The Pratties 2016 – The race is on!

After a long run of political articles covering a few serious events, it’s time to get back to having a bit of fun, by which I mean running the Climate Prat of the Year competition.

If you’re not familiar with the term prat, you can find a rough description of them here, which should be enough to get you going. As to the mechanics of the competition, it’s run in two phases; nomination followed by voting.

The nomination phase consists of you readers adding a comment under this piece containing five names. You can only nominate people. I say this every year – you can’t nominate organisations, and every year the red mist drops down over people’s eyes as they’re enraged by the latest follies of various organisations. I say again, no organisations, it’s too large and rich a field.

On a regular basis for the next two weeks, I’ll be totalling up the number of nominations each prat has received and adding that running score as an addendum to this article. You see how this nomination by comments process works by looking at last year’s article.

I’ll be adding a countdown widget to the blog giving the number of days left before nominations are closed. At that point, the top five prats will go forward into the voting phase. In the event of ties in the number of nominations, a top five will be selected by the competition committee whose secret deliberations operate under their own version of the infamous BBC Berchtesgaden rules.

Now that the field has been culled down to the last five, the absolute crème de la crème of prathood that the whole of the climate clotglomerate can offer, the voting phase begins. A polling widget containing the five names will be added to the blog and for the next two weeks, you can vote for your favourite prat.

The only other procedural item you need to know about is the Blinder Prat option. This is used at the sole discretion of the committee to substitute a competitor with a new one, who’s bounded into contention by committing an absolute act of such genius prattiness, that it simply cannot be ignored.

As usual, cheating is discouraged but not actually forbidden.

I think that covers the basic mechanics of the competition, so we get down to discussing the usual runners in the field and the going conditions.

I have to confess, with one notable exception, it’s been a pratpoor year on the climate front. The biggie of course has been Leonardo DiCapricko whose antics have been toe-curlingly embarrassing to watch. His activities, such as that bloody awful climate porn movie that bombed, were bad enough, but it was the impression one gained of him that was the true horror.

He was like some fundamentally cheap, snot-nosed brat dressed up in a thousand dollar suit and desperately craving respect and recognition from the world as only a high school dropout can do.

The revulsion was compounded by seeing every tongue of the mainstream media half way up his buttocks in abject adulation for his titanic non-accomplishments in saving the environment while ignoring him putting out more carbon than your average four-engine jumbo jet or fuckoff-sized private yacht. As I think upon it, he actually does own things like that.

I’m sure you folks out there can add a few more prats into the competition, though I have the feeling that such a lean year will be followed by a bumper one next year as all the climate prats struggle to outdo each other oscillating between heart-rendering despair and helpless rage as El Prez Trump takes the budget scalpel to the NASA, the EPA and various UN tax troughers with their snouts jammed into the treasury swill. A lot of them are going to end up standing on ledges or sitting in unemployment offices. Both options I find appealing.

Anyway, start nominating and may the most abysmal prat of 2016 win.

Update 9.

Today’s the LAST day to vote. Polls close at midnight GMT, after which the squabbles, temper tantrums, accusations of voter fraud, demands for recounts etc etc can begin.

Update 4. The final Nominees and the total number of their nominations to Saturday 10th December in the year of our Lord twenty and sixteen –

Nominations are now closed, with five prats selected for consideration as this year’s climate prat of the year. I won’t close off comments on the nominations piece so any further ones will be ignored, however you can add commentary on the voting or should it arise, a suggestion for the blinder prat option.

Brian “smarmy little pillock” Cox 18,

Leonardo “DiBarfo” DiCapricko 11,

Justin “el Cubano’s lurv chile” Trudeau 10,

Hillary “where’s my other fucking shoe gone, you Secret Service bastards?” Clinton 10,

John “Klimate Klot” Kerry 8,

Barry “I see no terrorists” Obama 6,

David “for God’s sake, get him off the bloody air or get him put down” Attenborough 6,

