Parliament vs The People.

If like me, you’ve been keeping an eye on the non-progress of the UK’s exit from the EU, namely Brexit, you’ve no doubt marvelled at the three year long delaying tactics of the Remain faction within Parliament and outside it. Essentially, the non-essential requirement of negotiating some sort of exit deal from the EU before … Continue reading

Feminism is a dead end for women.

I’m a bloke who writes a blog, so all you’re ever going to get here is a bloke’s viewpoint, and it’ll be honest and unvarnished – that’s my contract with you, the reader. I get paid nothing for doing it and you’re under no obligation to read beyond the first paragraph of anything I write, … Continue reading

Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

A couple of years back, and in the aftermath of the 2016 political earthquake of Trump being elected president, I read an article in I think what is now the far-left NY Times. It was one of those extremely poor efforts at journalism we’ve come to expect from the fake news machine. In essence, it … Continue reading

Convenient demises.

There are a lot of blogs that simply peddle various conspiracy theories of different levels of derangement. From con trails, through flat Earth, hollow Earth and how the world’s leaders are actually lizards sheathed in human skin. As always, everybody chooses what they want to put some credence in, but in the last few years … Continue reading

Deep in enemy territory.

My secondary education occurred in what was quite frankly a terrible school. There was no lovable Mr. Chips teacher in it, rather with only a few honourable exceptions, mostly a collection of lazy and disillusioned teachers who’d long ago given up and were essentially ticking off the days to retirement. They languidly handed out after … Continue reading

Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on Thursday 1st August 2019. I learnt the lesson early that it’s a futile exercise in the main to read summaries or highlights of his speeches by fake news simply because of all the lies, both of omission and commission, but also the partisan spin … Continue reading

The Apollo 11 moon shot anniversary and some thoughts upon it.

If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll remember where you were when the first man stepped on the moon. I recall being at school and happening to pass by the assembly hall and seeing five teachers sat in a row at the end of it watching some live TV coverage of the descent or Armstrong … Continue reading

Foodie? Moi?

This is about survival man cooking, and I’ll give you fair warning, you should not read this piece, but if you do so, and pay any heed to the recipe, never mind follow it, the odds are you’re probably going to die. However, should you truck onwards into this bit of the dark interior of … Continue reading

Welcome to clown world AKA the Democrat debates.

In a series of three articles, I recently ran the slide rule over the major and minor contenders for the Democrat ticket in 2020, as well as making some general observations. Having gone to the trouble of researching a field of mostly obscure mediocrities and scratching around to find something even faintly interesting, or at … Continue reading

Home alone.

I’m home alone. My wife has gone back visiting to the small Irish provincial town she was born and raised in, to be with her kith and kin because they’re putting up a commemorative plaque to one of her older brothers, a policeman who died in the line of duty. He’s more than forty years … Continue reading

Trump’s platform for 2020.

Anyone running for re-election to a high office has three broad strategies to choose from, or a judicious mixture of them. The first is highlighting their achievements while already in office, hopefully some, the second is announcing a list of initiatives that will appeal to the electorate to make them vote for them and the … Continue reading

Emotional needs.

I managed a team of people in the late 80s. Mainly blokes but a couple of women in their early to middle thirties who would be a rarity in that line of business. It was a very precise and technical area of endeavour which was very demanding, both intellectually and on your personal life. It … Continue reading

Playing the long game and now it’s revenge time.

On the 17th of October 2016, Hillary Clinton wrote an email to Donna Brazille which in part said “If that fucking bastard wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this shit!”. The bastard in question was of course Donald Trump and for once in her life, she was speaking the truth. … Continue reading

We’ve come a long way

A word from Blackswan to the Pointman,     It’s almost ten years since you opened Pointy’s Place, the Bar & Grill where we all found a warm welcome, wonderfully eclectic music, good company, and some really interesting conversation. And now (your stats tell us) there have been one and a half MILLION visits through … Continue reading

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 3. Planning the succession.

In the first two parts of this series, I looked at the major and then the trailing rabble of Democrat candidates vying for the ticket to run against the Trumpie Monster. When you stand back and look at the entirety of what’s on offer, a number of trends become apparent. The first is it increasingly … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 11

She lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking. What he’d just told her was just so at odds with her life and what she’d always assumed his background was like, that she couldn’t assimilate it. It just wouldn’t fit in as a neat retrospective amendment to the person she’d known and thought … Continue reading

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 2. The turnips in tutus.

The first part of this series dealt with what are currently thought to be the three main contenders for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020; Biden, Sanders and Harris. Of the three, I can see at the moment Sanders probably having the slightly better chance of winning the Dem ticket, strange as that might sound. … Continue reading

The Brexit betrayal, a new political landscape in Britain and meet ze monsta.

Everybody hates the phrase I told you so. If you say it, you feel like a smartass and if you’re on the receiving end of it you feel like a damn fool. By common consent, it’s usually abbreviated to an exchange of meaningful looks. Don’t say it. I wasn’t going to. About six months ago, … Continue reading

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 1.

The presidential election of next year is sweeping towards us and although it’s still a year and a half away, the ragbag of Democrat contenders are assembling. That sounds almost as if it could be the title of a new DC comics film – Ragbags assemble! Some of them are just flying a kite. It’s … Continue reading

The ramifications of Mueller’s failure.

Well, after two years of investigation and directly employing 20 lawyers, 50 assorted law enforcement officers, serving nearly 3000 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and over 500 witnesses called to testify and all of it costing an estimated $33,000,000 to the taxpayer, the Mueller investigation couldn’t pin a single thing on Trump, though it certainly wasn’t … Continue reading