How to take down America.

Most governments around the world are structured into three branches with a varying degree of independence and protection from each other. For the benefit of ignorant loons like AOC who have happened by some bizarre chance to have been actually elected to a legislative body, the three are: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive.

Concentrating on the legislature, the structure is commonly based to some extent or other on the bicameral British Westminster model of having a lower house and an upper house, though the composition, power and actual roles vary from country to country. America at its founding used the British model of the legislature but with very significant differences, the biggest of which being all members of both houses of Congress are elected.

The British upper house, the House of Lords, was and is still unelected, though in mitigation of that dubious distinction, restrictions have been put on the number of hereditary peers who can now sit there and most peers nowadays are appointed by the Prime Minister. Nominally, they still have the power to vote down bills that have cleared the Commons, but should that ever occur, the PM will simply appoint enough peers until he has a majority favourable to the bill, and then probably move to have the House of Lords abolished altogether.

The differences run much deeper though. The founding fathers, having just fought a war of independence to escape what was despotic rule from a foreign power, were in no mood to let the same thing happen again, but this time at the hands of some future American government. They deliberately shaped the governance of America to be structurally resistant to rule by homegrown despotism.

It was for this reason the new country was to be a republic rather than a pure democracy. The detailed distinction between the two I leave to your further reading, but their rejection of the democratic model was best summed up by Ben Franklin – a democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner. The innate structure protects dissenting minorities from being effectively disenfranchised.

The decision to go the republican route, restrained by a written Constitution as modified by the Bill of Rights, was the necessary counterbalance to what can be described as the dictatorship of the majority. Minority views would not only be heard, but represented at some level of the overall legislature.

Every state, regardless of size, could elect two congressmen to the Senate and depending on their population size, a number of representatives to the House of Representatives. Some have only one representative, some over fifty. Lower down the ladder, mayors and councilmen were elected and that even extends in some cases to law enforcement with local sheriffs also having to fight an election campaign for their office. All down the structure, power was split and devolved to make it impossible for a federal government, or any other tier, to unilaterally act like a despot.

The end result was that there is federal law, state law and local ordinances with a lot of ongoing jurisdictional handbagging going on, but the unifying principal is that they all have to conform to the strictures of the constitution.

That is a thumbnail sketch, with a host of exceptions, caveats and special cases, of the basic structure of American governance, and it’s also what you’ve got to attack if you want to bring down America, and there are only two ways to do that.

The first is by armed insurrection. If there are enough people dissatisfied with the current situation whatever it is, then there’s enough people to raise armies and a civil war is fought. America has already had one of those and the reasons it occurred, why and how it came to that, are still subjects of hot debate and disinformation from all sides, but leaving aside the rights and wrongs, it was always doomed to fail for the South. The Union was comparatively highly industrialised and resource rich in all departments. Whatever it was, men, arms or money, they had more of it. As one confederate general bitterly explained the loss, it wasn’t for lack of courage or commitment, they simply had more of everything.

General Lee, like every other general at the time, was acutely aware of that constraint. It was why his overall strategy had to be deft, quick and decisive, almost to the point of being reckless, and it very nearly succeeded until Gettysburg. Nobody actually won that battle in the conventional sense, but each side suffered 25,000 casualties, and that was a number the Union could replace, but not the Army of Northern Virgina. It was the turning point with Lee fighting what was effectively a succession of holding actions all the way to the end at Appomattox Courthouse.

What we’re looking at now is the other method of overturning a republic. The slow, creeping, systematic corruption of all the organs of government, most especially the legislature but also the executive and the judiciary branches, until it becomes so abraded and weakened it simply implodes.

This method has to be used because unlike armed insurrection, there’s actually no mass popular support for such a radical and extremist reshaping of the country.

Wherever you look, it’s plain to see the corrupting influence being injected into the body politic like a slow poison the victim will eventually succumb to.

If you’ve been following the recent reporting of Project Veritas on the widespread corruption of the voting process in Minnesota, it’s all on camera, complete with video depositions of the corruption “everybody knows about”. It’s blatant ballot harvesting and cash for votes caught on camera. It’s particularly effective in a state like Minnesota which had 80,000 people, mainly from Ethiopia and having absolutely no notion about free voting or the democratic process, dumped in the middle of it. I won’t go in to why that concentration was done.

