Is Biden blundering into a war with Russia?

If you can remember back to your schooldays when a subject called history was actually taught, you’ll probably recall that at some point you learnt about successions of ancient kings and how they became variously named Fred the Great or Edward the Useless or Cuthbert the Strong or Joseph the Walkover. When the genetic lottery of inherited royalty dumped an incompetent king upon the realm’s subjects and generated widespread unrest about the miserable state it had sunk into, the classic way out for the king was to declare war on another kingdom to distract people from how bad and unpopular he actually was as a king.

Although this was tried many times, I can’t recall an instance where it was particularly successful. Bad peacetime leaders don’t make particularly good wartime leaders either but it tended to delay the inevitable regicide to a few miles further down the road. The puppet president handlers have obviously sat through that same history lesson and are trying to repeat the trick, except they’re trying to pick a war with Russia over a place called the Ukraine that most people couldn’t find on a map. The corollary to that lesson they appear to have forgotten is that you declare war on a much smaller kingdom and one you’re sure to beat the bejazus out of. Russia in no way fits that bill.

It makes some sort of sense in their Clownworld I suppose – runaway inflation is totally impoverishing middle and working class America, all control has been lost at the southern border, drugs are flooding in through the open border killing nearly 100,000 Americans last year, COVID deaths have zoomed up, gas prices are sky high, grocery shelves are starting to be empty, unemployment is rising inexorably upwards, the murder rate is at a 25 year high, control of crime in major cities has totally been lost and American prestige abroad has sunk to a low not seen since the bad old days of the Carter administration.

Given that domestic situation, why not foment a war to distract the increasingly restless peasants?

Since the Ukraine has been selected as the flashpoint for this distraction, let’s see what’s in it for the two major parties involved. For America, there’s no major strategic benefit of any kind in getting involved in Russia invading the eastern and possibly the northern border areas of it. Absolutely none. Should Putin decide to invade and Biden’s puppets decide to put some American troops into the melee, nobody will be rushing to support them with their own troops, especially after America let them down so badly in Afghanistan by bolting for the exit door without even bothering to inform their allies there in advance who still had troops in the field.

Only a fool allows themselves to be bitten by the same dog twice, especially when the first bite occurred less than four months ago.

Even NATO members are digging their heels in. Germany, a usually staunch member, is refusing overflight permission of urgent weapon transports to the Ukraine. Guess what, due to a disastrous green energy policy, they’re now totally dependent on Russian energy, especially over winter. They’re not the only European country in that dependency hole. There’s a reason the Russians nicknamed their gas exports the energy weapon and they’ve a history of just turning off the gas to countries who’ve displeased them for one reason or another – and it always works.

America is indirectly in that same energy dependency position with Russia. Having effectively banned fracking, cancelled the XL pipeline and taxed the hell out of petroleum producing companies, it now finds itself in the position of needing Russia to increase energy production to drive down the global price of gas which is currently going through the roof in America.

What’s the downside of America getting involved?

Where do I start but basically, there’s no winning outcome there that I can see and should Russia call the bluff and invade while America effectively doesn’t do anything, the massive humiliation it’d cause would damage America prestige immeasurable. They’re basically inviting Russia to take that big win. Supposedly, there’s currently 100,000 Russian troops massed on the Ukraine’s eastern border and the Red Army have got a lot more in reserve. Threatening to send a token force of 8,500 or so American soldiers would just be spending them against the Russian might, and that’s if there was any will amongst the American public to send troops to kick off a real shooting war with Russia.

Draw any lines, red or otherwise, and it’d be an inducement for Putin to cross over them if only to have the satisfaction of watching a helpless America doing nothing except being further reduced to a humiliating laughing stock on the international stage. There are worse implications if that happens.

What’s in it for Russia if it invades the Ukraine?

