Remind me again, which country’s economy was sanctions going to devastate?

Before the whole Russia/Ukraine bomb went off in everyone’s face, the Biden administration told the world that if Russia invaded Ukraine, then they’d impose harsh sanctions on it. That would deter Russia we were assured by all the major figures of the administration. Putin evaluated the threat, tokened the odds and after making some advance preparations, invaded anyway.

True to their word, Biden’s handlers laid down sanctions against Russia, but this wasn’t to be the usual stepladder of escalating sanctions to make Russia see the light. No siree Bob, this was to be the full bloody Monty of every sanction they could think of all dropped on Russia’s head from a great height in one go. The shock and awe version of sanctions.

In what they’re now very much beginning to regret, the US vassal states of places like Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and most EU states rushed in to please their master by joining in sanctioning Russia enthusiastically. It goes without saying that distant places like Japan and Australia have huge national interests that forced them to intervene in a Russian war with the Ukraine on the other side of the world.

In tandem with this sanctioning orgy, a vicious propaganda campaign against Russia and all things Russia was launched in the West. Russian sportsmen were banned from events, Tolstoy removed from bookshelves, statues of Marx hidden from public view and even that fine opera singer Anna Netrebko was kicked out of her current gig for the mortal sin of being Russian.

The world stood back and waited for the Russian economy to implode and the ruble to become as worthless as a Confederate dollar. For sure, there was an initial impact on both when the sanctions were announced, but after a week they both stabilised for a number of reasons, not least of which was the Russians had anticipated the West’s move well in advance and had already put in place some very shrewd preparations.

After a week, the Russians were still in Ukraine rolling up the opposition army at their own leisurely pace and not even bothering to pick up calls from the WH. It started becoming obvious to all that the sanctions strategy simply wasn’t working, so in what seems to already be an ingrained reflex of the Biden administration, the solution to a patently failing strategy was to double down on it instead of having a rethink.

The way to make sanctions work was to compel all the rest of the world to join in. The two biggest countries who’d refused to condemn Russia nor implement any sanctions were China and India. A campaign of bullying against them began with open threats of dire costs and consequences if they didn’t do what the WH wanted. Usually diplomatic pressure starts with offering a carrot and then taking out the big stick if that fails, but the Biden administration prefers to do it the other way around. How to make friends and influence people.

If anything, China’s position hardened. People resent being bullied so by the time Biden eventually got around to offering China a carrot in a two hour long marathon video call, China told him to fuck off though it was nicely cloaked in diplomatic speak, a language the administration has yet to learn. India did the same so they’re now cranking up the sanctions machine against them both. I can’t see it doing much good since China is India’s biggest trading partner and Putin and China are settling into a new Cold War against the West.

Their new partner in the alliance Russia can supply the other two with all the oil and gas they need as well as other necessary things. When you consider Russia and Ukraine grow 30% of the world’s supply of wheat and 20% of its corn as well as huge quantities of fertiliser, rice and soy, sanctions won’t hurt them seriously.

Remember, that massive supply of food essentials used to flow to the West, but it’ll taper off as the long term contracts to supply expire and already Russia is indicating it won’t be renewing them. Why should they? Aligning with China and India gives them a combined market of three billion people to sell into while their enemies’ economies implode as a result. The West should be bracing themselves for the novel experience of food shortages in the near future. While I’m sure that’ll spur on a big drive for Europe to increase agricultural production, that’ll be made very difficult with the loss of all the massive amounts of fertiliser Russia used to supply.

Already, India has done a deal with Russia for a gazillion barrels of oil at a very juicy 20% discount to the spot market price.

So, what’s going to be the global effect of this major change of trade direction from Westwards to Eastwards? For starters, it’s solidified the membership of what I can only call the East Block. It now consists of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Latin America, Central America, Africa, all of Asia except for an isolated Japan who’re desperately looking for ways to walk back its hasty jump into the sanctions club. They don’t have any domestic oil, which was the basic reason they attacked America in 1941.

The biggest losers are going to be western Europe. Inflation is officially running at 6% but the method of deriving that number was long ago fiddled with until it’s a highly dubious figure. My feeling is that it’s already significantly higher but when the tap of cheap oil, gas, minerals, food, fertiliser and other commodities from Russia gets turned off, it’ll sky rocket. As always happens with inflation, it’ll cause a recession and I think it’ll be long and hard. The EU saying they’ll eliminate their dependency on Russian energy by the end of the year is pure fantasy. End of the decade is more like it. A recent Bank of England study is projecting that Britain will have the biggest fall in living standards since the 1950s.

