Letting an octogenarian bull wearing high heels loose in a china shop.

Like most people who watched the highly orchestrated psycho-drama of Nancy Pelosi and whether she’d touch down in Taiwan or not on her magical mystery tour of parts oriental, i wondered why risk a war with China by a needless visit that was obviously designed to both provoke China over an issue that had laid dormant for over 70 years and grab a lot of headlines in the West block. It succeeded on both of those. On any useful diplomatic level, it’s obviously lit a fuse to yet another Biden administration foreign relations disaster, which it has surely done, but there are other, longer effects.

If you load up the balance scales with the benefits versus damage done, it’s hard to see many advantages accruing to the US. As I wrote previously, the administration already manufactured a proxy war with Russia to the point where Russia is seriously considering breaking off all diplomatic links with the US and the latest adventure merely serves to push China even closer to Russia, who haven’t been slow leveraging the diplomatic misjudgement in expressing their support for China in the dispute.

Before discussing the single benefit I think the administration hoped to achieve by it, it’s worth covering the immediate damage it did because that’s what will determine the intensity of Chinese responses to it over the coming years. Note, I said years not weeks. By keeping their heads and not starting WW III over the visit, the Chinese exercised considerable restraint but in doing so, they still “lost face” which is still a very important cultural consideration in that part of the world. Pelosi waltzing in over their protests and out with the parting insult thrown over her shoulder that their protests “did not matter” really turned the dagger.

The years ending in 1949 are known as the Century of Humiliation in China, and with good reason. Up until then, the country was treated like a dismissable colony by various western countries and the people regarded almost like sub-humans, both at home and abroad. Exploited, resource raped and with a huge proportion of the population victims of a very profitable heroin trade supplied by the West. These days, they won’t even have Occidentals as permanent residents.

The final piece of damage is that it’s a characteristic of all totalitarian regimes like China that it becomes obsessive about winning completely. They’re used to getting their way with nobody resisting them. Winning the sham elections they occasionally hold with 95% of the vote is simply not good enough – it has to be at least 99%.

It’s yet another confirmation of something those countries fleeing the western “rules-based” system for BRICS have come to realise about America – it can no longer be trusted, neither in its deals nor how it acts. Leave your money or assets in their financial system and it’s liable to be stolen at any moment. Enter into any partnership deal with them and they’re liable to duck out of it without any notice leaving a mess like Afghanistan is your lap. Long standing agreements like the one-China policy can be dumped without any consultation.

They arrange proxy wars such as Ukraine/Russia, Kosovo/Serbia, Hungry and whoever with their latest effort being Taiwan/China. They’ve developed the habit of announcing agreements and deals made with other countries when no such arrangement has been agreed. They’ve deliberately decided any sort of diplomacy is old hat, preferring instead to conduct it using soundbites without ever consulting in advance the party they’re supposed to be negotiating with.

It’s no surprise that Russia decided recently to all but sever any formal diplomatic ties with America and China’s initial response to Nancy’s visit was to start doing the same in certain specific areas. It’s only a matter of time until they sever all ties as well. You simply can’t trust America anymore.

The one and only benefit of the visit I can see and even then, it would imply it was a month or two premature, is downplaying Russia’s coming success in the Ukraine. Looking at the Ukraine situation, what’s becoming increasingly obvious is the war is lost whatever America does, so that’s the big presentation problem the Biden regime has on the near horizon. At some point they have to get out but if possible this time avoiding another Afghanistan type shambles. Put some distance between yourself and it before it happens.

Looking at the subtly changed narrative of late coming out of government mouthpieces masquerading as mainstream news outlets, you can’t but get the feeling the Biden administration is disengaging, and Zelensky has definitely been chosen as the fall guy. Suddenly we’re told 70% of the armaments supplied disappear as soon as they’re handed over to the Ukraine and magically reappear on the international arms black market. Well done Sherlock, we knew you’d get there in the end.

As for the money, nobody’s dared do any investigation of what happened to the bulk of it, but when you hand over amounts of money running into billions USD and allow them to get away with insisting they’ll monitor its disbursement themselves, you can be sure it went in the front door and out the back one to comfy nests in places like the Cayman Islands, especially when you’re dealing with one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

The whole thing was just an exercise in prestidigitation, legerdemain, sleight of hand. The magician holds a card high up in the air dramatically and says ‘look at this! The audience do, but what they’re not watching is what his other hand is doing.


