Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!

It’s 16:57 GMT, 23rd December in the year of our lord twenty and fifteen and I’m calling it. Vote away, but until I can get Vladdi to disable it, the voting widget means nothing. The results are in.

By now, the news is out, all over town, as Hank Williams would say. We’ve got a winner of the Pratties for 2015 but before launching into the traditional countdown, some necessary prologue remarks need to be made not only for me, but the committee also.

First off, I have to say women have been terribly unrepresented this year. I suppose the reason is that the warmist skanks aren’t seen by either side as being of any real significance. Are you listening Naiomi? We may not have much in the way of Hollywood when it comes to blokes, but we’ve sure as fire got some fine-looking Jeanne Moreau type women with all the brain cells firing between their ears.

For some reasons, the leading nominations this year all went massively up market, and I mean big time. Jesus H bloody Christ on a recalled skateboard bursting into flames, whatever happened to naming some obscure climate prats nobody’d ever heard of?

The big contenders were el Prez, the Pope and the Prince and all the rest were relative paupers grubbing around the dining table of their betters like hogs snouting around for half-gnawed chicken legs tossed over the shoulders of the gentry as they quaffed fine wines and exchanged witty anecdotes about their peasants. There’s no way the targets could get any bigger.

For a modest little bijou blogette like this and poor little ol’ me, a few alarm bells started going off early. I’d seen way too many movies about how situations like this might play out and didn’t need anyone to start drawing any frigging diagrams for me.

In the manner of all low-bred and yet somehow debonair cads of questionable character, I have finely honed survival instincts which have kept me a hop, skip and a jump ahead of many a necktie party on several occasions, but the prospect of SEAL team 6, the Vatican assassinati and murderously licensed representatives of her royal Britannic majesty’s secret service all after my solitary butt at the same time was a scrotum shriveller, to say the least.

The prime directive kicked in – get out of there Pointy.

Pretty soon the heavies started leaning on me. Make it all go away or you will, was the message.

Not being clinically insane on my better days, I of course caved straight away but unfortunately the nominations for the wrong people kept clicking up in the wrong direction like the doomed Challenger space shuttle, so I knew it was time to start whittling away on a self-preservation plan, but I knew this particular escape was going to have to be a pure gold-plated blinder from hell effort.

Idly watching el Prez’s nominations head skywards and towards my certain extinction, the thought occurred I could collect on a favour I’d done a long time ago for a friend who now runs a chain of discreet high-end recreational facilities for sporting gentlemen in most of the capital cities around the globe. Like Vito Andolini, I tend to collect favours.

Over a glass or two of ferocious anisette and after waving away his usual offer to avail myself – though I must admit the dusky Mulatto woman looked particularly inviting, she’d such a lovely sparkle in her smile as he gave me the coquettish eye and wiggled her …

Let’s leave that one there, I’m a bloke and therefore have certain weaknesses.

Getting back on topic, I explained my predicament and gave him the names of the gentlemen in contention.

Breaking his golden rule of confidentiality and because one of the names had lately taken it upon themselves to disrespect him in his own salon privé en Paris, he gave me the vital piece of ammo I needed, which was a name, a letter of introduction and the contact details of a certain woman, with the understanding that I had to work the lead myself, because she was nobody’s fool. Grazie mille, amico mio.

The letter of introduction was enough to secure a private meeting. Montana Wildhack, a work name of course, lived up to all I’d heard about her, and I was glad to see she’d extracted herself out some local difficulties I’d heard she was having with the Tralfamadorians.

Of course, I hinted at an interest in her, because every man is a dawg at heart, but she was smart enough to know I was already spoken for and was just being polite under the circumstances. I got the distinct impression that while there was the day job or in her case the night job, she’d long ago committed to someone else, possibly that minder who’d picked me up at the hotel and led me through the narrow cobbled streets of the arrondissement while silently but unmistakably beaming the message at me to be good or I’d be having a hard conversation with him afterwards.

It could also have been that lean guy I’d clocked nursing a cognac at the end of the bar who hadn’t taken an eye off me since I’d entered. Layered security; awfully discreet but still making sure to let you know it was there. He was ex la légion étrangère if ever there was. A bit more than just another minder and ready to break me in two if I made any aggressive move towards her but possibly more worryingly if she made a move in my direction.

