What’s ahead of you in the run up to the 2020 election.

We are now within the last two months to the presidential election occurring in November 2020, and I thought it might be useful to produce a rough guide to get you through the alarums and excursions that’ll be coming at you as the election approaches, especially if you’re intending to vote Trump.

One of my fondest memories was watching the results come in for the 2016 election. I was more than a bit jaundiced by the pollsters, AKA political activists, giving the election to “bleach bit” Clinton with 98% of the vote. The only people who get 98% of the vote are dictators holding sham elections, so on that thought I stayed up late and eventually all late night though I hadn’t intended to, but there was a morbid but sinful relish in watching the various hosts, pundits, carpetbagger pollsters and their celebrity guests slowly realising it was all going horribly wrong for them.

Then there was the perfect finish for me, watching them one by one doing the one thing any TV host should never do to their viewers – disrespect a large chunk of them. On this occasion, about 65 million people of their audience who’d remained silent right up to ballot day, and then, in the privacy of a polling booth by voting for Trump, gave fake news the biggest kick up the ass it’s ever had.

I could almost feel a massive sigh of relief mixed with satisfaction from the hardy individuals who’d ignored the Tsunami of propaganda and voted for him despite it. They were right after all.

The mass propaganda machine finally showed its true colours that night and it was the point at which the name fake news became firmly embedded into the public consciousness forever, especially for those people who’d still retained a sliver of hope that the pejorative tag was just Trump going slightly over the top. Fake news was actually a real thing and as he’d go on to say, it was the enemy of the people.

The minions of fake news were totally lost and floundering because they didn’t have a script that was oven-ready to be read off the teleprompter for such an unthinkable eventuality. Speechless doesn’t even begin to describe it. Because their bias and partisanship was nakedly visible as they wept bitter tears, effed and blinded live on air like troopers, refused to believe the result and lost their composure completely, any residual doubts that they were actually activists rather than journalists died that night.

I touched on what tack fake news would take during the 2016 election in an article ten months before it and in the main was right, particularly in predicting Trump winning despite the false world view being projected 24/7 by every organ of it. What they and the DNC strategists simply couldn’t or wouldn’t to see was their propaganda onslaught was being greeted with silence by the mass of people Trump was making a connection with.

I detect that same silence, but this time there’s an undercurrent of seething anger at the deliberately fomented rioting and violence now prevailing in the big cities and their intelligence being insulted by being offered a patently senile puppet candidate who if he won, would soon hand over the reins to the extremist Harris.

In a follow up article after the election, I expressed the view that they might learn from the experience, but doubted that would ever happen, and it never did. To quote from the end of the article “I have a feeling the unreconstructed spoilt child is going to be treating us to four years of bitter, sniping, mean-spirited reporting which will bounce off Trump, and shunt them further into a metropolitan elite ghetto where out of date attitudes go to die.” I’d say that’s been pretty much the case ever since.

Their current situation is that the fake news industry is in crisis. Their credibility, circulation, viewing and click numbers have all plunged in the last four years, swathes of “journalists” have been laid off and it’s the one industrial sector that’s actually shrunk under Trump. It was inevitable for a number of factors. Courtesy of Bill Clinton and one of his shady deals with big business to relax regulation, the vast majority of the media is now owned by six giant corporations, all parroting exactly the same crap.

Even fewer people watch or believe a single word the media say and Trump bypasses them completely by using the internet messaging services directly. It’s worth noting that his twitter account had 16 million followers before he was elected and a quick check today shows he’s now reached 85 million. Lord only knows the number of followers he has on other social platforms.

Their approach will be exactly the same as in 2016 except that there’ll be more of it, a helluva lot more of it.

A common definition of insanity is doing exactly the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. You’ll be inundated by a tsunami of fake news all originating from Mr. Anonymous Source and backed up by Mr. A.N. Other Anonymous Source, and no matter which TV channel you turn to, the message being hammered into your brain will always be exactly the same. There’s something disturbingly Soviet era about that clip.