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14 Responses to “Letting an octogenarian bull wearing high heels loose in a china shop.”
  1. E.M.Smith says:

    It’s not a blunder. It was never intended to do anything for America and Americans. The point of an in person visit is to conduct Private Business in private. Pick up the DNC Vigorish on all that expected American Support and “deals”. Stuff the briefcase of diamonds in a Diplomatic Pouch so you can get it back to the Pelosi Family Business without any trails (paper or electronic).

    So it get’s China Pissed. Gives some leverage for The Big Guy to tell China He’ll reprimand Nancy… just as soon as a few more $Million go to Hunter. Or offer them a risk free beach landing on Taiwan on the date they choose for a mere $Billion in the Cayman’s account… as “reparations” for the loss of face.

    For ANYTHING done by ranking DNC members, the only question to ask in order to gain clarity is:
    “How can they make money / bribo out of this?”. Then it becomes clear…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pointman says:

    Amnesty apologizes after Ukrainian pressure – https://www.rt.com/russia/560414-amnesty-apologizes-report-critical-ukraine/
    CBS caves into Ukrainian pressure on weapons revelations – https://www.rt.com/russia/560473-cbs-deletes-ukraine-documentary/
    German media sheds light on Zelensky’s ‘secret deals’ – https://www.rt.com/russia/560472-german-media-zelensky-shady-affairs/

    See the pattern:

    1) Drop the bomb to knock Zelensky off the pedestal they’ve been busy putting him on for months.
    2) Let it circulate for a few days ignoring protests from various sources.
    3) Issue an apology of some sort while steadily saying you stand by the reporting.

    Fall guy prep …



  3. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy FYI

    “And the FBI raid memes begin…”



  4. Pointman says:

    Glenn Diesen: As the tide turns in Ukraine, is the US preparing to throw Zelensky under the bus?


    “However, when a war is lost and compromise is necessary, the narrative must be changed. President Joe Biden must defend his weak political position at home and allies must be reassured about American resolve, thus there needs to be a fall guy to take the blame for the pending disaster. While Washington will continue to send more weapons to bleed Russia, it appears to be simultaneously preparing for defeat by no longer shielding Zelensky from criticism.”



    • HowardRichman says:

      The war is indeed lost. The only question is: How much of Ukraine will Russia get when the compromise is finally achieved? Putin is ready to compromise now and will continue to add to his Ukrainian holdings while waiting on Zelensky and Biden.


  5. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy – FWIW

    “The cover-up in Ukraine enters FINAL phase | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

    Start at 4:44 for the Ukraine section


    • Pointman says:

      Ta Ian.

      Before those two idiots do the usual Americans hating their own country about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and using a number like 200,000, which I’ve never came across quoted by any reputable historian, they should be encouraged to read some real history like the following :-

      8 Horrifying Japanese War Crimes Against China in World War II You Never Learned in Class. https://historycollection.com/8-horrifying-japanese-war-crimes-china-world-war-ii-never-learned-class/

      They’re only abstracts really but it should be noted that Japan has never apologised for those atrocities or even acknowledged them to this day, which explains a lot about Chinese attitudes to Japan.

      Also, when talking about unit 731, it uses the euphemism “… and other Allied prisoners were selected for study”. That means Americans, British and Australian POWS.



  6. Doonhamer says:

    prestidigitation? That’s easy for you to say.
    But, very seriously, folks, once again, thank you for your well considered post.
    Personally I think, all things considered, we are all right Royally fucked.


  7. philjourdan says:

    You are missing the forest for the trees.

    #1 – It was and is an embarrassment for the Bite-me administration. And that was point one of the visit. (the Democrats are getting rid of him as a boat anchor).
    #2 – It was a renewed commitment to Taiwan. Had she done that under Trump, the Chinese would have winked and nodded and not said a damn word!
    #3 – It is not about “humiliation”. Xi is not that shallow. NOr are the Chinese (as America ended that century and was never part of it).
    #4 – It may be as EMS says – a ways to collect the vigorish in private. That I do not know.

    But #1 is the key. Pelosi was ordered to go there to provoke a confrontation (since Biden promised Xi in exchange for his millions of dollars that he would never do it), in order to make sure that a Biden 24 ticket was impossible. If you cannot stay bought, what is the use of buying you in the first place? It will not be a Chinese national that takes him out. It will be A Paul Pelosi clone.


  8. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy


    “An author using the name John Ross (which I’m told was a pseudonym, although I don’t know for sure) wrote a novel back in the 1990’s called “Unintended Consequences”. It dealt with the increasing overreach of the Federal government, particularly concerning firearms and gun rights, and described a citizen’s revolt against them. It was fiction, of course, but very heavily based on historical fact. It sold tens of thousands of copies in paper editions, but has been long out of print.”

    More at



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