The RHS column of the blog has over the years grown like Topsy, so to declutter it, I’ve moved  various list-like items onto one page. Everybody seems to be making lists these days, so why should I be different. At the moment there are five categories which you can jump straight to on the page by just clicking the blue link. The five consist of –


Get woke, go broke.

The politicisation of all aspects of life has become a true pandemic. Governments, commercial companies, fake news, a degenerate entertainment industry and some truly debased people have all taken it upon themselves to preach an unwelcome mix of both socialism and wokeness to a huge segment of society that actively dislikes both.

Particular individuals, companies and even some sports have chosen to deeply offend conservative voters or non-liberals in general, and promptly suffered terminal career disasters and products that bombed or are now being bycotted. Many people, myself included, now choose not to buy products or services from cetain parties because it would appear to be an endorsement of ideas I find objectionable. A boycott is a painless way to personally lodge a protest because whatever they’re selling, I can get from elsewhere without the political baggage.

The entertainment industry is well to the fore with this trend and is suffering the consequences, with plunging consumer interest in their movies, TV series and even gala events such as the Oscars or Emmys, and that was before the COVID lockdowns. Inexplicably, it’s an industry that charges people for something they don’t actually need and historically had to charm their customers into buying the product. It’s taken the inexplicable decision to go out of their way to alienate the 80M customers who voted for Trump and the politics and culture he represented for them.

It has progressed to a point where businesses and individuals are now being discriminated against purely on the basis of their conservative politics or a refusal to endorse the more extreme aspects of wokeness that go against their idea of common decency or their religious beliefs.

Fox News.
2019 Oscars Will Have No Host.Sites, Columnists and Periodicals.
Sites, Columnists and Periodicals.
American football.
Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Sarah Silverman.
Ashley Judd.
Kathy Griffin.
Film – Suburbicon.
Peter Fonda.
Jim Carrey.
Show – Murphy Brown.
Gillette – 100,00 thumbs down so far on FB.
Johnny Walker scotch.
John Cusack.
Baseball (MLB).
A&E Channel.
American Airlines.


Sites, Columnists and Periodicals.

I don’t necessarily agree with, or condone the opinions expressed in the articles written by these people or in these publications or sites, but I do find them an interesting read or of interest. Some are a walk on the wild side – you’ve been warned …

The Unz Review.
Kurt Schlichter.
Project Veritas.
American Renaissance.Columnists
Gatestone Institute.
Victor Davis Hanson.
Rex Murphy.
John Hulsman.
Zero Hedge.
No Quarter.Columnists
Michael P. Ramirez.
Guido Fawkes.
Council of European Canadians.
Catallaxy files.


Uncensored alternatives to mainstream sites.

Be warned, once you start using these alternatives to heavily censored and data mined sites like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll stick with them out of a pure sense of relief at not having to watch every word you say.

Try them. You’ll have to make your own mind up but I use most of them. Let us know what you think.


An alternative to Google which does not record your IP address or log your queries. It’s the one I use. There is also a darknet version for the security minded.


An uncensored alternative to Twitter but much richer in terms of content. Here you’ll find all the news and gossip the mainstream media refuses to report. It’s a real free speech venue, and that does include a few loonies you’re free to follow or not.


Another supposedly uncensored alternative to Twitter but I’ve got my doubts after it came back from being deplatformed by big tech by swinging some sort of deal with them. Probably the worst user interface I’ve seen in recent years.

A lot of the banned or fed up big hitter refugees from Twitter seem to have migrated to here. I use it.


An alternative to Wikipedia which is mercifully free of the sinister manipulations of creatures like William Connolley.


Another alternative to YouTube which is not so oppressively censored and offers significantly better options to monetarise content you upload. All a bit beta though.

MeWe – not impressed with the name. Sounds like toddler incontinence.

Yet another alternative to Facebook which I haven’t tried yet. If you do, let us have your feedback.

***** ONES TO AVOID *****.


Another alternative to Google which still says it does not record your IP address or log your queries, but I now don’t believe them.

A big chunk of the company has just been bought by a George Soros front company, so my previous suggestion to use it as an alternative is WITHDRAWN.


An open source alternative to Facebook which I haven’t tried yet. If you do, let us have your feedback.




Video bloggers write or extemporise their own material as well as performing to camera and are most probably the future of independent blogging.

Big tech is trying to pressurise them off their platforms, so you can help by supporting them. You can do that by visiting or even subscribing to their channels, which are completely free.

Personal favourites and frequent posters.

Dr. Steve Turley.
Rudy Giuliani.
Tina from the Bronx.
The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered.
The Rubin Report.
Tarl Warwick aka Styxhexenhammer666.
Mark Dice.
Som3thing Wicked.
Jenna Marbles.
Sarah Corriher AKA The Ashamed Millennial.
Patricia Dickson.
Amazing Polly – CENSORED.

Once in a whilers.

Brandon Tatum.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Diana Davison aka Feminism KEK.
Diamond And Silk​ aka The Viewers View.
Stephan Molyneux.
Black Pigeon Speaks.
The Iconoclast.
April LaJune.
Brittany Pettibone.
Louder with Crowder – Steve Crowder.
Terrence Williams.
Renaissance Horizon.
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast.
DeAnna Lorraine.
Frankenstein’s Lab.
Simon Whistler – Today I found out.
Gerald Pauschmann.
Austin McConnell – eclectic.
Perfect Life – Vintage photography.
Fox – NEW.

Closed down, censored, de-monitised, moribund or infrequent vBloggers.

Peter in Sweden – ID AND USER BASE DELETED BY TWITTER. He’s rebuilding.
Joe Dan Gorman AKA Intellectual Frogslegs – FORCED OFF YOUTUBE.
Candace Owen aka Red Pill Black.
Pat Condell.
Ami Horowitz.
Last night In Sweden – CLOSED DOWN BY TWITTER.
Karen Straughan.


Parked items.

Prats of Yesteryear.

2019 St. Greta

2018 Theresa May

2017 Hillary Clinton

2016 Justin Trudeau

2015 Barack Obama.

2014 Chris Turney.

2013 Dana Nuccitelli.

2012 Peter Gleick.


Break up the internet giants.

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