Russia, America, China and the Ukraine.

At this moment in time, there are only three power blocks of any consequence in the world; China, Russia and America. China is walking a tightrope between allowing a limited form of capitalism to make it prosperous while at the same time keeping a strict Soviet style grip on its population. Russia is a populist dictatorship which is definitely over the fall of the USSR and is back big time. America is being run by an incompetent shadowy cabal with their hand up the ass of a senile puppet president. Get offended if you want but the reality is everyone else is merely a spear carrier on the world’s geo-political stage.

If there were only two super powers, there’s nothing much to play for. Whatever move one makes, it’ll always end up in some sort of stalemate because every move has a simple counter-move. With three, there’s lots of moves you can make to play one off against the other but the golden rule has to be to never make a political blunder that pushes the other two power blocks together to gang up on you. Two against one is a recipe for disaster every time.

The Biden administration has just made that blunder.

Their handling of the Ukraine situation has been nothing short of disastrous. The West broke its word to Russia that the eastwards creep of NATO would stop. It didn’t and the latest candidate for NATO was going to be the Ukraine. Putin or any other Russian leader allowing a combined army of its enemies to be camped on its border? That was intolerable and couldn’t be allowed to happen. In the current hysterical situation, the perennially neutral Sweden and even Finland are talking about joining NATO. If Finland wants another Winter War with Russia, that’s the way to go about it.

All that was needed to be done to defuse the whole Ukraine crisis was for America, who actually run NATO because they actually foot the bill, to announce the Ukraine would not become a member of the alliance. Instant end of problem but instead America tried to bully and intimidate Russia with various threats of dire sanctions. Putin is a populist and a fierce nationalist who’d never allow Mother Russia to appear to be humiliated by American threats. Don’t let fake news spin you about how he’s viewed at home. He’s extremely popular and already led Russia through several wars, all of which he’s won. That’s a track record none of the powers currently inciting violence against Russia can boast of recently.

As for those dreadful sounding sanctions, it’s wake up call time lieblings, Russia has effectively been under continuous sanctions since 1917 and has long ago found their way around them. Dire threats of excluding them from the SWIFT funds transfer system sound great in the headlines but Russia long ago set up equivalent systems that most foreigners who do big business with Russia are obliged to use anyway. Basically, the sanctions announced by various countries are a joke. I’ll bet things like Russia being excluded from the Eurovision Song Contest really gave Putin pause for thought.

It’s all a great PR show to sabre rattle while actually making damn sure not to get pulled into a real shooting war with Russia in the manner of the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914. Even the perpetually neutral Switzerland has got sucked into the righteous whirlpool of indignation and decided to ban Russian commercial aircraft from its airspace.

What’s not being reported by fake news is that Russia is doing its usual tit for tat retaliation for each of these “sanctions”. Not only have Swiss flights into Russia been banned, but they’re no longer allowed to use the Russian payment systems, so the usual transfers of shady money through Switzerland are now having to be done using suitcases of cash or run the risk of facing scrutiny in the SWIFT system. The banks in the Cayman Islands are no doubt anticipating an unexpected uptick in their business.

A token UN Security Council motion to censure Russia over the Ukraine invasion gets vetoed by Russia because they’re standing members of it and guess what, China abstains. Biden flies home to Delaware for a weekend off whereas Putin flies down to meet the Chinese president for an unscheduled little tête-à-tête about goodness knows what but I’d bet Taiwan figured prominently in their discussions. ie You support me gobbling up the Ukraine and I’ll do the same when you make your move on Taiwan.

Anything that embarrasses or humiliates America works well for China who quite rightly consider it their biggest threat. Putin is doing that job for them so it only makes sense to encourage and support him. Add in the fact that Russia is the world’s third biggest producer of gas, the one commodity China’s short on, and it’s no surprise to see them cosying up. Does anyone else smell a deal has been done?

The battle cry is sanction Russia from all sides, sanction anything you want but FFS do nothing that threatens his supplying us with gas. A gallon of gas is already costing 5.5 USD a pop but you can expect to see it go a lot higher as Putin slowly starts to pinch off the supply tap while making shed loads of money from the spot market. Too many European countries like German have allowed themselves to become totally dependent on Russian gas, which is why these supposedly ferocious sanctions are basically token. In the space of a year, America has gone from being energy independent to relying on Vladimir Putin to keep energy prices low by increasing production. He won’t oblige.

