The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!

Okay youse guys and gals, it’s once again time to run the Climate Prat of the Year competition, also known as the Pratties.

Right, let’s clear the definitions, rules and boring regulation stuff first. This year, it’ll be the same procedure as last year and indeed the same procedure as it is every year.

First off, if you’ve been living a solitary existence in a cave and don’t know what a prat is, this rather comprehensive description should give you a good feel for the subtleties of prathood. As a cautionary rather than a censorious observation after the unsinkable Prof. Turkey’s win last year, I feel I must emphasise that a true world-class prat never actually recognises that the whole world around them thinks they’re a complete prat.

People look at them unblinkingly, mouths slowly hinge open, and the prat ploughs on, not so much regardless of the incredulous silence around them, but totally oblivious to it. If anything, they interpret such a reaction to their antics as shooting a double-barrelled combination of awe and wonder straight into the very heart of their paralysed audience.

The first round of the contest, lasting one week, is merely you adding a comment underneath this piece containing at most five names of people whom you think have been outstanding climate prats this year. I’ll say the same things I say every year, confident in the belief that as usual someone will ignore them anyway. It’s like watching a disastrous competitor in a hurdles sprint. They knock every one over without breaking stride and yet still manage to finish last. Don’t scoff, they’re still somebody’s baby.

Once the nominations close, any further nominations will be ignored. You can only nominate people, not organisations, and you can’t nominate the same person five times.

That last little caveat is an acknowledgement of the various attempts over the years to shall we say “game” the results of the competition. Given the subversive spirit of the competition, cheating as such isn’t exactly outlawed while the Pratties is in full rip. Let’s just say it’s traditionally somewhat of a greyish area we studiously ignore as long as it doesn’t get too outrageous and leave it at that.

The committee as usual will be on their guard but an absolutely original and outstanding hack of the competition will probably be let stand. Enterprise and innovation should always be rewarded – fair’s fair after all.

At the end of every day in nomination week, I’ll total up who’s been nominated in the comments and how many times and I’ll append an update to this article with the running totals. At the end of the week, the five people receiving the most nominations will go forward to the voting phase and all the other nominees will be dropped. In the event of more than five nominees receiving the same number of nominations, the final five going forward to the voting phase will be decided by a penalty shoot out.

The committee will simply shoot a few of them and continue doing so until there’s only the required five remaining.

Now that we’ve whittled the prats down to the top five, the nominations phase closes and the actual voting phase begins. A nice little polling widget will appear at the side of the blog courtesy of young Vladimir. At this point, I must say he’s very good at computer thingies and appears only by the very generous and kind permission of his absolutely lovely Mum after she and I finally patching things up over the Firebase Pointy misunderstanding, over which I totally accept I was in the wrong and she of course was always right all along. Sorry again Missus, sorry.

It’ll contain the names of the final five and you can vote for the one who you think should be crowned this year’s climate prat. Like everyone else, I want to clock off for Christmas, so you’ve only got a week and a half to vote before the poll closes and the winner is announced.

The only other thing you need to know about is the blinder prat option. The circumstance may arise that a world-class prat who’s not in the finals makes a blinder of a move and it’s of such high-end Richter scale prat magnitude that he simply has to be given a shot at the final, but at the expense of ejecting another finalist. Who gets the boot is at the discretion of the committee.

I think that about covers the rules & regs, apart from saying that the committee’s say is final in the event of any disputes.

Last year I took a bit of a bashing from people accusing me of unfairly advocating for a certain candidate, so this year I’m going to be scrupulously boring by not making any recommendations, implicitly or otherwise. I still think Leonardo was severely underrated as a prat, but there’s no denying the Turkey trotted away with the competition. That was his fifteen minutes I suppose.

However, it still falls to me to remind you of a few salient prats who’ve pushed their head up through the floating crispy snot on the surface of climate alarmism this year. Scanning through both this blog and other people’s, a few scattered names become apparent though I’m sure you’ll nominate your own little darlings and doxies.

Number one would be Barry Obama pronouncing in February that climate change was the biggest threat to humanity. Here he is laying a wreath at a people’s monument to the victims of those non-threatening Islamic terrorists in Paris at the opening of COP21 and another picture that same day of the climate crowd paying their respects as well.

That’s an easy hit I suppose but as I write this, I’m reading reports of some guy with an Arabic name and a woman he brought back from Saudi Arabia appearing at a party and shooting people in wheel chairs and their carers who were doing nothing more offensive than bopping along to Kool and the Gang.

They both appeared in combat suits, replete with fully automatic assault rifles and pistols but of course it was just another spur of the moment lone madman with unusually a murderess in tow and very definitely not an American Jihadi out for a big body count. That spin is really starting to wear pretty thin with everybody at this stage.

In the ordinary way of things, I really do like to write something light for the Pratties, but in that miserable bastard’s particular case, it’s all getting a bit bloody hard, with the emphasis on blood – the blood of the people he’s supposed to be protecting.

Spin doesn’t work too well on people in a wheelchair who’ve got a sucking chest wound.

Moving along to slightly less tragi-comedic grounds and because he’s clinically an idiot, we find Secretary of State John Kerry. What can one say of him? He’s totally concentrated on saving the world from climate change while artfully ignoring Vladimir “I’ve got no more territorial ambitions” Putin as he gobbles up the Crimea, never mind those ISIS guys. It’s what psychologists call displacement activity, akin to that old expression about rearranging deck chairs as the Titanic is sinking. Boy, did America duck a bullet when they rejected him as the next president. Like the riverines he was supposed to have served with said, he’s all mouth and trousers, piss and wind – and Putin knows it too.

Arguably, Western Europe has fielded an equivalent candidate in the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbin. Thirty years ago he marched against the closure of coal mining pits and days ago marched in support of COP21 which if it had its way, would result in the closure of the last few remaining pits in Britain. Go figure. A strange man suitable perhaps for strange days. Time is out of joint.

