Turning off the war

Of late you might have noticed the volume control knob of the anti-Russian hate propaganda machine in the media has been slowly turned down. An easy explanation for that is hate fatigue. A two minute hate anyone can handle but when it drags into three months of a non-stop barrage and you’re supposed to be … Continue reading

The Ukraine war – how close to the endgame are we?

We’ve had nearly three months of propaganda about how sanctions by the West is destroying the Russian economy and the Ukraine is winning the war. Neither was ever true but the Ukrainian regime aided by the Biden administration have used the MSM massively to promote both ideas. A glance at the strength of the ruble … Continue reading

The Ukraine war – Russia modifies its tactics.

America’s proxy war against Russia is proving to be a disaster for both America and the world in general. It’s a two-pronged attack, one being a concerted effort to destroy the Russian economy and the other one an indirect military action to kill as many Russian soldiers as possible by supplying the Ukraine with what … Continue reading

The Ukraine war – the military realities.

If you’ve any lingering belief in the worth of the mainstream media’s authority, you’ve no doubt watched them interviewing various old fogey generals who’re offering various opinions on how the Red Army is really screwing up the Ukrainian campaign. It only takes a moment’s reflection to realise they all generalled lightning quick wins against essentially … Continue reading