Malcontent Turdball 4,

Jay “all wind” Weatherill 4,

Peter “it doesn’t mean they’re not out to kill me” Wadhams 4,

Stephan “they’re the ones who’re mad, I tell you” Lewandowski 3,

Catherine “Canuk climate bimbo” McKenna 3, (probably butt ugly),

Dan “Dopey” Andrews 3,

Ken “Adolph” Livingstone 3,

Gavin “scheisskopf” Schmidt 3,

Bob “mealy mouthed boy” Ward 2,

Guy “we’re all dead anyway” McPherson 2,

Al “I never laid a hand on a masseuse” Gore 2,

Ross “sorta climate prat” Ward 1,

John Selwyn “eat your burgers kids” Gummer aka Lord “troffer” Deben 1,

Wan Ki-moon 1,

Nicola “Mary Doll Nesbitt” Sturgeon 1,

Mirriam O’Brien 1,

Tom Koutsantonis 1,

Nick McKim 1,

David “dirty old man” Suzuki,

Angela “scheiss, what’ve I done” Merkel 1,


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92 Responses to “The Pratties 2016 – The race is on!”
  1. John McDougall says:

    There will be no competition for the primary prat of the year: Obviously, Leonardo (di Caprio, if there can be any doubt) will be the universal favourite. In fact, at this moment, I can think of no one else to nominate. But I will bend my mind to see whether I can come up with some further “also-rans”.

    I would like to be able to nominate additional prats after I have the opportunity to think on it …
    But I will require time …
    John R McDougall


    • Pointman says:

      Justin Trudeau perhaps?



      • John McDougall says:

        I knew it would not take too long. I must agree with you.
        But I have form here; my wife and I were working in Canada back when Pierre of that name was getting his start in Canadian federal politics. At first he impressed me with his “take” on Canadian politics. And then I grew up. In my defence, I was still in my mid-20s; and living in Quebec during the Pierre La Porte/ James Cross period (front de liberation de Quebec, and all that) I had a rapid start up.
        Thankfully, I retreated to Australia in 1971-72, and saw little of Canadian politics for many decades. To see junior Trudeau in action was a revelation. His father had a fine intellect although I saw less and less sign that he used it much as time went on. Son has mastered his father’s bulls**t, without any signs of the intelligence. Seems obvious whose genes he inherited.
        But I rabbit-on …


      • Clive Hoskin says:

        How about Ross Ward?Even though she doesn’t have a lot to do with the “Climate”she still qualifies as a “Pratt”But then almost all of “Liebor” and the “DemocRATS”would qualify.


      • Blackswan says:

        It seems Momma was a real good sport …


    • Keitho says:



      • John McDougall says:

        I would like to complete my list having taken time to consider:
        already nominated:
        -di Caprio
        – Justin Trudeau

        additional nominations:
        -John (“Lurch”) Kerry
        -Angela Merkel

        and finally, cretinism on display:
        “Professor” Brian Cox, someone who continues to display foolishness on stilts.

        Thank you sir for this opportunity to assist.

        John R McDougall


  2. mikerestin says:

    Gavin deserves nomination based on his recent mouth.


  3. hunter says:

    While Leonardo DiCaprio is very pratty indeed, one must consider Secretary of State John Kerry. He has a serious job, lots of gravitas, is educated, and yet chooses “climate change” as a way to perfect a performance that combines the morose Eeyore style buffoonery with a world endangering level of incompetence only by his predecessor. So I nominate Secretary of State John Kerry for pratt of the year.


  4. Retired Dave says:

    Pointy – The most frightening aspect of the Pratties is how quick they have come around again. My mother told that the years went faster the older you got – how right she was.

    Of those mentioned so far –

    DiCaprio is in class of his own. Even some Greens have noticed.

    Trudeau – I don’t know enough to have a definitive view, but Canada must have a fair few pratts for him to be in power in the first place.

    Kerry – the fact that he told a conference (allegely) of overseas ministers that if the sea levels rose just one metre Chicago would be under water – tells you all.


  5. catweazle666 says:

    I nominate Barak Hussein Obama for his assertion that climate change was a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism.


  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    Di Caprio seems to be hogging all the attention, which presumably is his aim. A certain winner for Boring Prat of the year, but do we want him hogging the contest.
    Kerry for going to Antarctica to highlight “Global Warming”. The 2 notable aspects are that someone brought him back and that the penguins were delighted to find a village idiot substitute.
    Gavin Schmidt for saying that he wasn’t going to work under President Trump, probably a self fullfilling prophecy but one not proveable before next year.
    The Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill, who after the State had been blacked out by wind turbines shutting down, claimed that wind wasn’t the cause and the solution was to install more wind turbines.
    The Premier of Victoria Andrews (widely known as Dopey Dan) who in the face of what happened in SA and 23% of the State’s coal fired generation announcing its impending shutdown, announced that there would be no problem and the solution was to install even more wind turbines than South Australia.
    I have run out of choices so I cannot nominate the Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk, who wants to reduce coal fired electricity by installing ….guess.