As for America, Canada, Australia and the rest of the merry band of sanctioneers outside Europe, the future holds a similar prospect. At end of February, America already has an official inflation rate of 8% (wink) and gas prices going through the roof mainly because of the administration devastating their own oil and gas industries to the point where the energy independence the country enjoyed two years ago has disappeared. It’s thrown them to the mercy of buying gas from abroad and unsavoury dictatorships like Venezuela. Someone has to prop up these filthy dictator’s economies, don’t they? So much for defending democracy.

Inflation degrades the buying power of a currency while at the same time prices on almost everything are rising. What’s going to exacerbate the currency devaluations is the Russians announcing they’ll only sell oil and gas for rubles to countries they consider “unfriendly countries”, which means those who imposed economic restrictions against Russia. This is a win/win move nobody anticipated. The exchange rate of the ruble shot up immediately on currency exchanges and the dollar plunged because it looks likely to knock the dollar off its golden perch of being the petro-dollar.

This would be a blow for Europe, which gets more than 40% of its natural gas imports from Russia. Also, there’s nothing to stop Russia really putting the boot in by charging those “unfriendly countries” a higher price than what they charge their East Block allies. Take it or leave it Jack, but either way that’s the way I’m pricing it just for you. They’ll take it because they don’t have any alternative. There’s even talk of the East Block setting up a brand new petro currency backed up by the oil price or even conceivably a basket of commodities like gold.

Just to add to the dollar’s woes, it’s status as the world’s reserve currency has taken a terrible blow with them freezing the Russian Central bank’s dollar deposits in America. The message taken away from that rather ill-considered move was a lot of other countries and large institutions thinking if they can do that to a huge powerful country like Russia, should I really be holding large amounts of cash or even assets in America’s financial system? The answer is obliviously no, so dollars are being quietly moved offshore to safer locations. The City of London, famed for its boast that your money is safe with us, is suffering the same steady withdrawal of funds.

How is Russia going to fare in the short and long term? The economy has certainly taken a knock but nothing on the scale of what’s currently happening in the Western block. Long term, their prospects are very good. They’re now in a huge trading block of 3 billion people and will be exclusively supplying it with as much energy and resources as it can produce. Unless America gets its energy policy out of the shambles it’s in, the ruble in its new form as a petro currency will go from strength to strength at the expense of the dollar.

Remind me again, which country’s economy was sanctions going to devastate?


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14 Responses to “Remind me again, which country’s economy was sanctions going to devastate?”
  1. philjourdan says:

    AND – the west has no clue what is happening due to the state media doing a complete blackout of information coming out of Russia. That is by design as well.

    It worked for the old USSR for 70 years. It has been reported that the straw that broke the USSR’s back was Yeltsin visiting a grocery store in the west. For years, the people had been told that while things were rough in the USSR, they were worse in the west. That visit opened his eyes and led to the downfall of the iron curtain. Now it is reversed. Strange how that works.

    But Biden did not go nuclear on Russia and still has not. He did not sanction their oil at first and when he did, it was half hearted. The nuclear button of sanctions is to “release the Kraken”, ramp up US oil production, which Biden will not due, due to the blackmail that the Kremlin has on Hunter.

    We are in for a long 3 more years, and I am not sure we can survive it. One thing is for sure, Biden has destroyed what it has taken this country to build in 200 years, in only 1 year.

    The power to destroy always exceeds the power to build. It is faster and easier. And Biden is going full destroy mode on the West, and leaving the new Axis of power, the East, virtually untouched.

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    • Graeme No.3 says:

      What makes you so sure that Biden will last the next 3 years? He may be lucky t last this year.
      The Democrats are going to suffer badly in the coming mid term elections and nothing makes a politician more nervous than the thought of losing office.

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      • Janie M. says:

        Graeme, didn’t he mention publicly, a few yrs. ago, that he had undergone brain surgery twice in the past due to aneurysms?

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      • philjourdan says:

        Graham #3 – nothing. But so he does not (he may kick the bucket which will be his best option). But regardless, once he is gone (in the next 3 years), we get Madam Cackles. Decidely worse since she will be able to tell the handles to “give up or shut up, or whatever – Cackle, Cackle, Cackle” and she has the IQ of a slug. And the personality to match.