At one time there used to be the rather innocent idea that so many small outlets on the internet for news would ensure diversity of opinion, but their small size made them easy pickings for the big boys of news who bought them up with some spare change they found down the back of the sofa. They’re pretty much all owned by one or other of the big news conglomerates and big tech is indirectly censoring the hell out of any hardy survivours of the consolidation. All you get is a kind of Orwellian samspek, to coin a word, that reflects nothing more than a rigid party line and their corporate interests.

What was starting to emerge in the run up to the 2016 election, was the left-wing bias of big tech in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others. It was always there but really didn’t amount to any mass suppression of free speech at that time simply because fake news appeared to be doing a great job of totally programming the electorate for a Hillary Clinton win. But nowadays, fake news is effectively a pawn that Trump has swept from the board. He’s broken their back and more importantly their influence on the electorate, so the socialist gameplan is that Big Tech will step in big time in 2020 to ensure Trump cannot win a second election.

If you’re going to run a nation-sized disinformation campaign, fake news is a lot more versatile a weapon than big tech. For instance with it you can; completely invent a story based on nothing more than anonymous insider sources, wait for them to deny it and then launch an I-told-you-he’d-deny-it scree of stories. You can totally invent a story about something they said or did years ago in college and keep referring back to it for years afterwards as a proven fact. You can selectively quote them out of context. You can add any sort of spin you like to any story concerning them or even stop reporting completely on good stories about them that you can’t find a way of twisting and perverting. You can take internet fringe conspiracy theories about them, and with a bit of tarting up, run them as respectable exposés about the victim.

But the utility of fakes news doesn’t just end with running black propaganda against the people they hate, but can also be used to promote the people they’re shilling for. Anything good they do or say, blast it out on all channels as if they’ve discovered a cure for cancer. Any negative news about them gets spiked or spun in such a way as hearsay peddled by conspiracy theorists or lunatics. I could spend all day enumerating the various dirty techniques they use, but I’m sure most people are up to speed in that area these days.

Compared to fake news, big tech is a very blunt instrument which has very few of the subtle underhand tricks available to fake news. Whereas fake news can be both proactive in inventing attacking material and very topically active reporting second-hand on the material fabricated by their fellow hacks, big tech propaganda is by its nature solely reactive – it can’t initiate. All it can do is brutally delete anything they don’t approve of. Unlike fake news, there’s no scope for any deceptive subtlety. A person gets banned either for what they’re saying or saying something supportive of the hate figure. The only refinement to that process is to delete individual posts they don’t agree with.

There’s a two-fold presentation problem to do with all this banning of people or deletion of stuff, and they’re both equally damaging to the trust and credibility that a social platform depends on. The first is they’re directly censoring a view that one of their users is expressing. Second, it’s all very public. There’s no way to disguise the authoritarian abuse of monopoly power that’s actually happening in the runup to the election, especially when they also delete any commentary on their brutal censorship. The accounts of swathes of conservative-leaning people and organisations are simply being deleted wholesale. Even a comment made by you and referred to by Trump is enough to get you banned, as well as any reporting of that event.

So much for the first amendment, freedom of expression and the freedom of the tattered remains of a free press.

They all hold so-called townhall sessions, attendance to which is required. Again, they smack of 1984. By all accounts, they’re like mandatory political re-education camps in which no doubt is left as to what the rigidly enforced company line is, and woe betide anyone popping their head over the parapet to raise an non-uniform opinion. One insider wrote a cogent paper for internal circulation that questioned the validity of a compulsive culture of having quotas for different types of people and was fired within a day or two. Knowing the malign and bullying nature of big tech, he’s probably finding it difficult to find another job in IT.

It’s because of that malevolence that ex-employees are usually scared to come forward about the culture that big tech have embraced, not realising the viper they’re holding to their breast will eventually turn its head and sink its fangs into them. You only get a peek at the innards of the pervasive culture, when some people break their silence on condition they won’t be identified, others are brave enough to speak openly, as in this Mark Dice interview of a facebook insider. At the same time the redoubtable James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have caught out some of their upper executives openly admitting their thinly-concealed bias.

The whistleblowers have appealed via an open letter to Congress to do something about the draconian censorship regime but in the run up to the election, the gloves have really come off.