They’ll take the money and vote whatever way they’re directed or coerced into. That’s how a historically moderate state can elect a radical Muslim senator seemingly intent on nothing more than hating Jews and the destruction of Israel, because bagging 80,000 votes definitely swings it in a state with 3,500,000 registered voters, including the multiple voters, the fictitious and the dead.

If Homeland Security are not looking at the sources of finance used in the operation (hint, various foreign extremist terror groupings), they’re yet another federal body asleep at the wheel.

If you think that’s some sort of isolated incident, which it will be portrayed as if it’s ever reported on by fake news, think again. What happened in the mid-terms 2018 in California, where all Republican gains of districts were reversed on “recounts” which combined with other corrupt practices, gave the Dems control of the house of representatives.

The party Ilhan Omar purports to be a member of, is itself corrupt, most patently at the top. If anyone can explain to me why the indifferent offspring of nearly all its notable leadership figures are all multi-millionaires seemingly without any effort on their part, because it was actually without any effort, I’m all ears. An invariable trait of rampant corruption is that it progress to a point where it no longer even bothers to conceal itself.

How else do you explain Biden’s son Hunter going from a cashiered officer dishonourably discharged from the US Navy for being a hopeless junkie, to within months being a very well paid dummy warming a seat in various boardrooms of foreign concerns as well as the odd gift of $3.5 million from the wife of a foreign potentate? Why are the siblings of these leaders all millionaires as well? Could it be what every gangster from Al Capone onwards knows – you always stash your dirty money, returnable on demand, with the wife and your brothers?

The Democrat party itself has metastasized into a far-left socialist party espousing extremist policies which are totally foreign and in some cases totally repellent to their traditional voters. Those voters are now homeless orphans who if they can’t overcome their anti-Trump sentiments, are left with only two stark choices. Vote through gritted teeth for their old party which has become a creature alien to them or abstain, which will hand victory to Trump.

It’s no longer a political party, it’s just a pawn given the mission to bring down Trump at any costs. Let cities burn, logjam in congress any COVID relief to the middle and working classes, force as many government shutdowns as they can get away with, tacitly encourage the breakdown of the rule of law, let all the demons out. Just bring down Trump and in return they’ll get a generous share of the ensuing spoils if they succeed.

The fourth estate, nowadays known as fake news, are also on the same mission. Any notion of objectivity or journalism long ago went to the wall in furtherance of following their masters’ orders. The whole lot of them are owned by six big conglomerates, none of whom are are friendly to Trump because if he’s re-elected, they know as sure as God made little green apples, he’ll take a hatchet to the profitable cartel they’re all members of.

As we approach the election, there’s nothing to be expected from that quarter but an increasing paroxysm to hate-filled propaganda directed at Trump and the deplorables. I’m talking of frenzied levels impervious to reason and in which nothing or nobody is off limits. If you’ve ever seen a mad frothing dog, that’s what it’s become.

The organs of law enforcement have been politicised by democrat state and city politicians and been reduced to enforcing only the laws they’re directed to. Looting and burning down cities are now non-arrestable criminal offenses, whereas any demonstrations or actions against that policy are to be policed to hell. Needless to say, policemen hate being used towards such unfair political ends, which is why not a single major law enforcement organisation have endorsed Biden. Instead, Trump is the one they all back, because they rightly see him as their only hope of getting back to some normality enforcing the law.

Further up the ladder, law enforcement has already gone from bad to worse, most spectacularly the case of the FBI. The founding fathers, who hated even the idea of a standing army, would have fought tooth and claw to prevent the creation of a nationwide force like it, because it’d be the perfect springboard to a police state, and it’s already nearly regarded as that in certain quarters. The entire top tier of it became so corrupt and partisan that they actively participated in a coup to bring down a democratically elected president of the USA, and apparently saw no incongruity between that and their sworn duty to uphold the law.

The Department of Justice is in a slightly better condition, though in my opinion it’s marginal. Unlike the police, they’ve a lot of people down the ladder to push into the line of any returned fire, so most of the time they skip neatly out of any messes they created at a safe distance. They’re well hidden behind the protective facade of the usual respect the ordinary person has for the judiciary, but they’re well overdue a touch of the Augean Stables treatment.