Fortunately, both she and I both knew what was what and with that, relaxed and had a fine old time swapping a few names and war stories, just doing the getting to know you stuff as a precursor to settling down to do the real business.

She, like me, collected favours from the right people, because it’s a very cold place out there without a friend or two when you really need someone. There’s no situation that lasts forever in a changing world, and we might all need some escape routes someday. You invest in the right people who you think won’t forget a favour.

After an appraising look and some careful consideration, she gave me just enough information and the nod to use her nom de nuit.

Montana finishes last in the competition but as far as I’m concerned, she’s the real winner. Just the mention of her name and a slightly “adjusted” nomination stage to get her into the final five, was enough to call off the dogs.

Finishing fourth, we have the pope.

The old pope was a real gentleman, who always treated her like a lady. On their occasional meetings, there was always a light but tasteful meal before anything happened. Usually Ardennes pâté or a Russian salad starter, white fish with a delicate sauce as the main because of his sensitive digestion and frutti del giorno for the finishing straight, all served with an appropriate wine, invariably a chilled Austrian Riesling followed by a dessert wine.

Over dinner conversation ranged over the finer points of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s theosophy, how Bastian Schweinsteiger’s potential might be better employed as a holding mid-fielder by Manchester United and how the hell Carrie Mathison was going to get out of her latest scrape.

The new pope was all grab ass and tit lunge after barely five minutes of interrogating her about how it felt to be demeaned as a sex worker. So much for foreplay then, but some days you really do earn your money. Montana was always in the stellar courtesan class rather than the quick shag up against the wall underneath the Sistine chapel, and knew him for what he was. Unpleasant. A Borgia pope without an iota of their brains, style or talent.

That’s as much as you need to know about that particular prat.

Finishing third, or turd depending how well you aspirate “th”, we have Charlie Windsor.

Prince Charles, what can one say? He seems to live in some little pampered world all of his own which is more reminiscent of the palace of Versailles rather than that faux-Norman monstrosity sitting on the Thames at Windsor. On the few occasions he ever ventures outside the royal circles of his courtiers, I’m sure he thinks his subjects live in a world that always has the permanent turpentine stench of fresh paint.

Children are always there waving miniature union jacks on sticks but he doesn’t realise the herald sent ahead to distribute the flags, always collects them up in the wake of his departure, and the children don’t forget that either.

He talks to plants because he’s convinced they’re listening to him, which is understandable because when you’re commonly perceived and ignored as a third tit, you tend to settle for anyone who’ll listen, irrespective of whether they’re flora or fauna. He’s always lecturing us on how we should live better with the Earth. We should cherish and manage it, and all this comes from a serial adulterer who nearly managed his own marriage so far into a danger zone that he nearly brought down the monarchy.

How his loyal subjects square that up with him being the titular head of the Church of England is one of those knotty ecclesiastical, never mind constitutional problems people bend over backwards to ignore. One law for us, one law for them. There can be no truce with kings.

Montana says he likes a good public school flogging like they used to be allowed to do at Gordonstoun in the good old days, but once Matron retired so did the floggings, much to the chagrin of Charlie and apparently half the cabinet. Pretty much, that was all his demands of her, apart from having to listen to the gimpish grovelling about how nobody loved him.

I think all the sane subjects of Queen Lizer are hoping she’ll see him out to the benefit of what looks like the much better bets of the young princes who have already served with their subjects in places like Helmand, where the metal meets the meat, nobody’s safe and you’re all in it together. Not much fresh paint around those parts.

One of them, when his active service was blown by some journalist and not wishing to attract a shed load of special fire by the Taliban on his comrades because of him, returned home from it. To his credit, he quietly returned months later and completed his tour of duty. Once in a while, I suppose you might get a good royal, but I as a democrat won’t be swapping spit with any of them any day soon.

Second by just a whisker, we have Peter “they’re out to murder me” Wadhams.

Personally, I was always really pulling for him. He really does tick every possible climate prat definition checkpoint. Even as he’s standing at the podium lecturing a room full of fellow alarmists, they’re all sniggering away behind his back on twitter about whatever claims he’s making, and boy does he make some.

