Is Europe actually at war with Russia?

Despite all the propaganda, few ordinary people in Europe have their tongues hanging out eagerly for a full on war with Russia, especially over what’s commonly seen as the most totally corrupt country in Europe. Just ask the Bidens, père et fils. Once you look past all the individual leaders of most of the EU vassal countries’ fervently beating drums for a WWIII clash, most people are realistic enough to resist being replacement cannon fodder for Biden’s proxy war with Russia now that they’re beginning to run out of warm Ukrainian bodies to spend.

Just last week, Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s foreign minister and the leader of its green party, announced to the world that Europe was at war with Russia. The disconnect from the sentiment of the German electorate was stunning. Her party is a minor but necessary part of the coalition stitched together that’s keeping the current shambolic administration of Olaf Scholz limping along and in return was rewarded with being named the country’s foreign minister. If you ever needed a graphic illustration of how dangerous it is to put a pig-ignorant pygmy atop a big soap box with a megaphone and a machine gun, she’d be it.

What a changed country Germany has become. Their tree-hugging, pacifist Greens are howling for a war with Russia and the supposedly extreme party of Alternative for Germany (AfD) are the ones saying hang on a moment, let’s think about this. Needless to say, Annalena’s bold and independent declaration of war on behalf of the rest of Europe caused dismay and anger in equal parts from all sides.

It gave little Vladdie the perfect opportunity to say I told you so to his people, especially after the admission by Angela Merkel in December, since confirmed by Francois Hollande, that the Minsk peace accords they’d negotiated with Russia in 2014 were never meant to be implemented, never mind enforced. They were deliberately intended to be a delaying mechanism so that NATO/EU (is there any difference these days?) could train and equip 10,000 Ukrainians a year to have a war with Russia at some future date and force the hoped for regime change so Russia could be dismembered.

After an estimated 160 thousand Ukrainian soldiers dead and an additional 300-400 thousand wounded, and with little Vladdi even more popular than ever back in the Rodina, that plan has been safely consigned to the dustbin of fanciful ideas and the new grand strategy of a grinding war of attrition on Russia’s doorstep was born. This suits Russia fine since their original objective was to eviscerate all Ukrainian military capacity to threaten them while leaving the country’s infrastructure alone, so from their viewpoint deciding to keep feeding your troops and mercenaries into the maws of their meat grinder was a great idea.

West block’s declared intention to keep supplying money and military hardware to the Ukraine for “as long as it takes” has forced an additional modification to the Russian’s original plan. The country’s infrastructure is now being bombed back into the dark ages and Odessa is now most probably on their menu to make the Ukraine landlocked. If West block insists on impoverishing itself for the next ten years by feeding an unwinnable war with a stream of unaudited cash eventually being funneled into offshore accounts and having stripped their arsenals of their old obsolete equipment and being forced to supply some state of the art stuff, then one of three endgame scenarios for Russia has to be seriously considered.

The first one is securing the new western border with the Ukraine and enduring years of shelling, nagging Ukrainian incursions and terrorist activity of one sort or another within Russian territory. A kind of rerun of the Vietnam war if you like, but you have to bear in mind that Ukrainians do not constitute an overwhelming ethnic majority in the country, especially in the east. Arguably, they’re a minority but a large one. As the Chinese insurgents found out in Malaya, you do actually have to have the broad support of a significant chunk of the population who come from your ethnic background to win any insurgency. Neither Putin nor Russia will stand for this situation.

The second scenario is to just take the whole country. Roll it up westwards right up to the Polish border. If there’s one prevalent criticism of Putin within Russia is that he’s too prone to seeking peaceful solutions with an expansive and determinedly aggressive West block. This has been underlined by Merkel’s admission that all along Germany was a dishonest peace broker but why an ordinarily canny politician let the cat out of the bag and it then being confirmed by Hollande, passeth all understanding unless you think in painfully devious ways. Such an attack would probably be in conjunction with Belarus coming in from the north. This course is not as ambitious as you might have been led to believe by all the West block propaganda. It would certainly boost Putin’s popularity as a war winner and obviate scenario one.

The third scenario is a spinoff of the first – nuclear war. If West block persists in escalating things, like supplying long range weapons to the Ukraine that can make deep strikes into the Russian motherland, then at some point the line between a direct hands off American/NATO proxy war and a direct war between all parties becomes inevitable. Make no mistake, it may be Warsaw or Berlin making the blunder that sparks the whole thing off, but any Russian nuclear response will not be exclusively visited on certain European countries but America as well. Think about it. Just one of their new Satan 2 missiles we didn’t know existed until recently with its heavy lift capability and huge MIRV payload is all it would take to wipe mainland Britain off the face of the Earth.

