Climate Prat of 2013 – We have a winnah!

Unlike last year, the available selection this one has been noticeably thin. A lot of the usual prats have been smart enough to pick up on the winds of change and are quietly deserting the sinking ship. All we’ve heard from them is the occasional splash of their tiny, wee, small, pale and pink, ratty hands as they silently paddle away into the darkness. That’s not to say there haven’t been any prats around but there’s been very few of the good old true-believer Panzergrenadier variety of prat you could really enjoy giving a bloody good hiding to.

One or two new ones have appeared on the scene but they fall somewhere in that middle ground between being a true climate prat and simply being too thick to realise times have changed. George Clooney is probably a typical example; armed with all the knowledge one usually acquires before dropping out of secondary education without a diploma to become a matinée idol, he’s taken to calling us poor benighted deniers ignorant.

It’s part of his ongoing effort to rebrand himself as a man of stature who’s to be taken seriously from now on, rather than just an ageing Hollywood pretty boy with a cleft chin whose next stop is the big six o. I wish you luck with that one George but I rather suspect you might be unaware it will involve you having to grow a brainstem. Unthinkingly regurgitating trite liberal truisms, like having a pretty face and a great pair of tits, only gets you so far in rebranding yourself as deep and profound.

Most of the usual lunatics have been very quiet this year. Al “I sold out to big oil” Gore, has been nearly invisible except for a half-hearted attempt at rekindling the old fires with another one of his Climate Reality Events whose reception was so apathetic, nobody actually noticed it was on until it was nearly over. James Hansen, after his parting of the ways with NASA, has largely sunk out of sight, to the point where he only attracted one nomination this year. With a showing like that, it’s doubtful he’ll even be nominated next year. Sic transit pratunda mundi.

However, the competition between what viable prats there were on offer was fierce, unprecedented and brutal at times. Not in the whole history of the Pratties has anything been seen which was so closely fought. On one occasion, there was only a one vote spread between the leading three contenders, which has made writing this results announcement piece problematic to say the least. If it reads like I’ve been swapping paragraphs around, that’s because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to keep up with them swapping positions. Just like every other blogger, I want to knock off for Christmas and put my feet up until next year, but this one went down to the wire.

In traditional fashion, I’ll announce the results in reverse order.

In last place we have John “dodgy uniforms” Cook. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s one of a cabal of simpletons who run a site called Simpleton Science – oops sorry, I meant Skeptical Science, which despite the name can only be characterised as being neither sceptical nor scientific and if its hit numbers keep up their nosedive, won’t be a site for too much longer either.

Even the name they thought up for the site is an indication of the brains as big as planets at work there; what can only be naturally abbreviated to SS, they peevishly insist must be shortened to SkS. Given the childish ferocity of what’s laughingly called the site’s moderation policy, the former abbreviation is most apposite. Anyone of note gave up attempting to comment there years ago.

Perhaps that apparent cock-up wasn’t one after all, since they inadvertently left some photoshopped images of themselves in Nazi SS uniforms in a public directory on their website. Upon the images being discovered, instead of deleting them, they cunningly moved them to another directory. Of course, the new directory was also public. As I intimated, they’re not the sharpest collection of knives in the cutlery drawer …

More disturbingly, there were also manufactured pictures of prominent male skeptics as bare-chested Spartans in bulging briefs striking very butch poses. It all looked very dark psychologically; somewhere you really didn’t want to explore too deeply. Suck my toes you filthy little climate alarmist ladyboy. Too many overtones of whips, chains, leather, snailbat musk etc etc. Much as I may admire “Magnum” Watts, “Chopper” Monckton and Delingpole, it was all a bit too overtly sado-maso and homo-erotic for my rather vanilla po’ boy tastes.

Now, if it’d been some of the leading female skeptics with half their kit off, I’d have understood.