  7. Blackswan says:

    My nomination has to be Australian Prime Minister Malcontent Turdball, one-time General Manager of Goldman Sachs Australia.

    With his personal fortune heavily invested in Green projects and indebted to Goldman Sachs for bailing him out of a multi-million dollar personal law suit, Malcontent has proven himself to be one of the more supremely duplicitous Puppet Prats, a worthy contender for the Award.

    On the last day of Parliament sitting in 2015, AND the day before the Paris Climate Conference, he quietly had legislation for an ETS passed with bipartisan support from the Greens and the Marxist/Labor Party.

    The MSM barely registered a ripple … all remained hush-hush.

    The ETS quietly came into force on July 1, the day before the Federal election, so once again, nary a peep from the MSM.

    Then, on the day Trump was announced President Elect and the world media went into meltdown (along with Killary), Turdball announced that he had ratified the Paris Agreement, locking us into reduced emissions until at least 2020.

    Yep, Malcontent Turdball definitely has to be a contender for this year’s Award.


    • Old Rooster says:

      By rights Turnbull should probably be on a joint ticket with Julie Bishop. Then again we could add Dill Shorten and nearly all the State Premiers/Territory Chief Monsters as well. Alas, though understandably this is not within the rules. If corporate nominations were allowed then I would have to submit the MSM as a lay down misere. Not only have they been singing placebo for the climate change mafia for decades now but AD2016 has seen a spectacular talent for misreading the political climate in every corner of the world 🌎.
      I can’t recall if it was said by or of Jane Austen that she wrote of the “society of conforming mediocrity” but the MSM alongside much of Academia and the intellectual pygmies of all forms of popular entertainment as well as (or is it including?) politics have been doing Stirling work to promote such as society globally.


  8. Pointman, I’m sorry to say that you beat me to the punch with your suggested nomination of Canada’s PMJT.

    That being said, I might have gotten here sooner except that I’ve been mulling over in my mind whether he is the most deserving or – in the interest of his very own hypocrisy and his “because it’s 2016” or whatever year – his designated climate Barbie, aka the blonde bimbo currently occupying the cabinet post of Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna.

    On the spewers of mindless inanity front, it’s a very tough choice, I agree. But in the interest of gender-diversity – of which there has been none that I can recall among the finalists in this esteemed competition, to date – I’m definitely leaning towards McKenna.

    As we now approach Canada’s imminent 150th year, IMHO, it’s definitely time for an indisputably Canadian clown to wear this crown.


    • Mike Jackson says:

      I don’t know much about Canada or her politics but I trust Hilary’s judgement so I’ll go along with her on Trudeau and McKenna.

      I couldn’t leave diCaprio out nor after last week’s industrial-strength inanity McPherson.

      I’ll add one homegrown candidate, John Selwyn Gummer aka Lord Deben, who was a prat when I first met him and does not appear to have improved in the 55 years since. He deserves some recognition for long experience if nothing else.


      • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mike. And while I’m here, a few more notes on the McKenna knowledge and competence fronts.

        Not too long ago, she demonstrated her passion for birds and was waxing enthusiastically while participating in some confab or other to designate Canada’s national bird. More recently, i.e. today, the blonde bimbo from Ottawa tweeted – in both official languages, of course:

        We’re helping to ensure that communities can practice faith, culture & activities peacefully.

        Meanwhile, during the course of a press conference, which he characteristically filled with his oh-so-eloquent “uhms” and “ahs”, PMJT had to very stiltedly and reluctantly acknowledge – in a one-word response to the question “Do you think Fidel Castro was a dictator?” … “Yes”.

        Amazing, eh?!


      • Pointman says:

        We’ve got this throwback to the eighties Labour politician called Ken Livingstone who did the expected praise of Castro this week, but he’s more famous about pushing the line about Hitler and his theories being misunderstood anytime he gets near the media.

        It’s part of his almost compulsive anti-Zionism (wink) but he manages to raise old Adolph on most occasions, despite Labour party minders trying to tranq him.

