Selling the coup to the Programmed.

This shouldn’t present many difficulties. Not only are they already programmed but they habitually suffer from the twin evils of a short attention span and a need to fit into some sort of set. Ideal subjects for propaganda. Work with what you’ve got. Make all your messages short and punchy and always slant the message in such a way that it’s stylish. They’ll catch the first five minutes of headlines from mainstream news outlets without sticking around for the details of the story unless they have pretensions to being the intellectual of their group.

The chronic ones don’t even last that long in front of the idiot box, but instead pick up their news on social media because it’s there they can add their opinion. Essentially, they don’t go to the trouble of informing themselves about anything because it all comes at them in small premasticated chunks that are easily digestible. Baby food. They’re actually subliminally averse to anything that comes before their eyes looking like hard news with all its dreaded details. Catching the right headlines and striking an automatic response to them is enough.

There isn’t exactly a one size fits all personality about them when considered as a demographic, but there certainly is when looking at their behaviour within whatever group the cleave to. A small selection would be the politically hip wanna be West Wingers like in the hard hitting TV series, the proper Democrats looking the other way, distraught but well to do Karens, the burn down the system advocates, the white liberals fighting for their black brothers, the victims of the patrimony, the ugly insiders and outers, the crucified victims of their own particular genetic hand of cards, the walking wounded of personality disorder, the TDS hate groups and various new age Greenies obsessing about errant cows farting. Big tech censorship ensures there’s no alternative narrative on offer. That might spook the herd.

The each live their lives in snug echo chambers of one variety or another and despite it being totally understood that they’re all liberal and tolerant, dissent is simply not tolerated and could lead to expulsion from their particular group, the one thing they all dread. What I find depressing about them is not just their predictability or cowardly failure to seriously question anything within their circle, but their dour pessimism about all the various people and issues the profess to be so concerned about. It’s mostly doom and gloom. At best they aspire to impossible unicorns on the far unreachable horizon of someday when everybody will be liberal and sensible like them, and sigh dramatically at the impossibility of any such thing ever happening.

That’s probably why they don’t have much in the way of a sense of humour. The entertainment industry churns out thinly disguised propaganda dross that nobody except them watches all the way through to get their latest misery index T-shirt. TV entertainment is no better with woke mini parables that were written on autopilot by acne-squeezing kids in their freshman year at Writers Skool. They’re up to their oxters in late night talk shows where some personable perfectly-groomed idiot makes clever witty remarks with a little help from a twenty man writing team and is lauded for making lame and predictable jokes about whatever the hated deplorables are up to now, even by the clapometer.

There’s no vaccine against their moronovirus and the only cure is the same one we all went through when we were young and dumb – growing up. Like greedy infants sucking on the teat of arrant nonsense, we eventually fell off it and started to see how things actually worked in the real world and after that, how many of our passionately held ideas were merely us striking a fashionable pose. Until that moment arrives, there’s simply no sense in them but a lot of unshakable beliefs, which means they can’t be reasoned with.

Some of the groups will be problematic and not amenable to the regime propaganda. With the effective disappearance of Trump, the hate groups will have to find other people or things to hate on. You just can’t turn something like that off like a tap. As time passes and with the return to the Obama era of systemic corruption, abuse of power, rising unemployment, falling wages, rising taxes and industrial decline, and not the workers utopia they imagined would appear on January 20th, some of them will start asking themselves some difficult questions for a change. What was all the activism and passion for or rather for whose benefit?

Others, like the burn down the system types who were deliberately let run amok for the last year by criminal city mayors will be in no mind to going back to being nobodies instead of being the talk of the town on various social platforms. They will be necessarily eliminated since their continued behaviour would dent the profit streams of various oligarchs. Putting that particular Jack back in the box may prove problematic.

The oligarch controlled regime and Congress will stay united because of their benefits, but a lot of the programmed groups will split apart because of the impact of political awakening, internecine fighting and active regime suppression.


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9 Responses to “Selling the coup to the Programmed.”
  1. Michael Moore says:

    Again spot on. This is exactly how they have got away with the Covid scam. Anybody who looks objectively behind the MSM headlines and government propaganda can tell that everything we are being told is a massive overreaction to an essentially harmless virus to 99.96% of the population. Yet the vast majority don’t and think that those that expose the misinformation are somehow ‘dangerous’. So long as the morons get there daily fixes of reality television that’s all that matters.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    This is not true of everyone. I was 12 when I began to notice that facts were not always in agreement with what was presented. This knowledge has never let me down. When I saw proof of ‘continental drift’ (while still at school) I knew it was true.
    The question is when does control of education get wrested out of the hands of the fascist left? Children need proper guidance.
    In Iran, children & adolescents were fooled into demanding the removal of the Shah, who was pulling the country into the 20th century, and the return of the monsters. By the time they discovered the truth it was too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fraizer says:

      I will do you one better:

      As a very young lad in the 2nd or third grade in a parochial school, I recognized the difference between religion and Christianity. I understood that the church of Rome was nothing more than modern day pharisees. Unfortunately, I threw out the baby with the bathwater for much of my life.


  3. My father’s generation went to war at 18 – sometimes at 16 or 17. I was a member of Greenpeace and protested the nuclear testing in Amchitka – in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska – as a 19 year old. Unfortunately the young people today “don’t want to get involved”. Seriously? I am almost 70. Not sure if I actually want to be around for another 20 years.


  4. another ian says:

    Pointy FYI

    Revenge – a dish best served cold”

    Goes with “Beware the anger of patient men and women”


  5. another ian says:


    I’m testing this quietly. One site so far,

    “I may get “incoming” for this but I have a question:-

    If it turns out that 1776 was lost without a shot being fired can we expect a recycling of that joke about “Rifles available. Never fired, dropped once”? ”

    Messenger not shot so far


  6. another ian says:

    “Biden’s Worst Executive Order Went Almost Entirely Unnoticed”

    Via Catallaxy files

    More WRT to this thread there (IMO)


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