Climate Prat of the Year award 2013.

UPDATED AGAIN and again!

How quickly time flies. It seems but twelve months since we last ran the competition but I suppose as we grow older, time appears to pass more rapidly. Sweet bird of youth etc etc. Anyway, a recent address by the almost beatified Bob Geldorf to a bunch of stunned school kids telling them that they were all going to be dead by the year 2030 reminded me of how vital and socially responsible it is to have a formal mechanism in place to highlight these people acting like world-class prats. After the one hit wonder’s pronouncement, I’ll bet his own kids are now more than a bit nervous about Mondays as well.

There’s definitely been an increase in them saying that sort of thing this year, probably because they feel their Earth goddess Gaia has abandoned them to us satanic barbarians swarming over the walls of Castle Dementia, swinging clubs of reason, humour and that darkest of all forces; real world data. They seem to be popping up everywhere like those rats, called rattus rattus I think, that brought the Black Death to Europe in the middle ages, except I suppose the correct taxonomy for them would have be prattus prattus and the come fully virused up with the Green Death.

Interestingly though, more that a few of the ratusi seem to be quietly abandoning ship this year. That shouldn’t necessarily exclude them from the competition and indeed, we’re expanding the competition to create a second but slightly less prestigious award for the most hypocritical deserter of that persuasion. It’s to be called the Prat Overboard Award. This award may be way too ahead of its time, since most of the likely candidates are just staying very quiet but I think it important to establish it now.

Like the Mikado, I’ve got my own little list of people edging out of the cult and back into rational society via a timeout sitting on the fence, now they’ve seen which way the wind is blowing. Over the next few years, I feel this might grow to a very significant award. They don’t think anyone has noticed them creeping towards the exit door but we’ve been watching them, so there’s no escape I’m afraid. We could even be looking at a double winner.

For you newbies to the competition, who might not know what a prat is, you can find my very informal description of the term here and a more formal definition here. You have to read both before you can vote and by the way, I will be checking up on you, so no climate scientist excuses like the dog ate my global warming / background reading will be accepted.

The Boss has told me I’ve got to be much more assertive this year because in her opinion, I let the whole damn thing get totally out of control last year. She’s of course right, she’s always right and when she’s right, she’s right and even when she’s wrong, she’s right anyway. She can be quite scary, so I always do what she says. Well, mostly. To be candid, I’d rather take on Nurse Ratched on one of her grumpy days.

The rules, what there are of them, are pretty much the same as last year’s. You can nominate up to five people for consideration by simply adding their names in a comment underneath this piece. At a certain point, probably after Christmas day, the committee will tally up the suggestions and the top five will appear in a voting list, enabling you to pick out your particular favourite. I think it best to close off the voting just prior to New Year’s day so we can announce the winner, a bit like Queen Lizer and her honours list.

As usual, we’re operating on a fairly liberal budget of four confederate dollars and some junk mail vouchers, unless big oil finally come through with some dosh, but going by past form, it’s back to supermarket coupons in terms of an award for the winner. On the plus side though, I’ve successfully grovelled Vladdie’s Mum, so we’ve got his services to do the voting software thingy or whatever it is he does so well.

Right, this year it’s going to be very business like. No sieges, no rabbits, no electoral fraud, no tunnel warfare, no vegemite and definitely no judicial entanglements. For once I’m going to be efficient.

Gimme your nominations and in the words of the immortal Del Boy Trotter, may the bestest prat win.


Update 1: You definitely can’t nominate organisations. We don’t want to go down the route of the IPCC where various prats are tarting themselves around as Nobel Prize winners. Can you imagine the chaos if every waste of good food hanger on of the whole of the IPCC were claiming to be Climate Prat of the Year 2013? We’re not going to let the Pratties get devalued like the Nobel Prize.

Update 2: Nominees so far added as a comment. Suzuki is pulling ahead of his fellow prats already.

Update 3: At the end of this week, we’ll close off nominations and voting can begin on the most suggested nominees. At the moment, what we’ve got is David Suzuki (12 votes), Stephan Lewandowsky (8), that hardy perennial Michael Mann (7), John “dodgy uniforms” Cook (6) and in joint fifth place Tim Flannery (5) and Dana Nuccitelli (5). On nominees for the Prat Overboard Award, we’ve only got three; George Monbiot, Gavin Schmidt and Mike Hulme. Given no significant change in the number of nominations, we’ll begin voting on them with a view to announcing a winner two weeks later. Make your closing nominations this week or lose them forever. May the best prat win.

