Trump’s second impeachment trial

During the first attempt to impeach Trump it got great play in the media aka fake news, but it was pure wish list propaganda. Since in a bicameral legislature both houses usually have to vote to for an impeachment to actually happen, the president or prime minister is bullet proof if he holds control of … Continue reading

A visit from the secret police

There are many famous sayings about the law. The law’s an ass, which is very true when you consider some of the rulings handed down. Another one is an accused person who chooses to represent themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer. The reality was always that if you’re rich and powerful, the … Continue reading

Trump feeding recalcitrant mayors and governors just enough rope

When you ignore the fake news coverage and commentary about the peaceful protests in Democrat-controlled places like Portland, Chicago and NY city, and instead look at some of the videos uploaded by ordinary people to Parler, Gab and other uncensored social platforms, the peaceful protests are actually nightly riots with all the extra goodies that … Continue reading

Trump steps in to restore order.

I’ve been off line for a time due to illness which thankfully I’m recovering from. There seems to have been a lot going on in that break in service which has necessitated some speed reading and article scanning to catch up with events, but there is one advantage to such an exercise – you see … Continue reading

The rule of law.

There’s a pseudo-modern day idea that as long as you hate someone else’s politics enough, you can be free to physically molest and attack them. In some instances, most specifically antifa, the police have obviously been instructed to allow it and in fact to turn a blind eye to it happening. It’s only a matter … Continue reading