Continue reading

Putting things aright.

I wrote the last week of a person acting courageously and thanks to her foresight in recording her experience in an interrogation chamber from academic thugs, the story got out onto the Internet and provoked an immediate backlash, and perhaps a long overdue debate about what many think of as the imminent demise of freedom … Continue reading

Uncommon valour.

There are points in any man’s life where you’ve been backed into a corner, and then successively downwards, until there’s no escape. They’ve got you pinned and there is simply no hope, no way of winning, no way home. All the moves it’s possible to make have been made, and there are no more chess … Continue reading

Working men.

As a kid, I always looked for work in construction through the long summer holidays. It was usually a full-time gig, paid a lot better than casual jobs behind a bar and once in a while it was a cash in hand affair, so let’s not involve the taxman in it. At the start, it … Continue reading

It’s Prattie time again.

It’s usually about this time of year I kick off the annual climate prat awards. It’s part of the Christmas wind down. Cranking out a couple of thousand words for the Pratties is usually fun. It always takes two pieces, one of which outlines the rules which are always ignored by everyone anyway (I sometimes … Continue reading

The view from the couch.

There’s a scene in Hamlet I’ve referred to previously where Shakespeare wrote about when sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions, or words to that effect. In my experience, that’s very true. When you think things are already at rock bottom, there’ll always come along another straw to try and break … Continue reading

Boys and their toys.

The North American P51 Mustang fighter aircraft was always a thing of beauty. It just needed a few mods to nudge it on its way towards mechanical perfection. When you’re born with a whiff of petrol in your nostrils and some engine oil already ingrained under your fingernails, you can’t help but fall in love … Continue reading


As a lad, I always had a scattering of odd jobs around the neighborhood. Whatever needed fixing or replacing, nailing, brutalising back into place or just duct taping together so it’d work again, I was your ready kiddo who’d give it a lot of elbow grease and the old school try. It might not have … Continue reading

Caution, swamp draining in progress.

It’s a self-evident truism that every large organisation requires some sort of overall leadership. The usual form is one head, perhaps only titular or perhaps almost omnipotent, surrounded by people upon whom that person has devolved some of his power so that they can assume responsibility for a designated area that requires management. To a … Continue reading

Enter the video blogger.

Video blogging or vblogging is very much a product of the Internet age. In terms of how it uses the Internet, its purest form is simply a person talking into the digital camera every laptop comes with these days, or increasingly the selfie function of their mobile phone. It combines various skills dependent on the … Continue reading

Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Watching a sports event alone or a team you totally support is okay, but it really isn’t a patch on doing it in company. Whether you go to the match as a family, gang of mates or just agree on whose house you’re all going to congregate at to watch it on the box, it’s … Continue reading

About correctly placing a single bullet into a certain space at a certain time in the future.

Colds are a nuisance, especially summer ones. You spend ages honking into a tissue or if it’s what’s called a bog roll cold, into grabbed off hunks of a handily placed roll of toilet tissue. I hate bog rollers because my nose always feels like it’s been sandpapered by the end of them. My particular … Continue reading