Update 4: Nominations closed and voting begins. Since the Prat Overboard Prize only attracted three nominees, it’s not worth continuing with. I think it was a category too far ahead of its time.

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51 Responses to “Climate Prat of the Year award 2013.”
  1. Don Aitkin says:

    Give Flannery another go!


  2. Amr Marzouk says:

    Tim Flannery lost his job poor thing
    Mann to go with Noble
    Gore for a life time achievement award


  3. Latimer Alder says:

    Please may I have all 30 of the Greenpeace Arctic Numpties?

    Though how you will present the award as they languish in a Gulag on life w/o the possibility of parole escapes me.

    David Suzuki’s recent visit to Australia where he was shown to have but a passing (I am being generous) acquaintance with any climate observations surely qualifies.

    All the ‘Skeptical Science’ team for just being complete prats.

    For the Prat Overboard competiton, I nominate Schmidt of NASA.

    Now his lodestar Hansen has gone, and he seems to be crawling away from the pernicious influence of Mann, he is popping up with semi-sensible remarks. The aggression and general self-certitude has gone. Perhaps he finds it a cold and lonely place without his chums to boost his ego. There are definite signs that he wants to be admitted into polite society.


  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    Tim Flannery – the old unreliable
    John Cook Skeptical Science for that “survey”
    Barak Obama who believed it
    Stephan Lewandowsky for his “survey”
    Professor Ian Chubb (currently Chief Scientist, Australia)
    was head of ANU during the “death threats” fiasco
    said “climate science deniers should not be given an equal platform with mainstream scientists”, and he criticised the media for giving sceptics the space to make their arguments.
    is liked by the ABC.


  5. I think the Cook-Nuccitelli-Lewandowsky triumvirate and their axis of idiocy deserves a nomination. As does the NYT’s Gillis and the U.K. Guardian‘s longstanding triumvirate of enviro-activists, Hickman, Goldenberg and Carrington.

    The fruit-fly expert, hypocrite and drama queen par excellence, David <know nothing> Suzuki is another worthy candidate for prat of the year..

    But, in the interest of “balance”, may I humbly and very reluctantly suggest that perhaps we also need a “Noilly prat” of the year award. In this particular category, I would nominate the ego that used to walk like a man, but who now talks – far too often of late – like a self-serving, humility-challenged Mann. His initials are WE, and his primary posting-ground is WUWT.


  6. Ant_01 says:

    Al Gore
    John Gummer
    David Suzuki
    Dana Nuccitelli
    Michael Mann
    In no particular order.


  7. meltemian says:

    Crikey! Is it that time again?
    I must be getting old, the time has just rushed by.
    I’ll draw up a short list…..there are so many names – so few places.


  8. Caroline K says:

    Yvo de Boer, John Cook, Dana Nuccitelli, Stephan Lewandowsky, Michael Mann, in no particular order


  9. Graham Green says:

    Dr Roy Spencer – a man who really should know better.
    My nomination is based on a man showing piss poor judgement. Just as the tide starts to turn thanks almost entirely to citizen science Spencer decides to have a go at us and picks out Willis Eschenbach.
    Spencer was certainly bang out of order but he’s also picked the biggest possible target and armed himself with the least effective ammunition.
    There are tens of thousands of us that won’t take shit from the likes of Spencer who now owes us a full on grovelling apology.


  10. J Martin says:

    Can I vote for an organisation or two ?

    The IPCC for just everything,
    The UK house of parliament for their 80% co2 reduction and destroy the economy wish,
    The EPA for their insanity
    The US Congress for not giving Obama something he can negotiate.
    Obama for telling us storms etc are increasing when his own agencies statistics show otherwise.


  11. Prat Overboard Award: George Monbiot. He’s gone very quiet as late.


  12. Kevin Lohse says:

    Ed Davey, for services to the re-introduction of a medieval lifestyle in the UK.

    Ed Milliband, for gobsmacking hypocritical denial above and beyond that expected of politicians of the lunatic policies he himself put into place.

    David Cameron, for being weak, weak, weak when it comes to keeping the lights on.

    Lifetime achievement award for David Lean. It is difficult to find anyone who has worked harder for longer to attain prat-hood than he.


  13. Truthseeker says:

    There are a lot of candidates, but the one that was clearly this years biggest prat was David Suzuki. This is for ongoing hypocrisy (there are “too many humans” and he has fathered 5 children, CO2 is bad and he flies to anywhere that invites him at the drop of a hat, believes that we all too obsessed with wealth and charges a government school $30,000 for a speaking engagement ), complete ignorance of the science involved (does not know any of the main temperature data sets) and shows himself to be a complete prat on a friendly TV network (ABC). A stunning performance all round.


