Are people finally getting sick and tired of big tech?

Sometimes it takes a while until the penny drops, but the longer it takes, the harder it hits the ground. I was having a casual conversation about something unrelated with one of my sons when he said quite out of the blue that he’d come to the conclusion that social media was toxic. That’s quite … Continue reading

Welcome back Parler, I think …

Hearing that Parler was back up, I gave it a try. If you’re not familiar with its short and spectacular history, it had barely been up a few weeks when big tech ganged up on it and closed it down by a combination of deplatforming and refusing to stock it in the company stores. There … Continue reading

Security alert – Parler.

In yesterday’s article I mentioned the American oligarchs had decided to close down Parler by simply deplatforming it with only a few days notice. As I write I’m sure the staff at Parler are working furiously to move the site to a new hosting service, and I wish them all the best in achieving their … Continue reading

The end of free speech in America?

After a few weeks away from blogging and some time out from the fray, I come back from a subdued Christmas to find the finishing bricks of the coup have been slamming into place. Wholesale censorship of any and all conservative and dissenting voices on all social media platforms have either been deleted or automatically … Continue reading

Your survival kit – Comms.

Every air force pilot on active service carries a small survival kit for use should he be downed. The contents vary from one air force to another, but usually contain a small assortment of essential items such as a compass that will help him to stay alive, remain at liberty and hopefully aid him in … Continue reading