The showbiz front has been remarkably quiet this year except for a little uptick last weekend in support of the Paris climate can can. We had Vivian Westwood attending at the front of the march but only for as long as the photo opportunity and then nipping off. The frocks she designs would be too expensive for most people, never mind the crowd of state educated middle class crusties electively living on welfare that she was rubbing elbows with at the demo.

As usual, that acting luvvie Emma Thompson was to the forefront of the photo opportunity, spouting wonderfully theatrical nonsense. The smell of ham coming off her acting could only be exceeded by sniffing Kermit’s fingers. She actually named her daughter Gaia and one can only hope the poor kid is attending a private school with a strict anti-bullying policy. Why not go the whole hog and call the poor girl Fred?

People like Leonardo and Bono have not said anything much this year. I think the former is sulking at not having been given his Nobel Peace Prize for last year’s efforts while the latter is still smarting under the assault of fans who’ve discovered he’d moved the tax domiciled base of U2 off-shore from Oireland to avoid paying any taxes on the zillions his band was earning. Let’s all give something to save the Earth goes the battle cry, but none of my bucks thank you very much.

Dontcha just lurve a real man of the people?

The establishment figures have all joined the media chatterati. Prince Charlie candidly admitted while chatting most earnestly to a stalk of asparagus or a free-range but bemused spider tethered to a lamppost outside Windsor castle (reports of source vary) a lot of stuff, very little of which can be revealed to you because of the slightly controlling conditions of any of his public appearances. Needless to say, he’s always been a prat and come the revolution brothers and sisters, that lamppost is reserved for him.

The spider gets a free pass though, even though he should have know better than listening to a proper Charlie, who’s no more than the blue-blooded imbecilic product of generations of inbreeding and some bastardised krauts masquerading as Englishmen.

The 300 pound gorilla in the room I’m reluctant to mention is of course the head honcho in the poncho, otherwise known as the Pope. Being a lapsed everything, I always had this stray hope in the back of my mind that establishment religion would somehow serve to be the final bulwark against the secular worship of the goddess Gaia, the last best chance the truly vulnerable had against the evil forces of niceness, but this year I’ve been proven wrong, and spectacularly so.

He now genuflects and gives obeisance with the rest of them before the green altar adorned with the grinning skulls of the poor and worries more about the survival of the Earth than his flock. Oh St. Peter’s rock, what has become of thee? Bowing down before graven images of false idols and what a shepherd he’s turning out to be. Interestingly, none of the Islamic sects of whatever Sunni or Shite stripe give a flying frigging infidel about global warming.

It’s good to know for sure who stands with you, or as in this particular case, who doesn’t. Bite down on it Kiddo, suck it in and grin, we really are on our own in this struggle, but realistically we always knew it was going to be a long haul. We’re still getting there against all the odds though.

Anyway, start nominating for all you’re worth. Drag out their worthless carcasses into daylight. It’s that magic payback time of the year and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. This is your golden opportunity to do the worst and most damaging thing you can ever do to any fanatic – have a good laugh at them.

Nominate early, nominate often and nominate until you drop, and may the worst prat win.

Enjoy yourself.


Update 2. The finishing tape is in sight.

Nominations are now closed, the voting begins and may the worst prat win.

Update 1. Nominees and the number of their nominations to Wednesday 9th December in the year of our Lord twenty and fifteen –

Would anybody yet to nominate or who hasn’t yet used up all their five nominations, please consider Peter Wadhams. He’s pure comedy gold and deserves a place in the finals. It’d be a tough ask to find a funny side to the current leaders and anyway, if he becomes CPotY 2015, we can call off the hitman. Your nomination could actually save a life.

Barry Obama 38,

Prince “wingnut” Charlie 27,

Pope Gaia Franciscus Harkonnen 25mair,

Peter “they’re out to murder me” Wadhams 13,

Montana Wildhack 12,

Stephan “loopaper” Lewandowsky 11,

John “surrender monkey” Kerry 10,

Malcolm “don’t ever turn your back on him” Turnbull 8,

Charlotte “screechy cow” Church 8,

Jagadish “the money was only resting in my account” Shukla 7,

Emma Thompson 7,

Roger “another BBC tit” Harrabin 7,

Naomi “DNR” Klein 6,

Vivian Westwood 6,

Aaron Mair (Sierra Club President) 6,

Mark “BOEr” Carney 5,

Ken “and then there’s arseholes” Rice 5,

Hans Schellnhuber 4,

SS Obergruppenführer Johannes Cook 4,

Bill Shorten (opposition leader -Australia) 4,

Tim “the trougher” Yeo 4,

Offspring of the older Trudeau 4,

Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen 4,

Matt “BBC tit” McGrath 3,

Gavin Schmidt 3,

Maurice Strong (posthumous award) 3,

Lord Deben 3,

John Holdren 2,

David “old fart” Suzuki 2,

Tim “anusplierectomy” Flannery 2,

David Cameron 2,

Dr James L. Powell (director of the National Physical Sciences Consortium) 2,

Shelden Whitehouse 2,

Nuttily Bennett 2,

Dana “jaw-droppingly beautiful” Nuccitelli 1,

Jerry Brown 1,

Jamie Henn 1,

Paul Ehrlich 1,

Queen Lizer 1,

Bishop 1,

Gollum “my pretty pretty” Erdrogan 1,

Geoffrey “Pvt. Godfrey” Lean 1,

Bill “the irritating guy” Nye 1,

Ed Davey 1,

Paul Krugman 1,

Rajendra “octopus hands” Pachauri 1,

Wan Ki Moon 1,

Raul Griv 1,

Jezza Corbyn 1,

Andrew “intergalactic missiles” Weaver 1,

Lord Carnwath (UK Supreme Court) 1,

David “humanity is virus on the face of the Earth” Attenborough 1,

Justine Greening 1,

John D Sutter 1,

Paul Nurse 1,

Bob Ward 1,

Tom “more money than brains” Steyer 1,

Rachel (Premier of Alberta) Notley 1,

Mrs. Rab C. Nesbitt aka Nicola Sturgeon 1,

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114 Responses to “The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!”
  1. Hugh Kendrick says:

    Obama, Kerry, Pope Francis, John Holdren, Prince Charles


  2. Phil R says:


    As supporting evidence, just two things he said recently.