Anyway, banishing that rather distracting thought from my head and getting back on topic, Johnny boy’s been working very hard producing various DickPols which have provided the statisticians of the skeptic blogosphere with hours of roll on the floor hilarity, because of doing dumbalena things like coming to conclusions based on rigged polls, cherry-picked data and highly questionable methods. One of his “polls” was so far over the top, that when filled in by the fiercest of skeptics, it managed to classify them as rabid warmists!

With one thing and another, he and the fallen out of their tree gang have had an anus horribilis. They did themselves and the cause more harm than good and possibly having put themselves so deeply into that drag-ass plain dawg pathetic not-worth-a-bullet zone, skeptics of taste and discernment didn’t really want to waste a perfectly good vote on the likes of him or for that matter, indirectly on his fellow simpletons either. All a bit too passé Blue Oyster Bar to be bothered with and consequently attracting only a meagre handful of votes.

In fifth place and having attracted not much more in the way of votes, we have Michael Mann. He’s actually become a volatile embarrassment to the alarmists, to the point where the odd paper he produces attracts fire even from his own side. In response, he invariably takes on his mad dawg persona which doesn’t really look too hard at whoever he’s savaging, though given his slide down the significance pole in recent years, savaging should really be replaced with toothless gumming. A bit slobbery and messy but it don’t actually hurt that much.

The only thing I find vaguely interesting about him is his totally consuming ego. It’s blindingly obvious that the two Macs upended both him and his reputation years ago, and you can plainly see that in the Climategate emails from the candid remarks made by his supposed fellow comrades in the cause. They’re just humouring him, managing him and his spikey personality like he’s a spoilt child prone to tantrums. And yet he is still driven by this sort of persecution complex that insists every skeptic still has a major stiffie to get him. Sorry Mickey, you’re not that important. Seriously mate. You haven’t been anything more than the cause of knowing smirks for a long time.

That innate little man petulance of his personality and the pent-up rage about any perceived slight by almost anyone, means he’s become their liability and our asset, or as I prefer to think of it – he’s our poodle now and responds every time we jerk his chain. He’s a bit pathetic I grant you, but a useful filler inner on a slow news day. He’s generated so many skeptic blog articles that given my weekly posting schedule, I haven’t yet managed to do one blog piece on him, since the whole of the skeptic blogosphere has already comprehensively covered his latest crime against sanity before I can even get a frigging pen to paper. It’s one of those timing things Mickey, but don’t you fret laddie, I’ll get around to you in the end.

In fourth place, we have Stephan Lewandowsky. Originating from some Hillbilly hell hole masquerading as a centre of higher education in the Americas, his controversial sojourn at the University of Western Australia (UWA) will I suspect become the basis of more than a few classic studies in pathological science. His nominally academic output there ultimately led to the coining of the word LewPaper. He’s since done a runner to one of the more down market UK universities, a hop, skip and a jump ahead of a lynch mob of UWA alumni, but like all dubious and controversial characters, I’m sure he’ll soon enough land himself in hot waters again and have to once more scurry on to foreign fields. For God’s sake you red brickers, don’t you grant him tenure there.

There’s something repulsively snail-like about the man’s personality which is horribly apparent in his creepy YouTube videos but over and above that, I have real problems with supposedly scientific research on your political opponents which concludes that they’re somehow a lesser form of enlightened life. That sort of scientific “research” has a long and frankly disgusting history. It’s a debasement and prostitution of science, purely for the purposes of hate and can in the end lead to state sanctioned horrors.

He got together with Micky Mann to produce a paper, which if you think they’re both distinctly paranoid about people out to get them, was exactly what you’d expect. Any criticism of climate hazbeens or psychology neverwozzers, was all part of a gigantic conspiracy hatched by blue-skinned beings fresh from the plant Tharg who concealed their lizard skin by pretending to be skeptics and had travelled vast intergalactic distances, just in order to persecute the noble scientists of those two specific alarmist disciplines.

For someone who hasn’t really done much this year, he surprisingly attracted a very strong showing of votes but I think that in part reflects the natural exuberance of the recent Australian “enlightenment” and a residual desire to give him one final kick up the backside from the blog’s Australian readership. They’re a slow lot to piss off but once you do, they tend to have long memories.

