My Christmas present this year.

If you’re a parent, which I am, and are fortunate enough to be a grandparent, which I also am, then you know how life-changing an event having your first child is. Before that your planning horizon stretched to the end of this week’s or this month’s paycheck. Suddenly you’ve got this tiny defenseless morsel of … Continue reading

What’s happening at Pointman’s.

If you’re a regular visitor here, you’ll have noticed the blog looks radically different and I’ve published nothing for several months. I’ll address those two observations in that order. Gone are the nice selection of varied items down the right hand side of each page – music, pictures, what’s trending and statistics etc. They were … Continue reading

Climate Prat of 2012 – We have a winnah!

It’s time to announce the winner of this year’s climate prat award and boy was the competition a doozie. Talk about a rush. It had everything; a bewildering variety of prats to choose from, agonies of indecision having to cull all the nominees down to finalists, rule changes when none were expected, an attempt to rig … Continue reading

Being there and not being there.

It’s Christmas day and I’m in fat city, living high off the hog. There’s a warm orange glow about it all. I’m home and we’ll sit around the table and I’ll join in and wear the silly paper hat, after dutifully reading the pithy joke from the cracker. I’m going to be enjoying the day. … Continue reading

In a cloud above TallBloke Towers …

Zeus stomped back over to the couch and sat down with a sigh. He put the unopened can of Special Brew in his hand on the coffee table without so much as a glance. Flicking through TV channels, he shouted with increasing frustration: ‘I bloody hate Christmas telly. Every bloody year it’s the same old rubbish. Jehovah … Continue reading