Having a nuclear WW III should help the Dems with the mid-terms.

The British sitcom “One foot in the grave” had a central grumpy character called Victor Meldrew whose catch phrase was “I don’t believe it” as he watched something totally outrageous happening before his very eyes. As I see this Ukrainian situation unfolding, I’m beginning to start uttering that phrase. All I see is madness and irrationality all around me. I’m starting to feel I’m the last rational person left in the world and it’s getting to be a lonelier and more solitary position. Western politicians and organisations are behaving like totally irresponsible children whereas the supposed villain of the piece the baddie Putin seems to be the only one wearing a sanity hat.

I’ve seen this mad irresponsible rush into having a war before – most recently with Iraq – but never before into a potential WW III that involves a nuclear armed first world country. It’s okay to shoot the hell out of some third world shithole, but Russia is a totally different kettle of fish, believe me. At some point amidst all this screaming, shouting and hysteria, it feels like someone is going to get carried away, pull the first trigger and kick things off in earnest. At this moment, I fear it’ll be the West or one of its client states around Russia. Worst case scenario is Russia being escalated into firing a few nukes at America and let’s not forget which direction the third party, namely China, might be firing its nukes at.

We have a purportedly senior member of the US Congress like Lindsay Graham calling publically for the murder of the premier of Russia and seemingly supported by people like weepy creepy Adam Kinziger, and we’re supposed to be jumping up and down in glee at the prospect. What if a senior member of the Duma called for Lindsay Graham’s murder? What if he posted a $50,000 reward to anyone who did it as well as offering indefinite sanctuary in Russia which doesn’t do extradition treaties with anyone. Where does that sort of insanity end? Posting his address, posting the address of his parents and siblings and also hanging a wanted dead number about their necks as well?

You actually get other members of congress demanding that American should unilaterally declare the Ukraine airspace as a no fly zone. Great. All that’ll take is American jets enforcing it which put in simpler terms means American warplanes shooting down Russian ones. Well heads up little darlings, that’s not enforcing a no fly zone, it’s a direct act of war by America on Russia and you can expect the usual robust response. Where it might escalate to from there is anyone’s guess but a quick dash to your local supermarket for a lot of tinned food might be a prudent idea just now if this sort of madness becomes the new normal for international conflict resolution. If they’re already out of beans, go for the dog food. When you get hungry enough, you’ll find any sort of meat will do.

Even the Hollywood degenerates are piling into the mêlée. Most of them never even finished high school but that doesn’t stop CNN pimping them out to express authoritative ideas about how the world should go to war with Russia. One of them even demanded that Russia should immediately be kicked out of NATO. Jesus H bloody Christ on a friggin’ chariot, where do you begin to explain to such idjits the basics of politics outside Hollywood CA.

What position does this sort of hysterical, extreme rhetoric actually move us towards? I will tell you at the risk of stating the obvious for the benefit of those who need the obvious explained to them complete with a flow chart with pretty colours and a key legend added. It comes with a free Wendy meal and a tin of Woka Cola on the side.

Firstly, since a seemingly deranged US is actually in charge of NATO, then from Russia’s viewpoint they definitely won’t have a NATO member camped right on their border. Too unpredictable and too dangerous, especially if they’re being supplied with nuclear weapons by the Americans. NATO was always touted as a defensive coalition against the USSR but increasingly it looks not only offensive but also a way for the US to use its members as client states to threaten and attack Russia without the US actually having to declare war on Russia.

Twice this week the US State Department have tried to bounce Poland into a war with Russia by issuing state sponsored fake news like the Poles are going to use their airfields to launch fighter attacks against Russian aircraft over Ukrainian airspace. The Poles are having none of it and denounced these supposedly official communiques as rubbish. To put it bluntly, they’ve called US Secretary of State Blinken a liar and even the Pentagon have started to walk back some bellicose statements. The Poles know what a full-blooded Russian invasion feels like. Once was enough, so thanks but no thanks. America can kick off its own war directly with Russia.

The old nostrum the Russians used to oft relate back in the bad old days of the Cold War was that America has successfully managed to fight two world wars on European soil and if they get their way, they’ll make damn sure to fight the third one on the same ground. This abuse of NATO as a defensive coalition by mutating it into a proxy American offensive force looks increasingly like a variation of that strategy and a lot of its members, most notably Germany, are not at all happy with what NATO appears to be in the process of being repurposed into.

Secondly, if you’re on Russia’s border and join NATO or threaten to do so, they’ll invade you and roll over you and guess what? The US of A will not come charging to your aid to the toot of a cavalry bugle in the background, exactly like they didn’t do over the Ukraine. They’ll be pushing you into a shooting war while at the same time carefully holding their skirts high so as not to get any of that hemorrhage of your people’s blood on the ground staining their own hem.

