The FBI are Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.

What makes politics an interest thing to watch is that it’s always changing or evolving in some way. When you see an event, like the Berlin Wall coming down, you know you’re not only watching history change this very day in front of your very eyes but also the political landscape has just changed forever … Continue reading

How the purge of the military is being done

Every illegal regime that comes to power by means of a coup lives in constant fear of the same thing happening to them. It’s their abiding characteristic and the reason they regularly have mass purges. The mass murderer Mao Tse-tung reputedly said that political power grows from the barrel of a gun, which is the … Continue reading

Banks collaborating with the regime

In a previous piece, I said that the dual purpose of the propaganda machine now unleashed on the deplorables will be to ostracise them from so-called platforms of free speech and to always represent them in the entertainment industry as a vanishing small and counter-revolutionary minority, which obviously isn’t true but propaganda nearly always operates … Continue reading

A visit from the secret police

There are many famous sayings about the law. The law’s an ass, which is very true when you consider some of the rulings handed down. Another one is an accused person who chooses to represent themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer. The reality was always that if you’re rich and powerful, the … Continue reading

Redux from 25th October 2020 – What if Biden wins?

The wisdom of the ages endures because it’s simply that – wisdom. After all the storms and vicissitudes of fashion, politics, wars and social upheaval have ran their transitory course and been largely forgotten, it’s all that remains except for the common man who’s survived them all. That’s been true from even before the life … Continue reading

It’s time to break up the FBI

Starting off a piece with a title like that is like giving away the punchline to a joke before you’ve told it, but it does however get me straight into the reasons why it’s time for it to be done. As always, some history sets the context for the raison d’être of any organisation. Back … Continue reading

What if Biden wins?

It’d been seven years since the Fall, though you had to be careful of the company you were in to use that term. The Big Change was much safer, but if there was one of the true believers around, the People’s Revolution was the safest. A lot had changed in that time, though the first … Continue reading

Convenient demises.

There are a lot of blogs that simply peddle various conspiracy theories of different levels of derangement. From con trails, through flat Earth, hollow Earth and how the world’s leaders are actually lizards sheathed in human skin. As always, everybody chooses what they want to put some credence in, but in the last few years … Continue reading

Is it time to break up the FBI?

Every country has its security services. They usually come with a bewildering array of initials but the broad breakdown is they can usually be categorised as being focused on internal or external threats to a country. It’s a natural division of labour since both the skill sets required and the environments they must operate in … Continue reading