When all the lying had to stop.

If you haven’t realised it yet, you must know by now that it was all a bloody pack of lies all along. And you’ve yet to feel the full impact of falling for it all. Your standard of living in the US, EU and Western Europe is dropping like a stone, your currencies are wrecked and inflation like you’ve never seen in your entire lifetime has already arrived with large dollops of seconds to come by winter. Just to add to the jollity, we’ve all been dragged into a second Cold War that’ll probably last out towards the end of our grandchildren’s lives.

The Ukraine is a brave little country struggling against the might of a gigantic bullying neighbour? A lie, it’s the second largest country in Europe behind Russia. The ghost fighter ace of Kiev apparently knocks half the Russian air force out of the skies above it in a single day? A complete lie, no fighter aircraft can carry anywhere near that amount of air-to–air ordinance. Russia creates another Chernobyl by shelling a six reactor nuclear power plant wide open releasing huge clouds of radioactive material into the air? A lie or most of Europe would be dying of radiation sickness. Ukraine suffers 547 casualties while the Red Army apparently suffers over 10,000 casualties in a month? A lie.

The Ukraine a true democracy? A complete lie. Zelensky has banned all political opposition parties, imprisoned their leaders, closed down three news channels that dared to criticise him and taken direct control of all the rest of the media to “unify” information.

Similarly, a story that 13 Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island told a Russian warship to “go f**k” itself before refusing to surrender and ending up killed in a firefight ended up making international news before it was discovered that the guards meekly surrendered and were taken prisoner by the Russians. Before the story was debunked, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had posthumously awarded the guards the title “Hero of Ukraine.” The Russians have since released the heroes in a prisoner swap.

Zelensky is a plucky leader putting up a magnificent and winning fight against the Red Army? Nonsense. Up until 2019 he was a failed drag comedian doing odd spots on Ukrainian TV in high heels until he got the lead in a hit comedy show about some idiot who accidentally became the PM of the Ukraine. When the show ended in 2019, he was sock puppeted into being the real prime minister of the Ukraine by the Americans with the connivance of the British. I kid you not, it’s all true. What he brought with him into office was his complete production staff in most influential positions. Producers, directors, script writers, publicity and press agents galore and a supporting cast with absolutely no experience of running anything, never mind a country being used as a cats paw to pick a fight with Russia on its southern border.

They wound him up like a clockwork toy and let him loose on what was already a volatile situation on Russia’s border. He announced at an international conference in Germany that the Ukraine would be soon joining NATO and have their own nuclear bombs given to them. What he also did was totally ignore the Minsk 1 & 2 agreements and made it a daily practice to randomly shell the disputed territorials aimed at no military targets which were ethnically Russian.

In the week before Russia invaded, the shelling went from a dozen a day to nearly two thousand indiscriminate. Putin is first and foremost a nationalist, it’s always Russia first with him. He didn’t hesitate a second before invading to protect his people.

From that moment the Ukraine and its boss in the shape of the Biden administration won the propaganda war at every turn. Every organ of propaganda assured the West that tremendous military victories were being won against the Russian, the ruble would soon be rubble and the economy crashed. All Russian assets in foreign financial systems were stolen. To top it all a very venial, petty and vindictive campaign against all things Russian was launched.

Well here we are and things have not gone to plan. In fact, it’s been a disaster on all fronts for the west. What is truly amazing is that Russia has not taken any significant retaliatory action but I’m afraid to say I can detect the first rumblings. Russia gets terminally fed up of this sort of propaganda drivel and overnight passes law banning fake news organizations in Russia on pain of almost immediate imprisonment after a summary trial or anyone caught manufacturing it. Next day, fake news in the shape of CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, Bloomberg, Cease Russian Broadcasting Arms and others are on the first planes out of Russian jurisdiction.

Russia of course was never granted any right of reply to the various slurs about how things were going from their perspective.

This rush for the exit door was all presented as being forcibly ejected from Russia but there wasn’t a one of those fake news jackals who didn’t know the Russians were just thirsting to throw as many of them as they could of them into the Lubiyanka for a few years. Facebook, Instagram et all decided to allow calls for violence against Russians, so the result is they got banned as extremist organizations with strict orders to get out of Dodge or else. They positively sprinted into Poland, and be assured, the Russians will never let them in again whether it’s over a firewall or not.