Finishing a very respectable third, we have Tim Flannery. I nicknamed him The Tooth Fairy a couple of years back because as Australian Climate Czar, he seriously suggested yanking the teeth out of the dead to save the world from mercury poisoning from their fillings. I wonder how that went down with people freshly grieving the passing of a loved one. He even volunteered a bit of cost benefit analysis by suggesting it’d only require nothing more than a three dollar set of pliers.

You can imagine some deluded Greenie innocently advancing towards an open coffin, waving a set of pliers and being blocked by a line of determined relatives, who weren’t going to be at all receptive to any arguments about saving the Earth. I don’t know its name, but I’m sure there must be a good Latin term for an operation intended to remove a pliers that’s been forcibly inserted up a Greenie’s rear end. At a guess, an anusplierectomy.

Tony Abbot, the Australian Prime Minister leading the new government, presented him with the Order of the Spanish Archer, more commonly known as giving him the elbow, within days of the change of administration. After being fired, Timbo tried a bit of disconsolate panhandling to make up for the loss of his generous government salary, but it appears to have been unsuccessful. I wonder if he can still meet the mortgage payments on that rather sumptuous beachfront property he purchased.

Essentially, he was always what’s technically termed an “educated idiot” who was plucked out of academic obscurity by a thoroughly cynically administration and is now being permanently returned to oblivion, to live on only as a vague folk memory to scare naughty children with and a reminder of just how mad the madness of crowds can actually become. If he’d won, I simply wouldn’t have been able to resist sending him a pair of pliers as a prize, with hand-written instructions as to where they were to be stored.

In second place and this year’s runner-up is David Suzuki. I can completely understand why Suzuki was nominated and received a lot of votes in the final round, but to my mind he’s only a prat in one narrow sense of the word; that’s to say he’s really irritating, like that cliché short person with an outrageously big opinion of themselves. Where he falls short of The Full Pratty is that when I look at his plush lifestyle, I don’t think he honestly believes a fraction of what he preaches, something I consider an essential attribute of the natural free range prat.

He goes on about overpopulation but has five children of his own and given his age, God only knows how many grandchildren by now. He lectures about the evils of big oil, but co-owns real estate with oil interests. He admonishes people for not going back to nature and living the simple life but he himself owns several large luxurious residences worth millions.

My flock, do as I instruct thee, render unto me thine tithes and adore me for I am the one true son of Gaia. Worship me you worthless sinners and I will lead thee into the saving light of Gaia’s salvation. Having rid themselves of any idea of a God and finding nothing else to cleave to in their barren wilderness, they found and worshipped a craven image. That’s what happens in a vacuum of moral desolation – false prophets arise and flourish.

I think the reason for him making a showing this particular year was his absolutely disastrous appearance on Australian television. Uniquely for him, his audience wasn’t hand-picked and the questions were not vetted in advance. That proved to be a heap big bigger biggest mistake of his life; the lazy git got found out. An audience member innocently prefaced a question with a reference to the three main temperature datasets and it soon became apparent that Suzuki didn’t even know what they were! So, a supposed climate guru had to have the acronyms of the world’s temperature records explained to him like the bloody opportunist ignoramus he truly is. You can see the full horror here.

It also didn’t help him this year that when he was on one of his lucrative tours abroad, he committed the cardinal sin that is always guaranteed to piss off all the folks at home; bad-mouthing your own country to foreigners in order to curry favour with the locals. Quite frankly, it’s a wonder the Canucks ever let the miserable little shit back into Canada, but knowing them as I do, they’ve too generous a Christian heart to exclude a person on the grounds of them being an obnoxious prat. That’s a position I honestly think they should reconsider. If he has such a low opinion of Canada, why not live somewhere else, or would such a principled stand as that involve taking too much of a financial hit?