Gloves coming off is an understatement, it’s more like a frenzy of censorship that’s accelerating with each tick-tock day nearer the 3rd of November. Anything and everything remotely conservative is being purged – news outlets like Breitbart, journalists and even any favourable comments. It’s not just the corporate accounts of news disseminators but also the personal accounts of anyone connected to them. They’ve even started nibbling at Trump’s tweets, which is perhaps putting their toe in the waters to see if the can go the whole way and ban him completely.

It’s a scorched earth policy all done in the name of violating some vague community standard they themselves have defined and interpret as they see fit, mostly without any serious route to appeal their decisions, but like all self-regulation regimes by entrenched or should I say monopolistic interests, it’s totally bogus. The only way forward to restore some semblance of balance in the news is to break them up into small independent pieces. It worked in the past accompanied with great screams of anguish from the controllers of nationwide monopolies like the Bell Corp who maintained that the world would end if they were broken up.

I’ve included a list of the external links, those in red, at the end of this article if only to monitor how many of them get mysteriously disappeared before the election.

The biggest threat to Trump winning is election fraud in what’s called the battleground states. There are a myriad of ways of distorting the polling results which ranges from ballot harvesting, corrupt election officers, deregistering Republican voters, making sure they don’t get a mail in voting form, not counting their votes or simply throwing them away, multiple voting or just plain fictitious voters turning up at polling stations with false ID. Even the dead rise out of their graves to vote. The people responsible for ensuring a fair election appear to be asleep at the wheel.

Be under no illusions about the reality of election fraud, some people make a handy living out of it and have been doing so for years. It’s all very professional stuff. How else would you explain things like 20,000 fake driving licenses being imported from China being intercepted by the Feds at Chicago O’Hare airport, and all registered to vote Democrat? How many more got through undetected? Enough of those is all that’s needed to win in marginal states.

There’s nothing new about election fraud, which probably stretches back to the beginnings of democracy and conceivably some Athenian dropping more than one white or black stone into the voting bowl and palming out one of the opposition’s stones. It does seem to be a Democrat specialty that stretches back to even before Tammany Hall and JFK’s pop calling in a few favours from old Mob acquaintances from his bootlegging days to get his boy through some pretty tight elections.

Most of the methods by which it’s done are beyond the control of the ordinary person, but the one big thing they can do is to turn up in person at a ballot station, and if it looks like something fishy is going on, take photographs and videos of the individuals concerned and ignore any officious person saying you can’t record. You are perfectly within your rights to do so and make sure to get video of them saying that.

It’s been estimated that around 60 million people will vote by mail in these COVID angst times, so remember, totally subverting the mail in ballot is their last best hope to get Biden, and therefore Harris, into the White House. They’ll be pulling out all the stops, including hacking electronic voting machines which are wide open to abuse. They should never be used in any election.

Another barrier to voting Trump is simple intimidation, and it’s at a very personal level. In a situation unique in American experience, a recent poll came back with the shocking finding that nearly two-thirds of voters are afraid to voice their political views. People are being murdered, injured or simply assaulted for supporting Trump, and it’s being done with absolutely no regard for gender, colour, race or even the age of the victims. Diners at restaurants are being harassed by roving gangs of Antifa or BLM thugs trying to make them give the communist clench fist salute for later dissemination on social media.

In terms of the wall of propaganda, civil unrest, violence and city burning, it’s a lot worse than it was in 2016, but they didn’t win then and they won’t win in November. If the people responsible think they can take the White House by those methods, the silent and angry American voter is all poised to repeat the trick, but this time in trumps.

Get out and vote in person.


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9 Responses to “What’s ahead of you in the run up to the 2020 election.”
  1. anoldtchr says:

    A new POINTMAN. He is right on! Nan

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad



  2. JohnTyler says:

    The scripts have been already written.

    Script # 1:

    Trump wins on election day by an overwhelming margin so wide that his
    adversaries (the media, the demokrats, the ACLU, the appointed election fraudsters, Silicon Valley, etc., ) realize that waiting for the millions of fraudulent mail-in-ballots from China, Iran, Russia, California, NY, etc will not be enough to change the results and they realize they have lost.
    They will not accept the result of course, but there is no way they can overturn the result short of a violent coup d’etat resulting in the murder of Trump.

