Legitimising the coup.

This is top priority with Biden’s puppeteers. The message is the Big Steal never happened and if you dare to voice that opinion, life will get a lot more difficult for you. Internationally, it’ll be done by exercising American economic muscle and making a harsh example of any foreign country that dares to opine otherwise. Not only will they have to stay stumm but also align their domestic policies with the monetary wishes of assorted oligarchs. It’s already begun. For instance the puppet president’s first state visit will be to Britain.

Boris being Boris, he’s already had a lot of experience rolling with unavoidable punches, so when the puppet president visits Downing Street for some cordial but hard-hitting talks on resetting Anglo-American relations, and he’s been safely consigned to some play room off the Cabinet Office to eat his Wendy meal, his puppeteers will begin some blunt arm twisting to get Britain back into the EU. The message will be simple. We don’t care how it looks – do it or forget about being number one in the queue for a bi-lateral trade agreement with the new Amerika.

Domestically, it’s just a matter of letting the propaganda machine keep on doing what it’s been doing but with the addition of creeping intimidation of any political resistance. The combination of fake news being the state organ of all mainstream news and big tech censorship suppressing all dissent will be aimed in different ways at the three demographic groups that matter in America when it comes to pulling off the legitimisation trick.

For clarity of expression, I’ll name the three groups as the programmed people, the floaters and the deplorables. As the name suggests, the programmed people, or just the programmed, won’t need much in the way of persuasion since they already believe it impossible for any news reader to actually lie to them deliberately and anyway, they’re right in the fashionable group think groove about any story presented to them. There are some near problems with that group and some bigger ones in the long term.

The second are the floaters. Many because of a go with the flow attitude will apathetically drift over to the dark side but for the majority the 2020 election was an eye opener about the DC Swamp and the various betrayals of the real president the voted for. Seeing how their vote was stolen and their democratic will ignored, they’ll either accept the regime grudgingly or drift towards the third demographic – the deplorables.

With the deplorables, the big propaganda push will be on to marginalise you. Despite your numbers, you’ll have no place to voice your dissent on the big social media platforms, and just saying the election was dubious at best will be a big no no. Just try it with Jack or Mark and their censor imps if you don’t believe me. As for the big media organisations of fake news, it’ll be a non-stop orgy of Biden beatification, so have a barf jug handy if you still watch CNN or MSNBC.

There’ll be some thoughts on these three groupings in articles to follow, but in the meantime and as a thought experiment, try placing your circle of acquaintances into their appropriate category. From personal experience, that’ll be about ten minutes of pleasant diversion at the most, I’m afraid.


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7 Responses to “Legitimising the coup.”
  1. another ian says:

    “Not even pretending anymore: Democrats want more fake voters, no ID, no signatures”



  2. patrick healy says:

    Thanks your your usual perception. An other one of my little ditties with your indulgence


    RIP America
    It is sad to see you go
    The way of past great empires
    For to you a debt we owe;
    A light in the great darkness
    You kept satan in his place,
    A bastion of freedom
    Guardian of the human race.

    But while you were distracted
    The deceiver took the youth,
    They were indoctrinated
    Contradicting Christian truth;
    Now they have taken over
    As their teachers had conspired,
    The marxist coup completed
    Without any bullet fired.

    We get to twenty twenty
    With the great election fraud,
    Many dead ones voted twice
    More imported from abroad;
    Total votes do not matter
    Just ignore your vast amount,
    We’ve decided on the winner
    We manipulate the count.

    Old Joebama’s senile
    He is just an avatar,
    It’s Harris ‘they’ have chosen
    As the Chinese rising star;
    When ailing joe is sectioned
    Into his shoes she’s poised to jump,
    The coup de gras accomplished
    They’ve got rid of Donald Trump.

    BTW Pointman I am sure your family will be as ecstatic as the people of Ballina Co Mayo are at successful coup of senile Joe. My beautiful ex fiancé of 53 years ago called it Ball – ina when we visited it many moons ago.
    It appears they are wetting their panties as Joe is claiming his great great great great something or other was sired in that lovely old town. Of course he is in good company as that other satanic President Mary Robinson came from there.


    • NoFixedAddress says:

      I thought Obama was the most famous American President of Irish descent!


      • Patrick Healy says:

        Come no fixed – please get the spelling right. It is Shamus O’Bama if you don’t mind.
        We have a history for weird and not so wonderful Irish Presidents.
        The current one is 4 foot something leprechaun, who is a died in the wool Marxist.
        Previously we had Mary Robinson and another Mary McAllese. Not a Hail or a Holy Mary among them. Both extreme leftists.
        All fully paid up members of the George Sorearse clan


  3. Michael Moore says:

    Spot on.


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