This totally confirms why persisting with rolling up the Ukraine no matter about sanctions serves as a salutary warning to countries like Finland, Poland and even Sweden of all people. You send aircraft from your military bases to attack Russian warplanes over the border in the Ukraine, don’t get all offended when a salvo of our cruise missiles arrive at those bases. You fuck with us, it’s us you’re going to have to deal with directly and despite all the tough talk from corporate media and hysterical hyperventilation from social networks, you’ll be on your own against us.

There’s a line of thought developing that being a member of NATO might just be more dangerous than being outside it and declaring yourself to be neutral. Let the big boys fight it out directly between themselves and don’t allow yourself to be used as expendable non-nuclear cannon fodder. With the demise of the old USSR, the continued raison d’être for NATO became debatable, but this manufactured testosterone pissing contest between America and Russia may result in it disintegrating.

I wonder who the big winner out of that outcome would be?


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12 Responses to “Having a nuclear WW III should help the Dems with the mid-terms.”
  1. Erny72 says:

    I heard that Pointy; my good lady wife and I ask ourselves now and then whether perhaps it is we who are the brainwashed idiots since it seems we can count on one hand the number of people around us who are thinking critically for themselves and aren’t repeating verbatim all the sound bites repeated in the news while being swept up in wave of menticide that began spitting over gullible warming, turned into steady rain during the kung-flu bed-wetting and has now turned into a downpour of tropical cyclone intensity.
    To my mind, it would be very good news to hear the Polish President announcing first thing tomorrow of his country’s intent to leave NATO and become neutral on the model of Finland, based on the danger inherent in continued membership as you outline . I’m sure Mr Blinken won’t mind reimbursing the PAF for the second hand MiG-29s he ‘talked them out of’ in Zloty by the way.
    Hungary might want to consider similar self-interest after their upcoming elections. Provided shit doesn’t get vapourized in the meantime.
    …A neutral stance may also enable some leeway to negotiate the ‘re-unification’ of various western Ukrainian regions once the dust settles, unless of course the comedian-in-cheif in Kiev (or Lvov or Warsaw, where ever the studio he is actually broadcasting from) decides now might be a good time to talk about an armistice.
    Regardless how this ends, I suspect some of the old European clubs like NATO and the EU might be a bit less cosy, especially once the recession they’ve been formenting for the last couple of decades, but especially in the last two years finally descends in full on the peninsula and their armies are busy keeping rioting proles under control.

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  2. hunterson7 says:

    Can say for a fact that you are not tgexlast rational person. The lovely Mrs. hunterson7 is a travel enthusiast. I have encouraged her to take an extended trip to an overseas location for the next six weeks. I have, out of prudence and the optimistic hope that I might be around to use it, a substantial amount of KI in adult anti-radioactive doses. As bad as the Cuban missle crisis was, this is far worse. Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon would have never allowed this to happen. Reagan and Trump wouldn’t have either. These feckless fools running the West as WEF sock puppets, however, are.
    That Putin semester seems reasonable is only more condemnation of the diseased state of the West. This is beyond outraged.

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  3. JohnTyler says:

    The notion that Putin is somehow unhinged is, IMHO, Russian disinformation.
    That photo of him sitting at one end of a football-field long table, about 10 miles away from his generals, was not accidentally given out to news sources. It was to send a message – a disinformation message – that Putin is scared and lonely and defecating in his knickers.

    Putin will not use nukes because he is not a religious fanatic and he is not hoping to go to heaven to cavort with 100 virgins. It’s just another ploy to make him appear to be unhinged and thus unpredictable.
    He wishes to resurrect , as much as possible, Imperial Russia. His generals appear to have underestimated Ukraine’s response, but regardless, they will resort to a scorched earth policy and if need be kill hundreds of thousands of civilians; this is the Russian MO and always has been; Human life is meaningless in pursuit of a greater goal.
    Russia will prevail; loss of life – Russian or Ukraine – is of no consequence.
    Bomb hospitals, etc., no big deal; whatever it takes to terrorize – and subdue – the populace. This is the Russian way.

    NATO or no NATO, Putin sees himself atop a resurrected Grand Imperial Russia. NATO actions / expansion just gave him another rationale to feed to the useful idiots that never lacked a reason to support / praise / excuse any actions of Mother Russia. Not even when that great humanitarian and individual rights advocate, Uncle Joe Stalin was running the show. NATO to Putin is just a reprise of a Potemkin Village , for the edification of useful idiots who never have a negative comment about Russia and never will.

    Back in about 1959 or so, enlightened “intellectuals” (ever notice that they always are leftists , socialists or communists) repeated ad nauseam that Castro was “forced” into the arms of the USSR.
    Like he had no choice, being an absolute murderous dictator, who could -and did – do whatever the hell pleased him.