In a strategic sense, nothing. They already have in all but name complete control of a major port on the Black Sea, namely Sevastopol, which gives their Black Sea fleet complete naval control of the area. There is one preventative strategic argument for rolling into the Ukraine but it’s pretty weak. The Neocons and assorted warmongers in the DC swampland keep agitating to get the Ukraine into NATO but that’d be the equivalent of the Russians stationing a large force of troops in Canada on America’s northern border or even Mexico on its southern one. Remember what happened when the Russians did that with Cuba? The Ukraine joining NATO would be the direct equivalent of that and Russia would never stand for it.

There is a potential big win on the propaganda front by nibbling off a few more bits of the Ukraine. Granted, the pieces Putin would probably grab would be ethnically Russian (about 20% of the country is) and he wouldn’t have to go in too far into it to overwhelm any military resistance but more importantly it’d deny America its own propaganda victory. The narrative being pushed by Washington is that if Russia invades, there’d be harsh consequences. If Russia doesn’t invade, the Biden administration will claim by default a big win for having forced Russia to back off from something it wasn’t really going to do in the first place.

But notice Washington isn’t saying it’d go to war over it. No, it’s all humbug and hot air, piss and wind about red lines, serious consequences, harsh sanctions and similar word salad. Screw America and their puny sanctions, why not just invade to humiliate America and deny Biden a domestic propaganda win at Russia’s expense? The Americans won’t take on Russia and their allies in NATO certainly won’t. It’s almost as if Biden’s half-brained foreign policy bluff is forcing Putin to invade just to demonstrate they haven’t been intimidated by America. It has all the hallmarks of yet another massive Susan Rice disaster. It’s she who’s most probably the foreign policy puppeteer in the cabal who’re actually running the Biden presidency.

If Russia marches into the Ukraine, installs a puppet government while America stands by and effectively does nothing, its influence and stock as a superpower would be irreparably damaged. And then the dominoes would really start falling. China walks into Taiwan and what were formerly improbables like North Korea once again invading the south start to become real possibilities.

I warned at the start of this year that “If America should prepare for anything in the coming year, it’ll be more foreign policy humiliations” because the other old-school history adage about weak kings is that if you have one, the stronger kings around you start to take bigger and bigger liberties. Having idiotic foreign policies encourages that.


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6 Responses to “Is Biden blundering into a war with Russia?”
  1. nb says:

    It has all the hallmarks of a put up job. Is Brandon a China client? If so, there can only be one outcome for this spat with China’s best pal, Russia. Putin will not tolerate the loss even of a single member of his military. As for the USA, I imagine it has some deplorables spare. Humiliation of the USA is the current admin’s forté. That is my working hypothesis. Let’s see how it plays out.


  2. philjourdan says:

    Very good analysis. But I think Biden has already telegraphed how to get out of his mess without a major war. He told Putin that a “minor” incursion would not bring repercussions.

    So what he is telling Putin is to take the uniforms off of his soldiers, allow them to be “refugees” into Ukraine, and once in there, foment rebellion and install a puppet government (the way democrats are giving illegal aliens the right to vote in the US). Putin loses no soldier, merely uses the “5th” column to take over the country.

    BTW, the weak king does not apply to democrats here. They do not chose a weak country to start a fight with. They chose a strong one. There is a reason there were no Carriers in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. FDR was not a total moron. He wanted a war, but did not want to lose it. Same thing with Wilson in 1917. Democrats pick strong countries to go to war with because their rot is far deeper and requires a longer war to paper over.


  3. Pointman says:

    Exclusive— Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: War over Ukraine ‘Almost Certain’ if Biden Doesn’t Take NATO Membership ‘Out of Play’

    A military man talking some sense on the Ukraine/Russia situation.



  4. another ian says:

    “Must Watch, AP Journalist Matt Lee Questions State Dept About Claims of Russian Aggression
    February 3, 2022 | Sundance | 411 Comments”


  5. another ian says:


    “Russell Brand on the tempest around Rogan.


  6. Pointman says:

    “US reacts to partnership between Russia & China”

    In a three super power world, the regime’s Ukraine foreign policy idiocy has managed to push the other two closer together. You couldn’t make this stuff up.



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