The redoubtable Ezra Levant did a wonderful investigative piece on the true David Suzuki lurking behind the fluffy Mr. Miyagi image he cultivates, which you can find in full here and which, though it’s a bit long, I can thoroughly recommend. The segment about his insistence on being escorted to the speakers podium by a phalanx of nubile young college girls does have overtones of delusions of grandeur or dirty old man; take your pick. Quite frankly, it appears to me he seems to have more of an interest in accumulating vast amounts of money rather than saving the environment.

In short, he seems to me to be nothing more than a grasping old fart rather than an honest to goodness prat, but he was nominated, did run and of course lost. I’m sorta relieved really. If he’d won, it would have somehow taken something important out of the essential soul of the Pratties. It would have soiled the award and made it grubby, a bit like Al Gore winning the Nobel Prize.

Finishing first, and therefore this year’s winner, is Dana Nuccitelli. Being a connoisseur of strange, exotic and fabled creatures, I like Dana immensely because he’s a pure prat, a thinking man’s prat as well as a mustachioed pipe-smoking woman’s prat, a complete thoroughbred prat prancing around like a ballet dancer doing seemingly impossible grand jetés through the mediasphere, clad in nothing more than green hose and a beautiful miniature yellow codpiece with silvery tinsely bits carefully streaming back out between his legs like the tail of a flatulence-propelled Halley’s comet.

He flies through the air, right arm and fist stuck out defiantly like superman and steely eyes firmly fixed on the coming green state of bliss. And all of that in casual hush puppy shoes with invisible high riser heels. Visually, he’s mind-blowing, gorgeous and ultimately jaw-droppingly beautiful. I want to have his babies.

He ticks every prat box for me; a fine old Italian surname ruined by a silly and gender ambiguous forename, looks like a prat before he even opens his gob, has a prat’s droning reedy voice, dresses like a prat, rides a silly boy racer scooter that looks like it’s just had its stabilisers hacksawed off by a doting Momma and writes idiotic but uplifting drivel for the sort of Überprats who could only read that paginated derrière wiping aid called the Guardian.

He tweets incessantly like a disturbed flock of starlings, works indirectly for big oil and big mining, makes marvellous blunders like mistakenly calling a stalwart of the alarmist cause a denier, is profoundly confused about so many things and is generally on a huge ego trip that cannot end in anything other than tears. Bless him, bless him and his pointy little head. Bless, bless. All year, he’s been innocently but determinedly blundering his way up through the foothills of minor embarrassment to that biggie bastard waiting for him patiently at the very top of mount Major Disaster. There’s a kind of Marxist dialectic historic inevitability to his coming fate. One cannot help but feel it’s just a matter of time.

He so sincerely believes in all the rubbish he spouts but actually doesn’t appear to know much if anything about a lot of it. From such minor things as not understanding that there is actually a technical difference between the mode and the mean of a set of numbers, to biggies like reading, comprehending and writing rational critiques of non-alarmist papers. The latter unfailingly results in people like “Chopper” Monckton being handed the opportunity to yet again put on his big steel-toed soccer boots and kick his ass all over the joint. He really bloody rakes him with those studs.

You can nearly hear the poor wretch’s screams as he bounces between the walls, ceiling and occasionally off the floor as various people play keepy-uppy with him. Pop over to WUWT, search for Nuccitelli, and have a look how often he’s getting some sense knocked into him. After a while, it becomes reminiscent of that pull yourself together scene in Airplane.

Don’t you worry though Dana, I’ll always love you. Deeply, desperately, against all the odds and blindly rushing across that minefield of the bitter sectarian divide that keeps us apart. Be still my foolish heart. Though I’m a Montague and you’re a Capulet, it really doesn’t matter, I’ll still collect all of your curious antics and lovingly save them in my favourites directory, like the purloined locks of an unrequited lover’s hair.

Every non-sequitur, every stab at the very heart of a syllogism, every logical fallacy, every blunder, every single one of your cringing disasters as you spin your way ever downward into that inevitable event horizon of oblivion, every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, every word you say, every single day, I’ll be watching you.

