Get your cash out of Canada, right now.

Retail banking is a remarkably simple business. You have a current account, money gets paid into it on a regular basis and you draw it out for household or living expenses. You’re not charged for having an account or for everyday transactions. How do they make a profit then? Quite simple, they loan out the … Continue reading

Freedom convoy update.

There’s a phenomenon I’ve observed many times in my life and I’m sure I must have already shared the takeaway piece of learning about it with you – there’s no crisis that can’t be made even worse by dumb management. On this particular occasion, it’s the dictator Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy crisis. Most … Continue reading

Canadians joining the club.

Canadians have a reputation of being overly polite and saying sorry a mite too often. When somebody is overstepping the boundaries of accepted behaviour, they tend to stay silent and wait for them to go away while other people would be getting riled, showing them their war face and getting ready for things to get … Continue reading

Find them, fix them and then destroy them.

In general, you arrive in an open conflict situation in one of three ways. Someone unexpectedly comes after you, someone you were expecting to come after you does so or you decide to to go after someone yourself. The term conflict situation as used here covers all the sins; interpersonal strife, business rivalry, trade wars and … Continue reading