        Has anyone asked PMJT his opinion of Uncle Adolph? He seems gormless enough to walk into that bear trap.


        BTW I’ll make Ken my 4th nomination. I’ve ONE nomination left. A prat like him has just gotta be a climate prat as well.


  9. 42david says:

    Nominations in no set order yet.
    1. Barak O’Barmy
    2. John “The Ice is Melting” Kerry – in spite of the fact that it is not doing so.
    3. Malcolm Turnbuckle – PM of Oz for ratifying the Paris scam.
    4. Leonardo DiCrapio
    5 Dopey Dan Andrews, Premier of the Socialist Caliphate of Victoria


    • Hivemind says:

      I know we’re not allowed to name organisations, but how about the state of Victoria. After the excellent example provided by the South Australian 4-day blackout, caused mainly by an over-reliance on unreliables, has decided to shut down their conventional power generating capacity.

      If I can’t nominate Victoria, then at least Dan Andrews can take the rap on behalf of the whole state.


  10. gallopingcamel says:

    Let us not forget Al Gore. He still owes us multiple apologies for all his failed predictions:

    1. Rising Sea Levels. Wrong! Sea levels are rising as they have done for thousands of years:

    2. Increased Tornadoes. Wrong! Tornadoes are declining.

    3. New Ice Age in Europe. Wrong! It never happened.

    4. South Sahara Drying Up. Wrong! There is “Greening” going on.

    5. Massive Flooding in China and India. Wrong!

    6. Melting Arctic ice. Wrong! Since 2012 the ice has been increasing.

    7. Polar Bear Extinction. Wrong! Polar bears are growing in numbers.

    8. Temperature Increases due to CO2. Wrong! No significant rise for over 18 years

    9. More severe and frequent hurricanes. Wrong! No F3 hurricanes for ten years…..the “longest drought evah!”

    10. The Earth Would be in a “True Planetary Emergency” Within a Decade Unless Drastic Action Taken to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses. Wrong! CO2 increased yet the planet is doing better by most measures.

    Click to access benefits-of-co2.pdf


  11. gallopingcamel says:

    Our nation is in big trouble when “Leaders” like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton get rich by lying to us.

    Can Donald Trump restore the integrity of our institutions that the ruling elites have corrupted over the last 25 years?

    It is hard to imagine that one man can “Drain the Swamp” but we all need to get behind him in the hope that he will make our institutions more “Inclusive” and thereby reverse the recent trend to “Exploitive” institutions. Acemoglu and Robinson explain why this matters in their book “Why Nations Fail”. If you don’t have the time to read the book please look at this:


  12. David Chappell says:

    As well as the obvious front runners such as DiCoprolith, the wonderfully wacky Professor-emeritus Guy McPherson of University of Arizona deserves a look-in for his prophecy that we are in the middle of the 6th extinction so it’s not worth worrying about climate change ‘cos we’ll all be dead in 10 years.


  13. Pointman says:

    Using up the first three of my five nominations, I have to go for

    1) Leo DiCapricko for reasons already stated.

    2) Bob Ward for trying to put a positive spin on academic fraud, if not outright fraud. See –

    3) Justin Trudeau for not only being a climate prat but for his disgusting eulogising of a murdering psychopathic dictator.

    I’ll watch other people’s nominations for the remaining two.



  14. tom0mason says:

    I nominate UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for everything he’s ever said.


  15. Joe Public says:

    Can we give a (dis?)honorable mention to Nicola Sturgeon who believes Scotland can funtion on 100% renewables?


  16. Russ Wood says:

    I would like to nominate South Africa’s Mpumalanga provincial government (something like a US state but much less powerful) for proposing that the province goes completely ‘green’ by 2030. Well, that’s an idea – but Mpumalanga is home to 80% of South Africa’s electricity generation, from 12 giant coal-fired power stations. And ‘green’ implies no power for the country! This, of course, is typical of almost any African National Party (ANC) government efforts – very little attempt to think out before opening mouths to change feet.


  17. catweazle666 says:

    I feel the truly deranged Peter Wadhams deserves an honourable mention, not only for his annual claims that the Arctic ice is going to vanish – honest!, but for his assertion that Evil Oil Orcs assassinate climate “scientists” by causing them to struck by lightning.


  18. Bad News Quillan says:

    Definitely Justin Trudeau. Clueless cubed.


