Letting an octogenarian bull wearing high heels loose in a china shop.

Like most people who watched the highly orchestrated psycho-drama of Nancy Pelosi and whether she’d touch down in Taiwan or not on her magical mystery tour of parts oriental, i wondered why risk a war with China by a needless visit that was obviously designed to both provoke China over an issue that had laid … Continue reading

One foreign policy blunder being compounded by another.

There are times we’ve all met people in high authority who appear to be making moves you can’t quite understand, but usually that’s because they have access to information you don’t have or they’re executing a particularly Machiavellian plan. On the other hand, sometimes you realise in a blinding flash of insight into them that … Continue reading

Russia, America, China and the Ukraine.

At this moment in time, there are only three power blocks of any consequence in the world; China, Russia and America. China is walking a tightrope between allowing a limited form of capitalism to make it prosperous while at the same time keeping a strict Soviet style grip on its population. Russia is a populist … Continue reading

Is Biden blundering into a war with Russia?

If you can remember back to your schooldays when a subject called history was actually taught, you’ll probably recall that at some point you learnt about successions of ancient kings and how they became variously named Fred the Great or Edward the Useless or Cuthbert the Strong or Joseph the Walkover. When the genetic lottery … Continue reading