While it’s a plausible argument that the FBI has become a mad dog organisation they by now only nominally control, the same case cannot be made for the judiciary, which is very definitely their responsibility. On their watch, large swathes of the lower courts are now under new ownership, and they do what they’re told from that quarter, rather than the DoJ.

A St. Louis couple deter rioters from trashing their property by standing on their front porch holding a deactivated pistol and an empty rifle with no ammunition in their house, and are immediately charged by a habitually lazy local AG, who’s election expenses were 60% covered by George Soros.

A kid running for his life from a mob, eventually trips and is forced to save his life by opening fire in a still controlled fashion, yet is still charged within 24 hours with first degree murder.

The examples of such biased misapplication of the law are numerous and despite what you might think, are especially noticed by people in outside countries who look to America as a bastion of fairness under the law. I recently say a photograph of a mass demonstration in Bulgaria against their thinly-veil crypto-Stalinist givernment. In the middle of it was a banner proclaiming “Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent”, accompanied by a few stars and bars being waved by the crowd.

Any behaviour like that goes unreported by fake news, just as the brutally suppressed pro-democracy protests in Hongkong were because they were the wrong sort of protesters and had the unmitigated gall to wave American flags, which are forbidden colours to fake news.

The rot at the DoJ was just like all the other organisations, at the very top, but I see glimmers of light with the aggressive appointments Trump has made in that area. At the very top of the judiciary is the Supreme Court, and it’s telling the lengths the Dems went to personally slander Trump’s last nominee to that court.

His latest nominee will have to undergo the same process of running a harrowing gauntlet. Why anyone accepting that chalice knowing what’ll happen to them and their family shows loyalty to a real higher cause. The highest court in the land has to be the main target to go for, because then the rest of it becomes their plaything to be treated as they wish.

Obama weaponised the executive branch to hand out money to far-left anti-American organisations while at the same time terrorising anyone that was even remotely conservative. The most egregious example of that was the usage of the IRS to persecute conservative organisations. For instance, instead of a complete and thorough audit of their books by the IRS every five years or so, it happened every year, for year after year. Every cent had to be accounted or otherwise they’d be fined and whatever special status they had under tax law was under threat.

But the assault is not just confined to the structures of government. The whole culture is under attack. If you’re of a Christian persuasion, which most of America is, you’re not allowed to wear something as simple as a tiny cross on a necklace, though any other religion gets a pass, except of course for the usual pograms against Jews and Catholics.

Education at all levels, is under subversive attack and in too many places the idea of teaching young people the basics they’ll need to become employable members of society, has been replaced with an emphasis on adjusting their attitudes. I read recently of some parents of a child in kindergarten being taught the land they lived on was all stolen, but as the Communists and Nazis well knew, young minds are the easiest to shape in your direction. Middle school, especially if you’re in a black ghetto, is just some kind of gladiator pit you’re forced to endure until you’re old enough to escape from it.

Higher education is in just as bad a state. Colleges and faculty departments are closing at an alarming rate because no kid in their right mind wants to rack up that amount of debt to become a product nobody wants, degree or not. Once prestigious universities like Ole Mis are struggling with chronic budget imbalances caused by plunging applications to them.Think of it as Darwin at work.

The only growth area is in what’s commonly referred to as faith colleges, not because kids have suddenly discovered God but because the applicants are smart enough to know they are like islands of resistance to all the dumbing down and fashionable woke courses the others are offering. A piece of paper from somewhere like that has worth and definitely increases your employment prospects.

Watching mainstream films and TV is like being manacled into a front row seat in front of a massive screen that screams only the one single approved of message at you. Everything that used to be the backbone attitudes of the average person is portrayed as old fashioned and somehow oppressive, while a non-stop barrage of aberrant behaviour is now presented as the new normal to the extent that pedophilia, more truthfully called sexually abusing children, is presented as something we’ll gradually accept and afterwards wonder how we could have been so primitive and backward.