Inflation? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

As for the supposed havoc these sanctions are wreaking on Russia, forget about it. The Russians know how to take pain and then give it back in spades. The consensus estimate of Russian deaths in WWII is 20 million, and when you bear in mind that before unleashing Operation Barbarossa on Russia, Hitler told his generals this was not to be a war of conquest but a war of extermination. The Wehrmacht rolling into a village and killing everyone in it was SOP. Putin is very much a once removed product of the survivors of that inferno with many family members who died fighting for the Rodina in the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis.

I don’t wish to take anything away from the bravery or fortitude of the allies on the western front, but by the time they arrived in Normandy, the Russians had already taken the pain and losses but they eventually lifted the Wehrmacht high into the air and then broke its back over their knee. By D-day, the Russians were already well on their way to Berlin. Picking a war with a people who can take 20 million casualties and still win? Good luck with that one, you’ll need it.

Forget all the rubbish you’re hearing about Russia, the Ukraine, Putin and defending democracy. The Ukraine is actually your usual shitty run of the mill dictatorship with political opponents of the regime safely imprisoned and opposition media closed down. Sounds a bit like what Trudeau did to Canada recently.

Here’s Putin, who’s actually a very accomplished individual despite what you’re hearing, playing a grand piano while waiting for a meeting with Premier Xi of China. The irony of course is the song he’s playing is supposedly “Oh, Canada” while Trudeau was busy criminalising the truckers and anyone who supported them by donating a few bucks. So much for defending democracy. He’s running rings around the clowns with their hands up Biden’s ass. In short time, China and shitholes like Iran will soon be following suit.

Does he actually look bothered with the way things are currently going? Wake up and smell the coffee, the threat on Russia’s southern border has just been neutralised and in the wake of the Afghanistan disaster it’s been another massive self-inflicted wound for America. There’s now an increased chance – as I said a month ago – that Taiwan will be the next one.


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10 Responses to “Russia, America, China and the Ukraine.”
  1. brennan says:

    I think your analysis is spot on Pointy, especially about the amount of pain the Russians are willing to take to achieve what they want.

    My late wife was born in the USSR and escaped long before the wall fell. Though petite in stature she would have taken on anyone or anything that did, or potentially would hurt those she cared about and the consequences would have been secondary to stopping the situation. Punishment later would have been borne with a cold grin as she’d have taught you, hard, not to F with those she cared about. I know this to be true as I saw situations unfold where she had to protect our son on more than one occasion and decades later I have heard myself referred to as ‘the husband of that crazy Russian bitch’. The irony was that most of the time she was a quiet, kind, (very) loyal and personable neighbour and friend.

    Like you, I am most concerned with what will happen with Taiwan in the near future. I have no idea what will play out in Ukraine in the short term, but it does scare me the level of incompetence shown by the current US administration, as well as those in Europe. The only benefit I’m seeing is some are getting to realise that all those ‘free, green’ energy schemes don’t actually work. I hope a lot in Europe have a very cold next winter if the Russians throttle the gas supply (I don’t wish death on them) or at least have to pay very high prices and come to the realisation of how stupid they’ve been. I won’t hold my breath though.

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    • Erny72 says:

      G’Day Brennan,
      you could just as easily be describing my Russian wife there; for what it’s worth, sorry for your loss.
      I suspect for Europe and the US there is more than just a belated realisation that the unreliable energy grift is a lost cause but I’ll elaborate my own thoughts in a fuller reply to Pointy’s article.


  2. hunterson7 says:

    The WEF corrupted Woke/West would look at your excellent analysis and screech that you are pro-Putin. What fools.

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  3. Erny72 says:

    Thanks for another insightful article Pointy.

