Is it time to break up the FBI?

Every country has its security services. They usually come with a bewildering array of initials but the broad breakdown is they can usually be categorised as being focused on internal or external threats to a country. It’s a natural division of labour since both the skill sets required and the environments they must operate in are fundamentally different.

Internal security is legally authorised by the local government and focused on domestic threats and counter-espionage. It gathers intelligence on the agents of foreign powers and on the activities of home-grown groups such as terrorists who’re trying to undermine the state from within.

An external security service, is usually illegal in the foreign countries it’s operating in, concentrates on ferreting out secrets of state and often indulges in more proactive activities like destabalising the government of the target country or even what’s euphemistically referred to as regime change. In that world, and even leaving aside co-operation deals like the five eyes agreement, there’s no such thing as a friendly country – everybody spies on everybody else irrespective of whether they’re commonly viewed as hostile or friendly.

The eternal problem with both types of service is control.

Foreign intelligence services have a long history of not only dropping the elected government, who’re supposed to be in control of them, into difficult diplomatic situations, but also slipping the leash completely and initiating moves, which if the were overt, would require executive if not legislative approval. An example of the former was it becoming public that Obama was bugging Angela Merkel’s mobile phone all the way through some sensitive negotiations with her.

An example of the latter would be straight after JFK was elected, he was presented with a CIA operation to invade Cuba which he was confidently assured was a guaranteed success and so far advanced, it apparently couldn’t be stopped. It resulted in the Bay of Pigs fiasco which was a disastrous start to his presidency and which so infuriated him he reputedly said he would “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind”.

Another problem with foreign intelligence services is their track record of not giving advance warning to their governments of things like the attack on Pearl Harbour, Operation Barbarossa or 9/11. After each disastrous lapse in their prime duty to giving some advance warning of threats or them being caught going completely off the reservation, a few of them get fired, new brooms are parachuted in and a fresh oversight committee is appointed to be gradually snow jobbed over the coming years, but the pattern of too many cries of wolf while totally missing the huge intelligence coups seems to be ineradicable.

The control problem with domestic intelligence services comes from the other direction. The current administration in power seeks to gain control of them, so they can be utilised to spy on political opponents and in extreme cases, be used as secret police such as the Stasi or Gestapo to suppress the citizenry of the country.

It becomes the shadowy force doing the pre-dawn raid of heavily armed-armed men banging on your door, forcing their way into your home and taking you into custody. Fearful though it might be for the victim of such state-sanctioned thuggery, it’s all a show of force designed by the forces in control to intimidate the political opposition. It’s nothing to do with national security.

Once the internal security service is suborned to this extent, it has to be totally thrown away and a brand new service must be created to replace it by an incoming government intent on real reform. The question before the American people is whether the FBI has become nothing more than a political secret police working at the direct behest of political or financial interests rather than doing its mandated job of protecting the country from internal threats?

The rot set in with a vengeance during the eight years of the Obama administration. The FBI together with the DoJ it reported to was weaponised in the service of a president who acted more like a king accepting the uncritical adulation of his subjects than a democratically elected representative of the American people. If you didn’t kiss the king’s pinky ring or he took a dislike to you, you soon found the FBI following you around from one tax audit to the next annual one inflicted on you by a similarly weaponised IRS.

What has come to light about the FBI over the last two years definitely takes it off the path of law enforcement and well on the way to being an oppressive secret police. The head of it, James Comey, told bare-faced lies on numerous occasions to Congress, admitted leaking details to the press of confidential conversations with his president, covered up and refused to pursue criminal charges against prominent Democrat politicians such as Clinton, steered fake documents along a route to artificially force the Russian influence investigation that’s been running for two years to no result. He had to be fired in the end.

His deputy Andrew McCabe, after blatant misuse of his power to destroy individuals supportive of the Trump administration and also lying his head off to Congress and others, was also fired – pointedly on his last day with the FBI before retirement and consequently losing all his pension entitlement.

The reality is the FBI only “investigates” those whose political loyalty they find objectionable. To all outward appearances, the seem to operate outside any control and on the basis of Lavrentiy Beria’s maxim of “show me the man and I’ll find the crime”. For those under their protection, evidence disappears wholesale, eMails get deleted by the thousands, text messages disappear forever and by some accounts, the much too convenient disappearances or deaths of people of interest do not attract their attention .