  14. johanna says:

    Prat Overboard – definitely Mike Hulme, who (after no such previous reservations) has sniffed the wind and is edging away from the looniest warmists. He still does it in utterly opaque, pompous prose though, because he’s so much smarter than people who can write clear English.

    Prat of the Year nominations:

    David Suzuki – a stellar performance, a real all rounder who hit mid-season form in Australia Evens.

    Lib Dem Minister Vince Cable, a consistent performer whose latest contribution quoted in the Daily Mail was that escalating green energy levies are just fine because “in the long term renewables will get cheaper” (now what was it that someone once said about the long term? Oh, yeah, that we’d all be dead – JMK). He almost deserves as award in a special sub-category – the Marie Antoinette Award. 4/1 in a strong field.

    Michael Mann – never disappoints in this kind of race, certainly worthy of a place bet.

    Al Gore – another reliable performer, but lightly raced this year. Highlights include selling his TV company to Big Oil and comparing “deniers” to alcoholics and wife-beaters. 7/2.

    Barack Obama – needs heavy strapping to get out on the track at all, but when he does, can surprise even his own connections. 10/1.


    • Latimer Alder says:

      I have to agree about Hulme. Occasionally I read his stuff and it seems to make good sense. But far too oftne he’s away with the dense incomprehensible prose of the entitled academic.

      Memo to academics….writing stuff that is hard to read doesn’t show you to be clever. It just shows you to be too dumb to be able to write clearly.


    • cohenite says:



  15. Blackswan says:


    We have so many contenders in Australia – all the ‘usual suspects’ including the deposed Queen of Tarts, Julia Gillard. She who foisted a crippling tax on us to avert “carbon pollooootion” and rising sea levels has just bought herself a $2 million beachside mansion.

    Flannery, also owner of a luxury beachside property, though fired from his lucrative Climate Commissioner gig has struck out on his own, shaking his begging bowl at the useful idiot footsoldiers to raise some direct cash to appease Mother Gaia. He’ll be asking people to sacrifice their first-born soon.

    Definitely Suzuki, that hypocritical old tart. Just wondering who paid his $75,000 speaking fee for his feature appearance on our taxpayer funded ABC where he made an absolute ass of himself by admitting he knew nothing about climate data, how it was gathered or what that data meant regarding his predicted climate catastrophe.

    Our new Prime Minister Abbott is Prat-Lite. From declaring CAGW to be “absolute crap” in 2009, he now finds it politically expedient to spend $5 Billion on a Green Army to plant trees to avert the perils of Co2 and will go to an ETS in a couple of years in line with the Labor Party deal to trade on the EU Carbon Market. He has a fight on his hands to get the Carbon Tax repealed through the Senate where the Greens currently hold the balance of power. Meantime he’s happy enough to rake in the cash the taxes raise while there is no indication that solar FiTs will end or wind turbine subsidies are being scrapped to halt their march across the landscape.

    He’s straddling a barbed wire fence which is bound to ruin his future.

    Looking forward to seeing this year’s results.


  16. Skiphil says:

    How about a “Darwin Award Prat of the Year” honorable mention for the Greenpeace 30, who are damned lucky that Russia did not simply sink their ship…. they didn’t manage to get themselves killed, but not from any lack of trying.


    • Otter says:

      In the case of a Darwin Award, we should also include the FirstLast (never quite get that name right!) rowing team in the Arctic.


  17. Brian H says:



  18. Ed Davey Has to win hands down for persistent effort…..(And for approving Heckington 22 wind folly array). Although Ed Milliband is probably more deserving.


  19. foxgoose says:

    Got to be the Cook/Nutti/Lew crew.

    Their unique combination of stupidity, gullibility & nascent fascism is unmatched.

    The fact that they act out the latter in their secret fantasy lives is just the icing on the cake.


  20. Otter says:

    Suds-sucker, errr, suzuki.

    And, No. Having no respect for these prats, I am not about to use capital letters to start their names.


  21. Pointman says:

    Apologies to the regulars but on this post WordPress seems to be slinging a lot of your comments into moderation or the spam bin. Enemy action already or just me being paranoid? Just to be safe, I’ve reactivated the tunnel rats.



  22. Speedy says:

    Morning all. Whatever.

