2020 – The things you’ll be told that aren’t true.

The presidential election in 2000 between Bush and Gore was a very tight race. What ensued in its aftermath was a lot of time spent fighting over who had won it and eventually it was decided by lawsuits and recounts that dragged on for ages. It all came down to which way Florida had voted. On the first count, Gore had carried it with a slim margin of slightly over 1000 votes, so a big legal process started to get a recount, especially as there were serious doubts about the legality of some of Gore’s votes.

All through the ensuing long process, the usual leftist tactics were applied. Several newspapers and networks decided to declare Gore president, to bounce the election in his direction. The same tactic was tried as far back as 1948 to bounce Dewey into the presidency instead of Truman.

In the next weeks and months, you’ll be hearing networks, newspapers and supposedly authoritative experts on the constitution all utilising the same tactic – declaring Biden the winner before anything has been settled. Constitutionally, and despite their self delusions, it’s not within their power to appoint Biden as president. At best, they’re just expressing an opinion to push for the result they crave.

Don’t believe the lie. This thing will be settled in the courts, by brave whistle blowers coming forward to swear affidavits about the electoral fraud they’ve seen and the support of the 71 million people who voted for Trump.

You’ll be told that sticking out for an eventual Trump victory is futile, because there’s no pathway for him to win. There is of course, and several as it happens, but the intention behind that lie is to make you give up and walk away muttering and accept grudgingly that the election was stolen and there’s nothing you as an individual can do about it. Nobody can fight City Hall. This election is not over. It’ll continue until either Trump or the Swamp win it.

Don’t believe the lie and continue standing by and actively supporting Trump as he fights for the second term they tried to steal.

As the lawsuits, appeals and recounts drag on for what could be weeks or months, you’ll be told by the same sort of pseudo authority figures that such an unconstitutional delay in settling on a president is unprecedented in American history. That’s far from true. One disputed election in the 19th century took three months before a winner was finally agreed on, and there are several other such examples of delays in deciding the presidency.

Don’t believe the lie. Dig in for the long haul while actively engaging in protests against the election steal. It’s up to you.

In the Bush vs Gore election, when a local sheriff was asked by a reporter if he agreed with the consensus view that it’d all be over quickly and amicably, he replied with words to the effect – That might be so, but when I see two plane loads of lawyers flying into Miami airport, I’m inclined to think differently. Remember this. When all the blood, snot and feathers had settled in Florida, Bush was declared president over Gore, as was Truman over Dewey.

Trump is a real scrapper who’ll never give up and is determined to beat the swamp one more time. With Rudy Giuliani, a man well experienced in dealing with organised crime, and an A-team of raptor class lawyers, I’d say he, and therefore you, stand a good chance of winning out in the end.


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11 Responses to “2020 – The things you’ll be told that aren’t true.”
  1. chaamjamal says:

    Insightful and revealing. Thank you.
    Hope you are feeling better and all is well.


  2. Hasbeen says:

    I like this little comment, “With Rudy Giuliani, a man well experienced in dealing with organised crime”. It says exactly what you believe the Democrats are, with out spelling it out.


  3. Margaret Smith says:

    It’s getting nail-biting. The thought of the Dem villains with the levers of power is chilling. The Chinese are
    delighted as are all the criminal regimes such as Iran, Cuba, N Korea and Venezuela, also the EU and lefty fascists everywhere.  I’ve known for some time that we are in endgame; all those decades of preparation were put in peril by Brexit then Donald Trump and now the general public are gradually waking up to what has been slowly happening. Hope it’s not to late.
    The Internet sites like these ones: Pointman, Breitbart, WUWT, realclimate (Tony Heller) and Gab are essential.
    This is a super expose of fraud from Tony Heller. It is 58 minutes showing the evil, jaw-dropping complexity:


  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    thank you


  5. Another Ian says:


    Terminology – no-one of official status has called the numbers for Biden

    So, in older terminology the “Presidential Pretender” rather than the “President-Elect”?


  6. Russ Wood says:

    I might guess that, blinded by their own vilification of Trump, his enemies may have forgotten that he was a SUCCESSFUL real-estate mogul in New York – a pretty tough town. You don’t become hugely successful in such a field without being deep-down TOUGH. With luck, the cheating Dems won’t know what’s hit them until it’s all over!


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