Legitimising the coup.

This is top priority with Biden’s puppeteers. The message is the Big Steal never happened and if you dare to voice that opinion, life will get a lot more difficult for you. Internationally, it’ll be done by exercising American economic muscle and making a harsh example of any foreign country that dares to opine otherwise. … Continue reading

I shouldn’t do it, but WTF.

Sometimes you discover something all on your own and realise it was always there right under your nose but you’d simply failed to ask an obvious question. In yesterday’s piece I said the most immediate thing people can do is stop using social media platforms in order to protect themselves and really hurt the American … Continue reading

Things to do today.

The coup has succeeded and a foreign regime has been installed in the White House. That being the case, they’ll quickly move to consolidate their grip on power. As always in any crisis, keep a couple of things in mind. The first is there isn’t one that can’t be made worse still by losing your … Continue reading

Redux from 25th October 2020 – What if Biden wins?

The wisdom of the ages endures because it’s simply that – wisdom. After all the storms and vicissitudes of fashion, politics, wars and social upheaval have ran their transitory course and been largely forgotten, it’s all that remains except for the common man who’s survived them all. That’s been true from even before the life … Continue reading

Now big tech goes after Signal.

Writing a daily blog piece appears to have something in common with commenting on blogs – as soon as you hit publish, an interesting news item comes along. I’d barely published Friday’s piece about Facebook stabbing WhatsApp users in the back by changing the terms of agreement to allow them to harvest all your personal … Continue reading

Now WhatsApp stabs you in the back.

There’s a trick which has always been used by governments and corporates in the timing of announcements which they know won’t go down well with voters or customers. They simply wait until some big headline grabbing news event occurs such as the Titanic going down, the Twin Towers or the sudden death of free speech … Continue reading

Will Mr Fox’s standing invitation into the chicken coop be withdrawn?

Today looks to have been better than yesterday in terms of news censorship. Gab appears to be up and working, albeit with a few wobbles. Parler looks to be Resting in Peace, but you never know these days. The implications of a couple of items caught my eye. The first was the Uganda government’s decision … Continue reading

A day of no news.

An interesting Wednesday. It’s usually my day to deal with bills, turnaround letters and emails and generally do some office paperwork and filing. On a good one, but only after a leisurely sleep in to avoid the boring mundaneness of it, I’ve usually cleared my workload by lunchtime and the afternoon is mine to do … Continue reading

From the ashes of Fox News will rise the hen house Fox

It’s been an extraordinary few days. Watching all platforms of dissenting news being taken down one by one or struggling to cope with a huge influx of people fleeing fake news and looking for somewhere they could find some true reporting and at the same time give vent to their feelings for which there was … Continue reading

Security alert – Parler.

In yesterday’s article I mentioned the American oligarchs had decided to close down Parler by simply deplatforming it with only a few days notice. As I write I’m sure the staff at Parler are working furiously to move the site to a new hosting service, and I wish them all the best in achieving their … Continue reading

The end of free speech in America?

After a few weeks away from blogging and some time out from the fray, I come back from a subdued Christmas to find the finishing bricks of the coup have been slamming into place. Wholesale censorship of any and all conservative and dissenting voices on all social media platforms have either been deleted or automatically … Continue reading

End of year 2020.

It’s that time of year to for me to take a break from blogging until sometime in the new year. If something interesting happens, I’ll no doubt drag myself away from the festivities to put pen to paper. The blog itself needs a bit of general maintenance which has been put on the back burner … Continue reading

Redux from 20th October 2016 – I wouldn’t trust them with my security. Why should you?

Though written four years ago, this one touches on several issues of current interest. It was written a couple of weeks before Trump’s victory which laid waste to a lot of carefully laid plans, not to mention years of patient work and money. Mice and assorted men ran in all directions after the shock and … Continue reading

There are only three power blocks in the world – America.

In the previous two articles in the power blocks series, I discussed how the problem of an increasingly assertive Oligarchy turned out differently in China and Russia. The problem in both cases was that their own home-grown and foreign oligarchs wanted a bigger say in the actual running of the countries, if not to rule … Continue reading

There are only three power blocks in the world – Russia.

Between long bouts of silence and mulling over a cogent response, I’m actually a good listener. It’s the only way to learn anything. It often leads to interminable conversations to which my minimal contribution is nothing more than the customary nodding until I feel the onset of logic chip meltdown and suddenly remember my perm … Continue reading

There are only three power blocks in the world – China.

Taking them in a very particular order, I’ll start with China. At its inception it was modelled very much on Stalin’s Soviet Russia. All political enemies were either killed or ran for their lives, a harsh regime of unquestionable conformity was imposed, but the carrot of a glowing socialist future was always dangled before the … Continue reading

Fighting big tech – WhatsApp

Up until ten or so years ago, the usual way of sending a typed message to anyone was via texting. All you needed was their mobile number and you could send a short text message to them which similar to them checking their email, you’d be sure they’d get the next time they turned on … Continue reading

Redux from 13th April 2018 – The end of the happy time.

There are a number of articles over the years I’ve written on the censorship and propaganda tendencies I thought big tech and the media would take. Excess is the invariable trait of any monopoly. At the time, I suspect they were greeted with mild skepticism, but as we’ve found in the recent presidential election, they … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Dump Youtube if you want uncensored news

A number of years ago before big tech began to think it was a Master of the Universe, I set up a Pointman account with Youtube to upload a few harmless videos. With the passing of time and what I perceived to be the growing malignancy of big tech, I stopped using it at all. … Continue reading

What’s happening with Facebook?

First of all, let’s get your head straight about Mark Zuckerberg. Any big enterprise falls into one of two categories, and Facebook is no different. It either operates along the lines of a horse designed by a supposed committee of excellence, which results in a camel or it’s a pure sleek predator rapaciously growing the … Continue reading