  19. Sigmundb says:

    1. The EU
    2. Leonardo
    3. NASA


  20. asybot says:

    Hillary Clinton, because she will do anything to become the first woman Pres even going so far as trying to get Gore to endorse her (now that is going low).
    L. Dicap should be left out, he is beyond words, let alone an award. even a Pratty. The guy is so self absorbed he’ll probably contact pointman to find out where he can collect it and how much money it carries.


    • asybot says:

      And PLEEEAAASE remove L Diprick’s photo it makes me ill and I might throw up!


      • Blackswan says:

        Looking at that header-pic, he’s obviously just another fetching rent-boy, a mouth-for-hire to the highest bidder, makes a fortune out of pretending to be somebody else – for the right price he’ll read whatever script is on his autocue. For that reason he has zero credibility – easy to dismiss his ‘message’ as irrelevant.


      • Annie says:

        I too feel like throwing up at that header picture of that pukey character.


    • Pointman says:

      I’ll have you know that picture was carefully chosen for its pure technicolour yawn down the big white phone to God factor.



      • 42david says:

        In that case Pointy you have chosen well. Though I am not sure the visual pain of the image is worth the dedication in selecting it.


      • Pointman says:

        Well, I did spare youse guys and gals the one that was even barfier from his vinyl/leather boy days when he was being groomed for an entirely different market, if you know what I mean.



  21. Snert says:

    Peter Wadhams – definately
    O’bama – for his ‘Climate change is more important than terrorism’.
    David Attenborough – for his eugenic solutions and his ‘humans are a plague’
    Kerry – for his foot in mouth antarctic trip
    Bob Ward – for his mealy mouth and for just living.


  22. Hivemind says:

    What about professor Lewandowski? He is still making up fake diseases to claim skeptics have.


  23. Margaret Smith says:

    All the lefty lovvies are prats and not worth the effort of attention. Obama/Billary get my vote.


  24. Steve Borodin says:

    From a UK perspective, Brian Cox should be up among the top prats. A typical BBC tool (we pay, you say) and the only physics professor ever to confuse correlation with causation, Brian (the science is settled) Cox is a natural. If its not too late, consider him nominated.


  25. Hivemind says:

    As my 2nd nomination, I’d like to nominate South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, who still hasn’t learned not to try to run a state almost entirely on unreliables, even after a second major blackout event.

    As a 3rd nomination, I’d like to nominate Tom Koutsantonis MP, South Australian Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, who likewise hasn’t worked out what a prat he is.


    • mlpinaus says:

      I am getting sick of my freezer defrosting as a sacrifice to Gaia…… Now got a UPS to power it and a few LED lights….. looking for a diesel gen set


      • Blackswan says:

        I have to get on board with you blokes in South Australia. Wiki tells me you have approx. one wind turbine per one thousand people and if those useless contraptions can’t service the needs of so few people, then I have to second your nomination of Weatherill. So …

        2. Weatherill – as Premier Idiot

        3. Brian Cox – for being a “smarmy little pillock” (Brilliant description catweazle)

        4. Tasmanian Green Senator Nick McKim who said “just because something is fact doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable or productive to talk about it” as he continually demands we follow South Australia’s example.

        5. Oh Bummer – without his endorsement Paris would have been the usual non-event.


  26. bobl says:

    I’d just have to put
    Jay Weatherill for blacking out an entire state 1 1/2 times
    David Attenborough – For just being a pompous twit, that ignores reality.
    Brian Cox – Well for being stupid enough to prove he’s an idiot on national TV (and not knowing the difference between NOAA and NASA) – but he’s a scientist right?
    Caprio for being the most uninformed idiot on the planet, and who thinks he’s a scientist because he play-acted one once…
    Mirriam O’Brien just because, well she’s Mirriam O’Brien – NUF said.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      that’s 2 ½ times, although the latest only blacked out 200,000 homes the first was a rolling event e.g. I got blacked out twice (for only about 22 hours), the next town 3 times.
      In the face of this Dopey Dan the Victorian Man wants to do the same to his State.


  27. Annie says:

    Such a large field of candidates! Sigh! Who do I nominate?