    I suspect that by getting their cocks out and willy-wagging in Vova’s face with bullshit talk of NATO/EU membership for Ukraine and all the backslapping about ‘support’, only to then shrivel and back down the moment the ‘special operation’ set off from it’s start lines, the EU and US ineptocracy has, yet again, shown a lot of countries around the world that they are very unreliable partners.
    Bringing the nuclear triad very visibly to high alert – more that just the hollow threat we’re used to hearing from Washington or Brussels, since mobile ICBM launchers rolled out of Moscow to their launch positions in the forrests to the west in broad daylight, obviously to let ‘our’ ineptocrats see that shit just got real – might have been branded as ‘madness’ in the fake news (and most of my family down under bought into that hook, line and sinker) but it certainly did underscore the character trait you have outlined; fuck with me and mine and I will fuck you up.

    After this body blow that European and American ‘statesmanship’ has just been dealt, their influence will now sink even further. If the Russian army rolls up to the east bank of the Dneipper River having acheived its demilitarisation objectives and China then assumes the role of mediator and a lasting resolution is agreed, in the complete absence of US or EU participation or influence, then that blow may well prove mortal. One could but hope our career politicians might be shaken from their hubris, may learn to respect their international peers and be constructive, but I doubt it. They’ve just received a golden shower courtesy of Vova and their egos won’t take it gracefully. Fancy Liz Truss being baited by Sergei Lavrov over whether the UK recognised Russian sovereignty over Rostov-na-Donu and her public demonstration of vacuous ingnorance by insisting the the UK would never do such a thing. Maybe Russia should demand freedom for Birmingham in retaliation. Who makes a stupid bitch like that foreign secretary? Another equity and diversity affirmative action one assumes.

    I see ‘Murica is considering sanctions on India for the anti-humanitarian crime of not accepting a speaking role in the US production of Kabuki Theatre in the UN and thus making sleepy Joe’s cabinet look a little bit more piss-weak:
    Good one, having driven Russia and China closer together, why not push India closer as well? Better start hassling Brazil and South Africa and put the BRICS band back together.
    We’re being reminded how arrogant and clueless our career politicians have become. Jens Stoltenberg might be an exception having put the kybosh on a no-fly zone or hair-brained ideas of lending Polish MiG-29s to Ukrainian aircrew, but he may yet disappoint by over-reacting to today’s capture of Europe’s biggest nuclear power station and the fake news headlines claiming it’s going to be Chernobyl times ten.
    And soon SWIFT will be facing competition and the dollar will no longer de the default currency for all international trade, especially for all the Russian oil and gas that will be flowing over the border to China. So I expect all these sanctions and tough talk might just have deepened the hole our societies are already in.
    Ree-sult! Oh, wait a minute…

    It seems not everyone is suckered by the deluge of fake news though, if this Hungarian/Canadian opinion is anything to go:

    Or that of the brave guy who stated his support for the ‘Special Operation’ in an ABC (Australia) talk show, based on the preceding eight year assault Donetsk and Lughansk have endured without a peep of indignation in the media (and I note, not a single slacktivist putting a DPR or LPR flag up on their batphones to show their ‘support’, at least to their own virtuous neighbours). He was then asked to leave by an indignant Stan Grant (the host) because allegedly he ‘condones violence’ and after all cancelling anyone who doesn’t tow the narrative line is how we understand all the points of view in the conversation and reach good decisions. Maybe the preponderance for cancellation is one reason why we in the west and our ‘tolerant, inclusive’ societies are so consistenly reaching quite bad decisions lately?

    I admit I’ve avoided the fake news but amid claims that Russian army is crap, it seems they’ve made a very real effort to avoid collateral damage and casualties among civilians and the Ukrainian army during the first week in order to encourage surrender and minimise a lasting emnity with Russo-phone Ukrainians, as oultined by Gonzalo Lira in Kiev
    It seems that might be about to change badly for anyone entrenched along the line of contact who are now being surrounded in a ‘cauldron’:
    This claim that the Ukrainian army, the Azov Regiment and the civil defence are sending them packing doesn’t fit the evidence on offer, as outlined by a comment reposted on blog:
    “Have you noticed how many Battle of Berlin style Wehrmacht tactics are being used by the Kiev regime? We’re less than a week into the war & so far we’re already seeing:
    1. Volkssturm in Kiev;
    2. Preventing civilians from leaving the warzone;
    3. Holding festungs down to the last man (e.g. Kharkov, Mariupol, etc.);
    4. Forced conscription of military aged men;
    5. Strafbattalion”
    Not to diminish the undeniable bravery of the Ukrainian army and armed civilians, but doesn’t anyone see that the quickest way to end this is to stop fighting and start conceding at least that they already conceded in the MInsk agreements? Are the Psy-Ops really that convincing that anyone thinks the Russian army is being beaten? Does the comedian-in-chief really need more than a week to burn and shred all the evidence of his corruption?