    Lifetime Achievement – Choo-Choo Pachuri.

    For the Yearly Pratties, how’s about a few roughies?
    Kevin Rudd (gone but not forgotten),
    Bob Geldorf (keen to dip into your pocket, not his own)
    HRH Prince Charles (Grand-daddie George III would be proud)
    ian Chubb (Australia’s Chief “Scientist’,)
    Dr. Megan Clark (CEO, CSIRO)

    There could be more worthies out there (and a lot of you people have got them covered) but it seems a pity if these other, less lights don’t have their share of recognition.




  23. J Martin says:

    John Holdren for presumably being the person behind Obama’s speeches in which Obama tells the World the complete opposite of what even NOAA and other organisations figures say.


  24. Jeff Todd says:

    Bob Geldoff; has he just woken up?
    BBC; ministry of misinformation
    Arctic rowers; enough said
    Greenpeace protestors; just how warm IS Siberia then?
    Entire British Political Political Establishment

    Prats Overboard
    All Climate Scientists; note they said “could”, “might”, “possibility of”. Ready to jump from Day One
    Entire British Political Political Establishment; a year and a half to election and they want to review green taxes under the guise of “cost of living”


  25. Peter Crawford says:

    Nomination #1 – Stephan Lewandowsy.

    I took a very scientific approach to this. It was epistemiollogical, heuristic, and probably stochastic as well. Anyway, it was definitely scientific, I got a couple of mates tor peer at it for a couple of minutes down the Brittania Inn. So it’s been thoroughly peer-reviewed, make no mistake.

    I asked Lewandowsky several scientific questions then collated and analysed the data. The results were startling. Here are the questions.

    1. On the subject af CAGW you are.
    a) Not worried
    b) Sat on the fence
    c) Scared shitless (or pretending to be at any rate).

    2. You are relaxing at the weekend. What is your favourite form of dress?
    a) Old sweatshirt and comfortable jeans.
    b) Full outdoors hiking gear.
    c) Peaked SS cap, Che Guevera t-shirt, and arseless leather chaps.

    3. It’s dinnertime. What do you opt for?
    a) A roast dinner with all the trimmings. Can’t beat it.
    b) A nice hot curry.
    c) Beansprouts, Trill, and yak’s milk.

    4. You are flicking through the movie channels. What are you looking for?
    a) An action movie with plenty of thrills and spills.
    b) A well-crafted comedy
    c) A 1960’s Swedish film, shot in black and white, where the characters laugh, babble, and weep for 7 hours for unfathomable reasons before eventually committing suicide.

    5. It has been raining heavily and you are confronted by a puddle. What do you do?
    a) stomp straight through it. It’s only a bloody puddle after all.
    b) Walk carefully round the edge. You don’t want to spoil your good shoes.
    c) Let out an ear-piercing scream then run home weeping before typing a tear-filled response to George Monbiot’s latest magnum opus in The Guardian.

    6. You fancy a bit of music. What do you go for?
    a) the Berlin Philharmonic playing a nice bit of Beethoven
    b) A good old-fashioned rock band
    c) A bunch of Tibetans with goathide drums and Sichuan nose-flutes.

    Answers were mostly ‘a’ – you are normal, mostly ‘b’ – you are normal, mostly ‘c’ – you are a prat.

    After exhaustive analysis, Stephan Lewandowsky scored mostly ‘c’.


  26. Asmilwho says:

    How can we forget Peter “Genius Award” Gleick and Fakegate?


  27. Jan Parker says:

    I would like to nominate some general and some Australian specific.

    What strikes me with all of these people, and there are plenty of others, they deliberately turn their backs on clear scientific evidence. I suspect that if we had the resources and some decent journalists we would discover that many of these people have financial interests in green projects (with generous public subsidies and funding of course) and have no intention of letting any of their projects be publicly discussed or dismantled if they can help it!

    David Suzuki (for demonstrating on Australian TV he is really just a hypocritical idiot)
    Barack Obama (for swallowing all of this garbage when clear evidence is available, and his support of green industries where all the tax-payers money seems to somehow disappear)
    Bob Geldorf (because he really is a know-nothing)
    Julia Gillard (for introducing a carbon tax in Australia as Prime Minister after telling the country she would not do so!)
    Tim Flannery (for endlessly lying to the population in Australia and having interests in a green industry which has lost millions of tax-payers money)

    There are many more as well!


