Convenient demises.

There are a lot of blogs that simply peddle various conspiracy theories of different levels of derangement. From con trails, through flat Earth, hollow Earth and how the world’s leaders are actually lizards sheathed in human skin. As always, everybody chooses what they want to put some credence in, but in the last few years certain conspiracy theories, which I’d at first glance discounted, have started to look alarmingly plausible.

The reason for the persistence of even the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, is a matter of formal logic and the decades ago decision in education to abandon teaching it. In any conversation with an off the wall supporter of a particular inanity is that the casual listener instead of asking them to prove their theory, blindly lets them get away with the retort – well prove it isn’t true.

In formal logic, it’s an iron rule that you can’t disprove a negative. It seems like one of those confusing double negatives, so an example of that rule suffices, I think. If a particular conspiracy theory is being harboured by some slightly deranged person who believes that the McDonald’s clown occasionally appears on the peak of Mount Everest and you ask them for proof, their invariable response is well, prove it isn’t true. You of course can’t, which to people with a weak mind therefore means it must be true. You see my point?

I’m happy to explore unusual ideas with someone, but I always ask them for some indicative proof, but as soon as we almost immediately get into the disprove a negative loop, I know the idea has no evidential merit and the discussion ends right there.

I suppose the biggest one in the last few years was Trump’s assertion that he was being surveilled all through his presidential campaign and even after his inauguration. I’d put that down to him just working the crowd but subsequent events have proved him right – it wasn’t some conspiracy theory and it was even worse than he’d thought. It was nothing less than a plot to overthrow the presidency. All the electronic messaging in the campaign was being intercepted, his office in Trump Tower was being bugged, the FBI had planted spies into his staff and they’d even sent agent provocateurs under false names to entrap members of his staff.

Phony evidence like the Steele dossier was being manufactured and by a circuitous route being fed back into the system as solid intelligence by traitors like John McCain to enable politically corrupt people like FBI director James Comey to justify setting up a special prosecutor Mueller. There was a conspiracy alright, but it wasn’t just the illegal surveillance of a political foe, but an outright plot to depose a legitimately elected president of the United States and was conducted by a cabal of highly-placed traitors.

If I’d ever doubted the existence of an organised and systemic deep state, and I did, the revelations of the last few years have disabused me of the opinion that it was just a conspiracy theory. Its tentacles seem to extend through high ranking members of either party in Congress, the DoJ, Brennan’s CIA, the State Department, parts of the executive like the IRS and of course the thoroughly corrupted FBI, who appear to have acted as its hitman, or hush up artist of various criminal acts. Everything gets buried from any sort of judicial scrutiny, unless it involves Trump and his staff or supporters.

The other theory which has been bouncing around for years is the alarming mortality rate of people who might know some tales about the Clintons and looked likely to start talking. I’ve expressed the view before that I regard them as the most corrupt and degenerate couple in all the political history of America, but the idea they’d simply have someone got rid of by various means such as outright murder or convenient accidents, seemed preposterous, though as the sheer numbers of the body count stacked up, it began to look increasingly probable that it wasn’t a conspiracy theory.

The “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein last week tipped me over to thinking that the Clinton approach to evidence elimination didn’t just stop at using a hammer to destroy smart phones and tablets, never mind home servers that every intelligence service in the world appears to have hacked into, but to arranging the expeditious demise of people like Seth Rich, widely suspected to be the leaker of the DNC emails, who got gunned down shortly after the leak on a Washington street at night without a single article on his possession being stolen. So much for the random mugging explanation.

Epstein was a millionaire pedophile with a taste for young girls and boys. He’d weaseled out of a substantial prison sentence a few years ago by his lawyers negotiating some sort of mysterious plea bargain with the DoJ, which no doubt provided them with the names of some small fish with similar perverted inclinations. As far as I’m aware, he was never called to testify against any of the people I presume he traded for a free pass, and I don’t know their names, nor do I know if any actual prosecutions flowed from his testimony.

The conspiracy theory ran along the lines that some of the names he gave were so big, they were untouchable, so law enforcement backed off. For instance, he had his own island which he flew to regularly on his private jet, which was cynically referred to as the Lolita Express, and as with all flights, the manifest has to detail the number and names of everybody on board, just in case it embedded itself in a mountainside somewhere. A certain Bill Clinton, amongst other notables, was recorded as being on twenty-six of those flights.

Epstein had been arrested for more sexual offenses and was imprisoned awaiting trial. The rumour was he was already prepared to make another deal involving a lot more names in return for a light sentence or a walk. However, last weekend, after he started a deposition, he committed suicide. He was already in solitary because of a previous suicide attempt, which he said was nothing of the sort – it was an attack on him to kill him and therefore silence him.

The details surrounding his “suicide” seem curious to say the least, especially as the official reports are being carefully obfuscated and muddied. He was supposed to be on suicide watch, but somehow managed to hang himself using strips of bed sheet, which you’d never leave in a suicide watch prisoner’s cell. Apparently the guards, both of them, who were supposed to check on him every fifteen minutes, fell asleep for three hours, and most suspicious of all, the video monitors around his holding area had a convenient malfunction either side of the time frame of him hanging himself.

