Post voting day fraud.

Please forgive the ambiguity in the title, I just couldn’t resist it, but both meanings apply with the omission of the hyphen. It’s about how your vote by post can be stolen after election day. There are a myriad of simple but devious ways this can be done, but to illustrate I’ll discuss one particular technique that’s in widespread use as I write this. Remember, this election is still ongoing, as is the fraud.

You get a phone call out of the blue. After a minimal preamble, a nice person on the end of it asks if you’d voted. You answer no and after saying cheery goodbyes, you end the call. Seems harmless, doesn’t it, especially days after the polling booths have closed, but your vote is now in play. It’s theirs to use for Biden and that’s what will happen.

What happens afterwards is that someone fills in a postal vote for you, throws in it a big sack in the middle of the room where probably twenty or thirty other people are working the phones and asking the same question to people on a list in front of them. At end of day, the bags are all collected in a big van and taken to a postal sorting station where everything in them is stamped with a date preceding the election day cutoff date, making it a legal vote in most states.

Shazam! You’ve just voted for Biden, your Senator and your Representative.

There are only two obstacles to it succeeding. The first is it needs somebody of authority in the local post office to order all the workers in it to backdate the stamp. The second is for the vote counters not to check the phony signature against your real one held on file.

Wanna guess which major union was the only one to endorse Biden? You’ve got it, the postal workers union. That’s why they’re trying to crucify the postal workers coming forward and swearing affidavits about what their supervisors instructed them to do. Apparently Trump’s legal eagles have already amassed nearly a thousand such affidavits and are also taking a careful look into certain figures within that union. If you didn’t already know it, all the offenses committed fall under federal law, so not much of a hope of appearing before a local and lenient Soros bought judiciary.

How to get around the signature comparison? Quite simple really, don’t let anyone see the tellers not comparing the signatures, which explains neatly why officially authorised Trump scrutineers have been illegally barred from entering the premises where the fraudulent activities are occurring. In some districts in a effort to streamline the scam, the tellers themselves fill in the form for the victim, sign it for them and then count it.

Applied on a large scale and with other scams in a close district, it can be decisive. Sure, it takes a lot of organising and manpower. The former has to be done in advance, which would show premeditation in a court of law. For the latter, you can utilise the party faithful and the Trump haters in trusted positions, but it’s so much easier to just bribe them or their supervisors.

The Dem campaign spent the largest amount of money in the history of presidential elections, so the question has to be asked – exactly where did it all go? I’m sure Trump’s fightback team includes a battalion or two of forensic accountants already combing through the campaign’s outgoings, concentrating on those which appear to have vanished into thin air.

Where it all went wrong for them was on election day. The number of votes for Trump far exceeded the various bogus votes for Biden that they’d already prepared, which necessitated everyone going back to filling in another tranche of bogus votes, but what the hell. It’s paid overtime and a chance to screw over Trump and all the despicables who voted for him.

All that from one innocent phone call.


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5 Responses to “Post voting day fraud.”
  1. David Bishop says:

    Thank you, Pointman, living up to your moniker – and then some.


  2. cdquarles says:

    This is one of the reasons why I do not answer a call from a number that I don’t recognize (white list).


  3. Marzouk says:

    Scary stuff.


  4. philjourdan says:

    You once again succinctly lay out the issue. And that is what happened. But proving it, or more precisely, providing sufficient evidence to prove it in court is the problem. That it happened is a given. Gathering the evidence is the problem. But as you also note, the magnitude of Biden’s loss caused them to multiply the fraud, and that leaves evidence. And that may be their downfall.


  5. Peter Shaw says:

    I’m following this with great interest. Not losing faith in Trump.


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