  28. John Greenfraud says:

    Gore (the epitome of a prat)


  29. mike fowle says:

    All good nominations, indeed spoilt for choice. So just one from me and I don’t even know his name but he features in a video from Greenpeace and he is called I gather Angry Kid. Saw it at Jo Nova’s site.


  30. If I might be permitted an additional nomination, for the record: Canada’s Andrew Weaver deserves a (dis)honourable mention. Weaver is a longstanding IPCC-nik and newly-minted BC Green Party Member of the (provincial) Legislative Assembly. And, of course, one of those faux Nobel laureates for whom truth in posting and conflict of interest would appear to be totally foreign concepts. His “models” (you should pardon my use of the word) are reflected in his unabashed admiration for Suzuki and Mann.

    In parallel with his recent toned-down summary (AR4=”barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles” vs AR5=’We’ve been saying the same thing for 20 years, but now we are more certain’), Weaver has had to adjust to the ignominy of the CBC finally dropping mention of the faux Nobel laurel on which he was quite content to illegitimately rest for so many years. The best “laurel” the CBC could muster for one of their favourite “expert” idols was his somewhat more obscure 2008 designation as a Member of the Order of British Columbia.


  31. Pointman says:

    Climate prat 2013 nominees so far.

    David Suzuki (12)

    Stephan Lewandowsky (8)

    Michael Mann (7)

    John Cook (6)

    Tim Flannery (5)

    Dana Nuccitelli (5)

    Barak Obama (4)

    Al Gore (4)

    Ed Davey (3)

    Ian Chubb (2)

    Ed Milliband (2)

    Julia Gillard (2)

    John Gummer (1)

    Peter Gleick (1)

    Leo Hickman (1)

    Suzanne Goldenberg (1)

    Damian Carrington (1)

    Vince Cable (1)

    Yvo de Boer (1)

    David Cameron (1)

    Geoffrey Lean (2)

    Tony Abbott (1)

    Alan Nurse (1)

    Bill McKibben (1)

    Naiomi Oreskes (1)

    James Hansen (1)

    Pachuri (1)

    Kevin Rudd (1)

    Bob Geldorf (3)

    Prince Charles (1)

    Megan Clark (1)

    John Holdren (1)

    Andrew Weaver (1)

    Jim Salinger (1)

    Yeb Sano (1)

    Prat overboard award.

    George Monbiot (1)

    Gavin Schmidt (1)

    Mike Hulme (2)


    • Kevin Lohse says:

      ARHGGGGG! A senior moment par excellence! The director of “Ice cold in alex”, is to my knowledge innocent of all charges. The Pratt I was aiming for was of course GEOFFERY Lean, the DT’s long-time story telling ecoloon.
      i would be grateful if you could amend the nomination accordingly.

      Fixed it up Grumpy – P


  32. jaymam says:

    May I nominate Dr Jim Salinger, as one of the most dangerous of all warmists, and who continues to have scary articles regularly published without question. Check out Climategate 1 for his attempt to have a fellow sceptic scientist sacked. At UEA Jan. ‘80 – Feb. ‘82. Visiting Fellow, Stanford University, 2012


  33. Chris Boughton says:

    Prat of the Year: Oh, there are so many:
    Yeb Sano for his stupidity at COP19
    David Suzuki for his astounding ignorance and hypocrisy
    Ed Davey for trying to ruin the UK economy
    Lewandosky, Cook et al for contributions to junk science
    The Mann himself
    Geoffrey Lean from the UK Daily Telegraph for regurgitating whatever press release comes his way. I can’t understand why he doesn’t quit when, week after week, he gets told in no uncertain terms what a prat he is by commenters.
    The SKS Kidz for their stupid photos, and even more stupidly allowing them to be found
    The Royal Society for meeting the GWPF but insisting that all details of the meeting be kept secret


  34. Geoff Cruickshank says:

    Suzuki, for arguing that:
    On climate “we must trust the experts”
    On genetic engineereing “the experts are shouting down the skeptics”
    on Aus TV.
    Even the moderator cringed.


  35. The ‘Cook-Nuccitelli-Lewandowsky triumvirate’ – that does it for me.


  36. Beth Cooper says:

    Oh so diffi-cult ter choose but I ‘ll go fer Suzuki because he takes
    closed-society- para-noia ter such a high level and is so adept at
    charging fer his services like a wounded bull while maintaining his
    perception of himself as maintaining the high moral ground.Such
    blindness is worthy of a prattus or rattus reward.


  37. normalnew says:

    Prat Overboard Prize is alright I think. How about that gaia lovejoy guy? clearly a worthy new prize winner


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