You’re pure-blood Dana. Say it loud, say it proud, you’re the climate prat of 2013.


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61 Responses to “Climate Prat of 2013 – We have a winnah!”
  1. theyouk says:

    Brilliantly played–quite impressive.

    Under the illumination of your piece I’m not certain whether I should be ashamed or proud of Dana’s proximity to my home address (under 10 miles). We have no shortage of prats in Sacramento; perhaps Dana provides private tutorials to many under the white dome. To me, Dana’s behavior can also be compared to a bumper in a pinball game. When a comment reaches Dana, one never knows in which direction he will fling it; one only knows that it will be accelerated and utterly nonsensical/chaotic.

    Good choice. I was hoping to see Dana in the top spot. Though if I’m honest with myself, it only brings shame to the region…

    Merry Christmas/best for the holidays to all!


  2. lorne50 says:

    Reblogged this on leclinton and commented:
    LMAO thank’s needed that. ;>)


  3. Pointman, I think you are having far too much fun with this. Elevation to prat(t)-hood is serious business, particularly for those of us who might have agonized almost to the point of paralysis when confronted with the choice of Suzuki or Nuccitelli at the voting booth 😉

    Loved your selection of Josh-toons, too!

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and wishing all a prolifically skeptical 2014:-)


  4. Rick Bradford says:

    One commonality of all the finalists is that they will never have to endure the consequences of the policies they espouse. By and large, they profit from them. (Flannery, I gather, has 2 de luxe properties on the Hawkesbury, not one).

    Another commonality, probably, is their formative reading material, which must have been Robert Fulghum’s best-selling “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”


    • Adrian O says:

      You say: “their formative reading material, which must have been Robert Fulghum’s best-selling “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.””

      Sadly, I must disagree with that. It’s wishful thinking.

      If only they had the knowledge of a kindergartner….

      say more warmth and more CO2 helps, rather than harms plants,

      farmers like the greenhouse effect otherwise they would weed out greenhouses rather than build greenhouses

      people move to warmer places when they get older because they live longer, rather than succumb to endemic disease, when it gets warmer, etc.


  5. Pointman says:

    That’s it folks, my last post until next year. For any of you who can’t wait until then, there’s a few year’s worth of back articles to explore.

    I’d like to thank everyone for reading my musings and especially those of you who’ve taken the time to add your own thoughts as comments. I firmly believe it’s that interactive combination of both which makes a blog more open ended than a press article.

    Beyond that, I’d like to thank people like Graeme and Swanny for stepping up to bat and contributing their own articles this year.

    I wish everyone a warm, happy and peaceful Christmas, surrounded by family and friends. Have a great break.



  6. Adrian O says:


    I had a short but fateful encounter with Dana, on his “the 97% consensus” blog in The Guardian.

    He said he just wrote a scientific paper (in fact an objection) on the “missing heat” found in the deep oceans. A few days later there was a counter objection by the original authors, pointing out that Nuccitelli had misread the data.

    Anyway after a few exchanges of references – see this, see that – I told him I had the ultimate reference somewhere, went for 5 minutes to find it, and by the time I came back

    Nuccitelli had made all our dialogue disappear and my account was banned from ever posting again.


    • Adrian O says:


      Lest my story is data free, my main point was that the SECOND law of thermodynamics – the one with the entropy – says that if heat from the atmosphere (a small body) goes into the deep ocean (a big body), it cannot concentrate back into the atmosphere.

      It will instead heat both by an unmeasurably small 0.01C for a log time. Just like a drop of ink in a glass of water will make the water slightly darker, but won’t get back as a drop of ink.

      In other words even if there was “missing heat” going into oceans, it will be essentially disposed of and harmless.

      It can “come back to haunt us,” as Trenberth said, only over the dead body of basic thermodynamics.