Russia is starting to cut back on natural gas exports to Germany for “technical reasons”. They’ve started to taper off all energy exports to Europe, so why not start with the EU’s industrial powerhouse? If ever there was going to be a stab in the heart to the EU’s industrial capacity, killing Germany was going to be it. The Germans must have realised that being an enthusiastic participant in an economic war on Russia would eventually result in a reckoning and by my thinking, that day has arrived. If I were German industry, I’d be preparing for a lot more technical difficulties resulting in the Ruhr valley looking somewhat 1945 within a few years.

What the EU and West have also got to look forward to is the diversion of all the gas, oil and other commodities they used to get so cheaply from the Russians next door will now start being sold, perhaps exclusively, to Russia’s new partners in the East block, namely China, India and a lots of other smaller countries. That adjustment is going to take a decade at least and the Germans doing an occasional smash and grab raid on Russian assets such as Gazprom Germania are proving to be an unworkable disaster without the Russian technicians to run it for them. They’re currently paying the Ruskies 4 billion Euros to keep it afloat.

As for the economic and real war, the US and UK have had to raise interest rates to try and control the massive cost of living rises (too little, much too late), while the European Central bank is in a state of frozen paralysis. If you want to control the cost of living you either raise interest rates or stop quantitative easing which used to be known by its real name – stop printing money, Mr Weimar. Both these measures practically guarantee a worldwide recession.

Most foreign currencies are in deep trouble except one, the ruble. Before the war it traded at 150rubles to the USD. Nowadays, it’s about 55 to the USD and is so hideously strong that the Russians have already reduced their central bank interest rates to rein it in. At the same time, their economy is going through a bout of price deflation ie prices dropping and lots of things like baby formula.

The whole Ukrainian military position is on the point of collapse and that’ll be the trigger for the Biden administration to throw Zeletsky under the bus – a process that’s already underway. Have you noticed the less hate coverage in the last week or two?

The trigger will be the complete collapse of the Ukrainian army and that could happen withing weeks if not days. Wait for it but yet again the US will do a runner, pull out of any involvement in the Ukraine and dump the whole mess on the EU to clean up. I can’t see a way out for them.


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19 Responses to “When all the lying had to stop.”
  1. Bob MacLean says:

    Sobering but fascinating analysis. I’ve shared it.


  2. OverWatch says:

    I put this link in my feed on GAB. Everyone do the same, get it out there. Pointman brings the hard reality.


  3. Doonhamer says:

    Thanks again for that. Worth a gross of your Rating Stars.
    And on the subject of deceit , see Neil Oliver – Are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid on Youtube.


  4. levieuxcoq says:

    Ah Pointy you’ve barely scratched the surface of the perfidy of the NATO Kleptocracies pulling the strings of the Elensky (Z is banned remember) puppet regime. The Drag Queen actor has descended from his low starting point to being a live action parody of a Supermarionation show. His ill gotten multimillions will avail him little if as I suspect one of his Neonazi thug organisations, such as the AZOV Regiment, treat him to L’arquebusade and then hang his body from the awnings of a service station Mussolini style.
    A full history of this conflict would make War and Peace look like a James Joyce short story!
    It seems that the clowns running the soap operas that masquerade as governments in the EU, US, and the rest of the Five Eyes are prepared to risk a nuclear conflagration in order to protect their corrupt interests.

    PS as I recall the RUB was at around 82 before the SMO and rose to around 200 after the sanctions were imposed but this was short lived as Russian central bank rapid response quickly returned it to previous levels. Recently it has been drifting below 60.

    If memory serves the record hyperinflation occurred in Hungary circa 1948 and there is every danger that it could reach those levels in North America, the UK and Europe in coming months. It might take a narrow load of Billion dollar bills to buy the Bidet his ice cream 🍦 but only first thing in the morning. By evening it will take a truckload.

    Russia may never have to send troops beyond the Ukraine in order to exert total control over Europe as the reliance on the energy and other key resources of Russia means they are totally in Putin’s Squirrel Grip. Heaven help them if he is ousted because his likely successors will be much more hardline.


