Biden does Putin’s job for him.

Two months ago in a piece with the self-explanatory title of Putin begins to pick apart the EU, I outlined Putin’s options to destroy the EU. It essentially came down to starving it, particularly Germany, of resources it couldn’t obtain from anyone else in realistic quantities. The only question for him was whether he just immediately turned off the massive flow of resources overnight or progressively reduced it to a dribble, something I called the bleed them out option. The latter seemed to be the more sound option since the slowly dragged out agony of it is bound to cause regime change across Western Europe.

That process is already in progress.

Another advantage of the bleed them out option was that Russia, unlike the US and its lackeys, didn’t have to flagrantly break any international contract agreements they’d made, just get very picky about the details of who’d agreed to do exactly what according to the fine print. It’s a version of what used to be called “working-to-rule” in the strike-torn seventies which I feel will be making a return tour this coming winter.

However, be aware that when those contracts run out, Russia won’t be renewing any of them unless regime change has by then substantially redrawn the political landscape of Western Europe to a more Russia friendly one, otherwise it’s a no deal, even if the terms are massively in Russia’s favour. I’m not sure that Russia having by that time made the adjustment of bulk trading with the much more reliable emerging Eastern giant of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) or even a rapidly expanding BRICS, will be interested in trading with a volatile Western Europe.

Who’s interested in a trading partner who can overnight become a mortal enemy with one jerk on the leash by its thoroughly corrupt masters whose intentions towards any emerging trade competition are malevolent. Don’t let any of the cone-head “experts” tell you any different – Europe, and most probably the world to a slightly lesser extent, is not entering any quick dip into a v-shaped recession but a long slow scrape across the bottom that’ll last for years. By the end of it, there’ll be bits of it which will start looking distinctly third world.

The necessity to destroy the EU is for the same reason the organisation was already steering itself onto the rocks well before the Ukraine situation arose – its leadership. It’s unelected and therefore unaccountable to anybody, fundamentally detached from the changing sentiments of electorates, totally committed to the globalist agenda with no regard to the damage to domestic economies and left-wing to the very core.

Above all, the perception from within it and the reality is that they’re a dictatorship determined to crush any political dissent by economic sanctions, propaganda offensives or regime change as they did in Italy and are trying to do with not much success with Hungary. From Russia’s viewpoint, that alacrity to be part of the great re-engineering of societies using globalisation has made it an eager attack dog of America to crush Russia economically. It’s so far ahead of the global pack, it’s eagerly beavering away on its sanctions pack 7 or is it 8? I’ve lost count though what’s left to sanction I can’t imagine.

Add in the fact that Germans of a certain type now occupy most of the key leadership positions, and you can see why crushing it is on Russia’s agenda. I thought the type had died out but they’re now enjoying a resurgence of influence. The type that denazification never quite rooted out and still know in their hearts that Slavs are untermensch to be exterminated or subjugated and the Latins of the south are just garrulous children who are incapable of handling their own affairs without the help of a firm guiding hand. Putin served as head of the KGB in East Germany for years and knows the type well. It’s why he stripped them out of the Stasi and replaced them with people who leaned more towards Lenin than Adolph.

Getting their ass kicked by Russia for a second time and EU flags being ripped off balconies in Rome which has just elected a (God forbid) non left-wing government has gone some way to adding to the increasing insanity of the Führer directives emanating from the bunker of Brussels lately. Just last month its president führerin Ursula von der Leyen boasted proudly that under her leadership the EU had managed to reduce Russian imports of natural gas to only 9%.

Honestly, how out of touch do you have to be to polish an achievement turd like that and then stand up in public and crow about it to electorates who don’t believe a bloody word coming out of your mouth anyway.

It’s got a Foreign Minister Josep Borrell who’s inordinately proud of running around the EU’s capitals announcing it was at war with Russia. Needless to say, not a lot of the smaller EU countries fancy being at war with a behemoth like Russia which is a lot closer to their Eastern borders than it is to the plush suburbs of Brussels. At the same point, nobody actually asked them if they wanted to go to war with anybody or self-destruct their economies back into the stone age just to serve as America’s proxy dogs of war against a Russia it really doesn’t fancy taking on head-to-head itself.

For these reasons and some minor ones like the looming threat of hyper inflation, economies in the toilet, all prices sky rocketing while the buying power of their money is visibly shrinking before their downsizing paychecks, certain doubts are being muttered in the souks and grabens of post-islamised Europe about who really gives a dog’s turd about the Ukraine and can we have the good old days of six months ago back again?

Why can’t we just talk to the Russians, take our foot off the sanctions pedal, then maybe we might not have a nuclear war with them, they’ll sell us some natural gas as well as all the other goodies they used to supply us with until the start of March? As if to head off this growing groundswell of common sense, the Biden administration in one of its usual measured responses decided to blow up the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines to ensure the EU can’t go creeping back to the negotiating table with Russia. You darkies will do as the plantation massa commands or the bullwhip comes out.

It’s a mistake by the way, and unless I miss my guess plays exactly into Putin’s more fanciful longer-term plans. It’s become a hallmark of the Biden administration’s foreign policy – act first and think later.

Who’d ever have thought that all it’d take to de-industrialise the once mighty Deutschland and bring down the EU would be two relatively small explosions in the Baltic Sea? All Putin’s nefarious plans for the EU may now be placed on the back burner leaving him free to concentrate on his prime enemy.


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8 Responses to “Biden does Putin’s job for him.”
  1. It’s rapidly becoming more and more obvious that the US was, in fact, guilty of this act of sabotage. When will the West realise that the present US ‘Government’ is really the enemy?


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    The US has been the enemy since the corrupt ‘election’ in 2020. The fascists running the White House are going super fast towards a one-party state…perhaps too fast?
    These people just don’t do joined-up thinking so anything could happen.


  3. It’s a toss up. Is the US Administration really that stupid? Yes. Is Putin that conniving? Yes. So maybe they BOTH did it. Biden did 2 and Putin did 2.


  4. another ian says:

    A Chiefio thread on that has this as last comment currently


  5. another ian says:

    FWIW – More checking back

    “It was a SHAM REFERENDUM! the media screams.”


  6. another ian says:


    “The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage”


  7. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    O/T but FWIW

    “Might Russia be facing Islamic terrorism coming out of Afghanistan?”


  8. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    FWIW –

    Or maybe half did – if this is correct NS2 is live

    ““The vaunted US Navy screwed up. In the murky depths of the Baltic Sea they planted their explosives to blow up the ***FOUR*** pipes of the NS 1 & NS2 gas pipelines.


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