    First, that climate change is the biggest threat to our national security.

    And second, his totally clueless and insensitive statement yesterday, in Paris of all places, in response to the San Bernardino shootings when he said, “I mean, I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings; this just doesn’t happen in other countries”, just after the tragedy they suffered.


  3. Phil R says:

    Sorry, I was too quick to respond and didn’t finish the whole article. I see that climate change being a threat to national security was used as an example. I still stand by the second statement.


    • Pointman says:

      You’ve still got four nominations left, should you decide to use them. However, we could start a secondary swaps market in nominations. If someone else agrees to vote for Obama, you’ll agree to vote for their nomination.

      I get commission on each swap BTW.



  4. RoyFOMR says:

    Charlotte Church
    Stephan Loo
    Prince Charles


  5. Peter C says:

    President Obama
    Bill Shorten (opposition leader -Australia)
    Maurice Strong (posthumous award)
    Stephen Lewandowsky
    John Cook


  6. Stonyground says:

    I’m not sure Prince Charles is one of the baddies really. yes he spouts utter nonsense about climate change, but his status as a woo believing imbecile means that he is actually furthering the cause of sanity.

    US President Obama gets my vote I think.


    • Old Rooster says:

      For all Charles’ well meaning I grow more convinced that he has been suffering from early onset dementia for many decades now. Should he be disqualified on medical grounds? I’d go so far as to argue he isn’t a capable testator. If he wasn’t the Prince of Wales he’d probably be a gardener/inmate of some sort of institution.


  7. Sierra Club President Aaron Mair


  8. Kevin Lohse says:

    It will be hard to dismiss the contribution of Barack Obama to Climate Pratdom. The Community Organiser In Chief has made a succession of statements on matters climate, but surely the one where he placed climate change as more important than terrorism elevates the Pratt to a hitherto un attainable level. I see no point in nominating any other person.


    • cephus0 says:

      While true that POTUS Barry is indeed a true Usain Bolt analogue amongst the field of also-ran pratts, I think much of that accrues because of his position of monstrous power. It is probably best to employ some sort of pratt/power index in any assessment for purposes of this competition.


    • cephus0 says:

      While POTUS Barry is indeed a true Usain Bolt analogue amongst a field of also-ran pratts, I think much of that accrues simply from his position of monstrous power. It is probably best to employ some sort of rudimentary pratt/power index when making assessments for purposes of this competition.


  9. Ben Vorlich says:

    Emma Thompson individual award
    BBC corporate/team award


  10. Rich Kyllo says:

    I kind of think Obama is going to run away with it this year (I’ll add my nomination for him), but just watch out next year – our man from Canada is starting out in fine form!


  11. donaitkin says:

    His Holiness and His Highness are battling it out for me, but I find Lewandowsky a disgrace to higher education, so I’ll put him in, plus the ever Skeptical John Cook. OK, Obama for the fifth.


  12. Bruce Cunningham says:

    Potus, Pope, Kerry,Emma, Jerry Brown


  13. Bad News Quillan says:

    Baruq H. Obama: setting a new Prathood standard.
    John F’n Kerry a distant second.
    Our Canadian Trulander is left in the dust.

    –Bad News


  14. omnologos says:

    Jamie Henn aka Agent350 for going ahead with a demo in terror scarred Paris despite officially being forbidden to do so, within consequent riots and candle destruction

    Obama for finding refuge in climate change from the innumerable successes of his foreign policy

    Charles Windsor for directing his motorcade to tell people in Paris that climate change caused Bataclan

    Hans Schellnhuber, the Gaia worshiping climate adviser to the Roman Catholic Pope

    Matt Mcgrath of the BBC who writes about climate change in the stupidest possible way including blocking people on twitter and thus preventing them from reading his rubbish. Ex aequo Justin Gillis, the most idiotic science writer since the great days of Monbiot


  15. Michael Burke says:

    Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Prince Charles, Tim Flannery, Malcolm Turnbull


    • Old Rooster says:

      The Flim Flam Man makes a desperate attempt to catch up at the tape from a lap or two down—


  16. Russell says:

    Prince Charles, Obama, The Pope, Tim Flannery, Malcolm Turnbull


  17. catweazle666 says:

    Charles the Dim
    Charlotte Church
    Pope Francis


  18. asybot says:

    Obama, Paul Ehrlich, Aaron Mair, Sen. Kelly, Pope.


  19. Blackswan says:

    My nominations this year are cast in the order of magnitude of damage a nominee’s prattiness has caused any free and allegedly democratic society.

    #1 – The Queen.

    On a summons from the Prime Minister she turned up at a meeting of the Privy Council, fished a rubber stamp out of her handbag, and signed a Royal Charter effectively destroying Britain’s ‘freedom of the press’, hailed for 300 years as a mainstay of any free society. Why?

    “A poisonous trap, left on the statute book in the aftermath of the Leveson Report, is about to snap shut.”

    Imagine any editor or journalist seeking to be the first ‘test case’ for prosecution in comprehensively exposing Climate Fraud.


  20. Blackswan says:

    #2 – Charles, the Prince of Wales.

    Firstly, he urged British Judges to “to use the courts to combat climate change” …

    ….all the while failing to acknowledge his vested interest in Climate Fraud by declaring the millions he and his Mum are raking in each year from owning the seabed.–owns-seabed.html

    Then he declares that the Islamic invasion of Europe is caused by global warming and drought.

    Thick as a brick is our Jug Ears.


  21. Blackswan says:

    #3 – Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s fifth Prime Minister in five years.

    Locally dubbed Malcontent Turncoat or Chairman Mal, this character is the one-time General Manager of Goldman Sachs Australia/New Zealand and at the time of the 2009 Copenhagen fiasco Turncoat was meeting his old GS colleague David Blood in London to discuss strategy.