  5. philjourdan says:

    Uh, Pointy….I never bought a single word of that. Why? Fake News media was pushing it! Unlike the talking heads that pretend to be conservative on this side of the pond, I did not start trusting the fake news media when Russia invaded! Indeed, I sought out other sources that basically verified you!

    Ok, I am one person. But I am not only one person, I am a wave. Not a Tsunami. But a wave building.

    I have no clue whey the conservatives here decided to do a 180 and start trusting fake news. I can only chalk that up to them being parrots. And not real conservatives. (Sean Hannity is the worst).

    Ukraine was invaded. That is a fact. The rest is pure BS.

    If you want to know the reality, just believe that whatever the Fake news says is a lie. And you will be right 90+% of the time

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    • Erny72 says:

      You’re certainly not only one person, at the risk of coming off sounding like someone saying ‘I knew it!’, here is my correspondence to some friends and rellies a few days after it kicked off…

      On Monday, 28 February 2022, 13:28:19 CET, [Erny72] wrote to some friends and rellies:

      To be fair, a week after feeling military operations within Ukrainia wouldn’t come to pass, I admit that I couldn’t have gotten that more wrong.

      Not wanting to come off like a shit stirrer, argmumentative for the sake of it, or one of those gloating vultures in the media or on ‘social’ media, my view is that the whole story is always more complicated and nuanced than a one sided story presented by the fake-news.
      Feel free to write any of this off as me simply keeping the peace at home, but I believe I retain an enquiring mind and I’m growing skeptical, even downright cynical of a lot of the policy and information we’re presented with by our own glorious leaders and their lapdogs in the fake news.

      Balancing fake news from e.g. any western media service and fake news from RT.com and Sputnik (which much to Norway’s credit are not censored here yet) allows a chance to guess at the truth which as always lies somewhere in the middle.

      Martin Armstrong is generally reliable, generally neutral source of information, here are some articles from his blog.
      – The Other Side in Ukraine | Armstrong Economics
      – War is Never What it Seems | Armstrong Economics
      – Is Western Press Egging Putin to Fully Invade Ukraine? | Armstrong Economics

      the reports of the nuclear deterent being placed on high alert isn’t based in madness, Putin knows if NATO moves from big talking and sanctions (which are mostly ineffective given Russia has already been sanction in one form or other for the last decade) to invading Russia (using Ukraine as the justification) Russia on it’s own can’t resist.
      This is a warning not to do that. And it’s apprently not just words, mobile ICBM carriers have been openly deploying out of Moscow to their launch positions in the forests west of the capital, so the mention of high alert status is real. Sort of like the US threat to invade Cuba after Soviet IRBMs were posted there was taken as real in the 1960s.
      Obviously Russia considers another invasion from the west to be a real possibility:
      – Why is Putin Holding Back? | Armstrong Economics
      It is dangerous brinkmanship though, if the EU or US puppermasters think to call that bluff with active operations, Putin has left himself little choice but to kick it off.
      There may be more than bravado in it if for example this renewed friendship between China and North Korea that’s been quietly developing is fomenting a ‘second front’.

      The fake news and the sock-puppets mismanging Europe and the US are making a big deal about the bravery of the comedian sitting in Kiev (Zelensky’s qualification to be president is that he was a stand-up comedian apparently), but this arming of civvies is more for the cameras than for any real defense value:
      – Ukraine Arming Citizens | Armstrong Economics
      Dead civilians makes a great ‘Russia bad!’ story. in fact it’s kind of borrowing from Stalin’s play book when he prevented civilians from leaving Stalingrad since the sight of dead women and children would stiffen the resolve of the Red Army defenders and offer some valuable propaganda. More over this sensational story about releasing murderers from prison to take their place in the heroic defence is already aparently back firing as the looters are now armed.

      The Russian army is allowing free movement of civilians out of active war zones and have a directive to treat Ukrainian soldiers with decency since they have ‘sworn an oath to the Ukrainian people’ and are ‘following their orders’ that directive permits safe passage to rear areas to sit the war out ‘with their families’ upon surrendering.