      • Peter Yates says:

        That reminds me of a little piece I wrote some time ago. I guess I was really thinking ‘aloud’! …

        “Of course, we have yet to see how much heat will be released by future El Niño events. If the 1998 year is anything to go by they could be only relatively brief events that don’t much affect the overall trend. … Another unknown factor is just how long can the oceans continue to absorb heat from the atmosphere. [ A *very* long time! ] … According to this graph ( the oceans have been absorbing a lot of heat since about 1975. Obviously, there is no indication of when any of it will be released, other than during brief El Niño’s.”
        Note that the graph doesn’t show any references or names of authors. We can only assume that the writers of website were responsible for constructing it.


      • PaleoSapiens says:

        There is something nearly everyone, it seems, ignores about thermodynamics, especially the second law…

        Thermodynamics were initiated to explain how steam engines work. Steam engines / cylinders are meant to be viewed as a, man made, CLOSED SYSTEM.

        Earth is an OPEN SYSTEM (i.e. energy/matter is constantly being fed in from outside sources).

        In other words, theoretical thermodynamic ‘laws’ are appallingly misapplied. Reality beats limited thermodynamic theory/’laws,’ QED.


    • Black Dog says:

      Adrian, I had exactly the same experience. I commented on something the boy Dana said and I was made to disappear, totally and completely. I never existed on Cif and I am still blocked. I think they would love to send us to Sideria. All I did was link to a paper that claimed Artic Ice would be gone by 2013. Dana had said in comments that nothing of the sort ever existed. The connected comments were all removed as if his uncle had just been purged. I say let him just get on with it all, he is his own worst enemy and any time he opens his gob a train wreck occurs.


  7. John R McDougall in BNE says:

    I tried to comment a few minutes ago, and then made a mess of logging in. So I will try again. Pointman, you are one of the few reference points (along with Jo Nova, WUWT, and a few Australian blogs … and the Bishop) in a world gone mad. As a retired mining engineer/mine manager I am used to a world that operates on logic. It seems as though the world encompassed by Australia, the USA and the UK now operate on foolishness. Public figures are all obsessed with what was known when I was younger as FIGJAM (a translation will be supplied, if it is really necessary).
    Please continue with your unique common sense in 2014.


    • Brian H says:

      Install the add-on Lazarus and never lose a post again. Priceless. Give a donation once you’ve enjoyed its awesomeness, tho’, I suggest.

      Another fine tool is Clipmate, which stores everything you copy, as long as you want.


  8. Craig King says:

    That is a fabulous piece Pointman. Me and my girl have been laughing so hard as I read it out with suitable accents and pauses. What a great way to start the day.


  9. Blackswan says:

    Thank you for the platform Pointy – your island refuge in the stormy seas of climate alarmism and political corruption is a haven for many. Thank you too for your interest in the Australian scene – it’s appreciated by all whose leaky rowboats find your shores.

    Flim Flam Flannery is still being offered as a ‘climate expert’ and representative of the Climate Council, particularly by the ABC – otherwise he’s generally ignored.

    You’ve surpassed yourself this year in the Pratties Awards – Hilary is right, you had way too much fun with this one. What’s the prize? A lump of coal in a fishnet Christmas stocking?

    Thank you for your good wishes to your readers, and you are wished the same – a safe and happy Christmas with your loved ones. Looking forward to catching up in 2014 at Pointy’s Place.


    • Pointman says:

      Thanks Swanny, us poor devils in Stalag Luft III got your Red Cross parcel today. I’ve shared it around but kept the fortified stuff for myself. Thank you.

      Since I’ve no budget, I’ve decided to give Dana the bird. I hope he enjoys it.



      • Blackswan says:

        Glad it got there P – I tried to send a St Bernard to your rescue with a wee barrel of finest Irish strapped to its chest, but the mutt kept chewing its way out of the bubble wrap.