    1. Obama
    2. Kerry
    3. David Attenborough
    4. Brian Cox
    5. Malcolm Turnbull

    When I think of all the others I’d like to nominate I feel quite frustrated and also appalled that there are so many. Here in Australia I would add Weatherill, Dopey Dan, and all those twerps who rabbit on about the GBR.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      And the worse thing is that neither Jay the Dill nor Dopey Dave will be around to be nominated next year.


      • Pointman says:

        I do hope we’re not going to use the same incompetent hitman on those two that we sent after Wadhams …



      • Graeme No.3 says:

        With the latest blackout affecting a mere 200,000 voters Jay is looking less like a rooster and more like a dead pigeon.
        Labor is on the nose and the local newspaper (and the national one) are firing bullets. The TV Current Affairs shows are going after them as well. Their chances of gerrymandering the vote so they can get back with 47% like last time are very very slim. The State Attorney General has just awarded himself SC (a PC QC) obviously towards a post politics career ( a Rau leaving the sinking ship ). Time for the traditional Labor response, boot out the Premier and install a woman to try and save some of the furniture.
        So expect Jay to go soon, 1 or 2 blackouts over summer will see him gather his booty and depart, claiming it wasn’t his fault.
        As for Dopey Dave that is Victoria’s problem, but his Government has a handy margin (47 seats out of 88, plus 2 Greens likely) but has been plagued by bungles and scandals. A State-wide blackout is unlikely but any problem is likely to make their reelection in 2018 very unlikely – CUE dump Premier and elect woman leader.


  28. Macl says:

    I nominate Brian Cox. Can I nominate him 5 times?


    • Pointman says:

      Nope, sorry Mac. I’d really like to help you out but I’ve already nominated him myself and would love to see the prat make the finals.

      We can only hope other people nominate him.

      Actually, Ivor Nydeer suggests a way forward. You’ve only used one of your five nominations. If anyone out there has any nominations left and is prepared to nominate cox in exchange for Mac nominating your favourite little chickadee, make the deal.

      Who’d have thunked it when we started years ago? A secondary market in climate prat nominations.



    • POBrit says:

      I nominate Brian Cox (just for you mac), Adolph Livingstone and Hillary.


    • mlpinaus says:

      Me too…….


  29. asybot says:

    So my 5,
    1: Hillary Clinton, everything has been said about her, can’t add a thing
    2: Justin Trudeau, a failed ballet teacher ( if there ever was a snowflake).
    3: Australian PM , Malcolm Tur something,
    4: Al Gore, for all the reasons mentioned above,
    5: Canadian Minister of the environment, miss(ed the mark) McKenna


  30. Colin says:

    I nominate Cox & Attenborough.


  31. catweazle666 says:

    I see I’ve only used two of my votes, so I’d better pick some more.

    Brian Cox, not only because of his mendacity, but because he is an Olympic class smarmy little pillock and gives me the creeps.

    Len DeCrappio for very obvious reasons.

    Leaves me one more…I’ll have to give it some thought!


  32. welland says:

    I nominate Wadhams, Livingstone and prat on stilts Cox.


  33. Pointman says:

    Given the volume, I think it’s time for another interim count of nominations. Update02 coming up.



  34. mikemUK says:

    I don’t seem to have had much luck previously but my offerings :-:

    1) Brian Cox –

    ghastly little creep, who apparently carries a host of documents/graphs around with him (presumably on a big, big trolley) onto TV shows in case any particular subject happens to come up – hilariously, even if they happen to have been already discredited.

    2) Steph Lewandowsky –

    could’ve been a contender! For at least the last 2 or 3 years. . . . . yes, I know.

    3)Gavin Schmidt –

    would he resign over Trump? will he get that option?

    4) Leo Dicrapio –

    brain dead, possibly from birth……….

    5)Peter Wadhams –

    also brain dead, but his original university position presumably protected by a thing called ‘Security of Tenure’.


  35. Margaret Smith says:

    For me it’s:
    Brian Brainless Cox (he should return to pop singing as being naturally able with numbers does not equal intelligence or even common sense).

    David Arrogance Attenborough (it seems according to him people like you and I are not wise enough to make a sensible choice therefore should never have had the referendum vote).

    Both British, I’m sad to say.



  36. BobsMyUncle says:

    So many choices…
    We Canadians have much to offer in the way of pratulence, so:
    Justin Trudeau
    David Suzuki
    If posthumous honourable mentions are allowed, Maurice Strong?