      For what it’s worth, my thoughs on the week’s events…

      A lot of talk from project fear and among the chatterati about how Russia is trying to swallow Ukraine and restore the USSR, but looking at a map, the tactics on the ground are fully in line with stated intention of protecting Lugansk and Donetsk, demilitarising a NATO freindly Ukraine and denazifying Ukraine.
      The air strikes and missile attacks in the first 24 hours more or less neutralised the Ukrainian air force, decapitated Ukrainian Command, Control and Coordination and have hit naval and army strong points. It hasn’t been spectacularly successful, but clearly has been enough. That’s despite the Ukrainian government posting screen grabs from computer games alleging to show Ukrainian fighters mincing the Russian air force.
      That’s the first component of the ‘demilitarization’ part.
      There are two pincers moving to encirlce the bulk of the Ukrainian army positioned on the borders of the Donbass (one moving south-west from the Russian border and the other moving North out of Crimea) that’s the protecting Donetsk and Lughansk part and a continuation of the demilitarization part (by cutting off the Ukrainian army from Kiev and capturing the bulk of the personnel and remaining equipment, like the alies did in the Falaise gap in 1944).

      From Metallicman.com/bad news (allegedly a former ‘spook’ living now in China):
      Inline image (I had inserted a map here)

      The third arm is a thrust directly from Belarus to encricle Kiev and remove the present government, which is close to being complete, there being an open corridor for evacuees to the south west although that’s now within range of Russian artillery should the Ukrainian army attempt to reinforce Kiev or withdraw their garrison in fighting order. That’s the ‘de-Nazification’ part.
      (got that part wrong)

      There’s apparently been plenty of comment about how useless the Russian army is because they haven’t captured any major cities, but that’s not the plan.
      – World War III Beginning Stages Now | Armstrong Economics
      Martin’s blog article on the beginning of WW3 relates how conditioned we all are to the the US military tactic in third world ‘nation building’ of cutting water and electricty, then demolishing cities and finally moving into the ruins to mop up the remaining resistance (as in Falujah for example), but this isn’t the Russian strategy so we shouldn’t expect flattened cities and the trimuphal entry of Russian tanks. Russia doesn’t have the foreign aid budget of the US and so has no interest in destroying Ukraine so it’s contractors get to rebuild the country afterwards. Putin is also shrewd enough to know that piles of dead sows the seeds for future conflict, whereas conquering the government and installing a sympathetic new government leaves the possibility of restoring a strong allied neighbour (as one of my Russian mates here laments, his Ukrainian friends ‘think the same’ as Russians, so there is really no reason for the two to be enemies).
      Underpinning the strategy of the ‘special operation’, Ukraine is responsible for producing about a third of the world’s wheat and it’s better not to ruin that.

      It’s hysterical calling Zelenski a ‘Nazi’, but every man and his dog calls opponents ‘Nazis’ these days and Zelenski is only the president because the last elected president (Yanukovich) was ousted by coup which kicked off because he rejected expensive proposals to taking debt trap loans from the ECB to pay for the first steps to EU ‘asenscion’, Zelenski’s party has recognized colaborators with the Third Reich as national heros and in the immediate lead up to the ‘Special Operation’ he did state an ambition to nucelar re-armament of Ukraine.
      All this as NATO and EU continue their eastward expansion, despite verbal assurances to Russia not to; given the painful history, these are security concerns that are taken seriously by Russia and as we are well aware now, they’ve decided a pre-emptive strike is better than being further surrounded and squeezed.

      It’s stretching the bounds of credulity to call what’s going on now ‘unprovoked’, and for Russia to resolve this lingering problem they have with NATO encroachment on their doorstep, the time for Russia to act, if at all, is now.
      Europe and the US are suffering weak, incompetant leadership, a complete loss of prioirties (when the army’s biggest concern is including the velvet mafia and men in dresses, and the police’s biggest concern is ‘white supremacy’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ – aka spying on and arresting supporters of your political opposition or dissenters of unconstutional government policy, you know a healthy sense of propriety has left the building.
      We’re all economically broke after living on debt for three or four decades, moving our production of most things to locales where cheap labour/energy/raw material are available and spending the last 2 years destroying our remaining economies and subduing the bulk of the population on the pretence of a ‘public health emergency’ so the WEF can launch their ‘Great Reset/Build Back Better’ plan to own everyone and everything by 2030.
      Add to that this masturbatory green energy obsession of the last three decades so we can’t keep the lights on, much less drive tanks very far on independent/indigenous energy resources. And I see John Kerry’s biggest concern is that Russia must still pretend to give a shit about gullible warming self-flagellation.