  10. Mindert Eiting says:

    Two years ago I met Dana on NTZ. Together with Rob Honeycut, Dana came to visit Pierre Gosselin’s blog on a regular basis. They always came and went together, making me to think that they were a comic married couple. Only after several months I discovered that Dana was male. When they left NTZ after their intrusions, it compared with a bar after a visit by hooligans. All comments by visitors got replies by the couple, one or the other, and the whole discussion was reduced to random noise. They went around like barking dogs and I really appreciated their attacks on me. Dana and Rob did invent a complete new type of argument, baptised by me as the Nobel Prize Argument. If someone proposed a sceptical point, their argument was ‘Do you know this better than all those scientists? Why don’t you go to Stockholm and apply for the Nobel Prize?’ Dana was finally banned from NTZ because his behaviour could not be tolerated any more by Pierre. I miss him, that handsome boy, who has become the climate pratt of 2013. Dana, if you read this, come back to NTZ and take Rob with you.


  11. Wonderful writing Pointman as usual. A tour des prats tour de force.


  12. johanna says:

    Hope that you and yours have an enjoyable festive season, Pointman.

    It is indeed interesting to watch some of the prominent players of yesteryear curvetting (or being yanked) off the stage. Who knows, in another year or so you could do a Where Are They Now feature 🙂

    I still reckon you should have used your casting vote to make it a tie, though. Suzuki is a poltroon, but he has a much higher international profile than Nutty Dana.

    Anyway, trust that you will come back refreshed to inform and entertain us next year.


  13. Pointman says:

    In the rush to finish off for the year, I omitted to thank Josh for the illustration he put together for the piece. Cheers mate and have good Christmas!



  14. Pointman says:

    Totally off any topic, one of my sons and his mates having fun writing music!



    • Brian H says:

      Next time, lyrics. Indescipherable, inaudible.


    • Pointman says:

      The lyrics, and very silly they are …

      gunna move out of my toadstool
      it’s not big enough for this vole
      I’m gunna find myself holdall
      they’re all the rage or so i’m told
      and I know, I’m never going home.

      now I’ve found myself a holdall
      it’s pretty damn big and I’m just so small
      how I’m longing for my toadstool
      but I’ll stay cuz i’m a stubborn mule
      But i know, it’s never gunna be my home.



  15. Retired Dave says:

    Thank you Pointy – a superb piece today. Me I couldn’t vote, I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure , as they say.

    Keep up the good work in an insane world.

    The Best of Christmases and a great 2014 to you and all yours.


  16. Graeme No.3 says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all,
    except certain people in high places in the UK who should be spending the festive season in an isolated pub on the moors, miles from anywhere, nice and snug because it is heated entirely by wind energy.


  17. Bob Tisdale says:

    Reblogged this on Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations and commented:
    Great post, Pointman.


  18. This year there have been, as ever, many climate bastards, charlatans and gobshites. But there has only ever been one true climate prat. M. Nuticelli is a most worthy winner. We may not see his like again.

    *wipes tear from eye*


  19. George McFly......I'm your density says:

    fantastic article….keep it coming!


  20. A well deserved victory for Dana. You can’t deny that the lad’s worked hard at surpassing all his warmist peers in his single minded pursuit of ridicule – culminating in perhaps the funniest self image ever to appear in the climate wars.


  21. Brian H says:

    “the fallen out of their tree gang have had an anus horribilis”. One of those could give you an annus horribilis! A procto-sexual infection combined with an o/d of hot peppers? Oh, lawd have mercy!


  22. Beth Cooper says:

    ‘There’s a Marxist dialectics historical inevitability to his coming fate,’ I like that.

    .And Michael Mann, well he’s yesterday’s mann (over-board.)
    Suzuki? Hmmm …’a smooooooth operator.’ U know the song.
    Pointman, best wishes fer 2014.

    beth-the -serf.


  23. Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter) says:

    Permission to repost, please!


  24. Jack Savage says:

    I do not usually approve of these kind of articles disrespecting those who hold different opinions to my own…….but , hey, it is Christmas!
    But it is hard to disagree with the choice of prat of the year. Has anyone else noted his resemblance to the donkey in Shrek?


