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36 Responses to “Comments on RHS items.”
  1. Blackswan says:

    Thanks Pointy for your inclusion of Amazing Polly in your trove of info.

    Has Polly and her ‘amazing’ research skills finally found the missing link in the Epstein network of global crime and corruption?

    Check out her website …

    There you’ll find fruits of her work such as this … “BOMBSHELL! Did Ghislaine’s Sisters Backdoor the FBI, NSA + more?” That is only Part 1.

    Could it be that instead of Epstein inveigling Ghislaine Maxwell to be recruiter of underage girls (and boys) to feed his own degenerate appetites and those of his influential friends and political enemies, it was the other way around?

    Isn’t it a tad ‘sexist’ of us to assume that because she was a woman, she acted at HIS bidding? Couldn’t those initial connections have been hers, not his? After all, her Daddy was a 2-time British MP with MI6 involvement.

    His dogged pursuit of dominating the MSM and crossing swords with Rupert Murdoch demonstrated his intent to be ringmaster in the Media Circus.

    Ghislaine was noted as a ’London socialite’ – after all, the Royal/political connections and introductions were hers, not Epstein’s.

    Could it have actually been Ghislaine Maxwell who took advantage of his hedonistic predilections and recruited Epstein to be the face/front-man/patsy to facilitate the Maxwell family’s global reach via blackmail, and corrupt standover tactics to infiltrate the very marrow in the bones of the USA as well as the UK? If so, how many other Western Govts have been similarly compromised?

    Since WW2 Robert Maxwell (aka Czech-born Ján (Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) and his family’s web-like connections have ensnared every Western Govt Admin and Security Agency into installing their suspect custom-made software systems throughout their networks and every ‘alphabet’ intelligence agency anywhere appears to have complied. Why?

    Part 2 is now posted – “Mind Blowing Epstein Related Facts You Haven’t Heard”

    And mind-blowing it is.

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  2. Simon Derricutt says:

    Pointy – reference

    A friend put up a link to this on Facebook, and FB put up a couple of extra links there that called it fake news and were intended to debunk it. AFAIK Milankovich hasn’t been debunked, but instead the more data we collect the closer it seems to being a good explanation for part of the changes. There’s of course also the changing magnetic field of the Sun (in its effect on cosmic rays that reach the orbit of the Earth) and the changing magnetic field of the Earth that affects whether they reach the cloud-forming layers of the troposphere and thus change the amount of clouds that form.

    Blaming it all on CO2 may be easy to understand, but it’s not justified by the data. Sure, there appears to be a reasonable correlation over the 1980-2000 timescale, but once you go outside that range the correlation breaks down.


  3. oldmarine says:

    Why we fight, indeed.


  4. Blackswan says:

    “The Wolfe Brothers – Hey Brother.”

    Pointy, thanks for posting this video – I always like to see local talent acknowledged.

    These blokes are born and bred “locals” from Hobart Tasmania, the island state of Oz.

    This article is a couple of years old now, but gives a brief background to their commitment to their music and their heritage.

    I really hope this newly released song does well for them. It’s from the heart … of good people.


  5. David Chappell says:

    “Disgusting” clip. The caption to this clip of the HK civilian police demonstrating their caring side is not accurate. The victim was not a protester but a drunk elderly man restrained for his own safety in a hospital observation room and the incident occurred several weeks before the protests began. No Mainland police were involved. The really bizarre element is that the police PR branch offered the excuse that the officers were unaware that CCTV was operating – depite a prominent notice on the door to the room to that effect. Sadly it is a preview of the regard for the well-being of their fellow citizens that some HK police officers have demonstrated during the protests.


  6. You’re right about the RWC. The first-round matches (just finished today – Monday 23 Sep) have been first rate on the whole, with the minnows giving the top-tier nations some headaches, too – especially Tonga against England.

    The full venues are superb, and the hosts welcoming and enthusiastic. Well done, Japan!


    • Pointman says:

      Agreed, overall standard good but a few unexpected results; Wales not slaughtering Georgia and Ireland drubbing Scotland, which most people expected to be a close one.



    • Taffy says:

      So far, a good competition. Agree that Wales could have done with a tougher opening game to sharpen them up. Scottish forwards got pushed around by the Irish. Needs looking at Mr Townsend.

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  7. oldmarine says:

    We had someone like Williams at Guadal. We knew when he ran out of japs we’d be next. Things were done.


  8. Pointman says:

    There’s a reason they’re called Scotland the Brave, which is why Wellington put his trust in the Scots Greys to hold until Bluecher and his Prussian blues arrived arrived. They came back from the dead to make the most watchable contest of the RWC to date. All honour to them, but also well done the Japanese.



  9. Blackswan says:

    Comment on reports from the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo.