    Turncoat recently ousted PM Tony Abbott from the top job in a party room coup and has been tripping around Europe pledging billions in taxpayer dollars to “help Pacific islanders combat climate change”.

    Abbott had always said that CAGW was “absolute crap” and scrapped the Labor Party’s Carbon Tax, but Turncoat (a lifelong left-winger who couldn’t get a ‘safe seat from the Labor Party) has always said that there should be an ETS putting a price on carbon.

    Turncoat needs to safeguard his personal mega-million dollar investments in Green Fraud but whether he has the Party numbers to re-introduce carbon pricing is a moot point at this stage.


  22. Old Rooster says:

    So many worthies have already been entered into the lists. I worry that entertainment celebrities and Prince Charles are not fit to stand on mental grounds but I leave that to be determined by the Committee.

    As I am pledged to do so (being a cockerel of my word) I first nominate Suzuki and for good measure Trudeau. That leaves me only three slots for Australians and troubled as I am that they don’t meet the criterion for lack of self awareness I name Turnbull, Shorten, and Bishop.

    Gratified as I was by the runaway success of Prof Turkey last year I must admit to a sense of letdown this year due to the lack of effort by this year’s candidates. Perhaps it is due to dilution of effort as the crowd aboard the bandwagon grows in quantity but not quality. Much as it pains me I have left out Obama and Pope Francis as well as the newly appointed Sanitation Supremo the KRudd. It times of war one has to accept the necessity of rationing if not welcome it cheerily.

    I now look forward to the Pratties as much as Christmas. The nomination phase reminds us that we are in Advent. Let it rip!


  23. StefanL says:

    I nominate
    Dr James L. Powell, director of the National Physical Sciences Consortium
    for his study that found the 97% consensus figure is too conservative, it’s actually 99.9%


  24. Jones says:


    Is Holdren last years man?


  25. Arnost says:

    Barrack Hussein Soetoro – POTUS, Hon leader of Kenya and of the Muslim world, ;
    Pope Francis the Green;
    Gollum Erdrogan;
    Prince Chuck the Greener; and
    Lord Wentworth, Maolcom Turnbull the Greenest.


  26. Jagadish Shukla
    Peter Wadhams
    The UK Supreme Court
    Charlotte Church
    Marc Carney


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Following the australian tending posts I think yours is a bit Anglophilic.
      For all that I agree with Peter Wadhams; who could not agree that his claim that “evil oil company agents” were assassinating true believers and that “they were out to get him too”.
      Coupled with his prediction of arctic ice loss by 2020 which got rather shorter shrift than usual from a fellow warmist with “Wadhams, he’s predicted 4 out of the last zero ice losses”.
      From Germany I would nominate Schellnhuber, not least for his activity as “Climatescience advisor to the Pope”. And his outburst (the comments aren’t favourable).
      While we are on I am tempted to nominate the resident troll sod (I kid you not) but I think he has to be ruled out on the ground that he shows no signs of intelligence (or humour). One cannot nominate an inanimate wooden object, can one?
      I would also like to nominate on behalf of all public figures who have no knowledge of science or logic but with a hugely inflated sense of their own importance Vivian Westwood, the ageing, but still unfortunately visible, and outdated fashionista.
      That leaves me with 2 choices and tempted as I am by Prince Wingnutti I must devote some thought to lesser denizens of the pigswill trough.


    • Pointman says:

      I’d forgotten completely about Wadhams. He’s a pure free-range prat. An original. Come on people, he needs a few more nominations to stand a chance of getting into the last five.


      • Oswald Thake says:

        I’d forgotten about Wadhams, too.
        My nominations: Obama, Mair, Wadham, Westwood, Lewandowsky.
        But wait…has Professor Turvey something up his sleeve?
        Anyway, the Paris talk fest is still going on; surely we can count on some outstanding example of world-shaking prattishness before it ends – and afterwards, too.


  27. Fen Tiger says:

    Jagdish Shukla
    Prince Charles
    His Holiness (specifically for crimes against the phrase, “is the pope catholic?”)
    POTUS (obviously)
    and (I’d forgotten about him until reminded above – thanks StefanL) the preposterous James Powell


  28. beththeserf says:

    I nominate Prince Charles of GB for P of Y.

    # For not learning from his mum that his inherited role does not confer
    special judicial powers, for forgetting the lessons of 1642, no divine right
    of kings for him.

    # P of Y for silly public statements like ‘Climate change is to blame for the war
    in Syria.’

    # For urging judges to use the courts against its own citizens to silence climate
    CAGW dissenters.


  29. Annie says:

    So many to choose from!

    Here goes:

    Obama, the Pope, Kerry, Charlotte Church, Geoffrey Lean.


  30. johnrmcd says:

    In a crowded field only the truly benighted can be chosen.
    Thus I propose:
    Prince Wingnut
    Baraq Hussein O’Bambi (otherwise known, in magisterial initials, as POTUS)
    Wadhams (living so far away I had forgotten him; thank several commenters for the reminder)
    The Pope (surely a cuckoo in the nest)

    And, in the event of some kind of tie, I suggest the refugee from a village bereft of its idiot.
    As a tie breaker: John Kerry.

    As an Australian, it burns my butt that I cannot propose an Australian. God knows there are many prats here; unfortunately, so many others have out done them this year


  31. normal new says:

    I only have two names for this pratties but they have been annoyingly active this year.

    1. Bill nye “the ….. guy”
    He has gone full insane this year completely unaware how little sense he makes to
    the rest of the world.

    2. Naomi Klein
    The lamest enemy of free markets. A canadian post-sense commie rambling on about
    how communism is a much better idea, all wtitten on glorious free market computers.


  32. beththeserf says:

    Three to go so Obama, Shukla, Klein.


  33. 1957chev says:

    I really think Obama is vying for the title this year. He has climate change responsible for pretty much everything that’s wrong in this world…


  34. pinroot says:

    The Pope
    Jagdish Shukla
    Stephen Lewandowsky
    Naomi Klein


  35. John Hewitt says:

    My GB list – obviously there are plenty of candidates from elsewhere.

