What to make of the mid-terms.

Going into the mid-terms, the accepted wisdom was that there was going to be a red wave and the GOP would retake the House and even had a decent chance of taking the upper house. Nothing like that happened and in common with most political observers I’m still scratching my head trying to come up with why the wave that turned up looked more like a ripple. I held off writing this article over the weekend in the hope that the usual hacks, commentators, bloggers and assorted political walking wounded might come up with some coherent reason that wasn’t childish in its understanding, a deliberate lie or pandering to the paranoid fringes of either party. Not for the first time, I was roundly disappointed.

The narrative the majority are pushing is that it was all Trump’s fault even in the races where he wasn’t directly involved. Not only is that a part of the democrat controlled far-left press agenda of knocking him out of the race in ’24, but it’s being faux reluctantly used by the GOP establishment. A lot of the phony right-wing news channels are pressing the same button because they have to. Knocking him out of the race or at least stopping him endorsing another candidate is a must. Love him or hate him, he’s still by a country mile the biggest draw the GOP has.

More than once in my career I’ve been called in to turn around a failing enterprise or project of some sort and while the immediate cause of the problem is always pretty obvious; wrong product, wrong marketing, technical problems or loss of control of the whole production process, the root cause is always the same – bad management. In a long career in a number if areas, I’ve never yet seen some relatively junior member of staff almost bring an enterprise to its knees, it’s always been the management and the answer has always been the same – start firing the under performing managers.

I’d be putting a red dot on the chest of several individuals such as Kevin McCarthy and most especially Mitch McConnell. The campaign was eminently winnable but was managed not into a complete car wreck but a heavy fender bender. McCarthy, as minority leader of the House, is both disagreeable and incompetent. McConnell, as minority leader of the Senate, can be most agreeable but is only interested in himself and not the greater good of the GOP. If he was, he wouldn’t have done things like switching PAC funding from the Alaskan surefire GOP candidate to a GOP incumbent Lisa Murkowski who’d voted to impeach Trump.

The thing creatures like McConnell, McCarthy and Murkowski all have in common is not only that they’re classic GOP establishment but also more importantly Washington swampers. Their prime objective is to blunt and ultimately destroy the upstart America First, MAGA element that threatens the comfortable club of talk a lot but do bugger all, otherwise known as the uniparty in congress. A red dot needs also to be placed on the chest of a number of individuals in the RNC and those who directed an essentially mediocre election campaign that should have won big.

They either mismanaged the campaign out of sheer incompetence or for deliberate swamper reasons and if they were really serious about winning rather than just trying to look as if they making a serious effort, they’d have spent the last two years since the 2020 banana republic election plugging the scandalous election rule loopholes the Dems exploited ruthlessly to steal the whole presidential election. They didn’t, and that’s why the world now stares with wonder at an America that’s always bending their ear about democracy and has through crooked elections managed to elect an obviously senile puppet president, a brain damaged senator and several dead men to congress.

If there are no fundamental changes made at root and branch level of the GOP party, then being beaten yet again in 2024 by what will be by then an even more unpopular Dem administration will be a foregone conclusion. Even this week, Congressman Josh Hawley has called for a fundamental reform of the GOP or going with the schism that’s already underway and forming a new party that’s more reflective of the bedrock populist vote that feels increasingly that most of the GOP is a loser RINO party anyway.

And just to underline that assessment about nothing being done about electoral fraud, notice how many House and Senate elections have gone into a holding loop with in some cases a result expected the other side of Christmas. Are we being shaped up to accept another steal where winning the House on election day is somehow reversed after a necessary number of recounts or Democrat election officials staggering in with cardboard boxes of freshly discovered votes which only stops when the result has been reversed?

At this stage, your guess is as good as mine but if it does turn out that way then one thing is guaranteed – the GOP establishment will yet again fight it just enough to fail heroically.


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5 Responses to “What to make of the mid-terms.”
  1. Richard Ilfeld says:

    There are three kinds of fraud involved. You’ve detailed the first…fraudulent Republicans who if fact prefer the uniparty. The second and third are Democratic specialties. They are reasons to love mail-in voting, loose signature matching, auto registration with multiple weak ID forms, etc. If a ballot is cast by a legal voter, I’m fine with that, no matter how bad that voters decision process may be. If the vote is bought (student loan forgiveness, anyone, or “walking around money”) the onus is on the buyer and those who fail to police the process. But there are ballots cast in the name of a legal or once extant voter by someone else. This is a highly organized process, and is even ‘legal’ in some places. Finally there are the late count ballots that magically appear to pull a close race over the line, usually small numbers with a good enough cover story to prevent injunctive relief. These races seem unidirectional.

    Florida, with a cleaned up process following being the laughing stock of the universe following Bush v, Gore, patterned as expected, GOP better than polling by about 6%.

    Some other ‘ID required for all forms of voting’ states were similar. As were a couple of blue states where, because there was assumed to be a large majority no vote reinforcement was required.

    But since examination of statistical anomolies make son an electidenier, I supposed to look at the shiny orange object.


  2. nzpete54 says:

    Pointy, I find Dr. Steve Turley’s analyses worth hearing, and in this one his analysis of the mid-term elections compliments yours:


    • nzpete54 says:

      Ooops, my English is slipping: *complements*, not compliments. I’ll compliment your article, but Turley’s video complements it.


  3. another ian says:


    “The Republicans Shot Themselves In The Head — Twice”



    “FTX, Ukraine, Democrats & Money Laundry – $32 B Gone”



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