Freedom convoy update.

There’s a phenomenon I’ve observed many times in my life and I’m sure I must have already shared the takeaway piece of learning about it with you – there’s no crisis that can’t be made even worse by dumb management. On this particular occasion, it’s the dictator Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy crisis. Most … Continue reading

Canadians joining the club.

Canadians have a reputation of being overly polite and saying sorry a mite too often. When somebody is overstepping the boundaries of accepted behaviour, they tend to stay silent and wait for them to go away while other people would be getting riled, showing them their war face and getting ready for things to get … Continue reading

Bump Harris sideways and dump Biden.

The coming mid-terms this year are expected to be a bloodbath for the Dems. Judging by general sentiment and opinion polls they’re expected to lose heavy, perhaps one if not both houses of Congress. The fact that the thieves who brought you the big steal of 2020 are already saying it won’t be a legitimate … Continue reading

Is Biden blundering into a war with Russia?

If you can remember back to your schooldays when a subject called history was actually taught, you’ll probably recall that at some point you learnt about successions of ancient kings and how they became variously named Fred the Great or Edward the Useless or Cuthbert the Strong or Joseph the Walkover. When the genetic lottery … Continue reading

Another RINO gets found out.

I watched the buildup to the 1/6 first anniversary with the same disdain as most people of my opinion of it shared. It was manufactured, hysterical and totally over the top and variously compared to Pearl Harbour, the Twin Towers attack and even somehow tenuously connected to the Nazi extermination camps. Patently, the false narrative … Continue reading

The world’s stuck with Biden.

To anyone but the determinedly blind, it’s been obvious for at least the last eighteen months that Biden is senile. The Dems stole the 2020 election and got away with it but that raised the tricky question of what to do with a doddering old fool of a candidate who by the time he took … Continue reading

What’s happening at Pointman’s.

If you’re a regular visitor here, you’ll have noticed the blog looks radically different and I’ve published nothing for several months. I’ll address those two observations in that order. Gone are the nice selection of varied items down the right hand side of each page – music, pictures, what’s trending and statistics etc. They were … Continue reading

A Berlin story – Rosa’s café on the corner.

Rosa’s was a local café and bar nominally run by two blokes. One is the meeter and greeter who has that easy Bavarian charm. The other one is less ebullient but knows how to tend bar which is what he does most of the time, albeit a bit sullenly. They’re what was termed warm brothers … Continue reading

One to keep an eye on – Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy

All is change, just ask any geologist who hasn’t fallen victim to the steady state climate mania. Things also constantly change in the political world. The old order changeth, yielding place to the new. It’s for that reason I keep an eye out for the promising ascendants who might become big in the future. Some … Continue reading

Grandfather thoughts

It’s summer, I’m sitting in the garden in an uncomfortable wooden chair and the sun is splitting the trees, as my scary grandmother who ended her days with us would say. She and I had an uneasy relationship. It was complicated because she had the gift of seeing and everyone knew it, but nobody talked … Continue reading

Anniversary thoughts

I remember after my eldest brother Brian’s funeral, there was a sombre black tie doo at the university where he was the bursar. The great and the good gave generous eulogies and even a former president of the student’s union came back to tell some anecdotes about their clashes together as a boss and a … Continue reading

American soccer scores a massive own goal

Soccer has never been a big game in America. For most of its sports history, baseball was the number one sport by a country mile, with American football perennially lagging far behind. The prolonged player strikes of the mid nineties knocked baseball off its nearly century long perch and American football replaced baseball as America’s … Continue reading

What nobody’s telling you about the G7 and Putin meetings.

Last week, there was a much publicised flurry of meetings by the regime’s puppet president Biden with foreign heads of state. The first was the G7 meeting of world leaders. Since neither Russia nor China are included, calling it a meeting of world leaders is a bit of a stretch even for the hopelessly sycophantic … Continue reading

The diseased minds of the mental health experts.

Every profession has one or two prominent monthly publications which anyone working in the area have to leaf through if only to stay familiar with what’s happening or what’s currently en vogue. You leaf through, reading anything that catches your eye. Last month, the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association published a fully peer reviewed … Continue reading

The BBC, again

On more than one occasion I’ve been asked by the powers that be to look into some disturbing rumours about a company. It usually came down to one of three things, financial impropriety, moral turpitude or questionable activities which in clear speak mean respectively a hand in the till, abusing your position of authority to … Continue reading

Are white liberals the same as Muslim extremists?

If like me you think people are defined by their actions rather than their words, then the answer to that question is a definite yes. They both have that same reflexive and violent intolerance to anyone who doesn’t share their fanatical beliefs. The parallels are compelling. On any issue, there is only one correct position … Continue reading

Another Brexit aftershock

Last week the UK held local elections for most of its counties as well as a few mayoral ones. If you’re not particularly up on the UK political scene, there are two main parties, the Conservative and Labour parties broadly representing respectively the right and the left of politics. The conservatives are currently the government  … Continue reading

Thank you Hollywood, don’t call me, I’ll let you know

When it comes to anything to do with the moon, the planets, the sun, astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics and most especially anything to do with space exploration, I’m a complete slag. On the discovery that ice deposits had been found inside the forever shadowed edges of polar craters on Mercury, my knees went all weak, and … Continue reading

The shock of the news

In an effort to dispel the lockdown blues, I take part in organising a kind of pub quiz online. All it needs is some coordination, setting up a Zoom meeting, a quizmaster who reads the questions, a quiz book with the answers at the back, pen and paper, and we’re off. It’s composed exclusively of … Continue reading