  25. The desire for fame over-rides all.


  26. Reed Coray says:

    Thanks for the laugh. You’re contributing to my having a Very Merry Christmas. See you next year.


  27. I am able to rebut only one point here: James Hansen does not spell his name “James Hanson”.



  28. hazze says:

    We shpuld have a carddeck forem they had in Irak…But Dana is not the ace of spades really…Its still Mann…when hes in asylum..its won. Beautiful writing here 🙂


  29. Michael Larkin says:

    Hope this will post this time, Pointy. This was the best climate piece of the year, and certainly the funniest. I want your babies as much as you want Dana’s.


  30. gallopingcamel says:

    You are beyond awesome. I nearly wet myself reading your brilliant analysis!

    In my estimation there is only one writer in your genre that you have yet to surpass. That writer attended Pembroke College, Cambridge. His name is Tom Sharpe; too bad he passed away.

    I still teach in universities and technical colleges so Sharpe’s “Wilt” books are particularly amusing.


  31. Athelstan. says:

    Happy crimbo Pointy,


    One of the good lads and have a dram for me P! Take care mate and look after your good self and your nearest and dearest – the most important people lad!



  32. Pointman says:

    It’s Christmas day and the living is good. A song for those real heroes who made it happen.


  33. Almost Iowa says:

    Pointman, I come here for the writing and am rarely disappointed. I must confess though, you have broken my heart. I too share a desperate love for Dana and fear that (sob) I cannot compete with you.


  34. Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter) says:

    Hello Pointman!

    If I may, I would like to suggest another category for climate prat of the year. I don’t know what it might be called, but I do have a contestant- the author of this article, which is directed against myself

    This is just for fun, though- I don’t think this person is anywhere near as big a stinking fish, as the ones you had this past year.


  35. GregO says:

    Happy New Year Pointman!

    Excellent and entertaining blog – we have to be thankful for fools like Dana as opponents.

    Speaking of fools, you are keeping up with ship-load of charlatans and publicity whores stuck at the south pole aren’t you?


  36. Pointman says:

    Happy new year.

    Stay strong for those who need you, but stay weak too, just to let those new strange things into your life. Be fortunate.




  37. Allen Ford says:

    Is it too early to nominate Climate Prat of 2014? If not, then I hereby nominate Perfesser Chris Turkey, sorry Turney of Uni NSW, currently immobilised in the Antarctic by lots of ice that are not supposed to be there. See Tim Blair’s blog for a rundown on this prat’s achievements for Climate Science: or better yet, WUWT for his meteorological prowess that got him into his predicament, along with his Ship of Fools:


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      There will be a fair number of Climate Prats in 2014, so he may not be in the running.

      Still, I don’t think his efforts should pass unsung; perhaps we could have a Climate Turkey award as well? Or should that be a Climate Turney Award with a picture of a turkey?


  38. Geoff Sherrington says:

    By coincidence, I watched the movie “Grand Budapest Hotel” last night. The writer, Stefan Zweig (inspired by the works of Wes Anderson), has a style remarkably like yours. Have you been moonlighting? You might like it if you have not seen it.
    My style is guided by this quote from Mark Twain –
    “I notice that you use plain, simple language, short words and brief sentences. That is the way to write English – it is the modern way and the best way. Stick to it; don’t let fluff and flowers and verbosity creep in. When you catch an adjective, kill it. No, I don’t mean utterly, but kill most of them – then the rest will be valuable. They weaken when they are close together. They give strength when they are wide apart. An adjective habit, or a wordy, diffuse, flowery habit, once fastened upon a person, is as hard to get rid of as any other vice.”

    Well, I’m glad that I reject the adjective because it vacates the space for you and those who use it properly. “And all of that in casual hush puppy shoes with invisible high riser heels. Visually, he’s mind-blowing, gorgeous and ultimately jaw-droppingly beautiful. I want to have his babies.”


    BTW I’m an Aussie. Team Aust is letting the side down with repeat examples of poor science papers on global warming. I apologise for my stupid Aussie let-downs.


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