Both of the prison officers in question had apparently been hired just a few days before the suicide and given their long hours of experience as guards, were immediately put in charge of a high-profile inmate. No doubt they’ll be fired, which puts them going in a few days before a convenient demise and out of the place just as quickly, and of course they were the only two people around Epstein when he committed “suicide”.

Yeah, gimme a break.


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13 Responses to “Convenient demises.”
  1. rapscallion says:

    Exactly. It’s all just soooo convenient isn’t it? He was taken out, no two ways about it.


  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    No, no, no, he was obviously ‘removed’ by James Bond on instructions from the Royal Family (who are all disguised alien lizards) because he kept taking guests to a tropical island IN SUMMER, thus shaking the evidence for Global Warming.
    Or possibly the Foreign Office found out he was the secret manipulator behind Brexit and it was a desperate move to thwart it. Remember the Foreign Office motto NONE SO FOREIGN AS US.
    No, wait! It is all Trump’s fault…yes, I am sure that would appeal to the MSM (before they disappear).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Blackswan says:


    Now it’s obvious why Julian Assange kept himself under ‘house arrest’ in the Ecuadorian Embassy for seven long years before he was bodily dragged out of there; he wasn’t unnecessarily paranoid, and his fears for his life if he was delivered into American custody are certainly justified.

    Epstein’s murder and the wide-ranging conspiracy it took to achieve it would surely be Assange’s best argument in a British court against his extradition … NOBODY can guarantee his safety in any US jurisdiction.

    Ironically, Assange is now being kept in the same protected London prison wing as Tommy Robinson (another political prisoner), but it remains to be seen whether either of them will survive that experience – the tentacles of the Deep State and the Globalists can reach anywhere apparently.

    Whistleblower Snowden’s revelations about NASA’a illegal spying activities against US citizens contrary to the Constitution’s 4th Amendment weren’t enough to protect him from possibly fatal retribution either – being enough motivation for him to flee, country-hopping all the way to Russia for protection.

    Where’s Superman when they need him? Somebody, ANYbody to fight for “Truth, Justice and (what used to be) the American way”.

    Seems to me that ALL involved are cardboard cut-out cartoon characters – who the hell could take ANY of them seriously?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. meltemian says:

    Arkancide or just unlucky? There certainly doesn’t seem to be much future in becoming a Clinton Bodyguard!


  5. Pointman says:

    FBI investigators zero in on Jeffrey Epstein’s 8,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where the pedophile planned to ‘seed the human race’ with his DNA by impregnating women

    Rubbish. All the FBI will do is a bleach job on any embarrassing evidence against the other perverts of the deep state.



    • Blackswan says:

      It’s becoming increasingly apparent that for decades the FBI have functioned as nothing more than those people who pushed a cart along behind horse parades with a shovel and broom, cleaning up all the crap dropped by those high-stepping thoroughbreds ahead, decked out in all their finery and sneering down their long noses at hordes of gawking peasantry along the parade route.

      Anything left behind was usually stepped in by the said peasantry, undoubtedly leading to the expression “He don’t know shit from Shinola!”

      Well, the FBI and the DoJ certainly know their shit when it comes to cleaning up a crime scene. Absolute experts!


  6. Blackswan says:

    The internet never ceases to amaze me. It’s possible to cruise around from link to link and occasionally stub your toe on a gold nugget poking out of the ground …. such as this;

    An interview with Epstein’s Russian UFC fighter bodyguard/driver, Igor Zinoviev, who not only became his trainer, but also taught him basic self-defence moves – for his own protection.

    Is that why JE suffered more extensive neck damage than was anticipated by his attacker/s? “Shrieking and shouting was heard coming from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell the morning he was found dead, reports said.”

    The most interesting quote from the Zinoviev interview was … “I don’t give a, let’s say, like, crap about how he die, how he live, or how he’s managed,” he concluded.”

    Really? How he’s managed?

    Given that English is not Igor’s first language, it’s entirely possible he meant “how he has managed” … but what if he meant “how he IS managed”?

    Whatever he meant, to read the transcript of that phone interview in full, there’s no mistaking the fear in the ‘voice’ of Epstein’s bodyguard. Will he be cleaned up by the street-sweepers too?


  7. Dutchman says:

    I think we need to see what happens to his ‘cell mate’; his case get dropped due to police/prosecutor error, or does he too, meet with an accident?


  8. Blackswan says:

    What the butler saw ….

    Stefan Molyneux with some interesting Epstein facts. Anyone who doubts that the FBI/DoJ are wholly culpable in trashing the Constitution, the Rule of Law and the trust of the American People is utterly deluded.

    As Gore Vidal once declared – “I’m not a conspiracy theorist … I’m a conspiracy analyst!”


  9. Pointman says:

    Mouth shut, or else …



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