Selling the coup to the Deplorables.

There’s simply no way the propaganda machine can convince the deplorables that the election wasn’t stolen and that the puppet Biden is a legitimate president. Before continuing, I use the term propaganda machine to mean the collective actions of fake news, big tech and the entertainment industry. The first will be publishing only state approved news, the second will be censoring you and the third demonising you.

Not being able to convince the deplorables doesn’t mean they’ll be left alone. On the contrary, they’ll get their own special type of attention from the machine. You represent a constant and uncomfortable reminder that the regime is not legitimate and although they can’t change your viewpoint on that, what they will try to do is silence you. Effectively in the mainstream news media, there is no longer any first amendment. It’s all owned by six major conglomerates who were all parties to the Steal. They will control the selection and distribution of news to the mass of the populace.

Big tech will simply censor or bar from their platforms anyone voicing any opinion that questions or gainsays the official narrative. The battle cry will be no platform for deplorables, which in its own way is passive suppression, but it’s already moving on to active suppression beginning with prominent people associated with Trump or MAGA. They’ll pick out such high-profile individuals for both vilification and neutralisation because they represent possible rallying points for a largely disorganised popular opposition.

At the same time as having mired prominent opposition figures in a sticky molasses of innuendo, false accusations and denouncement for crimes real and imagined, Hollywood and mainstream entertainment will start the classic dehumanisation process of the opposition which is done by all totalitarian regimes. Increasingly, stereotypes of a deplorables will start turning up in movies and TV serials, and they won’t be nice.

You’ll be reactionary, fascist, bigoted, intolerant, racist, homophobic, misogynist, sly, untrustworthy or whatever. Basically not a nice person but whatever way you’re being parodied, it’ll be along the lines of some evil, nasty specimen who’s bullying or trying to harm nice enlightened people who’re simply trying to bring about a nicer, kinder world. You won’t be the victim, you’ll be the aggressor and they’ll be the victims. That’ll be the basic storyline but the good guys will always triumph over you in the end. You’ll get all the variations. Love across the divide – a nice woke lass falls for a deplorable and under her tender, thoughtful ministrations gradually begins to see the light, the error of his ways and in a touching final scene realises how badly wrong he’d been for oh so many years. It’ll become a classic.

The overt purpose of such negative propaganda is to provide a general class of people the true believers can hate and blame for all their troubles. You know, the usual routine – without blacks, our country would be so much better, the Armenians will be the ruin of Turkey, Jews are the root cause of all Germany’s problems and so on, but it actually has a subtle and more fundamental effect on both those being induced to hate and those being hated.

Gradually, the last thing anybody outside that group wants is to be associated in any way with it, and the victims themselves become cowed by the state-organised hate coming at them from all directions. Roll that stone along a few years and that’s how in the end 70 million Germans supposedly knew nothing at all about the extermination camps the Jews walked into so passively.

Given that the deplorables are unlikely to change their views whatever the pressure, why bother? Because ultimately the machine’s target is the subconscious of the floaters, who fall into neither camp. That’s where the only growth of approval for the regime can come from, even if that support is just passive. Inactivity suits the regime just fine.

That great article you recall reading on the Steal has disappeared, those witness videos you saw have disappeared, the people who wrote that article or shot that video have also disappeared, you start to think carefully before uttering an opinion, you’ve stopped watching any “news” and there are worrying rumours circulating about what happens to the credit rating of deplorables. Bingo! The intended effect of making you feel alone, isolated and helpless has been achieved.

That’s the broad outline of the way the machine will attempt to deal with deplorables, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it is all well organised and coordinated – it isn’t. You’re dealing with a hive mentality, a lynch mob that only acts in unison simply because they know what behaviour is expected of them and doing that to a dehumanised section of the population is so much easier.

Don’t ever for one moment think you’re alone, you aren’t. Don’t ever think you’re part of some vanishingly small minority, you aren’t. You’re one of eighty million people who voted against the prospect of the repression now being visited upon you. If you refuse to be intimidated, marginalised and choose to resist, you can win. Don’t think of that as yet another one of those optimistic but comforting fantasies that seem to be floating around in the aftermath of the coup. It’s simply a statement of fact.

A single person is a twig that can be broken easily, but when enough of them are put together, nobody can break them. Preventing that from ever occurring is the whole point of the exercise, because it’s the one thing they truly fear.

A few weeks back, a large retail chain proudly boasted they would no longer stock the brand MyPillow because its founder was an unrepentant Trump supporter. Since then, their turnover has plunged 30% and MyPillow is struggling under an avalanche of new direct orders. Nobody organised that punishment. Just a lot of supposed twigs exercising spontaneously their consumer muscle. People like you. It was the best response with the most powerful and readily available weapon 80 million people have in their possession.


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5 Responses to “Selling the coup to the Deplorables.”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    the one glimmer of hope is that several states, and the list seems to be growing, are going to permit lawsuits against tech censorship.


  2. philjourdan says:

    They use to call it “The silent majority”. We do not riot and burn down cities. We do not go about beating others over the head with PC. We do not go around deplatforming folks. But we see it being done to us. So we move on to where we can express ourselves. Basically a silent boycott. Nothing organized We do not need to. We just know we will stop patronizing the companies that seek to beat us down. Kohls, Bed, Bath and Beyond? They no longer get my dollars. It will take a little longer to ween myself off of Amazon, but I have already shifted my Tech orders to other outfits. In time, they will go the way of MySpace


  3. another ian says:

    Silver the next cab off the anti-shorting rank?


  4. cdquarles says:

    Closer to home for folks living in the USA, what we are seeing now is how Jim Crow happened. We are seeing the son of Jim Crow. Will that end like the preceding iteration? Don’t know; but certainly possible.


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