Climate prat of 2016 – We have a winnah!

I did wonder if it was worth running this years competition, because it seemed to me there would be little or nothing in the way of any excitement occurring, since there only appeared to be one horse in the race, and he was already galloping over the horizon before it had even began. The rest would be plodding along miles behind … Continue reading

The Pratties 2016 – The race is on!

After a long run of political articles covering a few serious events, it’s time to get back to having a bit of fun, by which I mean running the Climate Prat of the Year competition. If you’re not familiar with the term prat, you can find a rough description of them here, which should be enough … Continue reading

Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!

It’s 16:57 GMT, 23rd December in the year of our lord twenty and fifteen and I’m calling it. Vote away, but until I can get Vladdi to disable it, the voting widget means nothing. The results are in. By now, the news is out, all over town, as Hank Williams would say. We’ve got a winner … Continue reading

The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!

Okay youse guys and gals, it’s once again time to run the Climate Prat of the Year competition, also known as the Pratties. Right, let’s clear the definitions, rules and boring regulation stuff first. This year, it’ll be the same procedure as last year and indeed the same procedure as it is every year. First off, if you’ve … Continue reading

Climate Prat of 2014 – We have a winnah!

Another year, an udder climate prat has to be crowned, if you’ll forgive the bovine reference because quite frankly, there’s been so many to choose from out of the herd this time around, but very few standout climaticus maximus candidati. In the whole history of the Pratties, we’ve never had so many people nominated and … Continue reading

There can only be one.

This is the bit I like. They’re all hopping up and down. Pick me, pick me! I cast a sneering, masterful look of complete and utter contempt over the whole fricking bunch of prats and pick out, agonisingly, one by one, the finalists. They all wave their little arms at me frantically to catch my … Continue reading

The Pratties 2014 – The race is on!

Christmas is bearing down on us like a massive chocolate fudge meteorite with a sprig of mistletoe on top and furry dice dangling underneath it. Before we all mellow into the season to break our dieting plans as well as our bank accounts, let’s get the Climate Prat of the Year Award underway, and out of the … Continue reading

The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

I think Da Mann is having a bad week. First off, all those greenies who were pushing him to the front and encouraging him to sue the ass off Mark Steyn and others for millions appear reluctant to support him the closer the hearing date gets. Not one amicus brief has been filed to help … Continue reading

Climate Prat of 2013 – We have a winnah!

Unlike last year, the available selection this one has been noticeably thin. A lot of the usual prats have been smart enough to pick up on the winds of change and are quietly deserting the sinking ship. All we’ve heard from them is the occasional splash of their tiny, wee, small, pale and pink, ratty hands … Continue reading

Climate Prat of the Year award 2013.

UPDATED AGAIN and again! How quickly time flies. It seems but twelve months since we last ran the competition but I suppose as we grow older, time appears to pass more rapidly. Sweet bird of youth etc etc. Anyway, a recent address by the almost beatified Bob Geldorf to a bunch of stunned school kids … Continue reading

Climate Prat of 2012 – We have a winnah!

It’s time to announce the winner of this year’s climate prat award and boy was the competition a doozie. Talk about a rush. It had everything; a bewildering variety of prats to choose from, agonies of indecision having to cull all the nominees down to finalists, rule changes when none were expected, an attempt to rig … Continue reading

Time to cull the prat nominations.

I think it’s time to close off the first round of voting, since the viable candidates are by now obvious. People have really stuck to the letter of the law and voted for prats who’ve been very active this year. The front-runner, polling twice as many votes as anyone else, is Peter Gleick. Since he is both … Continue reading

Announcing the inaugural Climate Prat of the Year Award.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but notables of the green persuasion seem to win a lot of awards from various green organisations. They give prizes to each other, occasionally with a nice bit of money as well; sometimes with a very very nice bit of money. You may also have noticed, they never actually award us … Continue reading