After the personnel adjustments made by firing the most obviously compromised individuals at the top of the organisation, has anything actually changed?

If Roger Stone, a man in his middle sixties accused of making a procedural evidential error rather than an offense that is legally classified as a criminal offense, ends up in his night-clothes, handcuffed and bare-footed outside his house in the cold of the pre-dawn, and he’s standing beside his 72-year-old wife who’s similarly attired and bare-foot as well, the answer has to be no.

His greatest fear was that his wife, who’s profoundly deaf, might be shot to death for not obeying the shouted orders of masked intruders bursting into their bedroom at night as she slept through the initial ruckus.

All this was done using a team of 29 people dressed in black SWAT gear and heavily armed with assault weapons. Also involved was a small fleet of cars, an armoured vehicle, a helicopter overhead with a searchlight scanning the ground underneath it and would you believe it, two boats. All that was missing was a couple of tanks and a preliminary air strike to soften up Fortress Stone.

If you’ve any doubt this was the FBI indulging in political theater to intimidate others, a CNN camera crew was already on station there an hour before the raid and ready to film. As we all know, CNN is no friend of the current administration and it’s been said of it by Bob Woodward of Watergate fame that it doesn’t do news anymore, it just does Trump. The excuse given by the reporter on the scene about them being there so conveniently was that he lived nearby, which was a typical CNN lie – he actually lives in Washington DC, a long way from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has made the suggestion that the FBI should be decapitated by removing the Washington hierarchy that appears to have moulded the organisation into becoming primarily a political police force. Obviously, some judicial adjustments would need to be made but in its current form, it’s trusted by nobody who isn’t of the Democrat party or even of a liberal bent.

Even on the Right of politics as each latest scandal comes to light, the repetitive excuse is made about a few rotten apples and how there’s a huge body of good people within the ranks who want to rescue its tarnished reputation if given a chance. Quite frankly, judged by their silence and complete inactivity for the last two years, that’s a load of bollocks.

These were the senior people who stood and applauded the now disgraced Deputy Director Andrew McCabe telling them at a symposium “first we fuck Flynn and then we fuck Trump”, and Gen. Flynn was duly fucked by the FBI, but as it turned out, it was McCabe who got fucked by Trump, but the rest of them who were at that speech and applauded it are still in place.

Break it up. Start again with new faces.


15 Responses to “Is it time to break up the FBI?”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Trump has so much work to do! Let’s hope he has six more years.


  2. PaleoSapiens says:

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip.
    They decided to set up their camp site and go to sleep early.
    In the early morning hours Sherlock Holmes nudged Dr. Watson awake.
    “….Watson, take a look at the stars and tell me what you deduce…”

    Dr. Watson took awhile to explain the stars were actually suns with, possibly, several planets orbiting them.
    “….Therefore, with so many other ‘solar systems’ out there – we cannot be alone in the Universe.”

    Sherlock replied, “Watson you idiot! — Someone stole our tent!!…”

    Society, in general, are just as blind to their tent of inherent, natural, rights being subverted or stolen.
    — Start thinking outside of the “legal” box. —

    One of the more dramatic examples of “lawful” vs. “legal” are illustrated by the International Tribunal at Nuremberg, 1945-1947: An individual is responsible & liable for their actions.

    The principles are simple. Gaining the knowledge and experience as to their execution is another matter.

    See: Milgram (shock) experiment, Stanford Prison experiment, Mi Lai (Vietnam),
    Movies: “The Astronaut Farmer” – Classic example of UNLAWFUL bureaucratic interference (going from one place to another – point A to point B).
    “Rabbit-Proof Fence” – Australian – dramatized example of bureaucratic interference of aboriginal families.

    “No written law may be enforced by the government unless it conforms with certain unwritten, universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice that transcend human legal systems.” –

    “…unwritten, universal principles…” or maxims, established long before any civilizations, governments, or corporations were even thought of…

    “….On June 30, 1864…, Congress…changed, beginning with the revenue act of that date, the reason of law in America, from personal liberty under the common law to civil liberty under municipal (Roman civil) law, i.e., rules and regulations commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong…”
    – e.g. The Bible: The 10 Commandments – Rights subversion thus began 75 years after 1789… –

    – Exercise of rights cannot be converted to a crime… e.g. remaining ‘silent,’ hair spray flame-thrower, etc. – see also Nuremberg 1945-1947 above

