Friends and Anger 6

She remained in a coma for weeks but because she was stable, was moved out of intensive care into a private room he’d arranged for her. He put his life on hold and visited every day for hours and would alternatively read aloud to her the books he knew she loved, played her favourite music … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 5.

Manannon picked him up off the floor by his hair and the other hand pinching his Adam’s apple to cut off any screeches for help. He rapidly dragged shithead into the sitting room and pulled him up and onto the sofa. Manannon stood over him. Shithead started to say something, so Manannon told him to … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 4

Good reconnaissance is essential, but what must never happen is the opposition realising it’s occurring. If they detect it, they start tooling up. Forewarned is forearmed. They armour up and are en guard for the assault. They buy the personal security and your odds of getting at them go immediately astronomical. There’s a thing you … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 3.

He’d been reading a very old book in its original and ancient language while listening to a favourite Ella Fitzgerald album on vinyl in the background. He can’t stand CDs because they always chop off the high and low-end frequency notes to cram it onto the CD. They think nobody will notice, but he does. … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 2

He disentangled himself from her sprawling embrace and got out of bed. He hadn’t really slept in the night, just cat napped. It is an aspect of his protective personality when it comes to her. Switched into overwatch mode. You don’t sleep, you don’t take advantage of a woman you’ve a regard for who’s in … Continue reading

Friends and anger 1.

Bang, bang, bang on your front door. There’s a certain recognition in the cadence it’s done. Too quick and five seconds later you have cops all over you looking for some results from the probable cause warrant they’ve wangled out of some sympathetic judge. This one is different, it’s more knock, knock, knock. A quiet … Continue reading

Blood brothers.

He’d messed up and knew it too. Nearly walked them into a minefield, but still had enough smarts to duck like fuck when the debollocker blasted smartly out of the ground to explode at a yard height. It took some meat off him. That was okay. He knows the way these things work out. He’s … Continue reading

Vide Cor Meum.

KD loves RM. She’s written that on her cloth pencil case as a schoolgirl, but carefully hidden away amongst the incredibly detailed forest of enigmatic doodles that covered it entirely. At school, she’d watch him quietly from a few desks back as the teacher droned on about something or other and she’d find and touch unerringly with her fingertips those secret … Continue reading

Your brothers will come after them and make it right.

You’d done the biblically stupid thing of going in for an operator who’d put himself in the danger zone. No way you’d ever do that stoopid thing but you did it anywhy. You got him out but now you’re in a situation yourself. He got away and you’re the one who got nabbed. A hard row to … Continue reading

All wars come to an end.

He sat outside on the front porch of the shack and listened to the hum of the summer evening as he rocked gently back and forth in the chair and smoked his pipe. The evening warmth felt good on his stiff ligaments and fragile bones. He’d occasionally pause to take a sip of grain alcohol from a … Continue reading

The repair man.

He repaired people. He used a little bit of human insight but mostly patience and kindness. He was good at it, so all the bad cases nobody wanted to touch or didn’t quite know how to handle, were referred to him in the end and he patched them up. Mostly, he got the ugly sex … Continue reading

Old friends and a questioned end.

He knew he’d screwed up and should by all rights be dead now but he’d been saved by some sort of miracle he couldn’t understand and it spooked him. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he got about a nagging suspicion that he simply couldn’t shake; there was something about some aspects of … Continue reading

Line of Descent; The abandoned prequel.

I’ve just got back from a holiday in a place where there’s no internet access and where the people there aren’t too bothered by that either. It was very relaxing and the last thing I was doing was preparing the next blog piece for this weekend and I’m still in holiday mode. Chatting to my … Continue reading


The craft hurled across the cold light years, a gutted wreck. Inside the pierced hull, the litter of habitation floated idly, free from the long gone bounds of artificially induced gravity and free from the orderliness of her crew. Indeed, their bodies formed a part of the slow motion blizzard of objects. It had sped … Continue reading

Food for the Wolf

Once upon a time there was a mangy old wolf who liked to eat a pig once in a while. People blamed the poor devil terribly for what was after all, just his nature. They made up horrible stories about him eating piglets, cats, dogs, barns, little girls and anything else they could think of … Continue reading

A meeting in the park.

A Meeting in the Park. The elderly man walked down the path in the park. It was late in the evening and the Sun had long ago set. Beside him his small dog trotted on a lead. Like its owner, it was small and gnarled but somehow managed to convey a plucky dignity. The path … Continue reading

Line of Descent Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Drayton waited with Krupmeyer amid the ruins of the summer house. He sat on the floor, resting his injured back against the wall. It throbbed with a steady nagging ache that the drugs could not quite mask. Beside him on the floor, Krupmeyer lay in a stretcher. About them, the team of paramedics … Continue reading

Line of Descent Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Krupmeyer stared through the smoke at the black indistinct figure rising up through the hole in the floor in front of him. His eyes watered from the acrid smoke and his ears were filled with a high-pitched ringing from the effects of the explosion. The figure seemed to unbend slowly until it was … Continue reading

Line of Descent Chapter 25

Chapter 25 The wounded man’s lifeless eyes stared up at the wooden joists of the ceiling. He had died quietly, slipping away from life unnoticed among the group of people huddled there together in the centre of the room. The maid had been the first to realise he was dead and had backed away from … Continue reading

Line of Descent Chapter 24

Chapter 24 As soon as Drayton and his men entered the forest, the pace of their withdrawal slowed as they carefully negotiated each twist and turn of the path, wary of an ambush. They leapfrogged from position to position, always covering the man whose turn it was to go ahead and check out each corner. … Continue reading