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The arrogance and inhumanity of Nancy Pelosi.

We are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The last numbers I saw say that worldwide 440,000 people have been infected and there’ve been about 20,000 deaths attributed to it. Given those numbers and comparing them to the avian flu epidemic of 1919 which killed a conservatively estimated 50-100 million people across the globe … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 17

He was now on a complete war footing. Somebody had made a first strike at him, and failed. From now on, there would be no predictable pattern to his movements and all communications to and from him would be via the electronic equivalents of one-time pads, burner phones and one use only temporary emails from … Continue reading

What happens when you stop playing by the rules.

There’s probably a better word for it, but game seems to be the most apt. Everything in life has a game aspect to it. As a spouse, you should always support the other half, even when you’ve some serious doubts about their current judgement because they seem to be on a momentary insanity curve. You’ll … Continue reading

Trump moving in for the kill.

I study chess games and have a little corner of my library room containing several books documenting every single move in all the elegant games. The first thing I ever bought apart from some sweeties courtesy of my paper round earnings was a wooden chess set. Hand carved. It was beautiful and I had to … Continue reading

The walking dude.

I’ve always liked walking and although I occasionally enjoy a walk and talk with someone else beside me, it kinda spoils the activity because when you’re accompanied, it intrudes into what I’ve always felt was me-time. Walking for me was always a rare escape into solitude. I was born in the exact middle of a … Continue reading

Visitors from foreign lands.

When our children were younger, I became concerned that they were in danger of becoming country bumpkins. We lived and continue to do so in a rural area out in the provinces and explaining to them there was a much bigger world outside it with different traditions, customs and even languages was becoming a problem. … Continue reading

Shield maidens.

If you know what you’re doing in your chosen profession, it usually comes down to a matter of preparation, which is informed by your years of experience. He laid out the secondary armaments he might need, even the unlikely ones like a halberd, in a neat row behind him where he stood on the bridge. … Continue reading

The farce that’s become the impeachment process.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Dems attempted impeachment of the Trumpie Monster and been wondering whether apart from the political optics, there’s any sense at all in it. Every Republican president since Eisenhower in the 1950s has had impeachment proceedings launched at them by the Dems at one stage or another, so … Continue reading

The smart but Machiavellian move the Dems won’t make.

In my opinion, the Dems already know they’re going to lose in 2020. It’s just a problem of minimising the damage, but while you can accept there’s no way your party can avoid the loss, even a supposed disaster can be politically useful. The strategic thinkers amongst them know they’re staring at two big problems. … Continue reading

Tinseltown gets a long overdue kicking.

I love watching a good movie or a TV series you can get your teeth into, and am not unusual in that respect. People like to be entertained. They always have and they always will. It’s a way of forgetting all your day-to-day concerns for an hour or two. It’s no coincidence that vaudeville, theater, … Continue reading

Trump versus the Iranian dictatorship.

One of my brothers was a beat cop and if you’re doing that job, every day is different. They got a call from an elderly woman who was more or less trapped in her house because of her neighbour’s dog, some sort of vicious pit bull beast. Every time she attempted to leave her house, … Continue reading

Big tech versus the people.

A man who mentored me once explained to me all about war. You avoid it if at all possible because the result is inherently unpredictable, but once you’re in it, you’ve got to get your head straight about what’s involved. You have to be in it to win, not to be some polite loser or … Continue reading

Prat of 2019 – We have a winnah – St. Greta!

We get to this time of year and I know this thing I’m writing is going to be my last article before a two or three week break. Much as I love laying down a few words each week, they’re carefully polished, the articles are all thought through in a rough way, it’s all honest … Continue reading

The UK general election of 2019 – Aftermath.

If you’ve any interest in politics, you tend to read into the history of it. You’ll end up reading The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar, Machiavelli’s The Prince, On War by Carl von Clausewitz, Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and yes, even My Struggle by … Continue reading

The UK General Election of 2019.

On this coming 12th of December, the UK is going to the polls. In days long gone when people wanted to garner some idea of the probable result in advance, you consulted the latest polls, because back in that day, people actually believed in polls by supposedly unbiased and objective polling organisations, but those days … Continue reading


When you’re young, immortal and invulnerable, as we all were at some point, you embark on adventures that in the rear view mirror of several decades later look rather foolhardy. As a kid, I specialised in doing such things, and because I was clear of eye and straight of back with nothing much to lose, … Continue reading

Tears in rain.

One of my sisters and a niece of ours in Canada started a conversation online about old photographs and started swapping what ones they had. They didn’t have many but in terms of genealogy, got back pretty far. There was an old picture of my father at what looked to be him at about twelve … Continue reading

It’s time to run the prat of the year 2019 contest.

Here we go once again. All you boys and girls and all you other 65 genders, otherwise known as people coping with a mental disorder, it’s time to run the prat of the year contest. We’re going to democratically pick out the best prat in the year of our Lord 2019. Il pratto di tutti … Continue reading

Donald vs Goliath – How Trump took down fake news.

If there was one thing for sure in the run up to electing a president in 2016, it was that the attack dogs of the massive combined influence of the news, media and Hollywood would savage Trump and make sure Clinton would be elected. The whole smug machine was against him, and he was about … Continue reading

Known only unto God.

On November 7th, 1920, in strictest secrecy, four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres, Arras, the Asine and the Somme. None of the soldiers who did the digging were told why. The bodies were taken by field ambulance to …     Beneath this stone rests the body Of a … Continue reading