Soldiers are baby killers, policemen are unfettered murderers, you can’t trust a priest to be alone with your child, criminal behaviour is just the desperate last resort of oppressed communities, murder and looting are all right, just as long as it’s done in a righteous cause, sexual predators are merely expressing their natural urges.

History is being wiped or rewritten as statues get pulled down and once revered figures like Washington and Columbus get revealed as the non-woke villains they secretly were all along.

Even hitherto innocent pastimes like watching a ballgame or supporting your usual football team have become impossibly politicised to the point where once legendary loyal fans refuse to have anything to do with them.

I’ve know I’ve omitted some areas but the pattern is clear. It’s an ongoing and determined effort from bottom to top to corrupt and bring down the whole structure I outlined at the beginning of this article.

You won’t be voting for a president this coming November but for the survival of your whole system of governance and your very culture. It’s that important.


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18 Responses to “How to take down America.”
  1. Henry Galt says:

    Thanks again Pointy.

    Nov 3rd (and way beyond if it’s ‘close’) is our species’ last chance at freedom. I say this as a Limey.

    Majority;culled. The viable remainder welded into high rise factories and farmed for our effort and organs. The Chinese Model. Soros’ wet dream.


  2. Shoshin says:

    Harry Reid is to blame for 95% of today’s partisan poison problems. When SCOTUS nominees needed 60 votes, the bar was so high that bipartisan support was always needed, so partisan politics were a MAD deterrent. Because of this, cooperation across the aisle was a given.
    The Founders understood that minimizing partisan politics was a feature to be preserved, not a bug.

    When Reid changed the rules, he destroyed the Senate bipartisanship balance and partisan politics came flooding in. Partisan bloodsport began, and was richly rewarded. And now the Dems think that further undermining the balance is a good idea.


    • JohnTyler says:

      IMHO it was the 1987 nomination of Robert Bork by President Reagan that signaled the end of any decorum that had previously existed when a president nominated a justice for the SCOTUS.
      As far as I know, that was the first time a nominee was intentionally and personally destroyed , vilified, slandered, subjected to a public propaganda campaign worthy of a Der Sturmer series about jews, that had nothing at all to do with the nominee’s qualifications.
      Recall who played the Roland Freisler / Andrey Vyshinsky roles during the Senate show trial hearings; Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy (a murderer) .
      Bork’s Senate’s “hearings” gave rise to a new word in the English language, the verb (adverb? adjective? ) “borked.”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    There cannot now be any doubt that the endgame is on underway. The monsters thought it would quietly slip into place before any of the peasants realised it was happening. Then….. Trump was elected and Brexit was voted for. Suddenly it’s all out in the open .
    It is not going to be pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. philjourdan says:

    A couple of points of clarification. While the war of 1861-65 was called a “Civil” War, it never was. A Civil war is between 2 factions warring to control a single government. The south never went to war to control the USA. The north went to war to bring the south back into the Union. So it is actually a war between states. WHich indeed it was.

    Second, up until the 17th amendment, the selection of Senators was up to the Stages. Some allowed the voters to decide, but most were chosen by the State Legislature as the Senate was supposed to represent the States, not the people. That is why every State got 2, because as Sovereign States, all were equal. The “people’s” House was there the population of the United States had their real only voice. In many ways the wisdom of the founders (undone by idiots since) ensured that the small states would have a disproportionate voice in the Federal government.

    Other than that, I again applaud your keen insight into this county’s Make up! You know more about this nation than 90% of the natives do.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Peter Shaw says:

    I had to look up “AUGEAN STABLES”!
    Point well made, Pointy.
    I’m keeping a close eye on events in the USA as the 3rd November rolls up, and hoping that the Constitution will prevail.


  6. JohnTyler says:

    Re: Gettysburg

    R.E. Lee realized that the northern newspapers were full of anti-Lincoln / anti-war articles. Lee realized he could capitalize on that sentiment by threatening Washington, DC.
    If he could do this, there would be a good chance the North would seek a peace agreement; or so thought Lee.
    So for the first time in the war, Confederate troops “invaded” the North with the goal of threatening / attacking Washington, DC.
    Well, Lee never made it past Gettysburg, Pa (a battle never planned nor anticipated by Lee or Meade or anybody else.)
    Perhaps from a military perspective that battle had no winners or losers, but that battle surely spelled the end of war. There was no way the south could win a war of attrition.