    Script #2:

    The election result will be close enough so that the millions of fraudulent mail in ballots give the election to Biden.
    End of story.
    Biden declared the victor.
    The republicans, basically never having the cohones to play hardball with the demokrats just bend over and take it; they contest nothing.

    In summary, Trump had better win by a landslide on election day or otherwise he will lose.

    If Trump prevails – Script #1 – get ready for his inauguration to be a re-run of the violence witnessed during the 1968 democratic convention in Chicago, only 1000 times more violent.
    Every ANTIFA / BLM, communist Sturmabteilung thug will descend upon Washington, with the approval and encouragement of the demokrat party of course, in an effort to kill Trump; and I mean they will try to murder him and his entire cabinet and Republican members of Congress.

    Trump, of course realizes this and will take the appropriate measures to neutralize these thugs.

    No representative democracy can work unless each side is willing to accept that the “other guy” can win. When one side refuses to accept this fundamental premise, chaos, violence or civil war ensue.
    You wind up with a situation common in Africa and the Middle East (coincidentally, or maybe not, both tribal cultures) where the victor kills all his adversaries or the losers mount a coup d’etat and kills the victors.
    Rest assured the demokrats and their acolytes will not accept a Trump victory.
    Get ready for the street or civil war.


  3. babygrandparents says:

    “My apologies for going off radar the past two weeks. I’d a family problem that needed my exclusive attention. Priorities are priorities,”. No apologies required. As you stated PRIORITIES ARE PRIORITIES. Families ARE priorities


  4. cdquarles says:

    A minor quibble or two and a bit of history, particularly for those who have not been exposed to it.

    The American counter-revolution began after the founding generation were mostly dead. After the death of the Federalist party and the dissolution of the Democratic-Republican one in the 1820s, the new “Democrat” party started influencing the ‘independent’ media of the day.

    It doesn’t matter if you have 6 or 6000 ‘news’ sources if they all agree with the playbook, and the new Democrats were doing just that. They’ve continued it whenever another media method has arisen. (Think Associated Press style book).

    Democrats have been the party of slavery and death since their founding. Their “natural aristocracy” leaning lights such as John C. Calhoun led the way. They expropriated the free blacks and the “Indians”. They embraced Marxism. They still embrace Marxism. They embraced eugenics. They still embrace eugenics, via abortion that disproportionately kill black and brown babies. They embraced secession. They still embrace secession in a different form, via extortion; of which their thug arm the KKK was just the first.


  5. philjourdan says:

    Another Outstanding article!

    Several comments.

    not realising the viper they’re holding to their breast will eventually turn its head and sink its fangs into them.

    I have been raising the alarm on this for years, yet the sheep continue marching to the slaughter. They do not understand the Night of a thousand knives, because they do not get a real education. They do not know about the Pol Pot regime because it is buried. But they will find out if they ever get their wish.

    As for Vote by mail – fat chance! I am voting in person and on election day. As are most Republicans. That is why some have started the meme that Trump will win the day on 11/3, only to lose it as the vote harvesting results come in. But vote harvesting works in close races, not blowouts. So they are counting on a close count on Election night. That might happen, but I think not. Yes, the democrats are voting early. But they would not change their vote regardless of anything that happens between now and 11/3. They will try to vote twice. Hopefully states have safeguards against it. But each state is different.

    The reason for affirming a justice before the Election is that eventually all of this will get to SCOTUS. And 4-4 ties just do not cut it. I am afraid, that while a new SCOTUS justice will be sworn in, it will be post election. Not sure of precedents on them casting votes on cases as the cases will still be coming in by then. But I suspect most of them will come in before they are affirmed to SCOTUS, so their vote will not be valid.

    We will see.

    A blog I follow (chiefio.wordpress.com) has commented on where the BLM protests have become violent. You may want to check it out.

    Coincidence or foreign influence? But where they are violent coincides with the countries that have told China to take a hike.

    I do not believe in coincidences.


  6. beththeserf says:

    Bloomberg to pay convicted felons’ fines? If this isn’t illegal it comes close to it.- buying votes.



  7. Another Ian says:


    FYI – proverbial and fan?

    Robert Mueller Investigative Agent Recently Testified Special Counsel Operation was “Intended to Get Trump”…”



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