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  2. JohnTyler says:

    Russia will find a “work-around” to minimize the effects of sanctions. India, China, Iran and probably a bunch of other nations will help them out one way or another; above-board or under-board.
    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Frankly it should not be too difficult to evade sanctions because Russia has Europe / Germany by the oil and gas cohones and Germany/Europe cannot unilaterally cut off this supply unless it wishes to commit , post haste, economic suicide (as opposed to the long drawn suicide Germany embarked upon when they decided, in their stupidity, to go “green” and become reliant on Russian oil/gas).

    Of course, the incredibly stupid, albeit INTENTIONAL energy policies of the appointed US president, joke bidet, is making things more difficult for Europe and the USA.

    Putin is having a rough go of it in Ukraine, but he can always look to the “no-energy” policies of the USA and Europe to cheer him up and help keep the rubles/euros/dollars flowing in.

    As an aside; it looks like Russia has been surreptitiously funding the “green” movements in the USA and Europe. When it comes to deception, subterfuge, disinformation you can’t beat the Russians; they are the world’s best.

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  3. another ian says:

    Another one on the Ukraine linked here


  4. David A says:

    Pointman stated…
    “Just to add to the dollar’s woes, it’s status as the world’s reserve currency has taken a terrible blow with them freezing the Russian Central bank’s dollar deposits in America. The message taken away from that rather ill-considered move was a lot of other countries and large institutions thinking if they can do that to a huge powerful country like Russia, should I really be holding large amounts of cash or even assets in America’s financial system? The answer is obliviously no, so dollars are being quietly moved offshore to safer locations. The City of London, famed for its boast that your money is safe with us, is suffering the same steady withdrawal of funds.”

    Just as Canada did with the Truckers. Is there any information about how much was withdrawn from Canadian banks?

    The globalists are threatening complete digital currency, at the SAME time they are advertising their intent and capacity to take individual and national wealth at will. Every sane individual and nation will look to secure their wealth FROM their tyranny. India and Russia will NOT play their globalist games. Many nations will not. China, they may, but only if THEY are the decision makers, and for many good reasons the world does not trust them either.

    Just as the Obama administration destroyed Libya, with ZERO rebuilding plan, so the”rule the world” globalists appear to be doing the same to the global economy. Their “follow up” plan for “the great reset” is very likely to be a pipe dream they cannot control, resulting in global misery. These evil folk have no capacity to build, because they have no honor, no humility, and no real love except for self, and their ignorance may even exceed their great arrogance.

    The world faces a very very big problem. The US, as a customer, is quite THE global consumer. The 2022 US trade deficit is running at a trillion dollar annual pace. Monthly imports value around 300 billion a month. In the collapse of the dollar, and its value, and a major US recession, lowering significantly the amount of imports AND the value of the dollars paying for them, and distrust in most all currencies, a global recession – depression appears unavoidable.

    Throw in all the government caused Covid reaction supply line issues, the Covid and likely shot caused excess mortality and talent drain from industry, (either retiring or dying) the insanity of the climate wars and resulting energy shortage, and potential expanding wars, and we have a global self caused nightmare likely to go in directions the “elite” egotists will have no control of.


  5. Pointman says:

    Ruble hits near 2-year high against euro

    Euro and dollar heading into Weimar Republic territory while the ruble heads into the reserve currency zone …



  6. Pointman says:

    This week’s progress reports on the West block destroying itself economically:-

    Soaring inflation puts France on national strike – it’ll head towards a gener strike in the end.

    Germany facing retail collapse – Der Spiegel. It’s the industrial collapse which is the big worry.

    Brits told to prepare for blackouts on ‘really cold’ evenings. Define “really” please.

    German health minister warns of hospital closures. Kill Germany plan well advanced.

    Europe’s Winter of Chaos: France Heading ‘Straight into the Wall’ with Massive Energy Costs – France not doing much better.

    Industry stalls amid energy crisis – Bank of France. – that snivelling rat Macron has his work cut out.

    Thousands march in Paris over cost of living

    Price rises in EU state break records

    German inflation hits post-reunification high

    China halts key energy supplies to EU – Bloomberg . – All that’s needed now.



  7. Pointman says:

    This week’s progress reports on the West block destroying itself economically:-

    France ‘pissed off’ at Germany over energy aid – The Telegraph. Things are getting tetchy.

