Blame America for all your troubles.

Having a great defense is always a good idea but if it isn’t backed up by a good offensive capability, then failure becomes inevitable for the oldest of reasons. Your great defense has to succeed every time in stopping every attack, but their offense only needs to succeed once for you to lose. That’s a basic rule and applies from things as small as being the only one to get out of an eight by ten room alive to something as big as Army Group Centre taking on the First Guard’s Army in some titanic tank battle.

Two questions should have been posed to yourself by yourself and answered in a realistic fashion. What do I do if it all goes badly wrong? What do I do if it all goes brilliantly? The fabled plan B. Within the context of what’s rapidly becoming the Ukraine war, the first question is trivial. What’s left of the Ukrainian military in terms of surviving personnel is simply no match for the Red Army and the Biden administration has no stomach for a direct war with Russia, preferring instead to fight a proxy one using Ukrainians as cannon fodder. Bear in mind that the Russian’s recent partial mobilisation of 300,000 men represents only 1% of the Red Army’s strength.

If America isn’t going to get directly involved, then you can bet the house that NATO won’t, especially as all their arsenals will stay empty for the next few years because they’ll simply be too broke to replenish them.

Despite a lot of dissembling, denials and muddying of the water, it’s clear to everyone over 12 years old who lives outside the sphere of fake news propaganda in America that it was the Biden boneheads who blew up the two Nord Stream pipelines. That attribution is going to grow the deeper Western Europe tips into economic recession. Never mind the arrant nonsense the NYT, BBC, Guardian and the like are spouting, the ordinary guy in the street knows it was done by the Americans because they are the only party with anything to gain from such suicidal vandalism.

You’ve got to see the irony in it. Suddenly pipelines submerged and on land are now being patrolled by NATO countries to protect them from the boss of NATO whom everyone knows was behind the sabotage. How long the Turk Stream and Ukraine pipelines will last is anyone’s guess but you can bet the Turks will be aggressively patrolling the entrance to the Black Sea from now on.

In a more immediate response, Germany has just announced it won’t be sharing any of its precious hoard of winter fuel with any other EU countries. The message is simple – with the destruction of the pipelines then from now on it’s every country for itself when it comes to fuel. The EU dies, not with a whimper, but with a vicious dog on dog scrap for every precious drop of Russian fuel dripping off the sanctions table.

At the start of this shambolic campaign by the West the strategy was quite simple. Destroy the Russia economy and defeat them militarily within a few weeks. Patently, neither of those objectives have been met and are unlikely to be. A secondary strategy evolved, or should I say just “growed” like Topsy, out of this dumpster fire. The West block would wage a continuous war of attrition in the Ukraine my supplying it with endless amounts of armaments and money and Russia would simply collapse at some point.

Let’s park all the propaganda bullshit to one side for a moment and take a cold reality shower. We were assured at the end of March that the Russians were running out of shells but here we are now in October and on an average day they’re shipping in about 300,000 shells to use on the Ukrainians. The only thing the Russians are in danger of running out of is Ukrainians to fire those shells at. What’s happening in the Ukraine is as murderously simple as that.

Like a broken clockwork toy that needs winding up, any sort of strategy has degenerated down to some sort of disorganised hybrid of name and shame, cancel Russia and all things Russian and to totally isolate it from the “community of nations” ie the Western hegemony headed up by America. This brain dead strategising on the fly is also extremely unlikely to work since Russia is already disengaging from the West and looking eastwards for its future. With the progress being made getting fully integrated in as a big player in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS organisations, this process is well underway.

Either way, this refocusing of Russia’s commercial future and military alliances eastwards was always Putin’s plan B. With Western Europe having destroyed itself economically and then emptied their arsenals for the Ukrainians to sell on the black market, it no longer poses a significant threat to Russia.

I said in a previous article that America under a Biden administration has become a dangerous and unpredictable ally to have. This latest escalation of unilaterally blowing up infrastructure its allies economies totally depend on has crossed the line from the oppressive exertion of influence to unnecessary active coercion, or in other words outright bullying. Add in the fact that Biden’s handlers seem hell bent on having a war, nuclear or otherwise, with Russia or China or even both at the same time, and it’s easy to see why smaller countries are beginning to distance themselves from a dangerous America and aggregate into alternative power structures such as BRICKS or the SCO under the protective wing of Russia and China.