  37. Sangs says:

    Cox, Kerry, Trudeau and Clinton.


  38. gothb says:

    I nominate Clinton, Trudeau and Cox.


  39. asybot says:

    I won’t change my 5 picks but I already had forgotten Maurice Strong But he would have made it and if you brits feel bad about picking more the 1 that would have made it three Canadians. That’s beyond sad because Suzuki could have made it 4, embarrassing to say the least.


  40. davy says:

    It’s got to be Cox and Hillary.


  41. meltemian says:

    Sorry Pointy, I came to this rather late!
    I am sulking that I can’t nominate the BBC, so I’l do the next best thing:-

    1. David Attenborough

    2. Brian Cox.

    …..I’m also dis-chuffed not to be able to vote for the EU and the UN but I’ll get over it.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio

    4. Stephan Lewandowsky

    5. Michael Mann. (still crazy after all these years ♪♪)


  42. bushkid says:

    Aarrggghhhh! You need a trigger warning on those pics of di Capricko! And I’m no shrinking violet softie either. I’m a well-weathered old duck who can handle a bit of trouble at need. Phew, pass the smelling salts please!


  43. bushkid says:

    Good to see Brian smarmy pants Cox is leading the betting. I used to have some respect for him, but no longer. His performance on Australias ABC Q&A program this year has left him with zero credibility, absolutely zero. His dickhead remarks about the 97% consensus alone would have been enough to turn me off, but then he compounded his stupidity by trying to tell Malcolm Roberts he must believe in the “man never landed on the moon” conspiracy theory when Malcolm raised the NASA adulteration of temperature data! I know who’s the stupid one there – and it’s not the new Senator from Queensland!


  44. Graeme No.3 says:

    Well, I’ve just voted for Brian B Cox, brainless but annoying prat, or in French Prat Suprême (french insult).
    I reasoned that Hilary and Kerry won’t be around next year, having by then joined the flotsam or jetsam of politics and history, while the cuban love child has enough months life, before the voters of Canada consign him to well deserved oblivion, to feature in next years voting. Our host’s obvious preference Di (?) Caprio shall always be to me di Caprio (Italian insult) but will survive until next year as Hollywood always makes sequels of third rate horror movies. Besides my opinion is that he would bring disrepute onto the award.
    I must express my sorrow that Australia has no nominations despite the best provincial efforts of Jay WeatherDILL (who won’t be around next year), Dopey Dan Andrews (who will be lucky if he is) and Malcolm Turnbuckle(?) who didn’t help his candidacy by appearing under a (flattering) pseudonym, but who might just be around this time next year (much as the Black Death plague lasted longer than wanted).
    And I must express some nostalgia for Prof. Peter Wadhams as the quintessiential thirties era unworldly and eccentric academic, but I hope he can repeat his performance next year.

    So BBC prat of the year.


    • Old Rooster says:

      Had to pick the televisual physicist as he should know better. I’ve found his efforts just a little lightweight from the start but he is now less hardcore than Hammond, May, or Clarkson! I noted when the results popped up he has a substantial lead. Only a late entry SuperPrat can dislodge him I suspect.

      I don’t think Di Crappio deserves it as the attention will only encourage him and full time wankers should not qualify as they have a natural advantage in that they require no effort in being a prat. As for the rest, yes tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper material.

      You are right the Australian entries this year were just not quite the “right stuff”. Certainly not in the league of Prof Turkey 🦃 of the Ship of Fools fame. Just big Geese!


  45. Steve Borodin says:

    I must admit it is a pretty strong field this year but I think only one candidate stands out as the architypal superprat, a perfect exemplar of the genre. Anyone, especially anyone posing as a scientist, who utters phrases as scientifically illiterate as ‘the science is settled’ and ‘97% …’ has reached the epitome of pratdom.

    It is embarrassing that Cox is British. But what makes it worse is that he is employed by my old College. Let me make my feelings clear. You are not worthy to sweep the guano from the distant approaches to UCL, even if you do it at the dead of night diguised in a burka.


  46. Stonyground says:

    When I decided to cast my vote having decided on Leonardo, I was unexpectedly faced with Brian Cox as an alternative. My issue with Cox is that I see him as someone who ought to know better. In the end I plumped for Leo due to his ignorance, his stupidity and the phenomenal levels of his hypocrisy.