Polar bears are starting to melt. Sea levels are starting to rise because of the yeast forced out of the atmosphere by rising CO2 levels. Because of ozone holes colliding with g-spots, even bigger holes are starting to gape open, swallowing up whole populations of polar bears. Beyond his fevered and possibly demented brow, there’s not a shred of scientific evidence of any of this happening, but I’d be intrigued to see what lewpaper he could come up with to justify the g-spot collisions.

What really slung him into contention this year was his claim that there was some shadowy organisation going about assassinating climatologists. They’d already killed three this year and as he was riding to work on his penny farthing, a lorry once came perilously close to him, almost as if it was a failed assassination attempt. Having told one broadsheet newspaper about the conspiracy to snuff out climate scientists and being laughed at by its readers, he went to a second and did the same, with the same result.

Upon realising most of the world was by now laughing at him and indeed even his fellow alarmists were distancing themselves from him, he compounded the disaster by turning to the press complaints commission to demand a retraction from the papers in question. The commission of course found in favour of the papers, not surprisingly since they’d notes and recordings taken with his permission of their interviews with him.

Like a mentor of mine used to say, there’s no bad situation that can’t be made worse …

Montana didn’t have anything on him after I’d explained to her who he was – a nobody really. She did a rather dismissive smile and as if hurrying on to more important things, raised a hand in the air and did the drooping little finger wiggling thing. Given her deep experience with men, I saw no reason to contradict either her instincts about him or his pecker size.

First place, Barry Obama.

From a very early point in the competition, it’s been obvious who was going to win, but just a mention of Montana and quite possibly his Mandingo escapades at the start of the Paris can-can were enough to back him off. Pusillanimous. No wonder Putin bitch slaps him around.

Having a quiet word with his missus turned the trick, as you can tell from the picture above.

While she is certainly the caring kind, she ain’t the sharing kind when it comes to hubby except when she’s really pissed at him and shares his indiscretions with her daughters. He may be el Prez, but Boy, is he going to have to do some serious presidential class grovelling to get back into their good books.

What can one say about him?

Well, as it turns out, you can’t say much about him. What you might think to yourself is another thing. Anyway, if you’re anyway smart, you better keep it to yourself.

He excoriates George W Bush about drone strikes and in his first six months of presidency, does more drones strikes than Georgie Boy Jnr ever did in two full presidential terms.

You can’t say much about that.

He promises to close Guantanimo and eight years later, it’s still open for business.

You can’t say much about that.

He expands the remit of the NSA to spy on every phone call, text, email and web history of every American citizen without so much as a by your leave.

You can’t say much about that.

He’s going to stand up for those brave Ukrainians fighting for liberty as Putin simply annexes the Sudetenland. Sorry, that should be the Crimea, not the Sudetenland. No worries, Putin has no more territorial claims, except perhaps for that other bit of the Ukraine he fancies nibbling off. After that, who knows?

You can’t say much about that.

You can imagine how inspired the people living on the borders of a megalomaniac like Putin feel when Barry’s representative John Kerry appears and lectures them patiently on climate change and how fracking, which represents energy independence from Russia, is so evil, just when Vladdy is giving them one up the butt by turning off their gas supplies for winter.

You can’t say much about that.

He says he’s going to punish the fat cat bankers and financiers and doesn’t pass a single piece of legislation to roll back the de-regulation done in the Clinton era that was the root cause of the crash of 2008 and indeed does nothing more than continues the emasculation of organisations like the SEC while throwing massive budget at the EPA to get decarbonisation policies he couldn’t get through an elected congress through the back door of bureaucratic regulation.

You can’t say much about that.

He vows in FDR style to get America back to work, but manufacturing those carbon belching automobiles doesn’t fit his ideas of saving the planet, so the great manufacturing city of Detroit is allowed to die on his watch, shrinking down to one tenth of its size and a state of disrepair and lawlessness so bad that the few faithful policemen there refusing to abandon the city’s remaining vulnerable are saying don’t visit the city unless it’s absolutely vital. It’s a lawless paradise, they know they can no longer protect you. Of course, most of the victims of that were black blue-collar production line workers holding down a decent job and trying to raise a family.