    Charlotte Church
    Emma Thompson
    Ken Rice [attp] just read his comments at Bishop Hill
    Ed Davey – now thankfully no longer an MP
    Prince Charles

    I have left out Natalie Bennett, anybody in the Green party or the Met Office research team – perhaps you should consider a separate award for an organisation of “prats”.

    My number 1 would be Prince Charles for suggesting that Judges should silence AGW sceptics. If he does become King there is a small chance that GB will become a republic!


  36. MikeP says:

    #1 Obama–from “healing oceans” to AGW>Islamic Terror, his ever rising level of stupidity on display deserves this award as a bookend to the Nobel. While the pratties are a fun vehicle for cataloging the absurd, O’s delusions are beginning to have serious consequences for the health and safety of US citizens.

    #2 Schellnhuber/P. Francis–Methinks we get a toofer since Schelly apparently begat Francis’s Laudato Si.

    I’ll leave my 3 remaining nominations open for others to fill.


  37. michael hart says:

    Here’s my five, with reasons:

    A) Matt McGrath (BBC)
    B) Roger Harrabin (BBC)
    The heirs of Richard Black at the biggest unaccountable media organisation that is publicly funded, yet politically compromised. What these guys lack in quality, they definitely try to make up for in quantity.

    C) Obama.
    Simply because he is climate-cheerleader-in-Chief, and perceived to be the most powerful man on the planet, even if he doesn’t wear a short skirt in public. I sometimes suspect he doesn’t actually believe 3% of the the drivel his speech-writers and twit-feed people write, but has bugger all to leave behind him as a “legacy” and he’s nearly out of time.

    D) Mark Carney.
    Similar. Governor of the Bank of England, and perceived to be the most powerful man in the UK, even if he is ruled by his green wife, just like the UK Prime Minister.

    E)The Pope
    F) Prince Charles.
    Both head of their respective religions. They’re both obviously not up to the task intellectually, yet people who call-out the global warming religion are often imagined to be Fundamentalist Christian dimwits in the Anglo-American media. What a couple of planks in their collective eye.

    G) Peter Wadhams.
    It seems a bit unfair to include a scientist who is undergoing mental disintegration because he has trashed his life by making such a professional fool of himself in public in support of catastrophic warming. But he deserved the attention for being so arrogantly wrong, and Pointy baby requested more nominations for him.

    OK, careful readers will have noted that that’s seven nominations. But our host has already reserved the right to make exceptions, and I limited myself to only four or five classes of drongos.


    • Pointman says:

      Would any of youse guys/gals who haven’t used up all of your five nominations want to adopt two of Michael’s nominees?



      • I’ll adopt McGraf and Harribin, as representatives of the organisation responsible for the greatest amount of misleading climate non-science possibly in the Western world. I’ve previously left out Charlie as I have seen him as a dull man who means well, but his wheeze of using the Law to silence dissent propels him into the evil box, so I nominate him also.


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        Harrabin or is that Horrid-din? Definitely deserves an award for lies above and beyond the call of being believable, but my last must go to Gavin Schmidt the head of the NASA GISS laboratories and originator of so many untruthful press releases and claims of non-existent “Warming”. Cross polar bear and bar (for ever).


  38. Does no-one rate Caroline Lucas? Still, I suppose her boss, Nuttily Bennett, surpasses her for seriously bonkers statements – as others have opined, it’s a rich field.

    I think I’d have to go with the boss of the Tree Hut gang, John Cook, his acolytes Dr Lew and Dana Nuccitelli, Prince Chuckles and Natalie B.

    Ask me tomorrow and it will be different, though…


  39. 1nvw says:

    Paul Krugman for past efforts but especially for this opinion piece today. What a prat


  40. SigmundB says:

    In my opinion you have to be a pro to be the Climate Prat of the year, you can tthat lack of integrity . My nominees are :

    Gavin Schmidt – Always willing to toe the line when the press calls, no matter how weak the case.

    John Holdren – Taking the president down with him.

    Stephan Lewandowsky – “Have you no decency” is my first thought. Not the same calibre as the two first but willing to use verything in his field to bash one side in a discussion he understands little of.

    Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen – The tireless FN chief negotiator. Not a pro in the sense of the above candidates that she has the skillset to understand she is probably wrong. But it takes a lot of people to prevent the friction of facts to stop this thing and she works so hard to keep it rolling.

    Rajendra K. Pachauri – we havent seen much of him this year after his untimely demise but a prat as big as they come! Had he finished his term he would have been my favourite.


  41. JimX says:

    Ban Ki Moona
    Mal Turdball
    Bill Shortdick
    Prince Wingnut
    Mohamed Obama


  42. timg56 says:

    It really isn’t much of a contest, as President Obama is head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Perhaps the only time he has ever been.

    Kerry is eligible, as are Shelden Whitehouse and Raul (you expect me to actually attend sessions of Congress?) Griv however you spell it. I know the list is heavy with politicians so I’ll throw Shukla on to it. Signing a letter to prosecute people who disagree with you and having it bring to light his own questionable behavior makes him at least worthy of being on the ballot.

    On second thought, I’m going to pull Kerry. Not that he isn’t worthy, but due to it feeling like making fun of the retard in your neighborhood.

    As for his Holiness, I don’t know what to say.


  43. David Smith says:

    It has to be:
    – Naomi Klein, the jet-setting eco-activist/anti-capitalist
    – That fashionista idiot Vivienne Westwood
    – Charlotte Church, the working class warrior who made a fortune singing tunes for the middle classes
    – Jezza Corbyn, “Support the striking miners! Stop using fossil fuels! Err…”
    – Ken Rice (AndThenThere’sPhysics) for getting in a complete tizzy every time he comments at Bishop Hill


  44. I truly believe that it is definitely time for a Canadian to be honoured with this award. My candidate list follows:

    Maurice Strong (recently deceased) without whose “efforts” as Grandfather (or Godfather, if you prefer) of the (never officially mandated, but ever-growing multi-tentacled) UNEP, many of us might never have met and shared the wit and wisdom of our wondrous words.

