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Most of the articles were originally about climate alarmism, with articles off that topic listed by clicking on this NotAGW tag. The blog is much more wide ranging in terms of topics these days. There’s also a fiction section which sadly I haven’t found much time to add to, despite more than a few New Year’s resolutions.


Redux from 1st December 2020 – Will America simply refuse to be ruled by Biden’s puppeteers?

You’re never going to get access to your file at Central

It can’t go on like this

The scuttlebutt on the purge of the military

An indication of Trump’s future intentions towards the GOP?

The end of the old Republic.

How the purge of the military is being done

How the January 6th protest is being used

Grey propaganda against Signal

A wake up call for Australians

Australia being bullied by big tech.

Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.

Welcome back Parler, I think …


Trump’s second impeachment trial

Your children are part of the great reset.

Quid pro Joe comes through for all his pals.

About the controlling and the controlled.

Banks collaborating with the regime

A visit from the secret police

The mass purges begin with the Army.

The first hen house fox unmasks itself.

Selling the coup to the Floaters.

Selling the coup to the Deplorables.

Selling the coup to the Programmed.

Legitimising the coup.

I shouldn’t do it, but WTF.

Things to do today.

Redux from 25th October 2020 – What if Biden wins?

Now big tech goes after Signal.

Now WhatsApp stabs you in the back.

Will Mr Fox’s standing invitation into the chicken coop be withdrawn?

A day of no news.

From the ashes of Fox News will rise the hen house Fox

The end of free speech in America?


End of year 2020.

Redux from 20th October 2016 – I wouldn’t trust them with my security. Why should you?

There are only three power blocks in the world – America.

There are only three power blocks in the world – Russia.

There are only three power blocks in the world – China.

Fighting big tech – WhatsApp

Redux from 13th April 2018 – The end of the happy time.

Fighting Big Tech – Dump Youtube if you want uncensored news

What’s happening with Facebook?

Is this a LEGO scam site?

Direct action – Put some pressure on your representatives.

Direct action – Support the witnesses.

Redux from 28th September 2017 – Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

C is for Confidentiality

The enemy within

Will America simply refuse to be ruled by Biden’s puppeteers?

How much longer can the GOP sit on the sidelines?

Redux from 18th August 2017 – The Evil Empire of the Internet must be broken up.

Fighting Big Tech – Stop using Google.

The computer doesn’t lie.

Whatever happened to the ordinary Democrat’s sense of decency?

Fighting Big Tech – Some general thoughts on protecting your personal data

It’s time to break up the FBI

What you’re fighting for

Brave people.

If you thought it was going to be easy, think again

Your survival kit – Get off radar.

Propaganda works.

Effective use of street level thugs

Let’s roll.

Reading the entrails.

Post voting day fraud.

Your survival kit – Comms.

First comes the shock, then the resolve, then the anger and then somebody had better watch out.

2020 – The things you’ll be told that aren’t true.

Stealing the Election of 2020.

What this election is really about.

What if Biden wins?

The bid for total digital censorship is now out in the open

Was it an attempt to assassinate Trump?

How to take down America.

Trump’s foreign policy.

What’s ahead of you in the run up to the 2020 election.

Cities in flames and the blame game begins.

The roads from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Why on Earth did the DNC pick Harris as Biden’s running mate?

Trump feeding recalcitrant mayors and governors just enough rope

Democrat politicians don’t care if they kill people, just as long as they can beat Trump

Biden gets repackaged, but as a puppet president.

Trump steps in to restore order.

Regaining your life inch by inch.

The eternal debate.

One law for the rich, another one for everyone else?

Lockdown thoughts.

Life inside the bubble.

The war against Christianity.

Trump booting out the World Health Organisation.

Steady the Buffs.

The immutability of books.

The arrogance and inhumanity of Nancy Pelosi.

What happens when you stop playing by the rules.

Trump moving in for the kill.

The walking dude.

Visitors from foreign lands.

The farce that’s become the impeachment process.

The smart but Machiavellian move the Dems won’t make.