You very definitely can’t say much about that one.

It’s time to start saying things about all those thats, because if the independent blogosphere won’t, who will?

He was the great white hope of a pervasive liberal intelligentsia and media firmly welded to the idea that anyone who was black would somehow automatically be a great president. The whole idea was the next door neighbour of that racist idea that anyone who was black was naturally a great athlete.

Given that totally uncritical free pass by much of the mainstream media, he’s skated through two presidential terms and achieved exactly nothing and realising that as some fall back position, has decided his great presidential legacy has to be some vague crap about saving the planet, rather than saving jobs, growing prosperity and not about being the most racially-divisive president in US history.

He’s a typical empty Chicago political windbag who’s raised mediocrity to something significant by sound biting it into an art form, in front of a fawning media who are so busy kissing the pinky ring on his left hand, they’ve lost all critical faculties years ago.

He’s the worst president since Jimmy Carter, who bottomed out by allowing a country to revert to barbarism and hold American diplomatic staff to a ransom, which was paid. Shades of Benghazi, except people died there and were patriotic but expendable servants of the State Department.

The only nationally decent thing Carter ever did for America was disabusing them of the political process so much that they gave up on the whole thing and decided to give a chance to Ronald Regan, despite the loud pitched whines of every organ of the media.

Anyway, Barry Obama is Climate Prat of the Year and while that comes with a laurel wreath around his head and a few supermarket coupons, I suspect Barry’s contribution to history will be ushering in the era of President Trump. Apart from WW III, it probably couldn’t be worse.

Congratulations Mr President.


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37 Responses to “Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!”
  1. Pointman says:

    Everyone out there, have a warm and loving Christmas with spouses, partners as they say today or whoever you have a loving relationship with, your kids you’ve responsibility for irrespective of the biology and just the people you love.

    Thank you for visiting and reading my sometimes silly stuff and occasionally taking the time to put down your thoughts in response. They are always appreciated.

    Thank you to my contributing authors through the year, and the “my” is not in any way possessive but a term of admiration. To actually sit down and express your original thoughts in a two thousand word article, is asking of you a thesis which has to be defended against some pretty tough peers. Gutsy stuff from my resident heroes and heroines.

    Again, thank you all and have a fine peaceful break with the people you love.



    • hillbilly33 says:

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours Pointy. Always a good read and always enjoyed. Hopefully I may have more time to be more actively involved in the New Year.

      Obama romped in as CPOTY for seeing the greatest threat to the world as a few extra parts per million of CO2, while ISIS and various other Islamic derivatives wreak havoc and spread their fifth columns all over the world.

      There’s an old saying that we shouldn’t vote for pollies because it only encourages them. In Australia and elsewhere, we’re rapidly running out of people even worth encouraging in that way!



    • bushkid says:

      Pointman, I hope your Christmas was enjoyable, your New Year comfortably pleasant and 2016 is a good year for you and yours.

      Thank you for all your excellent and thought-provoking posts throughout the year. Your blog is always worth a visit and a good read – one of the suitably slightly insane yet somehow making-the-most-sense voices in an increasingly insane world.


  2. 1957chev says:

    Congratulations, to Barack Obama, who was my choice for “Climate Prat”, because he simply deserves the honor…..LOL! Finally, Obama has a real “accomplishment”! Something he will be remembered for! 😉 Merry Christmas, Everybody!


  3. Pointman says:

    I hear there’s been sightings of Santa already.



  4. Tucci78 says:

    Bah. As if there were ever any doubt?

    What other (nominal) POTUS would have “weaponized” the EPA in order to pursue the pillage, impoverishment, and ruination of his own – alleged – country?


  5. Old Rooster says:

    Actually I think he may have taken out the double—Prat of the Year and CPOTY.

    Still think the handicappers should take into account the resources that are at the command of certain political figures. Also was there enough time for the COP21 follies to seep through to the voting public? Maybe not.

    In any case the Great Black Hope was a more deserving winner of CPOTY than a Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps next year he’ll be made F1 Champion😉❗️

    Christmas and New Year greetings to all. Stay safe and well.