    Canada’s recently elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau – who has never missed an opportunity to display his dimples. From his scripted (or unscripted) lips, meaningless inanities tumble and flow with more than ample abundance – and many measures of ignorance, to boot.

    Longtime IPCC-nik, modeller and more recently sole Green Party member of the British Columbia Legislature, Andrew “climate change is a barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles” Weaver. A man for whom conflict of interest appears to be a completely unknown concept. Not to mention that for far too many years, Weaver counted himself among those who chose to falsely don the mantle of Nobel Prize winner (aided and abetted by an always adulating CBC).

    Mark Carney who dutifully recites his greenie wife’s liturgy at the drop of a virtual byte. While he had held his green-tongue in check during his high profile term as Governor of the Bank of Canada, alas he now sees fit to spew forth – about matters in which he has absolutely no expertise – on England’s (formerly) green and pleasant land.

    David Suzuki who should long, long ago have made a permanent exit stage left.


  45. DirkH says:

    He didn’t really have to make an assclown of himself to keep his wind turbine rent business in Spain and Italy going. But he did.


  46. DirkH says:

    Oh, another one. He won’t win; too little internatinal recognition.
    Biggest climate liar bigwig in Germany, just published a book “Self-Immolation” in which he steadfastly upholds the most ludicrous claim of warmunism, namely that Earth in its entirety will become uninhabitable.
    Doesn’t get much play even in Germany, as warmunism silently continues to cash in 28 bn EUR in renewables subsidies a year here, all Bundestag parties ARE warmunist so there’s no controversy, and the big issue of Merkel’s million Muslims import this year totally swamps the media, wrecking Schellnhuber’s publicity addiction.


  47. Rightboy says:

    Peter Wadhams
    Montana Wildhack
    Rightboy x 3


  48. hunter says:

    While publicly holding up our ludicrous leaders for the humiliation and disgrace they so richly deserve is important I am not so certain that the likes of Lewandowsky, Obama, Kerry and so many others are actually funny anymore. John Kerry, as American Secretary of State traveling the world openly talking about limiting the civil rights of climate skeptics. Mr. Obama acting as angry as he acts crazy about disconnect between the world in his head and reality. Lewandowsky so obviously batshit crazy yet still receiving public awards for his transparently corrupt “studies”.
    There is a darkness descending quickly that to a certain extent offsets the pleasure I typically take in satire, parody and ironic critiques.
    That said, the Pratties are an important contribution and way to push back against the dark madness and ignorance of the climate obsessed.
    So I offer as my nominee for 2015 Pratties
    Barak H Obama
    Who else can be held up as such a compelling example of just what “Anthropomorphic” means?
    Ignoring the annoying and rational aspects of reality, Mr. Obama chooses instead to inhabit a world where the fears in his head can be projected onto reality. And in that projection he does not take the honest, humble path that integrity demands to test the projections of his inner thoughts. Instead he has surrounded himself with counselors who would make Wormtongue blush in shame for their deceptive manipulations. By Anthropomorphic projections Mr. Obama can now spend his valuable time attending a conference of parasites and gullible fools claiming that all problems of the world are caused by the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. And he fits right in.


  49. Joe Public says:

    I nominate Aunty’s two 28-gate disciples, Roger Harrabin & Matt McGrath.


  50. meltemian says:

    Pope Francis
    Prince Charles
    The BBC (if I’m allowed an organisation…if not I’ll settle for Harrabin as representative)


  51. Tom Austin says:

    Prince Charles, Shelden Whitehouse, The Red Pope, Barack Obama, Gavin Schmidt


  52. Richard Joyce says:

    Well I really think prince Charlie should win, Obama second, Viv Westwood for being so annoying, Natalie Benet because of her voice and Sturgeon for being thick.


  53. Graeme No.3 says:

    Harrabin has got at least 3 nominations. He would be upset if you down graded him to occasional nuisance.


  54. Hivemind says:

    Malcolm Turnbull
    Bill Shorten
    The Pope
    Bill Flannelface


  55. Blackswan says:

    Seems the Prez, the Pope and the Prince are the frontrunners …

    the 3 Ps …. Piss-weak, Piss-poor and Plainly Stooopid.

    What a triumvirate!


  56. Will Janoschka says:

    Barack Obama; AKA Presedente Bovine Excrement!
    Charles Philip Arthur George; AKA Prince Bovine Excrement!
    Pope Francis; AKA His Holiness Bovine Excrement!
    Spouting Bovine Excrement seems a major requirement for Complete Climate Prat!


  57. Newminster says:

    Stefan Lewandowsky, Vivienne Westwood, Emma Thompson, Prince Charles, Ken Rice.
    I thought of including Ms Church but she’s still young enough to be excused for being naive unlike the other two “experts” I’ve included.
    Charles qualifies because he’s made a profession out of being a prat and Lewandowsky is a shoo-in.
    Rice qualifies because he’s such a deliberate pain in the arse. (Accidental pains in the arse are bearable; professional ones not so much.)


  58. mikeiw says:

    Stephan Lewandowsky – how could Bristol Uni have him as a prof!
    Roger Harrabin – BBC of course
    Charlotte Church – being famous qualifies one to be ultra Green
    Pope Francis – leader of the new religion
    Tim Yeo – trougher supreme


  59. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Here is a new one — Lord Carnwath, head of the UK Supreme Court, under whose watch was allowed official Court space and one of his Judges to have a high level plotting gathering to discuss the claims of climate change sceptics. In a strain on the long held principles of separation of powers and natural justice, there appeared to be chummy assent to a statement that –
    “Courts could play a role here in finally scotching those claims”


  60. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Four to go but I am reluctant because I make mistakes – more below.
    Aaron Mairs has to be there because his mistakes give me comfort – over and over, challenging Ted Cruz.
    POTUS, reluctantly because for him any news is good news, mistakes and all. That is, if he can authenticate his birth certificate.
    Prince Chukka, shown in that famous mistake with the tapped phone call wishing to be the definition of “being in the right place at the wrong time.”
    For number 5, sorry Lew but those who live by the sword die by the shaft.