    Robert Higgs – ==> – – Karl Lentz and associated links on the Internet (e.g. YouTube) –
    Black’s Law Dictionary 3rd ed.,, Federalist/Anti-Federalist Papers, search engines:”brainwashing” -e.g. religious cults, bootcamp

    It’s your choice on whether to take more steps, learn how to fight the trampling of your God/Natural-Given-Freedoms, and enforce them.
    It involves a lot of time & hard work – or – you’re free to choose not to…


  3. Pointman says:

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  4. TomO says:

    It seems fairly obvious (to me anyway) that where misconduct in found out that the punishment for over-reach or willful targeting of innocents for PR or political purpose (hello Mr. Mueller) should include sanctions that are a deterrent to future transgressions … in Mueller’s and some of his minions cases that should include heavy personal fines and pensionectomies.

    but as usual the “who watches the watchers” applies in spades. Seriously though one might expect a heavyweight lawyer to operate pro bono in this as an out of control mob like Mueller’s boys mires the entire state administration in the sort of stuff that make the taxpayers resentful – maybe that’s why they’re trying to disarm them?


  5. Blackswan says:


    Candidate Trump’s pre-election rallies rang to three memorable chants … “Build the Wall”, “Lock her up” and “Drain the Swamp”. Simple, clear instructions to their candidate, and simple straightforward promises from the man who would be POTUS.

    Almost three years later and none of the above has happened. There’s a reason that Justice must be SEEN to be done.

    Over 70,000 sealed indictments, secret Grand Juries and closed courts are not enough. Fraudulent FISA warrants remain classified, documents remain redacted (to protect the guilty), and the Swamp festers on behind closed doors.

    The evidence is abundant and clear … the Obama Administration, the Five Eyes collaborators, the DNC and the Clinton Crime Cabal were behind the entire Russian Stitch-up Farce and Mr Fixit Mueller’s role has been (as it always was) to destroy evidence (50,000 FBI emails), protect the guilty (primarily himself) and to decide which token sacrificial lambs he’d throw to the wolves.

    Yes, the FBI’s behaviour has been reprehensible in acting as the Swamp’s Goon Squad, but they are not operating in isolation. They are part of an entire network of corruption from the DoJ down, and will keep doing so until Trump’s promised Damocles Sword falls on their necks and ALL the players are sporting orange jumpsuits and shackles.

    That’s the ONLY outcome that will satisfy the People who put Trump into office, against all odds.

    Many Americans might ask what does US politics have to do with Aussies like me? The Australian Government is NOT an equal player in the Five Eyes web, and nor are any of the other participants. We are merely compliant satellites of the Washington Swamp and our Government corruption goes as far and as deep as is necessary for the Swamp’s global reach.

    Time to break up the FBI? That would be like cutting off the diseased arm of an octopus – they will simply grow another.

    Trump has to take to the entire corrupt edifice with a flamethrower AND do it VERY publicly. That’s going to be very difficult as he literally fights for his very life – every day.

    He can’t do any of it alone. This isn’t his fight … it’s ours!

    Until We, the People everywhere find our courage and our voice to demand Justice, as the Gilets Jaune are doing, very little will change for any of us.


    • Blackswan says:

      And by the way, if Trump wants to make a grand gesture to REALLY pull the plug and Drain the Swamp, he could start by insisting on making a Presidential get-well visit to the “sick-bed” of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

      Poor old Ruthie. Turning 86 next month, ravaged by cancer and reportedly on her last legs. Whatever the truth of her situation, she is unfit for office, incapable of keeping the oath she solemnly swore to “faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me under the Constitution and laws of the United States”. It was NOT to serve the Democrats, dead or alive!

      POTUS could find her sick or comatose and promptly relieve her of her sworn duties in a plainly humanitarian gesture. On the other hand …. if he finds she’s in a mortuary somewhere, stashed on ice by the Democrats to avoid another SCOTUS vacancy, then he should round them up and jail ALL parties to a truly monstrous conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

      If it turns out the DNC has stashed the corpse of a venerable old woman for purely political purposes surely they could NEVER recover a shred of credibility and would be banished from ‘serving’ the American people for all time.

      Gowon Mr Trump – take Ruthie a nice bunch of flowers. Either way, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.


  6. gallopingcamel says:

    Given that you live many thousands of miles away your objectivity is impressive. The FBI was corrupt from the moment it was created in 1935 thanks to J. Edgar Hoover.

