The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

I think Da Mann is having a bad week.

First off, all those greenies who were pushing him to the front and encouraging him to sue the ass off Mark Steyn and others for millions appear reluctant to support him the closer the hearing date gets. Not one amicus brief has been filed to help him out in his legal crusade to close down free speech about public figures. If you don’t happen to be familiar with it, an amicus brief is a statement by your peers in a libel or slander suit saying you’re held in high regard. Apparently not a single other climate scientist felt compelled to place their reputational pecker on the chopping block for him.

Though that might have been the cruellest chop avoided by some people, it was a cruel cut as far as Mickey was concerned, especially on top of the major news organisations finally realising that if he wins and establishes the legal precedent, they won’t be able to comment on anything other than reality TV and then only ever so carefully, so they had to come out against him. Admittedly, it was through gritted teeth because it was indirectly about the truth or not of that headline grabbing global warming.

It’s a bad enough development when the MSM hangs you out to dry but when your own little green pixies decide to desert you, it’s definitely a tipping point. You’d have thought at least one Nobel laureate like his good self would have told the court it’s about defending science rather than Mickey Mann and his sensitivity to criticism. I do sometimes wonder if he ever read the climategate emails and the candid opinions of his colleagues expressed about him. Perhaps he should sue them as well.

Anyway, in his venerable tradition of escalating a couple of minor setbacks into a major disaster, he decided in the same week to go ahead with a twitterthon called AskDrMann. I’m sure someone, somewhere in his entourage hinted that this might not be a good move and I’m equally sure Manny waved them off airily. His public awaited, he was still loved, still an IPCC poster boy even though the poster had long been removed from the cover of their Amazing Sci-Fi reports. Ah, the glory days of pulp fiction and global warming. Bring back that pre-Copenhagen euphoria.

You could ask him anything you like, absolutely anything, and if he didn’t like it, he simply blocked you. He was so busy blocking people, I’m still unsure as to whether he actually replied to any questions. I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but it developed into a slightly shameful but competitive thing in skeptic circles. Have you been blocked yet Pointy? Nope. Well bloody-well try harder.

I have to confess I was so fascinated watching the comedy, that I actually hadn’t the presence of mind to join in and get banned. One quick comment, never mind a question, did the trick, and with skeptic pride restored, I could settle back to watching the developing horror unfold. Mann, you just hadda embrace it.

You can find the whole twitter disaster here, but I’d like to share some of my favourite questions put to Mickey. Since a person is limited in the number of words they can use in a tweet, it does oblige them to be succinct and if they can be witty at the same time, so much the better. A lot of people rose to the challenge.

“Was “hide the decline” referring to a temperature proxy or your reputation?”

“What is greater, temp increase in the last 15 years or the number of amicus briefs filed on your behalf in Mann v Steyn?”

“Were you happy with the fake book reviews you had Skeptical Science Cook up for you?”

“If Global Warming means both warmer and colder weather simultaneously, how do you know when it’s fixed?”

“How many hrs a day on average wud u spend fastidiously blocking people on Twitter”

“Although you’re a young scientist, what *so far* do you regard as your greatest contribution to our ignorance about nature?”

“Don’t think of them as questions from trolls, think of them as questions you may have to answer under oath”

“Why is only the 3% of CO2 that’s human-emitted catastrophically dangerous, while the 97% that’s emitted naturally isn’t?”

If you’re a connoisseur of self-inflicted wounds, it’s a beaut but it’s typically Mann. It’s yet another setback but there’s a bigger one heading towards him.

He tried some naked intimidation on the awkward sort of bastard that only a Belgian/Jewish/Catholic/Canadian plus whatever heritage could produce, the aforesaid bastard wouldn’t fold and is now returning the legal favour by counter suing him for millions.

If you haven’t worked it out yet Mickey, the clued-up thinking by your former avid fans running a mile from your cause is that your case is without merit and you’ve now got a Rottweiler after you with a much better case and absolutely no inclination to walk away. You should settle but of course your ego won’t allow that. They’ve all made that calculation and anyway you’ve collected too many enemies and very few friends. Rather him than me is what they’re thinking.

You’ve been cut loose. The blood’s in the water, the Steyn shark is circling in and you’re treading water on your lonesome ownsome. It’s just a matter of time.


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21 Responses to “The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.”
  1. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.


  2. flaxdoctor says:

    Genius, as usual. Thanks Pointy!


  3. I could almost feel sorry for Da Mann if he wasn’t one of the vilest creatures that DNA had ever been wasted on


  4. Alternative News Now says:

    Reblogged this on Canadian Climate Guy and commented:
    Mann, this is good!


  5. jet_noise says:

    A hilarious alloy of comedy gold, platinum & unobtanium all in one. /tautology


  6. philjourdan says:

    Actually, in the US, the Amicus Brief is supposed to address a point of law that relates to the case from a party not participating in the case. It really should not have anything to do with the character of the parties (as I doubt the LA times or ACLU likes Steyn). What the absence of any for Mann shows is no one thinks he has a case.