Add in the collapse of the EU, several freezing unheated winters to come, shortages of everything, raging inflation fuelled by desperation money printing, the collapse in public confidence in the mainstream parties and their replacement with warring extremest groups from across the whole political spectrum all promising to fix everyone’s problems at a stroke, and Putin has a rare plan C opportunity should he choose to avail himself of it.

Into this general atmosphere, running a covert propaganda campaign in the West block that says all your troubles and misery were caused by your association with America and it doing crazy things like blowing up pipelines you depended on would find fertile ground. Even now, the 24/7 hate on Russia in the media is starting to show signs of fatigue and I can see blaming America for everything might easily become a very electable platform to run on.

Why not propose the eastern states of a now shattered EU join BRICS or some other type of loose economic union with Russia? The big carrot that can be dangled is that such an arrangement gets them off Russia’s “unfriendly country” shit list, which means they can get back to sucking on the teat of Russia’s energy and natural resources at reasonable prices again.

Beyond simply earning more money by the renewal of sales into western Europe, such a proposal would have several advantages for Russia, some being defensive and one other a very aggressive move against its mortal enemy. First of all, it would remove a rag bag of neighbouring states in political chaos and in effect give it back the buffer zone between it and the West it was promised after the fall of the Soviet Union. By alleviating the economic woes of these countries, it conceivably reduces the risk of another Adolph Hitler rising out of the heaving mess.

The aggressive part of such a move is that it starts to isolate America. West block countries, sick of the Biden administration’s bullying and dangerously unpredictable ways, are already switching allegiances because even at this early stage, the cracks in the unipolar world are becoming apparent. In the last six months, the effects of the Biden administration’s foreign policy have been catastrophic for America’s position in the world.

If you have any doubts about the winds of geopolitical change blowing across the world and how shaky America’s primacy has become in the last six months, consider that countries like Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are already applying for BRICS membership. If the latter’s decision this week, which could only come with a nod from Russia, to cut daily oil production by two million barrels isn’t a kick in the teeth for Washington a month before the mid-terms, then tell me what isn’t. It’s a definite shift of political alignment irrespective of America’s anti-Saudi policy towards Iran, which is itself lining up to do joint naval maneuvers with Russia and China.


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9 Responses to “Blame America for all your troubles.”
  1. Fraizer says:

    Good to see you back Pointy. I hope your health challenges are behind you.

    The actions of the US deep state are too incredibly stupid to be incompetence. I just hope that Putin has the sense to delay any retaliation until after the election.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Margaret H Smith says:

    I told people that the Dems in the White House was the worst possible catastrophe, and was laughed at because of my support of Trump. Some people are realising their mistake now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Somewhat O/T but a lesson in taking the mickey


  4. Pointman says:

    German army has ammo for only two days of war – media.

    That explains a minor mystery. The fools ran down all the forward caches of ammo that were supposed to be part of the Operation Reforger exercises. If the Germans did it, then everyone else in NATO did the same.

    Bottom line, western Europe is totally defenseless should Putin take leave of his senses and invade it. He’s no need though, he’ll own it in a couple of years anyway.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hasbeen says:

    Of course the Europeans, including could go back to harvesting their own resources, & drop the global warming garbage, & have no need of Russian energy.

    There would have to be large consumption of humble pie for that to happen, probably too much to expect of the idiots that have managed to get control, just as they have in the USA & Australia.


  6. Hasbeen says:

    Including the UK


  7. Pointman says:

    EU nation temporarily waives anti-Russia sanctions.

    There are now so many “exceptions” to any consensus about sanctions, it’s become a smuggler’s paradise. You’ll soon need an end user certificate to flog any energy to your neighbour.



  8. Pointman says:

    Major German power supplier hikes prices. Second rise in 3 months.

    Putin ponders EU’s energy future. Not a nice future either.

    Energy crisis in Europe will last for years – Hungary. Unfortunately true but not with Hungary who made a deal with Putin.

    Gazprom CEO makes grim predictions for EU. Every outside the EU is making grim predictions while the EU continues to lie to its citizens.

    EU citizens burning trash for heat – Bloomberg. Reality on the ground.

    US taking advantage of EU energy crisis – Paris. Price gauging. Us????????? We’re only charging you FOUR times our domestic price for LNG.



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