Redux from 25th October 2020 – What if Biden wins?

The wisdom of the ages endures because it’s simply that – wisdom. After all the storms and vicissitudes of fashion, politics, wars and social upheaval have ran their transitory course and been largely forgotten, it’s all that remains except for the common man who’s survived them all. That’s been true from even before the life … Continue reading

What if Biden wins?

It’d been seven years since the Fall, though you had to be careful of the company you were in to use that term. The Big Change was much safer, but if there was one of the true believers around, the People’s Revolution was the safest. A lot had changed in that time, though the first … Continue reading

Why on Earth did the DNC pick Harris as Biden’s running mate?

Well, after weeks of deep but slow cogitation on who to choose and keeping everybody on tenterhooks – he could almost smell her hair as one wit remarked – we finally know who Joe’s running mate is going to be, and nobody was more surprised than Biden at which one they’d picked out for him. … Continue reading