    Re mistakes, I had thought that my vasectomy would cause no more little babies. I was wrong. After the vasectomy they just seem to be born in different colours.
    (I trust the missus, whom I have known since even before she was a virgin.)


  61. Annie says:

    I see my comment did make it although I thought it hadn’t….good oh. My OH doesn’t have time to look at blogs but he said that if there were corporate awards the ABC (Australian) and the BBC should be contenders for the Pratties. I’ve already used up my allotted 5 nominations though. So frustrating, I can think of so many more who deserve consideration!!!


  62. James Evans says:

    The Pope
    Peter Wadhams
    Emma Thompson
    Roger Harrabin
    Mark Carney


  63. mike fowle says:

    Gosh, such an embarrassment of riches. What about Saint David of Attenborough – because he makes such good wildlife films people absorb his hatred of humanity without noticing?
    Charlotte Church – Voice of an Oil Drill, in Guido’s words.
    Ken Rice (ATTP) Irritating troll at Bishop Hill
    Emma Thompson (Good actress and screenwriter but most decidedly a pratess)
    Lord Deben (Yeo has been exposed as a greedy liar but how about a consolation prize for Gum Gum till his comeuppance arrives, as it surely must one day?)


  64. Dung (AKA Colin Brooks) says:

    Prince Charlie
    David Cameron
    Lord Deben
    Justine Greening


  65. I nominate CNN’s John D Sutter.
    As supporting evidence, I present
    “The 48-page document could determine the fate of the planet”

    I would also vote for Roger “Cardinal” Harrabin.


  66. Phil R says:

    I think I still have four left. In response to your request, I’d be happy to nominate Peter Wadhams.

    Also, Naomi Klein, John Effin’ Kerry, and Jagadish Shukla.


  67. Bill Toland says:

    Barack Obama
    Stephan Lewandowsky
    John Kerry
    Pater Wadhams
    Mark Carney


  68. Uncle Mort says:

    I don’t know if I’m becoming too old and cynical but to me the number of climate prats seems to grow as general interest in the subject declines. Is that a correlation? Anyhow here are my five.

    Christaina Figueres
    Naomi Klein
    Peter Wadhams
    Prince Charles
    Barack Obama


  69. Well Pointman, my kitchen table is groaning under the weight of newly-bought and exceptionally smelly Christmas cheese, which tells me that it’s time for the Pratties – and here we are again!

    I’d like to start by mentioning just a few people who won’t get my highly valued nomination this year – if they really want to, I’m sure they can work out where I live and ensure I get my just rewards.

    First up is Gorgeous Dana, who has simply fallen off the radar this year, with hardly a vitriol-spewing Guardian article to be seen. Such a waste of all that beauty. Talking of which, the genuinely delightful Thompson and Church have been the celebrity stand-outs this year, but still have managed to say nothing we haven’t heard before from the likes of Leo. We should expect the bar to be set higher than that. By the way Pointy, are you over your Leo fixation yet or am I opening old wounds…. sorry old man.

    Talking of female double acts, Westwood and Klein are just plain nasty pieces of work, while nominating Wadhams would be simple cruelty. Even the SkS Kidz cross the road to avoid him these days.

    Of course it would be very satisfying to nominate that one-man spelling bee Lewandowsky this year, but by his own eye-swivellingly insane standards he’s done nothing out of the ordinary in the last 12 months. Shame – he really is the politicised activist scientist’s politicised activist scientist. By the same token Charlie is a pratt on all topics, not just global warming.

    So who are my nominations?

    First up has to be the wonderful Tim Yeo – too nasty even for the Tories and now losing a court case to The Times. Surely his account with the Bank of Karma is still seriously in debit – can a spell at HM’s pleasure be too far away? 2016 could just be his year.

    Next up has to be Ken Rice (aTTP). Increasingly found commenting at Judith Curry’s superb Climate Etc, Ken has developed a unique modus operandi:
    1. Make a quick and unambiguous comment highlighting a technical failure in your opponent’s position that you consider illustrative of their particular witlessness.
    2. When anybody contradicts your claim, pile your high and mighty scorn upon them. You are, after all, a practitioner of Hard Science.
    3. As more evidence emerges that you completely misunderstood the point you are attacking, resort to furious Ad Homs.
    4. Re-state your original claim in such a way as to completely change the meaning, while claiming everyone else has stupidly misunderstood what you really meant all along, which is obvious to any True Scientist.
    5. Bugger off back to your own echo chamber.

    My third nomination is for a team of Aussies. Up-thread StefanL nominated James Powell for claiming 99.9% certainty, but frankly that’s just playground stuff. Those madcap mates at CSIRO claimed to have found that the probability that humans are causing global warming is…. wait for it… 99.999%. Seriously. Their sodding paper got published with the sort of claim most physicists would reserve for the Second Law of Thermodynamics and nothing else. I wrote this little beauty up here:

    Runner up (so to speak) in the nominations has to be that jaw-dropping performance by Aaron Mair – many thanks to thefilthyengineer for posting up his disembowelment by Ted Cruz above.
    [Disembowelment – is that even a word? Microsoft spell checker seems to like it. Note to self: use disembowelment more often in general conversation.]
    Anyway – Mair. I simply don’t believe anyone could actually be that stupid, not about their own chosen specialist subject. That has to be the result of a bewildering mixture of doublethink (objective data is both good and bad), biased reasoning (anything a Republican says is wrong) and knowing that the faithful will support him no matter what (because, of course – anything a Republican says is wrong).

    So the number one nomination? Obama, plain and simple. As much fun as the Pratties are, it’s simply no contest this year, is it Pointy?


    • mike fowle says:

      Excellent description of Ken Rice’s MO. He does just the same at Bishop Hill.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Jonathan, my beloved Dana is a spent force these days. The shock of not winning back to back Pratties has broken his spirit I fear, and even the Guardian has given up on him. Leo appears to have shifted his noble “save something” intentions back to his faltering career, so again he’s yesterday’s man when it comes to the Pratties.

