What to make of the mid-terms.

Going into the mid-terms, the accepted wisdom was that there was going to be a red wave and the GOP would retake the House and even had a decent chance of taking the upper house. Nothing like that happened and in common with most political observers I’m still scratching my head trying to come up … Continue reading

Some thoughts on next week’s mid-terms.

If there isn’t a repeat of the widespread electoral cheating of 2020, it looks like the GOP will capture at least the House if not the Senate as well. There are two caveats to be added to that assessment. First, all polls are hopelessly compromised these days. They only exist to manipulate the electorate’s opinion … Continue reading

Post voting day fraud.

Please forgive the ambiguity in the title, I just couldn’t resist it, but both meanings apply with the omission of the hyphen. It’s about how your vote by post can be stolen after election day. There are a myriad of simple but devious ways this can be done, but to illustrate I’ll discuss one particular … Continue reading

2020 – The things you’ll be told that aren’t true.

The presidential election in 2000 between Bush and Gore was a very tight race. What ensued in its aftermath was a lot of time spent fighting over who had won it and eventually it was decided by lawsuits and recounts that dragged on for ages. It all came down to which way Florida had voted. … Continue reading

Stealing the Election of 2020.

Election fraud is the death knell for any semblance of democracy because once it’s widespread and systemic, the only brake the ordinary person has over the power of the state is lost and it’s impossible to get back without force of arms. The first time you accept it, that’s the last time you’ll ever have … Continue reading

How to take down America.

Most governments around the world are structured into three branches with a varying degree of independence and protection from each other. For the benefit of ignorant loons like AOC who have happened by some bizarre chance to have been actually elected to a legislative body, the three are: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. … Continue reading

What’s ahead of you in the run up to the 2020 election.

We are now within the last two months to the presidential election occurring in November 2020, and I thought it might be useful to produce a rough guide to get you through the alarums and excursions that’ll be coming at you as the election approaches, especially if you’re intending to vote Trump. One of my … Continue reading

Election Fraud and the prospect of a Civil War Mk II?

Joseph Stalin reputedly said – “It’s not the people voting who decide elections, but the people counting the votes.” Increasingly, it’s looking that way with the mid-term elections in America. Brenda Snipes, who’d already been found guilty of election irregularities years ago, was still somehow in place in Broward county supervising the voting, which came … Continue reading