    As for Zelenskyy, the big talking comedian-in-chief, I have a feeling he’ll be left ‘leading’ the western half of Ukraine, with far fewer natural resources to plunder, far fewer brown paper bags from ‘the big guy’ and a lot of very pissed off nationalists wanting his scalp. And then maybe ‘his’ people might reconsider the wisdom and motives behind letting criminals out of gaol and dropping thousands of AKs on street corners for whom ever wanted one, whether to commit suicide by cop, whether to go looting and pillaging, or whether to go settling some old scores.
    Hero to zero in probably a month. There is the 1.2Bn he is alleged to have squirrelled away to soften the blow when he legs it out of Ukraine leaving the bones of thousands of his countrymen behind.
    Or maybe he’ll drown in a bath in London like Boris Berezovsky?

    I live in hope that when the dust settles, Russian investigators can find enough credible evidence of the big club’s money laundering and child trafficking so some of it can be aired publically. It seems they have been furiously burning documents in Kiev all week, so that hope may be far fetched. No wonder the fake news have been singing so hard about an uprovoked attack and the need to defend democracy, their pay masters don’t want anyone thinking too hard about what’s going on behind the scenes:
    …and these are the inspirational heroes of democracy in Ukraine:” / Twitter

    The good news is Putin appears to have cured covid; maybe he should get the nobel prize for medicine?

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  4. Margaret H Smith says:

    This WUWT article is worth a read. It links many things I was aware of at the time, such as the climate conference in Russia, where David King (the mentor of Extinction Rebellion) made an ass of himself.


  5. philjourdan says:

    YOu danced around a key fact. Putin has the stomach for real war. The west does not. That is evident by Biden not hitting Russia in its one weak spot – oil. If Biden wanted to cut Putin off at the knees, he would open up the spigots here and flood the market. That would bankrupt Russia, while removing his customers.

    But Biden has taken that off the table. Or his handlers have as Biden does not know what a table is.


  6. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy


    “No More Russian Dressing For You!

    Whoever is behind “Joe Biden” has done all they can to derail American Life, and the feckless leadership of Euroland has also seemed avid to trash its future. There is a welling movement, in America, at least, to resist all that, to sweep these degenerates out of power….”

    More at


    Adjust the site wording to connect

    And the first thread ATM above that

    “Nowhere Left to Hide”

    Particularly the punt at the end


  7. another ian says:

    A Toast to Poland IMO

    “Blinken and Biden Fold, Pentagon Rejects Poland Offer for United States to Start World War III
    March 8, 2022 | Sundance | 422 Comments
    Ha-Ha-Ha… Oh, the Biden administration is not happy with Poland. Not happy at all.
    Earlier this afternoon, Poland called Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s bluff, over the U.S. claims that Poland was going to send fighter jets into Ukraine. This followed Sunday’s announcement where Poland said the U.S. State Dept was lying.

    Earlier today, Poland said they would give the U.S. the planes if Blinken and Biden wanted to start World War III, but Poland wasn’t going to help the U.S. create a war with Russia. This put the U.S. in a ‘put up or shut up’ position. Well, Blinken and Biden just folded, per the Pentagon:”

    More at

    “Well played Team Poland, well played!”

    And a mention I saw somewhere today of “The Top Trio” – “Winken, Blinken and Nod”

    Plus – Things going “super gasp” eh?

    “Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Refuse To Take Biden Phone Calls, Both Spoke to Vladimir Putin
    March 8, 2022 | Sundance | 230 Comments”


  8. another ian says:

    “Someone said “Forget Build Back Better, just put it back the way it was!”

    Via Chiefio


    “Flash: Russia Won”


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