  47. Blackswan says:

    Although nominations for 2016 have closed, may I get an early start on some nominees for Prime Prat for 2017?

    “In a bid to tackle climate change, Bill Gates has joined forces with some of the richest people in the world, including Sir Richard Branson and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, to create a £800 million ($1 billion) fund.
    The initiative, named Breakthrough Energy Ventures, plans to invest in green energy over 20 years.”

    A Billion dollars eh? Bill Gates gave this undertaking at the Paris Gab-fest of 2015 so it’s taken them a year to plan how to best leverage their return on investment and rip more money out of our escalating power bills.

    Hopefully their move will be Trumped before it gets airborne.

    There’s a BIG difference between a ‘donation’ of grants to technological research and an ‘investment’ in an up-and-going rip-off industry.

    Yep, a whole gaggle of Prime Prats in that lot.


  48. Well, I must say that I’m somewhat disappointed in the results to date – not to mention that Canada’s Know-Nothing Minister of the Environment & Climate Change didn’t even make the final list. It is some consolation to see that PMJT, aka the puppet on WWF-er Gerald Butts’ string, did make the cut.

    But alas, he is not doing too well; so for those who have not yet voted, here’s an update hot off the Macleans mag. press.

    Look who appears in the Top 10 MPs, ranked by total selfies:

    Catherine McKenna 2,295
    Carolyn Bennett 986
    Justin Trudeau 826

    So, in the interest of gender-equity (and Canada’s impending 150th Anniversary year, in celebration of which Parks Canada are generously waiving entrance fees) would those who have not yet cast their ballots please give some serious thought to Cuba & China admirer par excellence, Canada’s little dictator wannabe aka Justin Trudeau.



  49. Nicola Timmerman says:

    Justin Potatohead Trudeau (named such by the Chinese who he also fawned over). Bringing in a carbon tax which he calls a levy to further hurt the Canadian economy, particularly Alberta.


  50. Annie says:

    I find it most odd that Trudeau is suddenly in the lead by so much?! Are there duplicate votes? Each time I go to the blog I find a clear voting box so it looks as though it could be used multiple times. Indeed, I wondered whether I had accidently voted twice when I assumed it was clear because my original vote hadn’t registered. After that I realised that was how it was and didn’t try again! It is strange that the other candidates are suddenly virtually static…this since I last had a look last night (Aussie time) and lttle Justin has suddenly leapt into the lead?!


  51. But, Annie … please consider that PMJT is the selfie-suited git that keeps on giving. Without Obama (and Gerald Butts, the WWF-er who drove Ontario into megadebt – and now leading Jr. along the same Soros-trian path) telling him what to do, he wouldn’t have a clue.

    Jr. is sooooo deserving that Candace Malcolm (who knows more about Canadian politics than he is capable of learning) has written a book: Stupid Things Trudeau Says.

    Read all about it at:

    Or the short version from the book blurb:

    Justin Trudeau won the birth lottery. He was born in a famous political family, in the greatest country in the world. He inherited all the qualities needed for becoming the Prime Minister of Canada, without ever having to do or accomplish anything.

    Justin just needed to be Justin.

    But there has always been an unsettling aspect to his leadership. You never quite know what you’re going to get. You’re always left wondering, who is the man behind the selfies?

    This book shows Justin Trudeau, in his own words. It’s a light-hearted photo book, featuring all the wacky things Justin has said over the years.

    This fun look at Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, the man his critics said was “just not ready” to lead Canada, helps answer the question of whether Trudeau is a serious person, or whether he just plays one on TV.

    But all of the above aside – including his latest “follow the Obama brick road re the Arctic” plunge – many thanks, Pointman, for the heads-up note you left on my blog earlier. I just took a peek at the results so far, and I am thrilled to see that he’s currently IN THE LEAD, where he should indisputably stay … because, well, because it’s 2016, of course;-)


  52. Pointman says:

    Help Jo Nova out.

    Skeptic blog hijacked by its moderators and held to ransom.



  53. beththeserf says:

    So many – who to choose?
    A globull collection.

    From the UK, the professeur, Brian Cox, for content and smarmy delivery.
    US film ‘n jet star, Leonardo di Caprio.
    Leaders w/out judgement Canada’s Justin -Eulogy-Trudeau, and
    Oz’s Malcolm-in-the-middle-Turnbull
    For recalcitrant fury, the other professor…


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