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The UK General Election of 2019.

On this coming 12th of December, the UK is going to the polls. In days long gone when people wanted to garner some idea of the probable result in advance, you consulted the latest polls, because back in that day, people actually believed in polls by supposedly unbiased and objective polling organisations, but those days … Continue reading


When you’re young, immortal and invulnerable, as we all were at some point, you embark on adventures that in the rear view mirror of several decades later look rather foolhardy. As a kid, I specialised in doing such things, and because I was clear of eye and straight of back with nothing much to lose, … Continue reading

Tears in rain.

One of my sisters and a niece of ours in Canada started a conversation online about old photographs and started swapping what ones they had. They didn’t have many but in terms of genealogy, got back pretty far. There was an old picture of my father at what looked to be him at about twelve … Continue reading

It’s time to run the prat of the year 2019 contest.

Here we go once again. All you boys and girls and all you other 65 genders, otherwise known as people coping with a mental disorder, it’s time to run the prat of the year contest. We’re going to democratically pick out the best prat in the year of our Lord 2019. Il pratto di tutti … Continue reading

Donald vs Goliath – How Trump took down fake news.

If there was one thing for sure in the run up to electing a president in 2016, it was that the attack dogs of the massive combined influence of the news, media and Hollywood would savage Trump and make sure Clinton would be elected. The whole smug machine was against him, and he was about … Continue reading

Known only unto God.

On November 7th, 1920, in strictest secrecy, four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres, Arras, the Asine and the Somme. None of the soldiers who did the digging were told why. The bodies were taken by field ambulance to …     Beneath this stone rests the body Of a … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 16

He was in one of his hideaways, an anonymous safe house and dealing with his feelings about what had just happened, because he’d learnt he had to confront the violent things he did in order to put to rest their unsettling impact. It drained the emotion away, so he could think logically about what had … Continue reading

How dare you?

Dr. Johnson, the first lexicographer of English, said that the last refuge of a scoundrel was patriotism. It’s both witty and true, but there’s a deeper pattern he was alluding to. In a previous article, I talked about the almost lost art of oratory which according to the Greek and Roman writers of antiquity had … Continue reading

A change of direction.

When I was in my schooldays, I had a younger brother in the same school who quite frankly had a big mouth which he tended to use recklessly on the wrong people. It often resulted in some sort of altercation with me galloping to his rescue, and oft times receiving a few lumps for my … Continue reading

About lies and liars.

We all tell lies. Let’s leave aside little white lies which like good manners are the harmless lubricant of society, and concentrate on the big ones. Thinking back to my early education, I was taught lies come in two flavours; those of commission and those of omission. With friends you know and have a regard … Continue reading

The wisdom of Private Scheisskopf.

For my sins, I’ve been watching the various Dem primary debates, though I must admit on the first one stopping fairly early into the 14 hour marathon before I began to lose the will to live. The second one, billed as a town hall on climate change was mercifully short at only 7 hours, but … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 15

Manno was driving her to what he called a place of safety. It’d only be for a few days and it was with a man called Ari whom he told her he totally trusted and she could too. He took a right turn off the main road up a smaller street, then a right again, … Continue reading

Some thoughts about Trump’s Rio Rancho, New Mexico rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on 16th September in New Mexico. The overall format was as I expected. After he’d warmed them up, he went through all the economic numbers, which attested to the American economy being in the best shape it’s been in decades. The brute numbers speak for … Continue reading

Parliament vs The People.

If like me, you’ve been keeping an eye on the non-progress of the UK’s exit from the EU, namely Brexit, you’ve no doubt marvelled at the three year long delaying tactics of the Remain faction within Parliament and outside it. Essentially, the non-essential requirement of negotiating some sort of exit deal from the EU before … Continue reading

Feminism is a dead end for women.

I’m a bloke who writes a blog, so all you’re ever going to get here is a bloke’s viewpoint, and it’ll be honest and unvarnished – that’s my contract with you, the reader. I get paid nothing for doing it and you’re under no obligation to read beyond the first paragraph of anything I write, … Continue reading

Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

A couple of years back, and in the aftermath of the 2016 political earthquake of Trump being elected president, I read an article in I think what is now the far-left NY Times. It was one of those extremely poor efforts at journalism we’ve come to expect from the fake news machine. In essence, it … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 14

He hit the door of his apartment so hard with his shoulder, it swung through 180 degrees nearly instantly, smashed against the interior wall, and on the rebound started back to close itself, but he was in the room. In combat situations, the adrenaline amped up his senses and the world went into slow motion … Continue reading

Convenient demises.

There are a lot of blogs that simply peddle various conspiracy theories of different levels of derangement. From con trails, through flat Earth, hollow Earth and how the world’s leaders are actually lizards sheathed in human skin. As always, everybody chooses what they want to put some credence in, but in the last few years … Continue reading

Deep in enemy territory.

My secondary education occurred in what was quite frankly a terrible school. There was no lovable Mr. Chips teacher in it, rather with only a few honourable exceptions, mostly a collection of lazy and disillusioned teachers who’d long ago given up and were essentially ticking off the days to retirement. They languidly handed out after … Continue reading

Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on Thursday 1st August 2019. I learnt the lesson early that it’s a futile exercise in the main to read summaries or highlights of his speeches by fake news simply because of all the lies, both of omission and commission, but also the partisan spin … Continue reading