All human activities across all societies no matter how politically arranged operate inside some sort of a framework of consensually agreed parameters. These parameters may be conventions, rules and even codified laws. Without them, building even the most simple society would be impossible since they enable the second most powerful feature of human beings – … Continue reading

It can’t go on like this

When a statement like the above is made about old Mr. Wotshisface, it invariably presages a life changing turn of events for the aforesaid Wotshisface. Given the particular circumstances, that event can range from getting the boot from a job they’ve become chronically bad at or right down to the enfeeblement of old age and … Continue reading

Was it an attempt to assassinate Trump?

We all live in a world of the imaginable. I’m prone to referring to similar groups of people as living in their own little bubble of self-delusion, hypocrisy, paranoia or innocence, as children do. There’s the I consider myself very important, so you should pay close attention to everything I say type. The one law … Continue reading