    “Kiwis outraged that Ireland fans drowned out the NZ Haka as the two teams faced off on the field.”


    From the various videos I’ve watched, it was apparent to me that the Irish were singing in support of their team BEFORE the Kiwis decided to interrupt them with their traditional war-cry.

    The Irish song, ‘Fields of Athenry’ is NOT a “folksong” as has been reported.

    It’s a lament … honouring their ancestors, their ‘stolen generations’, the diaspora of Irish clans cruelly dispersed around the world … and Irish Rugby fans singing it with gusto in support of their teams readying to do battle on the sports field is a reminder that their men, just like their lost forebears, are once again ready to face their foe.

    So … if Maori Twitterers and PC sports reporters want to wail about people disrespecting Maori “culture” and their designed-to-intimidate war-cry, I say Boo-bloody-Hoo!

    It was the singing Irish rugby fans and THEIR culture who were disrespected by the Kiwis trying to upstage and intimidate them into falling silent. Great to see the Oirish Boyos sang even louder.

    On the day, the better team won, and there’s always next year. But trying to make an issue out of accusations of “disrespecting our culture” is more bloody PC grandstanding, and it really pisses me off!

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  10. Pointman says:

    The bloody sheep worriers are going to be insufferable.



    • Blackswan says:

      Gee whiz Pointy … it’s gets really cold on those frosty green hills when a big Antarctic gale blows in. A bloke’s gotta cuddle up to summat warm and obliging …. besides, those Suffolk sheep with their little black stockings on are so darn cute!

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    • Blackswan says:

      G’day NFA … my lot were miners from Pontypridd, Wales. Our tribal homelands are woven into our DNA no matter how far removed we may be.


  11. Blackswan says:

    In response to ‘Pics without comment’ – “White Slavery”.

    Pointman … your eye for choosing the most poignant, most ironic, most thought-provoking pics just gets better.

    The exposé on White Slavery and the attempted genocide of the Irish should stop most people in their tracks … an unknown history.

    Today, when we hear constant calls for “reparations” for African Americans to compensate them for cruel injustice to their ancestors, all it would take is for Irish Americans to lodge similar claims and the whole seedy “free stuff” campaign would stop overnight.

    The unknown truth of the Irish experience would shock most Americans to the core. Thanks P for the reality check.

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  12. NoFixedAddress says:

    Pointman and Pointers

    Here we go.. lol

    Some time ago, maybe 3 or 4 or 5 years ago, you put up a post about your sons’ music and how much you enjoyed what they were doing and at the same time you posted a youtube video of a group that had a kinda’ blue smokey visual ‘cast’ to it which I liked.

    Distinctive guitar work.

    Since I came to this country I have lost 3 HDD because electricity and they haven’t even got to renewables yet but I now have backups up the proverbial wazoo.

    If anyone happens to remember that particular track and can jog my fading neck top memory I will be most appreciative.

    Kind regards to all.


  13. NoFixedAddress says:


    Came across this today in which I believe is worth highlighting.

    It is titled “Doctor knows best? Here’s a tale of climate activism and censorship” and is quite fascinating.

    You have to scroll down a bit to get to the author’s rejected AMA article but the complete Spectator piece is well worth your time.


  14. Pointman says:

    Only Lovers Left Alive OST – 03 Sola Gratia (Part 1)


  15. Pointman says:

    Finley Quaye – Sunday shining (1997).


  16. Pointman says:

    The Big Bopper Chantilly lace.


  17. Pointman says:

    Sam the Sham and the boys doing their classic number. Look carefully at the photos. They were from the days when real combat photographers weren’t safely embedded 5 miles behind the lines. The had to cadge lifts on the first wave of Hueys hitting a hot LZ. There’s more reality in any one of those shots than you’ll find in the voluminous docos/memoirs of all the bleeding heart REMFs.


  18. Pointman says:

    Wolfie the Grunt takes 8mm movies of a Combat Assault in Vietnam


  19. Pointman says:

    All those songs we know so well. When you look at the lyrics, you realise how good they actually were.


  20. Pointman says:

    There’s no mistaking Jerry Lee Lewis. There’s a reason he was nicknamed the killer. Nobody ever did piano attacks like this. Enjoy the bop.


  21. Pointman says:

    John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer – Walls (A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence).


  22. Truthseeker says:

    Somebody cannot do basic math – 40 million over 50s x $1 million each =


  23. Pointman says:

    Wikileaks pulling the pin before Assange is suicided. Read it or save it quick, because the page won’t be up for long. There’s some very juicy stuff in it. Apparently, geek Jusus Steve Jobs’ mysterious death was from AIDS.


    It’s too big and definitely a crowd sourcing document. Comments on whatever you find in it can be left here.


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