      In general, the luvvies, while being predictably irritating, haven’t done much this year apart from a pre-Paris blip of activity to boost sagging careers.

      Ken aTTA Rice while irritating, is not really up to snuff when it comes to carrying off a Prattie. He’d be junior Prattie material at best, if there was such an award. TBF, he’s a little bit sad really. I’d expect someone like him to be corrupting young minds in a polytechnic somewhere, but not Edinburgh.

      At face value, Obama looks to be the bookies favourite but we all know the slight divergence about how people say they’re going to vote and what actually happens in the privacy of a polling booth eg UK General election this year.

      Wadhams, has nearly got enough nominations and I hope he makes it. He is a true free-range prat. An embarrassment to them and a source of constant delight to us. Potentially, he’s a national treasure prat.



      • catweazle666 says:

        “Wadhams, has nearly got enough nominations and I hope he makes it. He is a true free-range prat.”

        Yes, his claim that the Evil Oil Orcs had arranged for one of his colleagues to be assassinated by lightning strike while walking in the Highlands of Scotland is the stuff of pure prat genius.


  70. Richard J says:

    Paul Nurse
    Bob Ward
    David Cameron
    Lord Deben
    Tim Yeo


  71. Blackswan says:

    Worth considering ……

    José Mujica ex-president of Uruguay Explains The Problem With The World In Just 45 Seconds

    He really nails our collective stupidity and how much of our lives will be wasted paying for it.

    Pointy – we need balance in all things. Maybe we could have a Climate Heroes award as a counterpoint to the monumental idiocy that the Pratties highlights so well.


  72. nofixedaddress says:

    It is certainly a ‘prat’ rich environment this year. Too many choices.

    I don’t know the name of the thing, or maybe it’s things, who came up with the term “climate denier” to describe a person that bases their world view on empirical evidence rather than infinitesimal measurements or spurious conclusions to ridiculous arguments but I’d like to nominate she, he or it.

    Secondly, for sheer unmitigated gall I nominate the Argentinian Jesuit. Nd he studied in Ireland. Just think, the future head of The Church of England and the current Pope of the Catholic Church think as one. Henry must be spinning in his grave.

    Thirdly, I really and truly appreciate that the world renowned ‘Sierra Club’ has such a representative as was evident in front of a Senate Select committee. Club of Rome here we come.

    Fourthly, I’m going to the mattresses with this one but I would like to nominate the climate money manipulator who had the hide to declarer that anyone that disagreed with him was part of a ‘gang’. Well done that man. I’m not sure that I understand the fullness of the meaning of ‘chutzpah’ but I think that word has now been described. PS can I get a job with him?

    And finally and fifthly I will nominate ‘The Wadham’. I’m a bit nervous to do that because I may end up with a SWAT team kicking down my door because obviously I’m in the pay of Evil Oil and Coal companies.

    PS I use the handle of ‘nofixedaddress’ not to hide as such. But I would really and truly like to be known as The Man that shot the last polar bear on Planet Earth, the 3rd rock from the Sun. I am so over Polar Bears.


  73. Pointman says:

    The WordPress spam detector seems to be having a problem with the large response to the Pratties and is slinging most comments into the spam bin.

    Have patience, I’m diving in and retrieving them on a regular basis.



  74. ESMiller says:

    Thompson, Wadhams, Wildhack, Charlie, Church.


  75. alex says:

    Obama, Kerry, Tom (more money than brains) Steyer, The boy Trudeau, Rachel Notley (Premier of Alberta)


  76. Stonyground says:

    Doesn’t Paul Ehrlich qualify for some kind of lifetime achievement award? He has been predicting death by climate change for decades now and has a truly impressive track record for being wrong. One of the best arguments against the current climate scare is that Paul Ehrlich thinks that it is true.


  77. manicbeancounter says:

    I would like to nominate UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres. Her subordinates totted up all the policy proposals to cut emissions, and found they were virtually worthless. So, to make it appear like the big jamboree taking place in Paris at the moment was going to achieve something, Ms Figueres quoted external estimates that said that they were well on the way to stopping the mythical two degrees being breached. The estimates, hidden at the foot of a technical appendix to a report full of waffle, are worthless.
    The prestigious prattie will help highlight this propaganda trick.


  78. manicbeancounter says:

    More conventionally, I would like to nominate Vivienne Westwood who in September was driven in a tank to David Cameron’s home to stop the climate pollution of fracking. Belching fumes all over the place.
    This copied Guido Fawkes, who delivered a petition to the BBC in a tank a few months earlier in support of Jeremy Clarkson. In the fashion business the second-raters are quick to copy original ideas.


    • manicbeancounter says:

      Could you possibly have a route in your spam folder for the previous comment?

      My last three nominations for pratties are made to help the bolster the CVs of those whose political careers have taken a nosedive of late – Ed Miliband, Tim Yeo & Chris Huhne.


  79. Carter says:

    My nominations are Wadham and Wildhack.


  80. Pointman says:

    As usual and as happens every year, the odd (and I choose that word advisedly) alarmist tries to get in on the fun, but since they don’t have much in the way of humour, imagination or even back of the queue common sense, they all end up doing the short walk off a long cliff,

    This is our thing, Cosa Nostra, so just go away and back to the Guardian or whatever stygian hellhole you’re squatted down in picking your nose in complete boredom.



  81. 30characters says:

    Prince Charles
    The Pope


  82. Old Rooster says:

    I have etched the name of the most recently elected Pontifex Maximus on my ostrakon partly in order to counter the North South imbalance in the nominations (😉) and partly because once again a cleric has taken it upon himself to opine (dare one say pontificate) upon matters beyond his knowledge and experience (might one suggest he has acted ultra vires) but mostly because I earnestly look forward to the emission of white smoke from the conclave to be followed by the joyful exclamation “Habemus Pratam!”


  83. Gail Combs says:

    Prince Charlie
    Maurice Strong, may he rot in Dante’s ninth Hell
    Pope Gaia Franciscus Harkonnen


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