Some thoughts on next week’s mid-terms.

If there isn’t a repeat of the widespread electoral cheating of 2020, it looks like the GOP will capture at least the House if not the Senate as well. There are two caveats to be added to that assessment. First, all polls are hopelessly compromised these days. They only exist to manipulate the electorate’s opinion rather than providing any accurate prediction of the voter’s intentions. You basically can’t trust them. To compound that misinformation, you simply can’t trust what passes for journalism in the media these days. Fortunately, fewer and fewer people have any trust in fake news either, so their days of influence are fading.

In this the last week before the election, I’ve seen polls being suddenly adjusted by nearly four percentage points, which is a huge admission. They’re abandoning their chronic political bias to preserve some sort of specious authority before the actual result makes their “predictions” laughable but don’t fret, the same set of false pollsters will be back for ’24. To illustrate, the Economist/YouGov are now calling it as 50:50 whereas last week according to them the GOP was behind 45 to 49, a miraculous leap of 4% in a single week! There are still one or two hopelessly committed far-left polls that still have the Dems on a 5% lead.

We must now accept that organised, systemic electoral fraud is now a major factor in US elections. To my mind, the GOP don’t seem to have done enough to face the problem head on because they’re scared of being called election deniers by the Dem’s fake news propaganda machine. Obviously people are much more aware of the issue but I’ve not seen much action to mitigate it. My feeling is that in the close run races, the Dems will use it wherever they can get away with it. Remember, back in 2020 we were supposed to believe Biden got 81 million votes …

Even with those considerations, it does seem reasonably certain the GOP will recapture the House and there’s a fair chance they just might secure the Senate too. Bear in mind that these elections are not just for seats in Congress but also for less senior posts such as state governor which given the constant tug of war between states and federal power do command a lot of local influence. Again, the GOP gubernatorial candidates do look good to take some big scalps.

A convincing win by the GOP would form a good platform for the 2024 presidential election. Already some substantial benefits have aided the party. It’s cleared out a lot of rubbish people. RINOs like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Lisa Murkowski either got the boot in the primaries or did an early retirement from politics because they knew they stood absolutely no chance of being run as candidates after their treacherous behaviour over the last two years. Being a republican never Trumper in Congress actually turned out to mean no republican voter would ever vote for them again. Despite what most politicians think, people have long memories. It wasn’t just Trump who felt stabbed in the back by some congressmen of their own party they’d actually voted for.

Getting rid of them has magnified a new look, America first party with a lot of unfamiliar faces who will be a breath of fresh air. I’m thinking here about people like JD Vance, Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Joe Kent and Dr. Oz. There’s also a few people like Desantis who’re already shaping up pretty well for a presidential run in ’28. Nobody in fake news dare say what’s obvious. The assorted RINOs, Mitch McConnells and do nothing flatulent bums on seats in Congress are in full retreat before what is essentially a red wave that’s being driven forward by MAGA flavoured candidates who know exactly what’s vexing ordinary people.

All the Biden campaign wants to talk about is abortion and Nancy Pelosi’s hubby having a two o’clock at night altercation with another man dressed only in his underwear has to be some sort of new low in American elections. The fact that there are now about eight different muddy the water narratives about the latter while the police department and DA are rigidly enforcing a kind of Californian version of Omertà, only convinces everyone of what’s most likely the case – Hubby popped out while wifey was away, picked up a male prostitute and while they were having great drunken fun with Hubby’s hammer (let’s not go there) it all got noisy and a bit out of hand, so his neighbour called it in. Cue a lot of emergency fixing, narrative shaping and fun and games. Apparently, the spin doctors grew it into a threat to American democracy itself. Either they’re brilliant or they think America is the home of stoopid.

Despite some shenanigans, the red wave looks like making some significant gains. Anywhere from a “predicted” 15-45 pickups in the House and mebbe 4 in the Senate, those being Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Georgia. In the governors’ races, the GOP is predicted to pick up 5, those being Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Oregon. If you didn’t know it, the Dems losing Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon would have been inconceivable a couple of years ago, particularly Oregon.

The GOP as a party have managed to strike a familiar note with electorates by simply campaigning on issues that are relevant to them, not abortion or hammer wielding maniacs in split-crotch knickers chasing Pelosi’s Hubby around the house somehow being a clear and present danger to democracy. Instead, they went with boring old rubbish like soaring crime rates, the price of gas, an unchecked border invasion, consumer price rises across the board, their children being groomed, men pretending to be women muscling into women’s toilets and changing rooms and a dollar whose buying power seemed to decrease week by week. Just silly issues like that.

Anyway, that’s my ten cents on the whole thing. If by some miracle the voters are not again cheated out of making a legitimate choice, I’ll have my usual opinionated stab at what I think the GOP should do after the election. However, if all the ballot counting suddenly stops for three hours overnight, you’ll know that going out to vote has been a waste of your time.


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5 Responses to “Some thoughts on next week’s mid-terms.”
  1. Margaret H Smith says:

    I enjoyed this essay. As you said, it’s the massive cheating of the Demofascists that is the big problem. One hopes the ‘Election Watchers’ the GOP are setting up can prevent some of the worst excesses.

    Tucker Carlson is very brave and pointing out everything wrong about the Dems (which is everything, more or less). People are better informed than ever so I wonder how many registered Dems will vote GOP because, as with Reagen and Trump (both members of the Dem party) the party moved away from them. JFK wouldn’t recognise today’s Dems.

    I think we and the world are all waiting to see what happens on Tuesday. The future of democracy could depend on it – or am I being too pessimistic?


  2. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy




  3. Pointman says:

    Sur 11/11/11, à nos amis absent.



    • Pointman says:

      For those who’ve asked, it’s a song about home and hearth and defending them from foreign invaders. A war song. The words vary as they always do with old almost mythical airs but the underlying threatening message is always the same – fuck with us at your peril.



  4. fenrisulven6 says:

    Sunday now and across the right wing sites I’m seeing the same talking points telling us to dump Trump. I can’t prove anything, it’s more like the sense a woodsman gets that something is not right with his environment, but it feels artificial. I would not be at surprised to discover there exist Commenter Farms all parroting the same talking points. Usually along the lines of “We owe Trump a lot….but he must be destroyed”.

    I’m also afraid that Instapundit and Powerline have been vo-opted by the Establishment and are now Controlled Opposition sites.

    Be warned.


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