  6. asybot says:

    As always pointman, thanks for the articles and Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all on this blog, a great 2016 to all and see you in 2016!


    • asybot says:

      Forgot to add something, about the article” Pratt of the year” and the winner, frankly that whole family ( just looking at that pic) should have the award, what a bunch of dissatisfied, mopey, whiny and thankless looking group of people, and they have the world by the B.lls. ( private schools, travelling everywhere, 16 day holidays (on top of all the others this year) when the world is in flames and more soldiers are dying, (sorry for the rant ).


    • asybot says:

      What a picture of a bunch of whiny looking people, with all they get from us, hey pointman maybe the whole family should have gotten the award!


  7. Pointman says:

    Since I appear to be in a Francophile mood, something mellow in the slide into Pere Noel’s visit. Autour de Lucie – Je Reviens



    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and all your family. (I thought I would get that in before it was banned as politically incorrect).

      Re Obama, I feel you have under-rated him as the worst President since Carter, I feel that he stands alone as the worst ever. An UN-Precedented failure. Worse than we thought. Can we blame this catastrophe on the rise in the levels of a minor gas?


  8. meltemian says:

    A very worthy winner, hope the Secret Service don’t turn nasty!!

    Καλά Χριστούγεννα
    A very Happy Christmas to you and everyone here. We’re in the UK with kids, grand-kids and friends and intend to have a great time (despite the customary ‘Christmas Cold’)

    χρόνια Πολλά as we say on almost every occasion.

    See you in the New Year, may it be a good one.


  9. I suspect it will take a long time, possibly even after we are all gone, but Obama will surely go down as one of the very worst presidents in history – setting new standards of vacuity and hypocrisy. His statements on the dangers of climate change will be perfect exemplars of this. Tragic really, isn’t it?

    Merry Christmas all.


  10. Blackswan says:


    A great choice of header pics for your Prat announcement (Sheesh, none of us saw THAT result coming) because it shows the Prat Family in all its wretched, snotty, au naturelle, un-stylised, un-photoshopped, non-auto-cued, well-deserved misery.

    Appreciate the intro to Montana Wildhack too …. Wow! that gal adds a little spice to any gathering. Great profile of the nominated Prattery this year – very enlightening.

    Thank you for a great year of gritty or funny or informative conversation in Pointy’s Bar & Grill, a great venue of easy banter and mutual respect. No sawdust needed on the floor here to soak up the spatters from verbal assaults, just wide oak floorboards and the warm shine only the patina of age can bring; as welcoming as the fire in the hearth and those friendly faces when we come in out of the cold.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family Pointy, especially your grandson Michael. A wonderful new addition to your clan and I know this will be a special time for all of you.

    Happy Christmas too to your regular bloggers, especially Hillbilly and Graeme3, fellow Aussies and patriots.

    G’day Meltemian – have a great Christmas with your family too – we’ve been saying ‘Hello’ around the traps for a lot of years now and I wish you well.

    Seasons Greetings to all fellow bloggers from the wilds of Southern Tasmania – hoping to catch up with you all again in 2016 at Pointy’s Place.


  11. catweazle666 says:

    Happy Christmas Pointman and everyone!


  12. Rastech says:

    Merry Christmas All!

    As for Climate Prat of the Year, I’d have gone with Jeremy Corbyn, who DEFINITELY knows full well what a crock of poo the whole climate fraud is, because his BROTHER is Piers Corbyn (and I have heard from sources that is indeed the case, but he’s way too much of a wimp to speak the truth).

    All being equal you won’t see much of me next year. Dad has finally had to go into a Care Home (a really nice one thankfully), and he’s happy as Larry. It’s been a long 10 years looking after him. /phew

    So I am now free to exit stage left (dad’s got vascular dementia, and is convinced I am already dead, and me turning up to visit is now a bit disturbing for him, so sis can update him and show him pictures of where I am as she thinks fit – it’s something he’s always wanted to do, so when he has a good day, he’ll be chuffed to bits, it’s just sad we can’t do it together), and attempt to get my own health on a more even footing, by chasing the Sun, and having plenty of salt air. Much to my surprise, the Dr is very enthusiastic, thinks it’s a great idea, and is trying to be supportive and helpful in every way./faints

    So I am off to buy a boat asap. Nothing big, something seaworthy and cheap to run. Once all is sorted I’ll pop by with an update.