Tinseltown gets a long overdue kicking.

Trump versus the Iranian dictatorship.

Big tech versus the people.


Prat of 2019 – We have a winnah – St. Greta!

The UK general election of 2019 – Aftermath.

The UK General Election of 2019.


Tears in rain.

It’s time to run the prat of the year 2019 contest.

Donald vs Goliath – How Trump took down fake news.

Known only unto God.

How dare you?

A change of direction.

About lies and liars.

The wisdom of Private Scheisskopf.

Some thoughts about Trump’s Rio Rancho, New Mexico rally.

Parliament vs The People.

Feminism is a dead end for women.

Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

Convenient demises.

Deep in enemy territory.

Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.

The Apollo 11 moon shot anniversary and some thoughts upon it.

Foodie? Moi?

Welcome to clown world AKA the Democrat debates.

Home alone.

Trump’s platform for 2020.

Emotional needs.

Playing the long game and now it’s revenge time.

We’ve come a long way

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 3. Planning the succession.

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 2. The turnips in tutus.

The Brexit betrayal, a new political landscape in Britain and meet ze monsta.

The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 1.

The ramifications of Mueller’s failure.

Absence has not made the heart grow fonder.

Will they be devoured by their own children?

The failed coup d’etat in America.

The State of the Democrat party.

Is it time to break up the FBI?

Nathan Phillips speaks with forked tongue.

The world will always need a man who can fix a burst pipe.

Will Anti-Wanking Legislation finally secure Government Control of Internet Access?

The Misrepresentation of the People Act.


Some geopolitical thoughts on what to watch for in 2019.

Prat of 2018 – We have a winnah – Theresa May!


The Brexit betrayal.

It’s time to run the prat of the year 2018 contest.

Election Fraud and the prospect of a Civil War Mk II?

Remembrance Sunday 2018.

Some thoughts on the 2018 mid-terms.

The anti-democratic scum running social media.

The democrats – one stupid move after another.

The care gene.



The Automn offensive for the mid-terms begins.

The Rule of Law.

Turd level educashun.


Seeing a friend out.

The new barbarians.

Mixing business and politics.

On Willie Sutton, Liberty Valence and Donald Trump.

Europe in crisis and the new politics.

Trade wars.

It ain’t what you don’t know …

About the November mid-terms.

There will be blood.

If we don’t keep those blacks on the plantation we’re finished.

The incurable condition of parenthood.

Who’s actually running this game?

Bad moves.

The convergence of fake news and entertainment.

The end of the happy time.

The South American invasion of the USA is called off.

The second great extinction of the liberal dream.

Facebook – hero or villain?

Moving purposefully towards the head of the fish.

It’s the parts that make the whole, and it’s greater than the sum.

The Decline and Fall of the Media.

How to turn around a failing economy.


The Schumer Shutdown.

Twitter is fundamentally corrupt.

Oprah for president.

The Planner.


New beginnings.

Prat of 2017 – We have a winnah!

Pointman’s look back at the year 2017.

Putting things aright.

Uncommon valour.

Working men.

It’s Prattie time again.

The view from the couch.

Boys and their toys.


Caution, swamp draining in progress.

Enter the video blogger.

Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

About correctly placing a single bullet into a certain space at a certain time in the future.

Some thoughts about monsters, antifa and the magical power of a wiggled finger.

The great purge of the Republican party begins.

Fighting back against the internet giants – Google.

About nothing much in particular.

The Evil Empire of the Internet must be broken up.

The Man on the Door.

When you attack, you hit them with everything you’ve got, and all of it at the same time.

The deep state.

Solaris two.

G20 in the rear view mirror.

The Trump speech in Poland.

CNN thrived on bigger and better lies, but was killed in the end by the simple truth.

The uses and abuses of information on the internet.

UK election 2017 – another political car crash.


Silence doesn’t mean approval, nor does it mean acceptance.

Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.

Find them, fix them and then destroy them.

France decides. Le Pen or Merkel’s poodle?

On Easter eggs, old boilers, food, batons, youth and old age.

