The diseased minds of the mental health experts.

Every profession has one or two prominent monthly publications which anyone working in the area have to leaf through if only to stay familiar with what’s happening or what’s currently en vogue. You leaf through, reading anything that catches your eye. Last month, the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association published a fully peer reviewed … Continue reading

Are white liberals the same as Muslim extremists?

If like me you think people are defined by their actions rather than their words, then the answer to that question is a definite yes. They both have that same reflexive and violent intolerance to anyone who doesn’t share their fanatical beliefs. The parallels are compelling. On any issue, there is only one correct position … Continue reading

Thank you Hollywood, don’t call me, I’ll let you know

When it comes to anything to do with the moon, the planets, the sun, astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics and most especially anything to do with space exploration, I’m a complete slag. On the discovery that ice deposits had been found inside the forever shadowed edges of polar craters on Mercury, my knees went all weak, and … Continue reading

The shock of the news

In an effort to dispel the lockdown blues, I take part in organising a kind of pub quiz online. All it needs is some coordination, setting up a Zoom meeting, a quizmaster who reads the questions, a quiz book with the answers at the back, pen and paper, and we’re off. It’s composed exclusively of … Continue reading

Emergency post – updating, updated again, and again

This might be history happening, so it’s going to be rough. I’ll give you each link before it’s knocked offline by regime mass attacks by government hackers. Good for the next five minutes. Hit it and I’ll update as it’s knocked out to the next fallover site. It’s already hitting 55Million viewers from a start … Continue reading

You’re not too small to be a target

Since the coup and America’s transition from being a republic to a plutocracy, the classical difficulty with that political system has emerged rather quickly. Who at any one time is actually running the country? Does anyone know? The answer is it depends on which oligarch is momentarily the most powerful or on any particular issue … Continue reading

Only traitors drink Coca-Cola

If like me you’ve ever watched the fix going into some game or contest, you know how it works, and that applies from venues as diverse as The Gardens or Capitol Hill. First comes the blatant fix complete with bribed officials obviously looking the other way, then the but-but helpless outrage and finger stabbing from … Continue reading

Redux from 1st December 2020 – Will America simply refuse to be ruled by Biden’s puppeteers?

From some things that occurred this past week, I thought giving this article a fresh airing might be a good prelude to another piece I’m working on. Have a happy Easter everyone.   ——–<<<<<<O>>>>>>>——   The word consent is nowadays generally associated with various degrees of sexual molestation to which the victim has not agreed, … Continue reading

You’re never going to get access to your file at Central

Most democratic countries around the world have their own version of Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation already established on their statute books. The initiative towards this type of legislation was to act as a counterweight to the increasing amount of information being amassed by governments on their citizenry and started in the ’60s in LBJ’s … Continue reading

It can’t go on like this

When a statement like the above is made about old Mr. Wotshisface, it invariably presages a life changing turn of events for the aforesaid Wotshisface. Given the particular circumstances, that event can range from getting the boot from a job they’ve become chronically bad at or right down to the enfeeblement of old age and … Continue reading

The scuttlebutt on the purge of the military

If you’ve ever had any involvement in the world of first responders, by which I include not only medics and firemen, but the military and law enforcement of any kind, you get plugged into a certain very realistic view of the world, and you never quite escape it either. There’s the world as people think … Continue reading

An indication of Trump’s future intentions towards the GOP?

When you’re rich and powerful, there are always too many things to keep an eye on, so you delegate. You appoint managers to specific areas of authority who are loyal, have good judgement and handle their tasks. As long as you trust them, that’s all that matters. If they’re not particularly good on detail, you … Continue reading

The end of the old Republic.

The political structure of how a country is governed is always an artificial structure created by powerful and influential people. If they’ve no interest in the welfare of the ordinary person, they’ll create and brutally enforce a system that’s designed purely for their benefit, though it’s usually masked behind a fancy name containing a combination … Continue reading

How the purge of the military is being done

Every illegal regime that comes to power by means of a coup lives in constant fear of the same thing happening to them. It’s their abiding characteristic and the reason they regularly have mass purges. The mass murderer Mao Tse-tung reputedly said that political power grows from the barrel of a gun, which is the … Continue reading

How the January 6th protest is being used

When one country is determined to go to war with another, and there’s no justifiable reason for doing so, then a justifiable reason must be manufactured for both external and internal consumption that lends a spurious legitimacy to all the things that are to follow. Once the incident has occurred, the regime’s propaganda machine will … Continue reading

Grey propaganda against Signal

In the middle of last January, when the big tech oligarchs were nailing down their digital supremacy of the internet, Facebook announced in passing that it was going to harvest all the user data on WhatsApp, which it owns. This broke the deal making promise it’d made in ’14 when it took it over. Given … Continue reading

A wake up call for Australians

The worst and most pervasive form of censorship is self-censorship, especially nowadays in America but it’s increasingly a worldwide trend. In innocent ways, it acts a a social lubricant. You’re talking with someone about something that’s happened in their lives and doing sympathetic noddies. They’re telling you about their travails and you’re thinking all their … Continue reading

Australia being bullied by big tech.

Back in the days when assorted sauropods roamed the Earth and Tyrannosaurus Paper was king, I worked for an organisation that circulated internally a digest of the day’s news. First thing in the morning an analyst went through a selection of foreign and domestic newspapers highlighting pertinent items with a brief annotation. It was then … Continue reading

Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.

With the elimination of Trump and the Swamp once again in the driving seat, the new battle cry on lips of propagandists and collaborators alike is “let’s get back to normal”. There’s not a bum taking up on a seat in Congress that doesn’t know the election was blatantly stolen, and by implication the Biden … Continue reading

Welcome back Parler, I think …

Hearing that Parler was back up, I gave it a try. If you’re not familiar with its short and spectacular history, it had barely been up a few weeks when big tech ganged up on it and closed it down by a combination of deplatforming and refusing to stock it in the company stores. There … Continue reading