      None of our governments have spared a word for the 15000 people killed in Donbass since the 2014 Maidan coup while Ukraine have ignored the agreements they made in the two Minsk accords which included allowing referenda on succession and instead tried crushing the spearatists with force. It’s also an irrelevant distraction to keep harping about ‘territorial sovereignty’ while completely ignoring that right to self determination which UN enshrines in its human rights charter (for what ever anything those Useless Numpties say is actually worth). And clearly the EU and the USA clearly have no respect for their own territorial (border) sovereignty – the Russian army should have arrived as a migrant caravan and claimed asylum in Ukraine maybe?.

      As far as sanctions go, apparently rather than admit they don’t work, the new script says they weren’t meant to prevent anything, they were just supposed to show resolve, according to Biden’s script writer:
      – Tucker: This is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden | Fox News Video
      Jesus wept, does anyone take any of these sock-puppets seriously anymore?

      So the swamp got the distraction they wanted using Ukraine as a pawn.
      Except now energy costs and inflation will soar even higher and more rapidly, Europe potentially gets even colder (although the EU were careful not to remove the Russian banks taking payment for gas from SWIFT) and the US risks at least some of the world’s trade moving away from the US dollar.

      I just hope Putin hasn’t blundered into an ambush*; the big club have never been happy that they lost the chance to own Russia when Yeltsin was in charge and I suspect the provokations of the last decade result in some part to the Davos club pulling a few puppet strings. Speaking of the WEF, Klaus Schwab has publicly stated that he backs Ukraine which should become ‘an investment mecha for investors from east and west’. Which given the recent history of Ukraine and its corruption is a polite way of saying ‘Ukraine should go back to its primary role of laundering the money of elites from east and west’.

      *An outflanking invasion by NATO into Belarus and Russia would of course be very good for the big club’s business profits and if it was successful, would support the longer term objective of the WEF to subjugate the entire world. A more muted, and I hope more likely outcome, is Poland reviving an historical turf war by occupying western Ukraine, that way NATO can save face and say they ‘acted’ without a really dramatic escalation.
      What’s a far bigger worry is what might be fomenting behind the scenes in the far east, if a kinetic hot war kicks off there, say China invades Taiwan and North Korea crosses the DMZ, then the shit goes from knee deep to neck deep in a heartbeat.

      …And I think if there is anything left after such a conflgration, we’ll be the losers this time.

      (getting a bit nervous about what’s going on, it starts to look like stacking the dominoes in 1913/14 to me)


      • philjourdan says:

        Your only error was in believing that this was not a game of Double dog dare you. And Biden lost.

        Biden double dog dared Putin,. To prove his dare, he waved a pen over a document that would violate the Non-Nuke agreement when the USSR broke up. This could have been avoided if the US had honored that agreement. But this is the biteme administration and they do not honor any agreements!

        So you assumed no invasion. But Biden WANTED it! to blame his failures on! And sure enough he has, That is why he was egging on Putin (Putin is strong, but he cares not a whit for American Politics).

        Every move that Biden has made has only made Russia stronger. Coincidence? Want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?


  6. another ian says:

    Any punts on where the lying will migrate to?


  7. Margaret H Smith says:

    With Adam Schiff on record in 2016 being happy about fighting Russia “over there” it’s clear this is the Democrats doing. It was meant to start in 2017 but their fraud in the 2016 election turned out to be wanting (a situation corrected in 2020) and Trump’s election put this all on hold for 4 years. They had to turn their criminal efforts to the destruction of Trump.
    This means that the war would not have happened at all if the USA had free and fair elections. It shows that when evil is in power in Washington we’re all screwed.

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  8. Pointman says:

    This kinda reminds me of what’s happening in the Ukraine – watching Darwin in action.



    • Pointman says:

      Thank you Ian for bringing that comment to my attention. It wasn’t made by me but rather some person trying to hijack my name. I’ve brought it to the attention of the person who runs what I know is a well established and respected blog.

      It’s not for me to dictate how such behavior is to be handled but I usually ban the miscreant for life when I catch them trying to steal other people’s handles usually with the intention of sullying their reputations.



  9. Pointman says:

    Watching this rant, I couldn’t help but wonder who could possibly employ her and for what possible ob.



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