The Madrassa mindset.

We’ve all watched with disgust ISIS and their forebears the Taliban blowing up sites of immense archaeological significance. In the main, the people committing such vandalism are the lineal descendants of the civilisations which built those very monuments in the first place. They tend to blow up the big bits left over after they’ve looted … Continue reading


Old Sydney Town.

This is another guest article by one of our regular contributors, Blackswan. It deals with change, which in itself is inevitable and not always a bad thing. Sometimes though, when the Puritan instinct of the nanny state take control, you end up with bizarre situations like prohibition, which created organised crime, AKA the Mafia, in America. … Continue reading


Not the one.

An extremely clever and expensively educated woman, who knew all about human psychology, once told me who I was and where I came from and how I fitted in. She told me exactly, precisely and to her mind, cruelly, who I was and what I was, and where I would end up. She drew her … Continue reading


The End of the EU.

This is another guest article by Graeme, one of our regular contributing authors. It touches on various aspects of bureaucracy with some examples of its self-serving tendencies, if not outright corruption. It also highlights a worrying trend that has developed over the last decade of what amounts to governance by unelected bureaucracies, bypassing the democratically … Continue reading


Practical objects of beauty.

More than a few years back, one of my sons came back from a trip to Philadelphia, armed with the modest presents a teenager sent on his way with a limited amount of spending money could afford to buy for all of the family. He’s the hard and yet easy to read one we’ve always kept a … Continue reading

kurdish women

Here comes the rubbish.

In the middle of the American Civil War there was an incident at sea involving a British warship and an American vessel which resulted in the latter being sunk. Lincoln in a meeting of his cabinet listened patiently to the calls to declare war on England and then closed off the discussion with the words … Continue reading

ObamasFans 02

Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!

It’s 16:57 GMT, 23rd December in the year of our lord twenty and fifteen and I’m calling it. Vote away, but until I can get Vladdi to disable it, the voting widget means nothing. The results are in. By now, the news is out, all over town, as Hank Williams would say. We’ve got a winner … Continue reading


The loss of faith in the political class.

We in the developed world are constantly told that we’re increasingly living in a globalised world, and it’s true but not just in the usually accepted economic sense. More importantly, the cheap communication facilities it’s built on have increased immeasurably the speed and ease with which ideas can spread across the globe. Ideas, when they … Continue reading

ManOnBridge 01

Standing alone on the bridge.

It’s at this time of year I run or at least have some fun pretending to manage the Climate Prat of the Year award. It’s become a chance for everyone to have a good laugh at the excesses of assorted climate maniacs. As far as I know, it’s the only award voted on and decided by … Continue reading


The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!

Okay youse guys and gals, it’s once again time to run the Climate Prat of the Year competition, also known as the Pratties. Right, let’s clear the definitions, rules and boring regulation stuff first. This year, it’ll be the same procedure as last year and indeed the same procedure as it is every year. First off, if you’ve … Continue reading

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COP21 – Doing the climate can-can in Paris.

It’s that time of year again. The annual climate conference is nearly upon us. As is by now customary, I’ll try and write something about it from an aspect that hasn’t been well covered by other commentators in the skeptic blogosphere; the dreaded new angle if you wish. As ever, that’s a tough ask. Over … Continue reading

LaFrance 3


There are a number of things in this article which some people might find unpleasant, if not outright offensive, but taking the lumps for writing things as I see them, and know them, is why I get paid those big bucks as a blogger. To a large extent, I’ll only be telling you what’s already happening … Continue reading


We’ll always have Paris …

This is another guest article by Graeme, one of our regular contributing authors. It deals with the dire consequences of deciding nothing at COP21, otherwise known as the climate conference of 2015 in Paris. I’m not quite sure, but I think Graeme is trying to outdire all those dire prognostications which have been force fed … Continue reading



If there’s one thing I’ve often been accused of in the blogosphere, it’s being an optimist. In the real world, I think people regard me as being a bit cagey, careful, perhaps slightly too calculating at times. Where it concerns family, I’m always on the lookout for something like a maniac with an axe running amok, and … Continue reading



Once upon a time, in a universe far far away, someone asked me where I came from. I was on a blog based in Australia and having a laugh joking with other commenters there. Off the cuff, off the top of my head and probably off my tits, I said Wallawoora and began to embroider on that mythical place, to what … Continue reading



It’s a funeral and it’s a hard day. We’re all blacked up and milling around. I spot him and see him, and know enough to get there quick. He’s basic, mad and sad and I can see him smouldering, towering in his frustrated rage. I want to keep him safe. Unusually for him, he’s already well tanked … Continue reading


A visit to Cardiff.

It’s the middle of the evening, thousands of people are milling around the wide pedestrian main street just outside the stadium. We’re in Cardiff and we’re all riding high on the euphoria of having watched Ireland beat France in the rugby world cup pool stage and in one of the great stadiums of the world. Right … Continue reading


The greed black hole sucked and then it sucked even harder.

I like playing the occasional game of cards. I’m not picky about which particular game but I have to admit, I’m partial to a poker evening with friends – modest stakes, a few drinks, a bit of banter and busting each others chops. When I was younger with few responsibilities, I played it a lot. Like most … Continue reading


The Perils of Suzy.

A cat started appearing at the back door of my childhood home on a regular basis and my sisters began leaving out scraps of food for it. That was the thin edge of the wedge. Pretty soon in the manner of all cats, it had wormed its way into our affections and had the run of … Continue reading


Framing the debate?

Associated Press, commonly abbreviated to AP, have made a change to their stylebook with regard to the global warming issue. A stylebook is used by large organisations to standardise terms and definitions and is referenced very heavily by external suppliers of content to large news agencies like AP. The essential two sentence change stripped of … Continue reading