    May 2016 be much better for you all than 2015.


  13. Pointman says:

    The WordPress spam detector seems to be having one of its “turns” and slinging decent law-abiding comments by even the regulars. I’ll don the hazmat suit and dive in over Christmas to retrieve.

    Happy Christmas day!



    • bushkid says:

      Thanks for posting that Pointy, that was one of my fathers favourites, and one of the first pieces of music I can remember hearing.

      Classical composers have my undying admiration; being able to imagine that end result, and being able to bring together all the parts of the orchestra in exactly the right, glorious, magnificent whole to bring their imaginings to life. Their contribution to the sheer enjoyment of little old middle-aged ladies like me who grew up in the Australian bush with a packing-case-sized radiogramme powered by a 32 volt generator, designed and built by my father, playing vinyl discs of this marvellous music that echoed throughout the unbeatable acoustics of the big old timber barn of a homestead we lived in – well, let’s just say that the wonder and beauty of it stays with me still. I “dips me lid” to them!


  14. Geoff Sherrington says:

    It would be nice to direct this result to the grand poo-bah, with a prize attached.
    What type of prize? That kept me thinking longer than selecting the prat. Finally, a vague vision emerged of the First Evah President in Space Suit, as he is led off to the gentle mercies of NASA and invited into the front seat of a launch vehicle, destination unknown, but sure to be a surprise (given the NASA record). (Of manned flights that is, not GISS).
    The very best to all


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Nice thought Geoff, but I think more mileage from forwarding the award to the Republican Senator Inofe with a request that he present it to the President next time he sees him.


  15. JohnTyler says:

    Seriously, is your article based on facts ?
    Is your source being truthful ?
    How do you know?
    Why would your source confide in you?
    Thanks for your response.


    • Pointman says:

      I’m prepared to swear on a stack of bibles that every single word of it could be true.



      • Old Rooster says:

        ‘Is this rumour true?’ ‘Yes.’ A straight answer! I was somewhat taken aback. ‘How do you know,’ I asked, ‘if you don’t move in such exalted circles?’ ‘I mean,’ he explained, ‘it is true that it is rumoured.’ (The Complete Yes Minister, p. 277)

        … a good speech isn’t one where we can prove that we’re telling the truth — it’s one where nobody else can prove we’re lying. (The Complete Yes Minister, p. 322)


      • Another Ian says:


        Make it Phantom comics and we might believe you


  16. Pointman says:

    Happy new year to all.



  17. Pointman says:

    The annual report on the blog, courtesy of WordPress.



  18. Douglas says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party, and I hope your Xmas and Hogmanay were great, but…

    I’ve always loved your Climate Prat of the Year awards. Seriously, the writing in them was so funny, you had me snorting single malt out of my nose, but this one… where’s the love, man? I’m not disagreeing with your choices, and I agree B.O. has disappointed on many fronts, but it seemed rage usurped the playful humor that you’ve always used so well to skewer the prats. Maybe rage is a better emotion this year, I dunno. But socially conscious humor is a great strength of yours and I hope it comes back next year!

    No biggie. I’ll still enjoy your columns. Looking forward to next year!


    • Pointman says:

      Hello Douglas. Fair comment and I’d tend to agree with you. Believe it or not, a decent humorous piece is the most difficult to write and rewrite and rewrite, and I didn’t give myself much time before announcing the winner and the voting finishing.

      It is angrier than usual perhaps because the alarmists are in the vicious death rattle phase.



      • Erny72 says:

        We can hope you’re right about the vicious death rattle phase, and that the demise of the gullible warming scam isn’t protracted by the headline seeking climastrologists and the rent seeking green blob proving to be ‘unflushables’; clinging on to life and influence by a thread, but a thread that tenaciously resist efforts to finally break and consign the whole sordid lot to the sewer of history.


  19. jdseanjd says:

    Funny & informative, it doesn’t get much better.
    Thanks, Pointy.
    John Doran.


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