Banks collaborating with the regime

In a previous piece, I said that the dual purpose of the propaganda machine now unleashed on the deplorables will be to ostracise them from so-called platforms of free speech and to always represent them in the entertainment industry as a vanishing small and counter-revolutionary minority, which obviously isn’t true but propaganda nearly always operates on such blatant reversals of the truth – look up the English meaning of the infamous Pravda newspaper of another totalitarian regime in Cold War times.

In parallel with that, prominent anti-regime individuals will be scheduled for various types of show trial, if only to rewrite history, and ordinary people who’re not deemed regime friendly, will essentially be criminalised by abusive use of law.

In the business world, roughly the same two groups are being targetted. Prominent businesses or entrepreneurs they perceive to be pro-Trump will have either business services withdrawn for purely political reasons, or the abusive monopoly retailers will refuse to stock their goods. Of late, we’ve seen both of these restrictive practices being used. An example of the former is Chase Bank withdrawing its payment processing service to the coffee outlet Covfefe and of the latter Amazon, amongst other giant retailers abusing their monopolies, refusing to sell Mike Rindell’s MyPillow products.

More worryingly, but in keeping with the general strategy to crush all the lower level individuals perceived as potential threats to the regime, Bank of America furnished the secret police, formerly the FBI, details of all transactions by their customers on or around the date of the so-called DC riot and within an unknown radius of congress. They did so unhesitatingly though they’d ample legal grounds to resist such a mass data grab of what in banking circles has always been held to be sacrosanct customer data. Fine, if you got a legal subpoena for a named individual, you were obliged to furnish the police with the data requested, but such mass data sequestration of customer account activity by merely being asked for it is unheard of.

What are the ramifications of such a unique mass release of a bank’s customer activity to a branch of the government?

The first is that it’s totally destroyed the age-old covenant of confidentiality between banks and their customers. If BoA can do it and get away with it, all the rest probably feel just as free to do exactly the same thing in similar circumstances. Essentially, trust has been destroyed. It’s probably the basis of a good-old class action suit over breach of trust that after dragging on for a few years might have a decent payout at the end of it. Winnable or not, it’s some sort of fightback protest against collaborating banks.

However, the most immediate consequence is that any BoA customers unfortunate enough to have been caught in a rather large net now have a file on them at the secret police.

Never mind the assurances, which interestingly haven’t yet been made, that the innocents’ data will be discarded. It’s simply not in the basic nature of secretive police organisations to discard any information on individuals. A few FOI requests might have some nuisance value, but whatever the individuals do, that data about their banking activities is going to be retained indefinitely, even if that’s denied.

If you’re a BoA customer and you’re happy with that new situation, fine. If you’re not happy, use that big consumer muscle all individuals as a collective have. Punish them by closing and moving your account to another banking chain accompanied by a brief but polite explanation of why you’re doing so. Your new banker might turn out to be just as big a tosser, but if enough BoA customers lodge that protest with BoA, the other banks will take note.

If you shrug off or ignore such mass violations of your rights, rest assured larger and more outrageous ones will soon follow. Don’t through inaction allow a drift into a business culture of habitual customer abuse.


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7 Responses to “Banks collaborating with the regime”
  1. another ian says:


    O/T but I haven’t seen this mentioned before

    “Pathogenic Priming & Autoimmune Risks”


    “In Peru, Ivermectin cut covid deaths by 75% in 6 weeks: cheap, safe and quite ignored”


  2. philjourdan says:

    Yea, that is a bummer. But here’s the thing, you want a MyPillow? (I bought one based upon the endorsements, and my wife poo-pooed me. Then sent me out over a 30 mile radius to buy more when her friend came to visit!) Or a HoggPillow (think vaporware).

    Amazon? I gave them THOUSANDS of dollars a year in business (I know that is just a nit on their butt – but how many of me are there?). I just moved my Tech buys to Tigerdirect. Same price. And I no longer need prime.

    Chase. I put 6k a month on that card! Oops! No more. Cancelled (my FICO is 848 – so sue me that I am cancelling a card!)

    I am a flea on their butt. inconsequential. But how many fleas does it take to bring a camel to its knees?

    I do not know. I called my IRA broker and asked one question – “Are you cancelling based upon ANY criteria?” I guess some folks still want to get paid, as she said NO.

    I am not on Fakebook, TwatsRus or Ewetube. Nor will I ever be. SO I guess I do not care about the clowns who need MY money for their Stupidity.

    They aint getting it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. NoFixedAddress says:


    In a normal world this action by BoA would be ‘shocking’.

    Unfortunately I see it as all of one with payment processors de-platforming anyone they don’t like to laws in the USA that allows your assets to be seized on the face of what appears to be mere suspicion.

    And it really underscores the question of the ‘stability’ of currencies and who is playing that trading game, including block-chain, particularly as ‘the west’ governments are in general running debt to gdp ratios of 1 to 1, ie 100%, or even greater.

    Taxation will have to start getting close to 100% and then…..

    The Great Reset


  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    Don’t forget the IBM work with Heydrich and his ‘card system’.


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