    But the twitter bash is fun to follow! So which one got you banned?


  7. hazze says:

    Hope Steyns coming victory opens up a shootingspree on all of the factdeniers…Gavins the next head to go for…


  8. freedomfan says:

    Wonderful article. *standing ovation*


  9. Blackswan says:


    Mickey da Mann still has one little pal playing in his sandpit – Tim Flannery, the Flim Flam Man, has been on breakfast TV last week preaching gloom and doom about imminent sea level rises inundating our coastal cities and destroying property values.

    After he was fired by the Prime Minister a year ago, he and his pals set up The Climate Council, a crowd-funded non-entity that everyone studiously ignores but occasionally TV producers are looking for a segment filler that makes a change from diet shakes and school lunch recipes, so good ole Timmy’s shiny pate pops up on telly preaching gloom and doom, though he never mentions his own waterfront mansion.

    Maybe Mick could prevail upon Timbo to supply an amicus brief, although citing sea level rises could be problematic considering our Tasmanian tidal marker is still exposed above the high water mark though it was carved in stone in 1842. Drat!! – how inconvenient.

    It’s to be hoped Mickey doesn’t “settle” and that the Rottweiler sinks his teeth in good and deep.


  10. meltemian says:

    I rather liked:-
    “Should I be building an ark? And how long is a ‘cubit’?”

    God I hope the case comes to court


  11. Peter Crawford says:

    The really funny thing is that this was entirely self-inflicted. I remember reading the original Steyn article and thinking nothing of it. A short, almost throwaway, piece whose real object of ire was the discipiinary commitee at Penn State. The bit about Mann was just an en passant sideswipe.

    How Mann (and his then supporters) got it into his tiny mind that there were grounds for legal action is a mystery.

    I have stumped up a few quid for Steyn’s legal bill and when he wins it will be money well spent.

    I might even have an orgasm, you never know.


  12. NoFixedAddress says:

    For me, the greatest revelation of ‘MannScience’ ™ was to discover that many (manny) ‘scientists’ have a slippery grip on establishing ‘proxy’ data and their consequent ‘mannipulation’ of statistical data to produce predetermined ‘MannScience’ ™ results.

    And, sadly, it isn’t just the ‘science’ of climate.

    Personally, I think it is way past Mann’s ability to ‘settle’ with the “Belgian/Jewish/Catholic/Canadian plus whatever heritage” free speech advocate, Mark Steyn. He, as well as a lot of other fine folk, have been questioning the ‘MannScience’ ™ for some time.

    Whilst I am pleased to see the twittery poke some well deserved sh*t at #askdamann, and it is kinda amusing to see, it is bloody sad to observe how MannScience ™ has prostituted itself with the whole global UN shtick.

    RealScience ™ is littered with the bones of Consensus Scientists.

    Just for old time sake, M4GW –


  13. NoFixedAddress says:

    My apology to Pointman and MannScience ™ for using the first M4GW rendition of a song that MannScience ™ took umbrage with because it featured MichaeltheMann’s face.

    I understand I have to point you at version II of M4GW’s song,


  14. readnthink90 says:

    Haven’t read anything this delightful since watching Steve at while the first batch of emails was released!


  15. diogenese2 says:

    Pointy, Da Manns sudden lack of Amici is another sign that tide that brought CAGW to its apotheosis is now on its inevitable wane. The political impetus which was its genesis has now shifted. Environmentalism, and with it its messiah, Global Warming, is becoming a political liability.
    Already the frontmen of the cause, Obama and the EU, have conceded no agreement is possible at Paris 2015. China (on behalf of the developing world) has set out the impossible terms – increased emissions and $100b per annum to pretend to reduce them! The race is on to find the face saver which will keep the UNFCCC going and disguise their utter defeat. The current hysteria over the climate catastrophe is not helpful. The loudest cheerleaders are about to become ‘persona non grata’ as the uncertainties and the error bars are suddenly found to be significant. The arse protection has already started and landward movement of nautical rats visible.
    Take your reward and savour turning the knife in the wound.


  16. Rastech says:

    “Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for.
    Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet régime, or any other régime, and then suddenly return to mental decency.
    Once a whore, always a whore.”
    George Orwell

    As I am rather fond of saying, payback is a bitch. There is always payback, and it always arrives far sooner than people expect (if they expect it at all).

    Right from the start of Cimategate, I said if the crooks were lucky, they would end up in handcuffs.

    This ain’t over yet, but I think we are past the end of the beginning, and are now approaching the beginning of the end..


  17. hihoitsofftoworkigo says:

    Far and away, best commentary I’ve read on this farcical covered faux ‘trial’. Thanks.


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