    While the FBI has made many well publicized prosecutions it has failed dismally in many ways. For example, Hoover would not even admit that the Mafia existed. Yet, eighty years later, the Mafia (aka La Cosa Nostra or whatever you want to call them) controls trash collection, construction, freight services and much else in New York city.

    The FBI should have been abolished years ago but nobody can figure out how to create an organization that would be any better. Judicial Watch (Tom Fitton) has suggested that the FBI be absorbed by the US Marshals service. The proposed new “Investigative Division” would likely be staffed by FBI agents rendered jobless when the FBI is closed down.

    Folks like Tom Fitton and Sean Hannity tell us that the corruption at the FBI is restricted to the top echelon, while the “Rank & File” are wonderful people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The corruption at the FBI is so long standing that the vast majority of FBI agents are suspect. If there were any honest FBI agents left we would have heard from them during the Mueller investigation. The reality is that FBI agents know their careers will be destroyed if they tell the truth, so they choose to remain silent. It is time to find better people.

    You don’t believe me? Here is just one example. Ted Stevens, a US senator, was falsely convicted based on perjured testimony by Bill Allen. There were three FBI agents working on the case who knew the testimony was false, namely Mary Beth Kepner (supervisor), Chad Joy and Raju Bhatia. The conviction would have stood if FBI agent Chad Joy had not decided to tell the truth.

    Shortly after becoming a “Whistleblower”, Chad Joy left the FBI. His corrupt colleagues (Kepner and Bhatia) should have been fired yet they remain at the agency. The message here is that if you want to have a career at the FBI don’t even think about being a whistleblower.

    May God help us. The FBI will not.


    • Blackswan says:

      @ gallopingcamel … the very fact that Australia IS “many thousands of miles away” is why Australian Governments are so intrinsically connected to Washington. Though far removed geographically, Aussies certainly have ‘skin’ in this game.

      An island continent that couldn’t have been more strategically placed if some Pentagon boffin had designed it, we have the Indian Ocean on one side, the Pacific on the other, the Indonesian archipelago and the South China Sea to the north, and nothing to the south but Antarctica in which we claim huge territories.

      Without so many secret American CIA/NSA military communications and satellite bases in Oz, Washington would be deaf, dumb and blind in this part of the world and yet Australian Governments of every stripe are, and always have been, completely subservient to Washington. It might be ‘our’ land, but it’s ‘their’ money and ‘their’ technology.

      Since Obama visited in 2011, the northern port of Darwin has had an American military base that continuously rotates thousands of marines through it and is serviced by US naval ships in the port.

      An international incident was sparked in Washington when Darwin’s local Chief Minister of the Northern Territory sold off land and port facilities to the Chinese, right next door to the American base. The Chinese promptly spread their footprint there by building a six-star hotel and a new cruise ship terminal. Perhaps that’s why it took Trump two whole years to recently appoint a new Ambassador Down Under after the last one left in 2016.

      Few people in the northern hemisphere know much about this place except that we’re crawling with deadly spiders, snakes and crocodiles and that we like to “throw another shrimp on the barbie” … but very little happens here without the imprimatur of Washington.

      Today we’re a sovereign nation in name only – and have been for sale to the highest bidder since WW2. Our TV networks and news media are mere clones of CNN et al, with a constant barrage of anti-Trump/pro-Clinton coverage, and locally it’ll be pro Marxist Labor Party and anti conservative Liberal Party.

      And yes, I do believe you about the FBI who “go along, to get along”.

      That same code of Omertà applies to all our Government, bureaucracy, police and security services. Anybody who has the temerity to swim against the tide of corruption is soon swept away.

      I don’t know about God helping us, but we were sure hoping an ascendant Trump might start the dominoes falling.

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  7. gallopingcamel says:

    A couple of months ago I watched an Australian made TV series called “Pine Gap” on Netflix that includes a Chinese version of James Bond running a mining company while winning over the locals from the boardroom to the bedroom.

    Meanwhile the Americans are running everything until they are mightily embarrassed when a recording featuring the American president bad mouthing the Australian president leaks to the press.

    Those links you sent suggest that the Netflix fiction is pretty close to reality!