    Empty Shelves in German Supermarkets as Inflation Leaves Products Unprofitable. Cold and hungry isn’t good news for Chancellor Scholtz. The winds of regime change …

    Britons skipping meals to save money – poll
    People are reportedly eating less healthily and less often, preferably at a discount, due to the rising cost of living. Bad news for this month’s British PM, whoever that might be.

    EU inflation smashes historic high
    Surging food and energy costs have continued to drive prices higher across the bloc, data shows. Unreported by the MSM.

    Russia sanctions behind EU diesel shortage – Bloomberg
    A record drop in stocks is expected in the winter at a time of seasonally high demand in the EU. No, it’s imposing sanctions on imports you need is the problem.

    UK inflation back to double digits
    The cost-of-living crisis worsened in September on rising food and housing prices, the Office for National Statistics says. Somebody should tell the next PM what’s going to be on their plate.

    Power costs in Italy going through the roof – data
    Electricity tariffs are on a record rise, according to a consumers union. Madonna mia!

    EU rolls out energy crisis plan
    The proposed measures include joint gas purchasing rules and spot price limits. Deck chairs, Titanic, you know the drill.

    WATCH Police violently crack down on cost-of-living protesters
    Demonstrations for better wages in France elicited a harsh response from law enforcement. Breaking a few skulls will sure cure the cost of living problem.

    Attacks on Italy’s new leader put EU disunity into spotlight
    Brussels stands ready to use its ‘tools’ should right-wing Georgia Meloni step out of line, but it’s far from the only element of discord plaguing the European Union. EU really a democratic institution …

    Record grain harvest predicted for Russia
    This year’s crop is set to exceed 140 million tons, a major agriculture body says. Looks like those sanctions have brought Russia to its knees. Remember that when you’re scrounging around empty supermarket shelves for a loaf.



  8. Pointman says:

    This week’s progress reports on the West block destroying itself economically:-

    “Major protest in EU capital calls for direct gas talks with Russia
    Prague rally demands resignation of government, decrying its support for Kiev and anti-Russia sanctions ”

    “Hungary on ‘edge of abyss’ in EU — Czech minister
    Budapest could theoretically end up quitting the bloc, Prague’s European affairs minister warns ”
    Hungary looks to be the second EU member to leave the party. Others will follow.

    ” EU business groups oppose sanctions on Russian aluminum – Reuters
    An embargo would likely disrupt industry and lead to mass company closures, the organizations say ”
    High energy industries cannot sustain such high costs.

    ” EU has run out of energy – Orban
    The Hungarian prime minister says his country will not experience any fuel shortages, despite the current energy crisis ”
    Orban made his side deal with Russia early.

    ” Thousands of German stores on brink of closure – Spiegel
    Energy costs in the country have increased by nearly 150% since the beginning of the year ”
    Old news. Thousands have already gone over the brink.

    ” EU Commission head issues veiled threat to Italy
    Brussels has ways to deal with member states that drift away from its values, Ursula von der Leyen has said ”
    Veiled threat? No, it’s just straight bullying.

    “Crisis Averted? Decrease in German Gas Use will be Down to Business Bankruptcies – Industry Org”
    Very true.

    ” After the UK’s exit, Hungary’s turn to the East once again exposes how liberal fanaticism is tearing the EU apart
    As Western hegemony comes to an end, the bloc may eventually be forced to redefine itself as the western peninsula of Greater Eurasia ”
    EU breakup.

    ” British farmers eye replacement for crops – Guardian
    Solar panels are more profitable than farming, the newspaper quotes industry representatives as saying ”
    Yes, Britons can eat solar panels.

    ” German production costs hit 70-year high
    Producer prices jump by nearly 50% for two months in a row ”
    No industry can take month on month overhead increases like that.

    ” 90% of English schools face bankruptcy – The Observer
    The government is expected to make further spending cuts, and blames the crisis on “international events” ”
    First COVID closures and now this.

    “Inflation protests across Europe threaten political turmoil”
    MSM doesn’t report such protests.

    ” Energy warning issued for EU states
    France and Ireland face biggest risk of power cuts this winter, ENTSO-E says ”

    ” Iran to become top buyer of Russian grain, envoy expects
    The country has sharply increased imports after droughts upset domestic production ”
    And all that grain used to go to the EU.



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