I don’t like people who frighten children.

Meeting a person who’s a crashing bore over some cause or another that most people aren’t too bothered about is an everyman experience we all can relate to. You meet them in some social context, and after your efforts to politely disengage from the harangue pretending to be a conversation, you end up turning your … Continue reading


Birthday musings.

It’ll be my birthday this weekend. I don’t like a lot of fuss over it. Nothing’s been mentioned – always a bad sign – and there’s a lot of furtive scurrying going on around me which I studiously choose to ignore, so there’s some plan afoot and events will unfold as is their wont and … Continue reading


The red team.

If you’ve never heard of the red team concept, it’s a very useful management technique that’s been knocking around in certain organisations for a number of years. In essence, it’s a team of people, internal or external, who aggressively look for faults, flaws and loopholes in whatever an organisation is producing, whether that’s a product, a … Continue reading


Political parties can die.

Every mainstream political party needs a mass power base of supporters. It’s a simple numbers game. If they don’t have it, they’ll always be minor players. If they had one but lose it, they drop back to being minor players or go extinct. Their support base will migrate to another party, which will then start … Continue reading


Strength and honour.

I’d suddenly leap out of the wardrobe and demand her pearls. It was our game and one of our favourites. We called it the Lady and the Robber. She was the lady and I of course was the robber. She’d feign surprise every time but the clear and present danger of a pointing index finger and … Continue reading


Why do you come here? We’re never going to get better.

I got home from work and the usual commute at about seven. It was one of those still dark evenings in the transition from winter to spring. After hanging up my coat in the entrance hall, I walked into the living room shouting a hello to my wife in the kitchen from which the sounds … Continue reading


Science and sensibility.

In the ordinary way of things, I steer clear of the science debates over global warming. I served my time in those trenches many years ago and though it’s an important part of the overall push back, I concluded I could be of more use elsewhere and in different and perhaps less virtuous ways. However, I … Continue reading


Safe zones, free speech and the Islamisation of the West.

There’s a new phrase which is entering into common parlance in the chattering classes – safe zone. There are a lot of cuddly wuddly new-age definitions of what it means but the bottom line one is excluding people from your particular niche of society whose views don’t agree with yours and which you consequently find … Continue reading


Thirty seconds.

We’ve all taken some injuries working our way through life because that’s unavoidable, and we all bear the scars from them, but injuries heal or at least scab over. The black dried blood drops off them and all you’ve got left are those white patches of skin which’ll never disappear. Each one has its own … Continue reading


How to get run over by the Trump juggernaut.

The first thing you have to do as a politician is totally lose touch with those people who’ve been voting for your party on auto-pilot for years. They’ve always done it, so obviously they’ll continue to do it. They’re someone you can afford to do a few “I hear you, I hear you” type of … Continue reading


A garden.

The Earth is rotating out of night and I’m a little speck on the surface of it. It’s still dark, very early in the morning and I’m listening to Dario Marinelli’s Stars and Butterflies. On the rare occasions I wake up in the night, I don’t tend to go back to sleep. I roll out of bed as quietly … Continue reading


We’ve reached a political fracture point, but of a different kind.

A number of years back, I wrote an article about what I called political fracture points. In summary, it discussed the cyclical nature of changes in government; one party falling out of favour with the electorate and spending a decade or so in the wilderness rebuilding itself to become once more electable. Usually by the … Continue reading


People are pissed off.

They’re pissed off at knee-jerk stereotype politics. At being regarded as nothing more than an already in-pocket demographic that can be safely ignored. At not being listened to. At being invisible. At having no effect. At being apprehended as being nothing more than some sort of unthinking zombie lurching towards a voting booth ready to … Continue reading



This is another guest article by Graeme No3, one of our regular contributing writers. Like all good satire, it gets uncomfortably close to the underlying reality. The names of people mentioned in it have been changed to protect the guilty, but see how many you can pick out … Pointman —-<0>— To: Director Intergalactic Traffic From: … Continue reading


The Madrassa mindset.

We’ve all watched with disgust ISIS and their forebears the Taliban blowing up sites of immense archaeological significance. In the main, the people committing such vandalism are the lineal descendants of the civilisations which built those very monuments in the first place. They tend to blow up the big bits left over after they’ve looted … Continue reading


Old Sydney Town.

This is another guest article by one of our regular contributors, Blackswan. It deals with change, which in itself is inevitable and not always a bad thing. Sometimes though, when the Puritan instinct of the nanny state take control, you end up with bizarre situations like prohibition, which created organised crime, AKA the Mafia, in America. … Continue reading


Not the one.

An extremely clever and expensively educated woman, who knew all about human psychology, once told me who I was and where I came from and how I fitted in. She told me exactly, precisely and to her mind, cruelly, who I was and what I was, and where I would end up. She drew her … Continue reading


The End of the EU.

This is another guest article by Graeme, one of our regular contributing authors. It touches on various aspects of bureaucracy with some examples of its self-serving tendencies, if not outright corruption. It also highlights a worrying trend that has developed over the last decade of what amounts to governance by unelected bureaucracies, bypassing the democratically … Continue reading


Practical objects of beauty.

More than a few years back, one of my sons came back from a trip to Philadelphia, armed with the modest presents a teenager sent on his way with a limited amount of spending money could afford to buy for all of the family. He’s the hard and yet easy to read one we’ve always kept a … Continue reading

kurdish women

Here comes the rubbish.

In the middle of the American Civil War there was an incident at sea involving a British warship and an American vessel which resulted in the latter being sunk. Lincoln in a meeting of his cabinet listened patiently to the calls to declare war on England and then closed off the discussion with the words … Continue reading