    • Blackswan says:

      Thanks for the tip – I’ll look out for it. That storyline is close to the truth – US Presidents have never held sycophantic Australian Prime Ministers in very high esteem. In the 1960s PM Harold Holt coined the phrase “All the way with LBJ” as he sent young Aussie conscripts off to Vietnam at Johnson’s bidding, but when Holt had second thoughts as domestic protests grew louder he was simply ‘disappeared’ … literally. Bloke goes swimming and his body is never found. He didn’t understand that it was all the way with LBJ … or else!

      There’s another Netflix series called “Secret City” about foreign machinations in our Fed Capital, Canberra.

      Sadly for us, there are no real-life MSM journalist crusaders fighting the Dark Forces to bring the truth to the people (who really don’t want to know), and when independent bloggers have tried, they’ve been roundly denigrated and taken out of the game, one way or another.

      We certainly live in “interesting times”.

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      • gallopingcamel says:

        I watched that “Secret City” series on Netflix. Clearly it was made by the same people who made Pine Gap. Both of these TV series are evidence that Australians don’t like being dominated by the USA but they are also afraid of the growing influence of the People’s Republic of China. When it comes to Geo politics you will be forced to choose……..I hope that you will stick with the USA and make it clear that you mean it.

        I was born in Wales but now live in North Carolina. The decline of my country depresses me and especially the weak leadership that failed to turn BREXIT into an opportunity to make a bi-lateral trade deal with the USA.


      • Blackswan says:

        You’re right – Australians are the ham in a geopolitical sandwich, but we won’t be the ones making any choices … our politicians are busy falling over each other to stuff their offshore bank accounts with lots of foreign cash.

        For example, take Alexander Downer. Somebody, PLEASE! … take Alexander Downer.

        You remember him, the dude who was part of the Clinton/FBI Russian collusion sting in setting up George Papadopoulos. Five Eyes protocol says Downer should have reported back to Canberra and left it with them, but he scurried off to the US Embassy instead.

        Described as “an Australian diplomat”, Downer is soooooo much more than that.

        Check this out ….

        Note: Considering recent US policy on Chinese Telco Huawei, I wonder if they realise Downer sat on the Huawei Board of Directors for three years. He could probably thank Bill Clinton for that gig. He’s been a Clinton shill for years who, as our longest-serving Foreign Minister (your Sec of State) began the avalanche of Australian taxpayer cash straight into the Clinton Foundation, so far over $100 million.

        The level of political corruption Down Under makes your average banana republic seem a paragon of rectitude in comparison … and your average Aussie wouldn’t have a clue. But hey! … we can always toss another shrimp on the barbie. 🙂

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  8. gallopingcamel says:

    Wow! That revelation about Downer is a shock. He may be a key player in the Mueller witch hunt.

    I must admit to having a sneaking admiration for Australians for their lack of respect for upper class nincompoops like Prince Charles.

    Here is something intended to raise your self esteem as an Australian. According to the Heritage Foundation, only six jurisdictions are rated “Economically Free”, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

    The USA used to belong to this group but has declined steadily and now ranks #12. You folks must be doing something right.

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    • Blackswan says:

      Downer MAY be a key player? Hang on to your hat, friend ….

      ///“Aussie Alexander Downer from Spygate fame not only signed a deal to provide $25 million to the Clinton Foundation but he was also involved in the sale of uranium to the same Russian state owned company that later purchased Uranium One.”///

      ///“A co-operation agreement in the field of nuclear energy has been signed by Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of Russia’s Rosatom, and Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer that will see Australia supply uranium to Russia for processing and for use at its power plants.”///

      Take note: Downer did his deal with the Russians in 2007, a full THREE years BEFORE Hillary did her deal with the SAME Russians for 20% of US uranium production.

      It’s my fervent hope that Trump’s investigation into FBI corruption will expose what an Artful Dodger Alexander Downer has ALWAYS been.

      Downer became the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Cyprus in 2008 after leaving Federal Parliament, and that is where he’s stashed a LOT of his unexplained money –

      His disastrous meddling in Cyprus prompted this local 2010 observation … “Alexander Downer shall pass, just as the offending air from a bad fart passes on, eventually, no matter how foul.”

      He may well have been a long-term “asset” for the Clinton Crime Cabal, but he’s NEVER been any sort of ‘asset’ to this country or any endeavour he’s ever shoved his grubby hands in.

      And he’s only one wormy apple in a Parliamentary barrel full of rotten fruit.

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  9. Pointman says:



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