A visit from the secret police

There are many famous sayings about the law. The law’s an ass, which is very true when you consider some of the rulings handed down. Another one is an accused person who chooses to represent themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer. The reality was always that if you’re rich and powerful, the law tends to be on your side, no matter what the statute books say. In the Biden regime’s America, it’ll work differently, more along the lines of a rather more infamous saying. Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s head of security and all around henchman, reputedly assured his boss – show me the man and I’ll find you the crime. He always did too.

Since the current regime in Washington is illegal, it’ll seek to suppress political dissent by prosecutions of high level opponents and a lot of examples being made of quite ordinary law-abiding people. An instance of the former will be the show trial in congress of the real president and of the latter the 150 people so far charged with some involvement in the so-called riot in DC. Fake news networks like CNN just can’t wait to televise the show trials

The means to do this is already in use by the secret police (nee FBI) because uniquely in the free world, telling a lie to them is a criminal offense in itself. This technique of confusing a witness, together with re-writing the interview notes afterwards, was used to frame Gen. Flynn. They don’t have to prove you actually did anything, just that you lied to them about something during an interview, and they’ve got their charge. Flynn should have known better.

Defending yourself from any charge that’s being pressed ruthlessly is ruinously expensive. Not only that, but Flynn was also pressured into taking a plea bargain because of threats by the secret police to indict his son. This technique of forcing innocent people to confess to things they didn’t do stretches back to even before the Cheka, through the Gestapo era, then the Stasi years and right up to the FBI of today. Since the regime will effectively change the law by redefining the legal meaning of terms like domestic terrorist and the ordinary person hasn’t either the knowledge or financial resources to fight such repression dressed up as being legal, what can they do?

It’s a common but mistaken belief that the secret police in a totalitarian state are everywhere. There’s never a huge number of them, but rather a huge number of informers. These sources are usually coerced one way or another to report on their friends and neighbours so damning information can be accumulated on them, which in turn is used to impress them as well into spying on other people. If you are unfortunate enough to be interviewed by them, it’ll be most likely the want to bag you as a source.

For the moment – note the caveat – the ordinary American has some rights which can be used to stymie getting sucked in to being a snitch. First of all, no matter how friendly the appear, they’re not your friends and never lose sight of that fact in all your dealings with them. Most law-abiding people are co-operative with law enforcement to the extent that they frequently talk themselves into trouble. If they turn up on your doorstep without a SWAT team and identify themselves as FBI, then most probably they’re on a recruiting or fishing mission. Right up front, you’re quite within your rights to refuse to talk to them without some legal representation being present.

Their common counter to that is to ask the name of your lawyer, knowing most people don’t have one. If you’ve got one, fine. If you haven’t or can’t afford one, just tell them that. No representation, no talkee. Remember, their whole approach will be to intimidate, bluff and scare you in whatever way possible. Don’t talk yourself into their clutches.

“Can we come in? We just want a chat.” The answer to that line of invading your home space is simply to ask am I under arrest? Keep at it until they say no. The next question you persist with is am I being charged? If they reply in the negative, you’re quite at liberty to not let them into your home, never mind telling them to go away. If you are arrested, NOT A SINGLE WORD except “lawyer” until you’ve got some representation and only with them being present at all interviews, and I’d recommend “no comment” is your reply to everything in any interviews. Everything.

The one big asset you’ve got is your smart phone. Use it from the start of any meeting with them to record and video the conversation. They’ll try to intimidate you into stopping doing that, but you’re perfectly within your rights to do so. Always get their names and start videoing the conversation as soon as you realise what’s happening.

If they want you bad enough, they’ll get you any way they can, no matter whether you’re innocent or not. That’s the way a police state works because the law doesn’t apply to them. The combination of recording everything and lots of no comment replies will move them on to easier meat to put under pressure.

When dealing with such people, the question isn’t am I being paranoid, but am I being paranoid enough.


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5 Responses to “A visit from the secret police”
  1. philjourdan says:

    Sadly, the past 4 years have shown us exactly what you speak of. Being a law abiding citizen amounts to nothing if they want to get you. They will find a crime to fit you, even if it has to be fabricated out of whole cloth.

    What the past 4 years has also taught the non- somnolent of us is never speak to police without a lawyer present. Period. Even if they are just asking directions to the bathroom! I hate what we have become. I hate what has been done. Eventually enough will hate it that we will have a revolution.


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    And just think… The FBI has the details of every legal gun owner in the USA!


  3. Russ Wood says:

    A typical conversation:

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  4. JohnTyler says:

    The “victims” of Stalin’s show trials – many (most?) members of Lenin’s inner circle – deserved what they got. There was no form of torture that was too severe for these vermin.
    They established the totalitarian govt. that allowed a mass murdering psychopath like Stalin to cement his rule and allowed him to subsequently exterminate 20 to 50 million souls. Not even the Wehrmacht killed as many Russians as did Stalin.

    Oft times we read that the left “eats its own;” this is true, but those that really suffer are the citizens. It is the citizenry, by the millions , that ultimately suffer the longest, while those at the top engage on killing each other as they vye (vie?) for power. The result , usually , is that those at the top that prevail (by killing their opponents) impose a more repressive and bloody regime upon the people.

    On a more relevant note, we can know apply the aphorism “the good German” to about half the American electorate and to just about the entire Federal bureaucracy. The USA no longer has any standing whatsoever to criticize any other govt for engaging in “non-democratic” or illegal or repressive policies.
    Bidet’s installation as prezident is absolutely no different than how Putin or a Maduro have attained their positions.

    Today in the USA, Bidet’s “Cheka” is up and running to target and eliminate the enemies of the state (i.e., Trump supporters; about 70 million folks). Their task will be aided by the millions of American citizens who are / will become “informers.” The demonkrat social media platforms will be united in this effort as they funnel and track (see Bank of America) information to supply to Bidet’s Cheka.

    We still have Washington DC “protected” by thousands of soldiers; you won’t even see this in Putin’s Moscow or even in Havana. This is necessary because of all the overwhelming popular support Bidet maintains among the……media? the deep state?

    And if anyone wonders how Bidet will rule, well , he has already issued over 40 Executive Orders (EOs), all put together by his team of Obama retreads (recall Obama’s main achievement was increasing the number of people on welfare, food stamps, and illegal border crossings, just to name a few of his highlights). Congress is basically a vestigial “organ;” a useless mass of incompetent parasites living off the American taxpayer.

    Have the stupid dumb-publicans challenged any of Bidet’s EOs in court? Even those that are obviously illegal?
    NOPE. Not at all.
    But what do you expect; they tossed one of the most popular American presidents in US history (see his vote count) under the bus because ;
    1. he was not one of them
    2. he exposed the stupidity and incompetence of those in govt.
    3. he actually challenged the status quo in DC (who thinks Fauci was ever challenged in any of his policies or pronouncements by any president? – just as an example )
    4. he actually wanted to promote policies to help the average American citizen
    5. he repudiated and rejected the elite, billionaire “world government” types and their EU bureaucrat enablers, whose main goal is to IMPOSE their utopian vision upon the advanced western nations (much to the delight of the Chinese, Russians , Iranians etc. ).

    Bidet and his handlers will make sure that never again will any republican attain the office of the president or even the US Senate; they will finish rigging the system to make sure of it.


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