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I’ve been commenting in the blogosphere for a number of years and under various handles but finally settled on the Pointman one. The reason I began commenting was that I hated the effect the environmental movement was having on the developing world. A thinly veiled political movement, which is perceived as simply a fashionable lifestyle choice in the developed world, is causing death and misery amongst the eighty percent of humanity not fortunate enough to live well above the poverty line.

Its influence and policies prevent the developing nations industrialising and maintain the status quo of keeping them in a state of permanent, grinding, border-line poverty. That is immoral and must be fought. Future historians, especially black African ones, will categorise the effects of the environmental movement as genocidal and they will be correct.

Fighting the excesses of environmentalism is an information war and it’s fought in arenas of public opinion to which the people most harmed by it have absolutely no access. I write, post and comment in an effort to redress that fundamental injustice. My thoughts on blogging and why I blog, are explained in a bit more detail here.

Since I now think the war against climate alarmism is all but over, I’ve decided to shift the main focus of this blog over to protecting free speech on the internet. It was that freedom that allowed us to present an alternative narrative on global warming to what was being presented by the legacy media, but increasingly I see attempts by various bodies to regulate the internet, which means to get control over it and censor it.

If you want to get in touch, leave a comment to that effect using the email of your choice. Your email address is never published. Your thoughts on anything published here are welcome and they do not have to be in agreement with anything I’ve written but they do have to fall inside the bounds of civility and reasonable commentary. You do not have to register to comment but your first comment will be held for moderation. Thereafter, you can comment freely.

This isn’t a daily update site but at least two substantial pieces per month will be published. Use the “Sign me up!” button under the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION section at the bottom on the right hand column of this page and you will be notified by email when a new piece appears.

I’ve added a lot more content to the blog than I’d envisaged being able to do when I started it, so I’d advise you to use the Articles page, the Search facility or the “Tag Cloud” to find pieces on topics you’re interested in.

I’m on Twitter as ThePointmans but don’t have the time to use it much.

Anything more you need to know about me or the blog is here . Cogito.

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