Dropping the hammer on the lot of them.

Listen up world, there’s a new sheriff in town.


When you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it.

Islamic terrorism.

The lawnmower boy.

Trump begins to bitch slap Obama around.

For Jimmy.

On losing control of the narrative.

The point at which the grownups have to step in.

The blue remembered hills.

The right stuff.

The workers of the world have picked their leadership, and it isn’t you.

Looking out of a broken window.

Goodbye and good riddance Obama.

A welcome to the dark side.

A message in two parts – part two.


A message in two parts – part one.

Climate prat of 2016 – we have a winnah!

To get and not to get.

The spoilt brat complex.

On leadership, Brexit, Trump, the New Politics and what dreams my come.

The Pratties 2016 – The race is on!

The Despite and the Whinge words, and Jesus can they whinge.

An analysis of the Trump election victory.

The American election of 2016.

Betrayal by those you once trusted.

I wouldn’t trust them with my security. Why should you?

The life, and death, of a party.

A stay in hospital.

Angela’s Ashes.

Talent and transferring it.

About blogging.

A political party in a death spiral.

To a child, a birth poem, from his grandfather.

About fighting evil.

A cancer at the heart of left-wing politics.

The importance of playing.

Politics out of joint.

Your brothers will come after them and make it right.

Pauline Hanson – A Political Phenomenon by Blackswan.

I had my doubts about Teresa, but …

A Berlin story : Fast Eddie, the dog’s bollocks and there’s always more pieces to the story.

Brexit – an analysis in the aftermath.

Independence day.

They’re not fit to rule us.

Internet censorship and whither shall we go?

The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.

The reason why by Graeme No3.

A Berlin story : Beate.

I don’t like people who frighten children.

Birthday musings.

The red team.

Political parties can die.

Strength and honour.

Why do you come here? We’re never going to get better.

Science and sensibility.

Safe zones, free speech and the Islamisation of the West.

Thirty seconds.

How to get run over by the Trump juggernaut.

A garden.

We’ve reached a political fracture point, but of a different kind.

People are pissed off.

Report on GOLGAFRINCHAM B3-1 by Graeme No3.

The Madrassa mindset.

Old Sydney Town by Blackswan.

Not the one.

The End of the EU by Graeme No3.

Practical objects of beauty.

Here comes the rubbish.


Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!

The loss of faith in the political class.

Standing alone on the bridge.

The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!

COP21 – Doing the climate can-can in Paris.


We’ll always have Paris …




A visit to Cardiff.

The greed black hole sucked and then it sucked even harder.

The Perils of Suzy.

Framing the debate?

A meditation.

Political aberration.

Alice and the Green Rabbit by Graeme No3.

Watching nature by Rastech.

It’s not rocket science, it’s a matter of conscience.

For a Tyger, who still burns bright.

The Greenskull Chronicles – A matter of image.

The Indians are on the warpath.

For Hiromi, Tomahara, Satomi, Koji, all the others and of course Kenta.

Crisis management – a green perspective.

Drowning in the Big Green Pond by Graeme No3.

Why we fight – Malaria.

Am I standing up straight enough Daddy?

Bang, pause, bang.

Points of Divergence.

The sickening encyclical.

6 impossible things before breakfast by Graeme No3.

The Lerks and the Purks by Graeme No3.

Achtung, spitfeuer.

A Berlin story : Elfi’s birthday.

Remembering NoIdea by Blackswan.

The numbers racket by Athelstan.

UK Election 2015 – The car crash of the chatterati against reality.

For a friend on the occasion of their birthday.

The Secret Protocols of the Elders of Golgafrincham by Graeme No3.

Make me an angel that flies.

That stuff, is it beautiful?

The curious case of Laurence Tribe.

I refuse to be a victim, by Grace.

Well, if nobody’s going to ask the question, I will.

What I truly despise about the green mentality.

The Weaponisation of pure Research.

I may have signed my actual death warrant.

For a friend.

The ultimate hack.

Bad times are just around the corner.

A climate of hate and a license to kill.

