Climate Prat of 2012 – We have a winnah!

It’s time to announce the winner of this year’s climate prat award and boy was the competition a doozie. Talk about a rush. It had everything; a bewildering variety of prats to choose from, agonies of indecision having to cull all the nominees down to finalists, rule changes when none were expected, an attempt to rig … Continue reading

Time to cull the prat nominations.

I think it’s time to close off the first round of voting, since the viable candidates are by now obvious. People have really stuck to the letter of the law and voted for prats who’ve been very active this year. The front-runner, polling twice as many votes as anyone else, is Peter Gleick. Since he is both … Continue reading

Announcing the inaugural Climate Prat of the Year Award.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but notables of the green persuasion seem to win a lot of awards from various green organisations. They give prizes to each other, occasionally with a nice bit of money as well; sometimes with a very very nice bit of money. You may also have noticed, they never actually award us … Continue reading

Climate Alarmism and The Prat Principle.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the great discoveries of my life, the Prat Principle. Before doing so, I’ll have to ensure we have a common understanding of what exactly a prat is, prior to sharing it with you, together with some related tricks and tips. Prat is one of the great words in the … Continue reading