    Speaking of the Civil War;

    The hot heads of S.Carolina began the shooting war by bombing the Federal fort in Charleston Harbor. This incident gave Lincoln the excuse to send the Union Army south. Prior to this event Lincoln realized he could not justify any invasion of the Confederacy.

    The Confederacy never had any intention of deposing Lincoln or invading the North or overthrowing the US Govt. (unlike ANTIFA, BLM , the demokrat party). They just wished to leave the union (for the worst possible reason – to maintain / expand slavery) and be left alone.

    In this regard, the Confederacy was, at least initially, less of a threat to the US Govt., than present day anarchist, left wing groups and the demokrat party.
    Of course, the latter, can and will sidestep the US Constitution – essentially render it void – by issuing whatever “regulations” and executive orders are needed to implement their left wing agenda.
    The Supreme Court ruled long ago that Federal Agencies, under the “auspices” of Congress, can, for all intents and purposes, issue regulations (i.e., in reality, make laws).

    For instance, they can impose a “tax” on ammunition of, say, $10,000 a bullet or a tax of $100,000 a pistol, etc. After all, the govt. has taxing authority granted by the US Constitution.
    They can force folks to drive electric vehicles by taxing – say, about $25000 – gasoline powered cars.
    Better yet, they can impose a $15.00 per gallon tax on gasoline to help “save the earth” and “gently” convince the citizenry into electric vehicles.

    As for any hardships this will cause, well, for the ideologue, there are no hardships that can be imposed upon the citizenry that are too excessive in implementing the “proper” policies.
    You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.
    (see Cuba, Venezuela – utopia on earth as far as the demokrat party is concerned).



    • philjourdan says:

      “So for the first time in the war, Confederate troops “invaded” the North with the goal of threatening / attacking Washington, DC.”

      Antietam. 9-17-62


    • Another Ian says:

      “As for any hardships this will cause, well, for the ideologue, there are no hardships that can be imposed upon the citizenry that are too excessive in implementing the “proper” policies.”

      Following that (repeated)

      “Kulak is the Russian Word for ‘Deplorable’ ”


    • Pointman says:

      Antietam is an interesting battle for a number of reasons (and consequences). On paper, Lee should have lost. He was outnumbered two to one and his plan of attack had been discovered by the Union, but by shifting men quickly from hotspot to hotspot, he held the line. Technically, it was a loss because the Confederates withdrew, but that was just Lee determined not to get bogged down against such superior forces in a static situation with limited resources and away from home ground.

      Leaving aside his military talent to improvise when in what was a chaotic melee like Antietam, he knew his strategic plan had to always be dynamic if the South was to win. The moment he allowed himself to be sucked into a war of attrition, the Union would inevitably win, even led by incompetents like McClellan. He fought a war of movement wherever possible and broke a lot of cardinal rules, most particularly at Chancellorsville where he split his forces, twice, but still won.

      It was at the time the biggest battle ever fought on American soil with 130,000 men involved, but there were 22,000 casualties. There was no precedent for that magnitude of bloodletting, especially with no clear winner at the end of it. It shocked both the military and the civilians on both sides.



  7. Another Ian says:

    Similar vein

    “The coming US ‘mailstrom’”


  8. Another Ian says:


    A sign of running short of supporters?

    “This is quite astonishing. You’d think the NBC/MSNBC pool of fake “undecided voter” actors would be large enough to avoid duplication.”

    And check “Hmmmm” thread before that one Seems something brewing.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Ian. “A sign of running short of supporters?” I believe so. It is curiously quiet with only weeks to go to the election. I fully expected fake news to turn it up to an amp 11 volume of sensational lies and spin, but they like all the other bottom dwellers have been almost mute. The hitherto invisible Harris came out of hiding and bombed against Pence, despite the most favourable spin they could put on it, and BLM/Antifa frightening a 3yo at her birthday party in a restaurant really played well with most ordinary people.



  9. Another Ian says:


    Now this!

    “Fantastic Research – Presidential Debate Commission Ideology Exposed – Chairman Connected to Soros, Color Revolution and Steele Dossier Group…”


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