In the current atmosphere of relentless hatred against Russia, it’s not too hard to see how a nuclear war might come about. The most likely is West block escalating the situation by supplying soldiers thinly disguised as mercenaries as well as the current tsunami of money and equipment. Any deep strike into Russia will be reacted to as an act of war by America/NATO. Given the empty arsenals of west Europe, such a move stands little chance against the sheer mass of a conventional Russian response but as we’ve seen over the last year, military logic has little to do with the Ukraine’s military strategy.

The Red Army would roll over them and continue westwards to establish a necessary buffer zone to put the long range weapons at a safe distance. Some bright spark within NATO may decide that if they can’t stop the invasion of western Europe, then firing a low-payload tactical nuke might give the Russians pause for thought. It all goes from there, as do the cities of Berlin, Paris, London, New York and Washington. Given the almost hysterical escalations by West block, it’s not hard to imagine things going nuclear.

The quick reaction to Annalena “dummkopf” Baerbock’s declaration of war was immediate. The Quai d’Orsay got out a statement by end of day, probably a record from them, denying France was at war with Russia, the German government was stunned into silence and possibly the best scathing commentary on it was done by the Croatian President Zoran Milanovic who said among other things “Now the German foreign minister  says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that,” Milanovic said. “Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck, maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago.”

In all though, the speed with which Europe and America distanced themselves from Baerbock’s reckless remarks has to be reassuring that there’s some sanity left in West block’s thinking about a war with Russia. She herself is busy walking back her remarks but the damage has been done – any residual hope of negotiating a peaceful outcome with Russia about the Ukraine just left the room.

It’s back to the bad old days. With Merkel and Hollande’s admission and now Baerbock’s declaration to war to confirm all the bad faith, the waters of peaceful resolution have been thoroughly poisoned. Russia and Putin simply don’t trust the West anymore. They’ll be diplomatically polite, but they won’t really be listening.


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11 Responses to “Is Europe actually at war with Russia?”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    Exvellent analysis, Pointman. It would be enlightening to see your take regarding the WEF. The WEF, behind the disastrous anti-scientific covid and climate policies, is behind this as well. Apparently their plan is to destroy tge workd and kill 10s of millions if not 100s of millions, to achieve their fux reset


  2. Margaret H Smith says:

    People eager for power and money don’t think clearly about ALL possibilities and that can lead to disastrous outcomes.
    Schiff and Co. were happy about war with Russia ‘over there’.
    Hitler declared war on the USA in support of Japan thinking he would control all of Europe long before that conflict could be over – a fatal error borne of arrogance.
    There is serious arrogance (and stupidity) in the EU and the US fascists.
    This is all getting very scary indeed.


  3. nzpete54 says:

    On point as always. Thank you.
    In the recent livestream on The Duran, , Scott Ritter estimated the deaths at 350,000:

    Whatever the figure, it’s high.


  4. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy


    More Nord Stream bubbles

    ” Right after I said yesterday that the Russians were being a bit too quiet about Nord-Gate, Reuters ran a sobering story headlined, “Russia to Call U.N. Security Council Meeting Over Nord Stream Blasts.” ”

    “Some analysts think that Russia wants the security council meeting to create a public record of its justification for some planned retaliatory act. Whatever it is, it’s probably going to be something we won’t like. ”

    From Covid andCoffee newsletter


  5. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Looks like your official answer, with back up –

    In case you are in doubt –

    “He Did It Again – General Secretary Admits NATO Has Been at War Against Russia in Ukraine Since 2014
    February 18, 2023 | Sundance | 4 Comments”


  6. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Another FWIW

    “In The Spirit Of Russian ‘Total War’ ”

    And though the word wasn’t current back then – when you think about it WW2 was “existential” for the UK but not for US.

    Which has lead to some quiet questioning over years as to how well the US would cope in similar circumstances


  7. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    A couple of FWIW items

    Ukraine +

    “SITREP 2/26 – Urgent Update”

    Missile attack into Belarus

    And at the end of this –

    Seems those frozen Russian assets have disappeared –


  8. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Another FWIW

    “War Footing or Ukraine? – Biden Waives Section 303 of DPA Related to Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives and Components
    February 27, 2023 | Sundance | 128 Comments”


  9. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Another FWIW


  10. another ian says:

    On the one hand, and then on the other –

    “What War? Poland Still Doing €4.7 Billion In Business With Russia And Is Third-Biggest Exporter To Russia In Europe”


  11. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    O/T and FWIW

    “How the USSR’s Fall Unleashed a Neocon Goldrush to the Heartland”


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