Pop, pop, and poppety pop.

You can’t have it both ways.

Am I still on that feckin’ planet?

Act G.


Climate Prat of 2014 – We have a winnah!

Is it now considered okay for science to be corrupt?

The scrotum of the legacy media shrivels even further.

There can only be one.

The 100,000 500,000 pages landmark.

The Pratties 2014 – The race is on!

Mid-term blues.

Of Squirrels and Men.

Live and let live, but in fear.

Pick your targets carefully.

Kobayashi Maru.

Tell me why.

What was actually agreed at the NY Climate Conference of 2014.

Like speaks unto Like, but says nothing new, as it never hears it.

The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 2.

About a girl.

WordPress is broke.

The Sultan of Washington.

28 Predictions Later or the Invasion of the Living Dead.

A family of sorts.

How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 1.

 Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

The Joy of Moderation.

A wedding.

Dances with Unicorns.

Is science a bloodsport?

Why the developing world hates environmentalists.

Well, whoopidy bloody doop.

American traitors.

Heroes for a day.

The scorning of William Connolley.

The Age of Unenlightenment.

An island adrift in a sea of good intentions.

Conflation, confusion and conditioning.

All we’ve got is each other.

Get real, get organised and finish it.

A journey up the river and into the Heart of Darkness.

Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything but wait.

You’re just tourists in our jungle.

Not all lives are measured in years.

Say hello, wave goodbye.

En passant moves of a minor imp of Satan.

Do we call them Nazis or not?

A climate of deception, deceit, lies and outright dishonesty.

Why isn’t the alarmist propaganda working?

What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.

Gott mit uns.

The real problem with polls.

Cool it …

The coming shape of 2014.

Why the IPCC hesitates.

Moments in a life and those restarts you have to make.


Climate Prat of 2013 – We have a winnah!

Who is Michael Smith?

Used intelligently, they’re our bitches now.

COP19 – the grubby truth behind it all.

The silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun.

Australia – you beaut.

The long dark nights of the soul and using the dead.

Make no mistake, words are ammo.

The Climate Wars and agent Deep Woolabra Wonga.

Russia 3, Greenpeace 2.

Climate Prat of the Year award 2013.

Russia 2, Greenpeace 1.

In the aftermath of AR5.

Alice and the unicorn.

Armageddon Report No. 5.

Know your ultimate enemy : the dream.

Phlogiston and Global Warming.

Know your enemy : Kamikaze politicians, environmental organisations, greedy pigs, celebrity prats and the penultimate enemy.

The great global warming con.

Know your enemy : the “green” politician.

A Berlin story : Eva.

Why would anyone believe a single word coming out of their mouth?

A quarter of a million pages later.

Know your enemy: the establishment journalist.

Know your enemy: the environmental regulator.

The pause.

Know your enemy : the alarmist scientist.

Know your enemy : the climate activist.

An interesting thing happened on the way to the theatre blog tonight.

Know your enemy : the foot soldiers.

How to run a really bad infowar campaign.

Politicians, thieves and those greedy pigs in between.

Birthday bash.

Working together.

Some thoughts about policy for the aftermath of the climate wars.

The big green killing machine: They sit with God in paradise.

It’s an ill wind.

The difficult kind.

A postcard from warmer climes.

Optimism, blogging and the big green killing machine.

Climategate 3, the goon squad and going nuclear.

Climategate 3. FOIA’s accompanying email.

La, la, la. I can’t hear you, I’m not listening.

Well, at least one of the bastards is behind bars.

Climategate, a crisis of conscience.

A species facing extinction.

Sleeping with the enemy.

It’s 2.45 in the am and I’m reflecting on a long night’s journey into day.

We’re going to have to do something about peer review.

The Breaking Point.

Is being Green left-wing or right-wing?

A Tale of Two Davids.

On climate science and all those leaks.

The shape of things to come; Snailbats, HALsays, Scarems, LewPapers and DickPols.

Another whopping leak from the IPCC.



Climate Prat of 2012 – We have a winnah!

Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012), an appreciation.

Just how far are you prepared to go to feel good about yourself?

How tropical storm Sandy became a Frankenstorm …

The real doh! about Doha.

Some direct questions for the BBC that it’ll never answer.

The BBC : Aunty Beeb or Mummy knows best? 

Why hasn’t there been a real debate on climate science?

Examples will have to be made : Germany.

It’s time for a change.

Green Myths : We must conserve everything.

I’m looking for a snitch, who wants to get rich.

Intentions, profiles and predictability.

The creeping betrayal of democracy in Australia.

The decline of the environmental lobby’s political influence.

An assessment of current alarmist propaganda.

Time to cull the prat nominations.

Butt wiggling and the science of uncertainty.

Announcing the inaugural Climate Prat of the Year Award.

Legislation by regulation.

What’s the Watts paper actually mean, Dude?

So, was climategate a hack after all?

The decline of popular science journals.

Is climate science just a belief?

Worried about climate change? Meh.

The Nigger Word.

Mullering the data.

Our secret weapon.

How environmentalism turned to the dark side.

The day of days.

The real bastards.

The 100,000 pages landmark.

Climate Alarmism and The Prat Principle.

What I’m going to say will upset a few people.

For Nicholas, a birth poem.

Lies, damn lies and polls.

There’s a killer in your house.

The sun is setting on solar power, the money’s gone and nobody’s asking any questions.

About writing.

Political fracture points and power vacuums.

Job opportunity, with lots of money to be made.

Internet Security 4 : I’d like to ask a favour of you.

Fakegate claims its first scalp.

Fakegate and post-modern journalism.


Being you.

How policies get dropped and positions reversed.

If all else fails, just intimidate them.

Oh, what a wonderful MSM.

They’re just words.

Green Myths : There’s only one evil species on Earth and it’s us.


2011 and climate alarmism.

Being there and not being there.

It’s not just Tallbloke who’s in the firing line; you are too.

Skeptic blogger raided by the police because he was sent a link to the Climategate 2 release.

Why climategate destroyed the science of global warming.

Helping to catch the climategate whistleblower.

Happy birthday Pointman’s.

Climategate 2 – Yes, they’ve been lying to you.

Some thoughts and some questions about the climategate 2.0 release.

Crash post : Climategate Mk 2.

The Durban debacle awaits …

Happy birthday Climategate.

Green myths : We have to get back to a natural life.

Global warming and pathological science.


William Johnson; echoes of an unimportant life.

Green Myths : Polar bears going extinct, yawn …

So, which is it; Global Warming, Climate Disruption or Climate Change?

London’s burning, an alternative viewpoint.

I’m not a scientist but …

On murderous madmen.

You gotta have a sense of humour …

Words of wisdom from the Goracle of Helpme.

The Al Gore Climate Reality Event : A call to arms.

Internet Security 3: The Worst Sort Of Predator.

Another body floats by.

The death of journalism and the irresistible rise of the blogosphere.

Love is simply not an option.

The power of dreams amd the power of nightmares.

About Harry.

The big green killing machine: What is VAD?

The times they are a changing and a righteous kill.

America is throwing another Tea party.

So, where are we now with global warming?

Living with ghosts.

Words, ideas, primary sources, history and a bit thrown in about writers.

Internet security 2 : There’s a lot more going on than you’d think.

Some thoughts on fanatics and how to fight them.

The steady-state environment delusion

Don’t just sit on your butt blogging, do something.

Moderating, trolls, soup ladles and Ethics.

Is there a moral dimension to being anti-environmental?

The Seductivness of Models.

A decisive minority of idiots, fashionistas and the innocent.


On a fine woman, swans and a moment long ago.

Why Multiculturalism failed.

The MSM and climate Alarmism.

Why Climategate was not a hack.

Immoderate moderation at the DT

The death of the AGW belief system

Internet Security 1 : Let’s be safe out there

A profile of the Climategate whistleblower

Cancun and the Chinese perspective on it

Letter to a friend on the closure of Libertygibbert

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