    NATO “forced” Putin to invade Ukraine.
    Putin, who famously said that “the fall of the USSR was the worst geo-political disaster of the 20th century.” A century that produced WW1, WW2, Hitler, Stalin, Mao , hundreds of Gulags, concentration camps, carpet bombing of cities, the deaths of, what, over 100 to 150 million dead people, the dropping to two A-bombs, etc.
    Yep folks; the fall of the USSR, according to Putin, was the worst thing of all in the 20th century.
    And we are to believe if not for NATO, he would be just a nice guy. Sure.

    14 nations joined – voluntarily and willingly – NATO post 1991; almost all of which were former Warsaw Pact or Eastern Bloc nations and many (most?) of which experienced the Russian boot on their neck for 45 years (or much longer depending upon how far back in history one chooses to look).
    Geez, I wonder why they all opted to join NATO; I just don’t get it. After all, Russia has a long long history of living peacefully with their neighbors and they are, well, just a bigger version of Switzerland or Costa Rica. You know, they bother nobody, never had and never will.
    I guess all these “newer” members of NATO could just not imagine that the Russian Bear had “transgendered” into Winnie the Pooh.
    This Russia is now Winnie belief permeated the Western “elites” ( all, surprise surprise, left leaning / socialist; who would have thunk it?) who actually believed, in their arrogance and conceit, that the world had entered “the end of history” geologic period; that human DNA had finally evolved to extinguish the horrible human trait of aggression, violence and pursuit of power. .

    Well before there was a NATO, Russia’s neighbors feared and never trusted the Russian Bear, and for damn good reason.
    And those nations that fear it today, by some miracle which just escapes my understanding, seem to reside not to far from the Russian frontier.

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  4. another ian says:

    “Labs During Segment That Triggered State Department Response
    March 9, 2022 | Sundance | 221 Comments

    This is the opening monologue from Fox News host Tucker Carlson that triggered a reaction from the U.S. State Department.”


    Inflating faster than US petrol prices – a couple of days ago –

    “What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and headline news?

    About 6 months”

    Within a week it is down to “several days”


  5. Pointman says:

    “Facebook and Instagram to allow calls for violence against Russians ”


    Orwell’s two minute hate social media style. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed for the crime of being Russian.



  6. Regarding hate speech on Face book and Instagram,
    some there are more equal than others.

    H/t George Orwell.


  7. philjourdan says:

    While I do not disagree with the overall direction of your article, I would ask to please stop quoting morons from Hollywood! YOu are entirely correct. They have the intelligence of an iguana (my apologies to the iguana), and are not afraid to prove it every time they open their pie holes! I saw that comment about kicking them out of Nato. I think that one was made by one of the morons on the view. They are even more stupid than the normal Hollywood claptrap.

    That being said, my fear is that the Soros Cabal is pushing us into the war! We are getting so much disinformation, mostly from Ukraine, that I am not sure I believe anything after “Russia invaded”. After that, it is all PR with the one goal of MAD. But I do not know because I do not trust the fake news, the administration, or Ukraine. And no, I do not trust Russia either, but then that is a “Who cares?” because fake news and the administration had made sure we hear nothing from Russia at all! CNN Laughably pulled out when faced with the prospect of being prosecuted for disseminating “fake news”, which is all they do in the first place! SO their admission to pull out is their admission that is all they do.

    Even Fox is gung ho on getting us into war. The only sources that appear to be leery of the whole Propaganda schtick are the conservative SITES. Not the conservative commentators! For years, they whined and wailed about fake news, and are now lapping it up like lap dogs! Yea, so much for them having any critical thinking skills. I really miss Rush Limbaugh.


  8. another ian says:

    “Majority of Americans Sense Something Doesn’t Add Up in the Media Ukraine Narrative
    March 12, 2022 | Sundance | 287 Comments”



  9. another ian says:

    “The Ukraine war: lies, falsehoods and propaganda are the order of the day”



    • another ian says:

      “For those treating Zelensky as a hero president, remember that he and his cronies in the Ukraine government raked off enough “corruption money” to be named in the Pandora Papers last year. He’s anything but sinless.”

      Combined with his “on stage proficiencies” I guess emphasises his proficiency in “tickling the peter”


  10. another ian says:

    “New York Times Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Evidence Was Accurate, The Intelligence Community Was Lying

    March 17, 2022 | Sundance | 125 Comments”


    “To the extent that any institutional credibility remained, all of that is now gone – as the house of cards collapses. However, there is a more consequential aspect that needs to be emphasized. When you accept that our government, all intelligence agencies and officials, and all of the collaboration with media and big tech was built on a foundation of manipulative lying, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE CURRENT NARRATIVE AROUND UKRAINE?”

    And more.



    “Zelensky has just signed into law the first steps of Schwab’s Great Reset. He announced he is introducing a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app. He also says that because so much money is coming into Ukraine as he has become an international celebrity, he has legalized cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. He will allow foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies exchanges to operate legally, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.”


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